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  1. YES. Some of the things are more shuttle but I would miss them. And you would think insurance would be cheaper with all these safety devices. You would be wrong, at least with my insurance company.
  2. Gas cap won't help. P0446 is for a partially or fully plugged evap system. Stuck closed vent valve, pinched line, plugged vent valve, etc.
  3. It happens. Sucks just the same though. For all of you that want all the latest updates, take note of this issue. Modules sometimes become bricks from programming errors. Or at least take a looooong time to resolve.
  4. Why a new tdm and newish ecm? What started this?
  5. good afternoon, you could send me the instruction for installation of illuminated Door Sill Plates. Thank you

  6. Who knows. They may take a shot at it. If it only stopped after a 7" lift then the cameras and radar are so far out of whack it may never work again. Good luck though.
  7. I'll use my Quaker State Ultimate Durability "full synthetic" I bought for $3 a guart after rebate and I'll be fine. Change it 4-5k (twice a year), truck will last as long as I need it.
  8. My how times have changed. You guys are killing me with monthly payment crap. It's the cost of ownership for the time/miles owned. And it all matters. All fees, taxes, money factor, interest rate, Licenses, etc.
  9. OP, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. As of today there are 43 "tsb's", close to a hundred "PI's" ( preliminary info ), 24 "campaigns". Any of which may or may not apply to your specific truck. You say you love the truck. Don't use this forum to look for issues. If you haven't noticed an issue then it's not really an issue. Drive your truck and love it. Don't worry about what might be.
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