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  1. Does this one (Adams Graphene) come with the applicator? Thanks
  2. Curious, how many miles on your truck and what octane fuel are you using?
  3. Yes it is a 100XR. Very satisfied with it. This would be my 5th Leer over many years with past Chevy trucks and have "never" had any issues with them.
  4. Did you have the limiter raised to 140 mph (just in case)?
  5. Or you could move on up and trade-in your Sierra for a Silverado!
  6. You try telling them to keep your truck and you'll keep the Duramax Denali.
  7. It's a CA thing! You never get what you're paying for. j/k (I couldn't resist since I used to live there)
  8. So did they get it fixed or are you in the buy back process now?
  9. So let's see some pics of this monster Silverado of yours!
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