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  1. They are not repairable. At least by normal humans.
  2. 13574802 kit fits 2018 Escalade. Will it fit Silverado? Probably. Cheap enough to try.
  3. What is in it now? Orange or green? You can use any coolant. It came with DexCool. If anyone put green coolant in it you can still use DexCool style coolant but then requires flushing more often. Frankly though, you are over thinking it. Just use that Prestone you showed.
  4. The battery run down time will vary depending on the batteries reserve capacity. If the reserve capacity is higher, then the battery run down time may be longer. If the reserve capacity is lower, then the battery run down time may be shorter. The graph below indicates roughly how many days a 690 cold cranking amperage battery with a 110 min. reserve capacity starting at 80 percent state of charge will last with a constant current draw until it reaches 50 percent state of charge. Differences in battery reserve capacity and temperature will affect the results. C
  5. A vehicle equipped with RPO VYU (Snow Plow Provision Package) or TRW (Provisions For Roof Mounted Lamp) may not have the roof beacon light connected. If the customer were to inadvertently press the roof beacon switch to the on position the roof beacon indicator will illuminate on the switch. If the ignition is turned off and the beacon switch is left on a battery draw (140-180 Ma) will occur. The roof beacon switch indicator will no longer illuminate when the key is turned off however the roof beacon relay is still energized. It's suggested that the roof beacon switch be turned off before turn
  6. Use it if it makes you feel more comfortable. Belt and suspenders approach I guess.
  7. I have never used sealer. That is what the seal is for.
  8. 16 lb ft. Per GM, the condenser will have to come out.
  9. Power wash could help. I would shut off the dash switch and give it enough time to dry the electronics/motor out. Compressed air may help. I've had some that just could not be brought back to full functionality. Very expsensive to fix.
  10. Should I assume it ran before the pcm swap?
  11. Fuse F3DR in right side IP fuse box is 12v power for camera.
  12. I don't know but would be surprised if it were.
  13. lane assist is a function of .......... The lane keep assist system is made up of the following components: B174W Front View Camera - Windshield P16 Instrument Panel Cluster Control Module Multi-axis acceleration sensor (part of the K36 Restraints Control Module) Steering wheel angle sensor (part of the K43 Power Steering Control Module) K43 Power Steering Control Module Lane keep assist switch Infotainment system Safety alert seat (with HS1) So, no single fuse.
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