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  1. Does anyone know the term for a certified pre own vehicle? Is it 6 years and 100k?
  2. My 5.3 has 66k and the transmission has never been serviced. Truck drives fine but I notice a squeal or pitch noise that I think is coming from the trans. I also noticed it only starts after the temp gets around 180. Highest it has gotten that I noticed was 192 but dropped down to 190. Doesn’t sound like metal to metal just more like a low pitch. I have a scheduled appointment for next week to have it flushed but curious to what the normal temp should be. I’m also positive I never seen it climb past 175.
  3. Come to find out I had the condenser replaced a few months ago and the mechanic never attached air box arm correctly.
  4. My trucks idle does a slight rise in rpm when started during a cold start. It will only do it if I leave the AC on. If the AC is off it will not. Does it for a quick sec then drops to normal.
  5. So I had to disconnect my battery to install a new starter and after install I noticed the possible ice warning came on and it’s stating 32 degrees. Does it need to reset on its own or?
  6. So I just got my A.C checked because it was blowing hot and the compressor was not kicking on. A leak test was done and all the other stuff with the oil and there was only .25 in the system. The mechanic ran the leak test and it passed with no leak detected and then added the refrigerant to the system. I just checked the system a week later and the compressor is kicking on but not blowing cold air. The lines are not cold as well. Any help? I have a 2016 Silverado 5.3
  7. Dropped my truck off at the dealer for a lifter tap noise that it started doing at 30% oil life. Only on cold starts and usually happens about 5 minutes are start up or after oil pressure picks up. Goes away after engine is warm. Dealer is telling me it’s a normal injector tap. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. Now but can a repair be done to eliminate this noise? I totally understand your comment and it makes total sense but can something be done to eradicate the noise part?
  9. At times it’s longer especially when it’s colder out and very faint when it’s warmer.
  10. My 2016 Silverado 5.3 with 50k miles has always made a sound After kicking over and I finally was able to leave it at the dealer because they said they need to replicate the noise. It very loud when the weather is very cold and only does it at cold start and goes away once started. Attached is a video hoping someone can help because I feel like the dealer is really going to stick it to me. FullSizeRender.mov
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