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  1. A video of it not starting is of no use to the dealer or GM. It's not that they don't believe you but they cannot duplicate the concern. Watching it not start isn't any help diagnosing the issue.
  2. Check this guy out Honest and tries a lot of different brands/products https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqZOhpSAihtUBnebhY_ro_Q
  3. It's not about authorizing a repair. If they drive and cannot duplicate the noise, what parts should they throw at it. And doctors DO work like that. "Hey doc, I didn't feel well last week, I feel fine know though what was wrong with me. ". How is he supposed to know. He will take your money though and send you on your way.
  4. To me it's not about electric or not. the thing is DISGUSTING LOOKING. You couldn't pay me to ride in it let alone own one. But they will sell some. The Hummers are ugly but sold. Between the too much testosterone group and the "look at me" group they will sell.
  5. I've used Adams products for quite some time. No complaints. But there are probably a hundred detail product companies out there. Most are very good. With all the new ceramic products out there, I don't know why anybody would use wax on a daily driver.
  6. I'm not doubting your experience but I have never experienced GM asking for an oil sample in 36 years working in a dealer. But I will say that warranty requirements are changing rapidly. And NOT for the tech's or the customer.
  7. The dealer can"t possibly tell the difference between a "0" and a "5" weight oil.
  8. 2019 kit comes with fob's and a code for programming. No wiring required. Dealer has to program.
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