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  1. Please report back if the leak happens to come back.
  2. From reading all these posts from the beginning, it seems to me that it can be from the holes underneath the spoiler or from the window or from "both" of them.
  3. I have to ask. Why would you want to leave your headliner broken??
  4. Just for the record: Mine is a 2/19 build date, built in Mexico with a Vitro glass that I purchased new in May/19 and no leak (yet).
  5. I've had both drop in and spray on liners and for me personally, I prefer the spray on liner for about $100 more than you were quoted for the drop in.
  6. Thanks for the reply Richard, that is what I intended to try (and did). 24 hrs. or so later I tried it and it is working as it should again. Even though it said it had completed updating, it was not. Hope this helps someone else.
  7. Just got an update to the 805.1, completed successfully (yea right). Turn on radio and no sound, switch over to Sirius and I have sound. Go back to both AM and FM - no sound. Anyone have this and get it resolved??
  8. Yes I can. I just used my own home wifi to download it.
  9. I was fairly certain you were/are a Pro Photo person when I saw your truck pics (I play around a little with a DSLR). Great pics for sure! I love that color!
  10. Thanks for all the replies on this subject. Today I finally received mine from the dealer via postal delivery!
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