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  1. Not really wasting time. You have to get to the bottom of the issue. Is the doctor wasting time diagnosing? This thing ain't no 78 Cheyene. They are complicated.
  2. You have to know which modules are communicating and which are not. Then check power and ground at them. Then if they have power and ground you next check the networks. It's a process and can be fairly quick or take a long time. Clearly, if the PCM does not have power or ground, you don't need to check the onstar module. One tip, check between the battery and right front fender for rodent damage. It's a common place for them to chew wiring. One more thing, any module on the high speed circuit can take the whole circuit down. The Onstar module is a common module to do just that. You can't just unplug a module to test. You have to jump the network circuits.
  3. Proper scan with proper equipment like GM's GDS2 and an MDI . Or other high end scanner.
  4. I will guarantee you there a many more codes in the system. Need a proper scan to start with.
  5. Look for one with some narrow (height) drawers. 2" plus deep drawers for pliers or wrenches is just a waste of space. I had a Dewalt combo at home and found that the giant top opening was also a waste of space. Lucky for me, I've retired and brought my Snap On box home. Very expensive for home use but I already had it. If you have room, you might want to skip the combo and get a larger cabinet. Makes a great work space.
  6. I believe they are just 2 parts of the same system. Lane keep assist steers, lane departure warns.
  7. If you pull one bank of injectors and replace one, the other 3 need the lower seals replaced. Requires special tools to install and size the new seals.
  8. My Pandora password has 10 letters and 1 number
  9. Well, it is doable. Both my Silverado and Equinox are set up but it's been a year since the last time I set one up. I'll think about it and maybe it will come back to me. Or hopefully some else will chime in. Don't give up yet. Works great except every time you shut off the truck, the system reverts back to the last audio function before Pandora was used. Probably because it takes a couple of minutes for wifi to log in.
  10. Your phone service or vehicle has unlimited wifi?
  11. Location, location, location. Can't tell you how many times I had customer complain of rattle noise from the cluster or glove box area. Only to find the sun visor unclipped and rattling.
  12. Easy to install but can't say if it correct. Call a dealer to verify p/n
  13. Oh the humanity!

    Kind of reminds me of the Pontiac Aztek.
  14. High beam relay is a PCB relay. Both high beams are wired separately for power and ground after the underhood fuse block where the relay is located indicating that it is very unlikely there is a wiring issue beyond the fuse block. Most likely you will need a fuse block. Not likely it is a BCM problem if the IP indicator turns on and off. I've seen both l & r bulbs bad but never on high beam. Two options, have it diagnosed or try a fuse block.

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