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  1. ^I recall that guy Sam being on a number of those shows over the years.
  2. Donstar, you nailed it. Ive found myself really appreciating the days I'm off work and just able to spend more time with the kids.
  3. And those things are reason enough for him to lighten your wallet in some states such as mine.
  4. Took some things over to my mom's that required the cover folded, so I used the shopvac to clean the bed once back home. Its surprising whatb ends up along the front of the box even with it usually covered.
  5. Daubert Chemical Nox Rust is the wax coating used on the frames from the factory. You could coat any thin or bare spots with that. I've used Fluid Film on the metal under my truck with good results, then just tried to keep the frame clean.
  6. I actually ended up with another Toro, but with the Honda engine. So far it's been a dream to use.
  7. Tried the foam cannon out today. I can see It improving my wash process.
  8. Replaced the air filter and explained the process to my daughter. I love her curiosity and desire to learn every day.
  9. Replaced mine earlier today and found a few leaves in the box. I ran the vac and cleaned the dust up nicely.
  10. Like I said when investigating crashes, there's no such thing as a good one, but I'm always thankful when people are able to walk away from them with no or minimal injuries.
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