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  1. 1 more quick question on this. I know on my last 2 Silverados that I was told to avoid gear oil with a limited slip additive, is that still the case? So far, everything I've seen at the parts stores mentions an additive. I was leaning towards using Mobil 1 75w90.
  2. Does anyone know of a location to find all the fluid capacities? I checked my manual, but it didn't have everything. My truck has low mileage, but I want to change things out before winter. Thanks.
  3. A 60 something degree day, so the truck and wife's ride both got vac'd and the floor liners washed up along with cleaning the dash and door panels.
  4. I had Michelin LTX M/S on my 08. Great in rain and light snow, yet not too aggressive to kill mileage.
  5. Managed to change the oil despite it snowing all day and being in the 20's.
  6. I've been blessed to have some time off this month, had my brother visit from out of state, and did the Christmas Eve thing with the wife's family. There were definitely some interesting emails to try to cater to everyone's various comfort levels and plan things.
  7. I've run Mobil 1 in all 3 of my Silverados with no issues. AC Delco oil and air filters as well.
  8. I've used Fluid Film since new on my 16 and have no complaints. I try to avoid the waxed areas due to concerns I've read about it degrading the wax. So far so good.
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