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  1. Don"t kid yourself. Onstar can only see codes and maybe take a shot in the dark what it could be. They can't diagnose anything.
  2. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/233472-2020-illuminated-door-sills/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-2365800
  3. 14 cases(at this time) in a county of 165000. no one I know.
  4. tbarn

    Scumbag GM

    So, back on the OP topic. It's not so simple as GM says, "Hell Ya" we'll make them. Who is we? Oh, wait, union workers. Union says F*ck that. Our members may be exposed. Now negotiations have to take place, factories set up, ship in materials, train help, etc.It takes TIME!
  5. tbarn

    Scumbag GM

    Who is the doofus really? The guy who could have planned ahead or the guy grand standing and looking at a run for president? Oh wait, it the same a$$hole.
  6. Needs a harness. It's not a sensor. Just a pass through for the oil pressure regulator. Nogood way to seal it. Good luck.
  7. Bought mine last week. Much better driver than our '18 Equinox.
  8. I've had mine through 2 winters. Each fall I take a few minutes and put some 3m protective film over the illuminated panel. Pull it off in the spring. Still look like new.
  9. I figured as much. Would liked to remove the climate icon and replace it with the Weather Channel or Pandora app icon.
  10. I see I posted in the wrong area . Maybe the moderator can move it. Hopefully to the 19+ Silverado section.
  11. Actually a '20 Blazer. Same infotainment as Silverado. My '18 Silverado like the above pic has moveable/replaceable app shortcuts ( top of screen) in pic.
  12. Does anyone know how to change the apps in the app tray? If it can be done at all. Lower left of radio display. Usually has phone, climate, nav, etc.
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