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  1. Not what good it is but if you flick left on the radio screen, the DIC will switch to audio screen. Same on my '18 Equinox.
  2. Cheap code readers quite often miss codes. I have had several cheap readers and I have on multiple occasions found that my cheap readers compared to a tech2 would miss as many as 10 codes. Now, as for 14 and up trucks that require GM's GDS2, that's a different story. Software is the problem. You need a laptop, MDI and the software interface. So in that case, there is not much choice but to try a cheap alternative. As long as it's your own vehicle and not a business, you don't have much to loose.
  3. Brake Light Bulb Keeps Going Out

    IMHO you are just throwing band aids at the problem. Bulbs don't just fail regularly. Unless they are junk bulbs. Even that is unlikely. You have an issue elsewhere. Most likely the socket but not limited to that. You can get brand name bulbs for less than $5. Try a good one and go from there.
  4. A lot depends on whether you have a functioning key. Otherwise you'll probably have to get towed to a dealer. A second key can be learned from a working key. Fob has to be programmed via SPS at a dealer.
  5. My 2018 has it and it seems very random. Algorithms I guess.
  6. It's not so much the following distance but the "closing" rate.
  7. Still have the old "good" bulb? Try it. If it works then you know you have 2 bad bulbs. If not, you'll need a volt meter and or test light. The headlights are fused seperately so check the fuses.
  8. Radio Theft Locked

    There are no "codes". HMI will have to be programmed. Your radio and your "new' HMI have different vin's. Problem is that if your truck did not come with a back up camera, the programming will not add it. It's not up to the dealer. They can only download the program GM gives them.
  9. Take it for warranty repair.
  10. Try looking with a light and a mirror before taking the seat out. They be extras.
  11. Black paint swirls

    Not a dumb question. You are spot on with your assumption. Soft clear coat is the culprit ( and poor washing technique )
  12. Black paint swirls

    Looks great. I wish GM didn't have so much orange peel. My Silverado and Equinox are both terrible. Both Summit white.
  13. Center Console Trim

    Does this one have the removable cup holder ('14 -'15my )

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