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  1. X2 on the flapper valve.
  2. Good luck finding a vehicle that never fails.
  3. That would be a very broad interpitation of the general meaning of "tune".
  4. The dealer can't "tune" anything. Relearn shift pattern is all. Even that is mostly automatic via GDS or TIS.
  5. Not on 2500's. No idea why though.
  6. Why only 10 years?

    Just how long is a manufacturer/dealer responsible for your vehicle?
  7. Is the A/C coming on/off?
  8. But you have r&r injectors twice. Plus diag twice.
  9. Yup. Electronic assist.
  10. Recover, replace compressor, evacuate and recharge per GM service info. Just sayin'. I get your concern though. Years ago they offered an inline filter to add in after a replacement, haven't seen them in a long time. The only real concern would be debris and I don't know why your compressor was replaced. The receiver/dryer is serviceable but does require condenser removal.
  11. Yes. Needs to be programmed. Not sure if it is driveable. If not, pull the fuse. Then it should be driveable.
  12. Not buying the carbon story. Unless it broke loose from somewhere else.

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