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Community Answers

  1. Per GM, Warning: In order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury observe the following items: Replace all nylon fuel pipes that are nicked, scratched or damaged during installation, do not attempt to repair the sections of the nylon fuel pipes
  2. Package Rear Seat VBX Language Label Arabic VCG Provisions International Switch/Control Symbols VCL UB0 Radio AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, CD, Auto Tone, Data System, Clock, ETR
  3. They will roll coal and then ****** about $6.00/gal diesel fuel. What do they think the black smoke is?
  4. High resistance somewhere in that circuit. Needs proper diag.
  5. Should be 12v. Connector 1 (blk) 12 way. RD/LT GRN wire, terminal 1 at the module.
  6. Yes. Right side of IP near the door jamb.
  7. Right side IP fuse box. Fuse F27DR. 15a. Red/Green wire.
  8. tbarn

    Chevy Malibu

    P182e is a trans code. Get it to a dealer.
  9. It is behind the left rear panel in the area of seat belt/shoulder harness mount. Needs to be programmed/setup. I believe it can be done with a Tech2.
  10. 6 bolts on pump. 89 lb in. manifold assembly. 18 lb ft.
  11. Replacing pump only or complete manifold assembly?
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