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  1. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    I think the main question would be what you tend to haul usually- people or gear?
  2. Hello from northwest Iowa.

    Welcome aboard.
  3. I know a lot of departments here won't respond if it is a non-injury accident. Basically you have to respond to their station to make a report. Here in Ohio, many agencies also have a self report form. I've heard of too many people trying to work a crash out amongst themselves, only to end up getting the run around. I'd suggest going to the PD to see if they'd make a report there, and if not, see if they offer a self report.
  4. I picked up a HF bottle jack with more capacity than the factory offering. It came in handy when I ended up with a flat last year. I have a regular floor jack and stands for work at home.
  5. I like it, and frankly if these are taken seriously, hopefully it'll force everyone to up their game.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Tried a few usb cables I had from other things to see if I could get Android Auto working in my truck. I figure I paid for it, I should figure out how to use the features. Anyhow, this fancy braided cable that didn't seem to want to work, worked just fine tonight. The cable had been showing the lightning bolt charging icon intermittently on the phone screen previously, but it was solid and seemed to work fine tonight. Heck if I know.
  7. Got my Leftover 18 Silverado

    Sounds like things worked well and someone ended up with a great Christmas.
  8. I have a first generation Solid Fold that I had on my '08 and now my '16. It has worked out great on both trucks. I do have to really pull it hard to get that edge to catch the metal and not just end up between the plastic bed rail caps and the metal.
  9. Sounds like a recipe for a happy family.
  10. Picked up my Trail Boss LT!

    That's all kinds of slick.
  11. We lost my dad suddenly 10 years back, then my mom's mom to cancer the following year. Mom had retired about a year before my dad passed, so she was really able to help with coordinating things for my grandmother. Both my uncles had already passed, so it all was in my mom's hands anyway. Long story shorter, grandma was able to stay in her home and had hospice care near the end. Those folks are a blessing. My grandma was like a best friend to me, so I took the time to write a note which had all I wanted to say before she was gone. That helped me out, knowing my mom had read it to her while she was still with it enough to understand and appreciate what she meant to me. Mom beat herself up when it came to the estate, questioning whether she could've gotten more for the house, why she let the buyer have grandma's dining room set for free, etc. (My one cousin is special needs and grandma/Mom wanted her estate to provide for his future) I had to tell her she did the best she could in a rough situation. My advice, let her know what she means to you, keep her comfortable, spend the time you can, don't beat yourself up, take the time to grieve when it's time, but move forward living a life that will make her proud, and be there for and cherish the rest of your family.
  12. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    An oil change yesterday while it wasn't too frigid.
  13. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Great looking ride Burns!
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    GMC this time around?

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