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  1. I picked up a pair of those triple head led's. It's now like daytime in the garage.
  2. Wash, clay, and ceramic to get her squared away now thatv better weather is here.
  3. I kept getting server errors yesterday, but all is well today.
  4. I've seen those 30" ones. Storage is an issue with the truck and the wife's minivan taking up more space than her previous SUV. I actually had a 48" commercial walk behind when I first moved in and was cutting a lot more of the common area adjacent to us, as well as my folks' and grandmother's yards. I ended up getting rid of that and the enclosed trailer I had after Dad and my Grandmother passed away. I actually cut today(first time I've ever cut in March) and my current machine was stalling as I got 3/4 through the yard. I managed to hit our local dealer this afternoon, and like this one if i stick with a Toro. https://www.toro.com/en/homeowner/walk-behind-mowers/21-personal-pace-21387 I hope to check out some Hondas tomorrow maybe.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. A guy down the block has a battery powered mower, it's quiet, but I'm not confident in their abilities due our wet springs lately.
  6. I currently have a Toro that's about 9 years old. It's been running kind of poor the last year or so, and the self-propel seems like it's almost hanging up when you try to free wheel it to just roll. Anyhow, i also dont feel like dropping new wheels on it, so I've started to look at something new to treat myself. Anyone recommend anything they've bought recently? Ive used Lawnboys and Toros most of my life. We've got probably 1/3-1/2 acre, though I do cut the common area beside us. Thanks.
  7. They're putting a Stay At Home order in effect for the state tomorrow. That should be interesting.
  8. One hell of a story teller with a great ability to make folks smile.
  9. I'll throw a towel over the seat to keep things from getting to be a mess in summer after wearing a ballistic vest for a shift.
  10. Made a trip to Costco yesterday and it was unreal. I heard from neighbor's that it was even more crazy today- lines wrapped around the store, etc.
  11. Excellent. The garage has gotten a bit tighter here lately with an Odyssey replacing the wife's Kia Sorrento. We figured the kids are only getting bigger and the sliding doors will help with loading.
  12. Cleaned the truck and the garage floor as well.
  13. Nice, and the truck fits too. Excellent
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