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  1. True, but there are some dealers that seem to ignore that law, or try to.
  2. When you get time, pics are always nice to see your truck!
  3. Your dealer "should" be able to get you a copy of your window sticker.
  4. My vote would be for XPEL, great stuff. I've used it on my last three vehicles.
  5. You should probably cancel that AT4 and order that Ram you really want.
  6. You could also try looking at wrecking yards.
  7. You didn't make mention (other than it was a trip down) how much of an elevation change was this trip that probably contributed to your milage differences from down & up?
  8. Sweet, but you're missing one more pic. (A close up of the tire & wheel)
  9. When it's done, we need pics and more pics!
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