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  1. Ceramic Coating

    Or maybe he wants repeat business 5 years out. Either way none of this stuff lasts forever.
  2. Ceramic Coating

    Sounds like an honest detailer. Good for him.
  3. I don't think it matters. They don't help anyway.
  4. Didn't here it on road test before purchase?
  5. If they were invoiced on the sales contract or on the window sticker (known as an LPO) warranty is 3/36. Otherwise 12/12
  6. You have to pull the plugs on warm engine, rotate the engine so no pistons are tdc. Add the top engine cleaner to all cylinders and let it sit for at least 2 hours but not longer than 3 hours. Crank the engine over by hand or starter. Be careful if you use the starter. It can get messy. Reinstall the plugs, change the oil and drive it. It's best to be outside when you start it. This stuff smell horrible and smokes. Having said all that, our experience is only about 25% success rate.
  7. Do some research. You can install resistors at each corner then install whatever shocks you want. Probably some aftermarket makes a kit but you could wire, solder, shrink tube your own.
  8. 20” rims instead of 18’s

    Not sure. Weight, width.
  9. 20” rims instead of 18’s

    18's will ride a little better, and get a little better fuel mileage. I put 20's on my 15 and lost .5 mpg. May depend on how and where you drive.
  10. Stop wasting money. You. Need catalyltic converters.
  11. SPID Label Content Now Included with Certification Label Posted on May 20, 2017 by blogadmin The Service Parts Identification (SPID) label, often located in the trunk or glovebox of a vehicle, lists a vehicle’s VIN, RPO codes and other information that identify the content of the vehicle. Beginning with the 2018 model year, much of this information will be available through a QR code on the Certification label (Fig. 1) on all Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models. The change will be phased in over the next several months. Fig. 1 The two-dimensional QR code is a simple barcode that offers the former SPID information in a digital format. The Certification label on all GM models is located on the driver-side B pillar, with the exception of the Corvette where it’s on the driver’s door. QR Code Software to read the QR code is commonly available for any Android, iPhone or Windows smartphone. Many basic applications can be downloaded for free. Tested QR code readers that are easy to use include NeoReader by NM LLC, i-nigma by 3GVision, QR Scanner by Honestly App, QR Droid by DroidLa and Bar-Code by PW2. GM does not recommended any particular software. Once the QR code is scanned, the vehicle information will appear in the following order: VIN, Model Year, Model, Build Month, Year, Engineering Book, Vehicle Order Number, 3 Digit RPO Codes sorted alphanumerically, and the Paint Code (same code appears in the lower left of the QR code). For example, here’s the information as shown from a scanned QR code: 1GNKVGKD1HJ263691,2017,CV14526,03,16,17,TSNWHZ, AG5 AH5 AR9 AXP AYQ C67 DLT DS3 EF7 FE2 GZW IPC I17 JL9 LLT MAH M7X NP5 NT7 QD6 QLW TB4 UI2 UQF U2K V8D WMH X88 1LT 17U 5PK 6AB 7AB 8UM 83C 83I 9UM,636R, , , , The RPO codes are bolded above, but not in the actual information. The codes are separated by a space. Up to 48 RPO codes may be displayed. RPO descriptions can be found in the appropriate Service Information under General Information. If the vehicle information needs to be retained for service records or shared with others, most scanner software also has a selection to email the data. (Fig. 2) Fig. 2
  12. I believe they need to be downloaded from GM

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