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  1. Going thru the rear glass for the headliner is going need some real care and expertise without damaging it. Be sure to check everything including all the plastic trim pieces (as some installers seem to scratch them badly) when you go to pick it up.
  2. I did not connect to update and it is recommended to disconnect the negative terminal. Mine was disconnected for about 20 minutes for the install.
  3. Not for me. What was the cel you received?
  4. Is this the new forum look as of today?? It really has a lack luster look to it, sort of plain looking.
  5. I'd leave it with the dealership and have them get you into a rental until they fix it.
  6. Powrteq is what Edge Products told me and no gotchas for me in my 4 months using it.
  7. Did the dealer do the crooked install? Hopefully you can get a competent glass company to do it correctly.
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