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  1. Yea, you need to convert it to a different format and specific display size. There are free versions of software to do it but it's been so long I can't remember. Search the site. There have been long discussions on this topic.
  2. What year is your truck. My '14 would play video. I think my '15 played it also. My '18 does not. They removed the function.
  3. Check grounds G112 and G114. They are ignition coil grounds. Both attach the cylinder heads. One in the general area of the water outlet facing the front of the vehicle. The other is on the rear head on a stud holding the power steering hose. Don't just look at them. Remove, clean and reinstall. 15 lb-ft.
  4. Nope. Just drive and enjoy. The warranty is carried on the vehicle, not the owner.
  5. 4 hours is nuts. I've installed multiple sets on '14 - '18s. The process is only slightly different than the last gen. GM warranty time pays 1.0hr. So double that should be about right.
  6. When the low beam headlamps are ON and the turn signal/multifunction switch is placed in the high beam position, ground is applied to the BCM through the high beam signal circuit. The BCM responds to the high beam request by applying ground to the high beam relay control circuit which energizes the high beam relay. With the high beam relay energized, the switch contacts close allowing battery voltage to flow through the high beam fuse to the high beam control circuits to there respective high beam solenoid actuators located within the headlamp assemblies. With the left and right high beam solenoid actuators active, the solenoid shutters open in each headlamp assembly exposing the remaining portion of the headlamp that was covered by the shutters illuminating the high beams at full intensity.
  7. 84225821 is what I come up with. Not a parts guy though. Should double check with a GM parts dept.
  8. Looks like this if it's any help
  9. It's impossible to say what a dealer would put in your trans. Most would use an GM approved fluid from a bulk tank. But with all of the trans "services" offered you would have to ask that dealer. GM has never recommend trans flushes except when catastrophic failure happens ( see attached TSB ). Each dealer does their own thing though. Just because a dealer does something doesn't mean it's GM's way. flush.pdf
  10. Just to be clear, Autozone does not "diagnose" . They simply read codes. As you found out.
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