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  1. You were overdue for a new truck! Congrats on retirement (forced) I also was forced into early retirement.
  2. I happen to be reading the owners manual in the section about fuel and found this funnel mentioned to use when adding fuel to your truck via a portable gas can. Has anyone found one of these somewhere in your truck? If you did, where was it located? I looked everywhere and did not find one of these. Thanks!
  3. That was quick and an awesome gift for fellow enthusiasts.
  4. I recently moved from Northern CA to Southern ID (best thing I've done in a long time). That lake is not too far from me, will need to check it out. Thanks
  5. Also do a search on this forum and there are numerous posts with good info.
  6. Damn, that does really suck! Hope it all gets back together and working as it should for ya.
  7. Your dealer is correct. The 19's have larger brake calipers.
  8. Awesome! Very nice outcome for sure.
  9. Damn that really sucks! I'd be very ticked off to say the least. Hope it all works out for you.
  10. Sorry to hear of your issue. Hope it's a easy & quick fix. Please do keep us updated what they find & fix.
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