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  1. Those are not bad gas codes. Electrical issue with the purge system.
  2. GM trucks come with tires of roughly the same diameter/circumference. 17's have a lot of sidewall, 22's not much at all. As said, more sidewall equals softer ride.
  3. Injectors are not powered by PCM. Check "Inj B" 15a in the underhood electrical center. Power for injectors 2 and 4 are wired together, 6 and 8 together but all four are on the same fuse. PCM does the ground side of all injectors individually.
  4. Was the diff tipped to align the drive shaft, or any other reason?
  5. pm me your vin. I can run it to see if there is a warranty block.
  6. Only GM Techline can help with that.
  7. This site has become an ad nightmare. Worse on my phone. Must be making some good bucks off all the ads.
  8. Wireless not supported. Heard 2021 maybe.
  9. If there is no refrigerant left, change the condenser and take it to a shop and have them charge it. The dealer can't "extend the policy" but they can run an estimate for goodwill help. They will have to do the work and discount a percentage or dollar amount.
  10. P0700 is just a communication between the ecm and tcm. It doesn't mean much by itself. The tcm cannot turn on the ses by itself so it can send a P0700 to the ecm and direct it to turn on the ses. It CAN be a trans issue but more likely it is an emissions issue. Step 1, any other ecm dtc's? fix them first. Step 2, any other tcm dts's? Fix them. And YES, get a Tech2. For what it's worth. DTC's very rarely equal "replace X part" without further diagnosis.
  11. Well it is probably an injector but could also be a coolant leak into a cylinder. Have had cylinder head castings that were porous. An extended warranty company will want to see the ses light on and see a code. If it was cleared then it will have to come on again before the ext. warranty company to see it.
  12. Make? Model? Year? Engine? P050 does not exist. P0500 or p0050 perhaps? P0050 is an oxy sensor code I believe.
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