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  1. I've had my Pulsar LT (from Edge Products) now for 4 months with zero issues. ?
  2. It's ok, the color is worth seeing again and again! ?
  3. What kind of "update" are you referring to?
  4. Or you could call "your" insurance company and ask them for a $$ number.
  5. Tim, since curious since you suggest Lorazepam so often here if you own stock in that drug? ??
  6. Those are the standard type mats, same as what I got in my 19" LTZ. Make them put the Z71 liners that you paid for!
  7. Take a look at your paperwork, it should list the TSB number. Post the TSB here for others to read. ?
  8. Might be the headrests on the backseat. Do a search for it on the forum.
  9. ? I wonder who that could be....??
  10. That's a fact with the new administration we now have.
  11. Nope not a 70 Chevelle, but a 65 Chevelle with a small block 400 w/Trick Flow heads, Holley 750 CFM and a turbo 400 Trans. and a 67 Chevelle with the 396 (375 HP) with 4 on the floor. Those were the days that can't be matched IMO. ? Sorry for the topic derail....
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