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  1. Search "pgmboa" Knows everything you need to know
  2. The dealer should be able to call Techline. They have records of all dealer programming.
  3. Ya, I here ya. Only getting worse though.
  4. There is no "NAV" unit or head unit. You have a radio (with sirius/xm if equipped), Onstar module, Human machine interface module (HMI) and a display module. It seems from your description that they replaced the display module. It's only function for entertainment is to display information and be a touch screen. NAV system is done with the HMI module. Presets are stored in the radio module.
  5. Doesn't make too much difference but Powertrain warranty ends at 60k or 100k. Can't remember what year it changed. 60k on newer vehicles. Also it is not up to the dealer to "goodwill" warranty. Dealer sends an estimate to GM or uses a guide provided by GM . Either way it is up to GM.
  6. Absolutely. Can't hurt to ask. They do "goodwill" frequently.
  7. AM/FM and XM signals have connectors also under defrost vent panel and possibly behind right "A" pillar. The large black connector on the onstar module is not used.
  8. The cables go from the Onstar module to the splitter. The splitter is under the defrost vent right of center. antenna.pdf
  9. GM part number 26001594. This is the high pressure line on pump.
  10. Older tie rod ends had a flap for lack of a better term. Most tie rod ends used in the last 20 years or so use a sealed boot. Once overfilled they split and will let water in. The older ones were lubed as Grumpy says. You DO NOT want to grease until you see grease come out on the newer ones. As long as the boots are "puffy" leave them alone.
  11. USA. Maybe it's a regional thing. Or big dealer thing. Worked in dealerships for 36 years (tech) an had many discussions with salesmen and finance guys. Gap insurance never came up in a discussion of a "purchase". Do what makes you comfortable though.
  12. Wow. Have bought many new cars/trucks and have never heard of or been offered gap insurance except the one car I leased. Sounds like insurance for insurance to me. No thanks.
  13. If GM doesn't cover it, the dealer can't do it for free. Powertrain coverage is meant for mechanical failures, clutches. pumps, leaks, pistons. bearings, etc. Programming is not covered.
  14. Those are not bad gas codes. Electrical issue with the purge system.
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