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  1. Probably get better responses to your question over in the Silverado/Sierra HD section.
  2. In my experience (b/c I bought one), the best two to choose from are: http://www.gmoutlet.com and https://www.knappvehicleservicecontracts.com I purchased mine from Knapp earlier this year and have no regrets. They have numerous different plans depending on what "you" want as for how many months and milage and deductible. P.S. If you're already out of factory warranty be prepared to pay a lot.
  3. You didn't specify which transmission you have in your first post, but in this last post you ask about the 10 speed so I'll assume you have either the 6 or 8 speed. Sorry for your problems that several others have also with some getting ok results from the fluid change and others not so much. As for the 10 speed, mine is smooth as butter. There are a slim few others that have had issues with the 10 speed. Bottom line nothing is perfect especially in this day & age with these corporations only interested in their bottom line $$. Good luck with what you decide to do.....
  4. Today I stretched out the 6.2L on a deserted roadway. She is one mighty fine machine! Just can't get enough of all those 8 cylinders pumping out them ponies on some $5.50 gal. premium Brandon fuel.
  5. Yea Bill, it's really degusting these days the way GM doesn't care except for they're bottom line. I've been brand loyal with Chevrolet for 40+ years and this will most likely be my last. Good luck to you and "hopefully" you'll get fixed sooner than later.
  6. At this point in time I don't if you have any interest in this, but I would have gone to the General Manager of this dealership that you purchased the truck from and discussed it with him/her nicely (in the beginning) and if he wouldn't do anything about then I would let him/her know that you would never buy there again and that you would let everyone you know not buy from that dealership.
  7. It's OK, if not you have a warranty to take care of it.
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