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  1. I actually ended up with another Toro, but with the Honda engine. So far it's been a dream to use.
  2. Tried the foam cannon out today. I can see It improving my wash process.
  3. Replaced the air filter and explained the process to my daughter. I love her curiosity and desire to learn every day.
  4. Replaced mine earlier today and found a few leaves in the box. I ran the vac and cleaned the dust up nicely.
  5. Like I said when investigating crashes, there's no such thing as a good one, but I'm always thankful when people are able to walk away from them with no or minimal injuries.
  6. Rinseless wash yesterday to clean the glass up after the tint to start the week.
  7. It was 115 years back when I was out west on a trip. I compared it to feeling like standing in front of an oven with the door open.
  8. Tire rotation yesterday and changed the oil today.
  9. Got the front side windows tinted to match the rears.
  10. It has been nice focussing my attention on playing outside with the kids at home with some of the limitations put in place.
  11. My 08 crew cab made two trips to Orlando from Cleveland, and I had no complaints.
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