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  1. Engine Replacement Aftermath

    I find one thing wrong with the above Tech description...…. No Partridge in a Pear Tree !!
  2. 2019 RST Z71 Rear Gear Ratio

    To help increase MPG. CAFE rules are forcing Automakers to squeeze every ounce of fuel out of trucks. You will notice the gearing difference most when towing on the highway especially on hilly terrain. The 3.42 can hold the engine more in check where as a 3.23 will downshift to gain power. Ride quality will be subjective to opinion. 6.2 would be a better choice for more regular towing but I do not think it is available in the RST package. 5.3 is good enough for once in a while towing and every day commuting.
  3. are you beyond 72k miles?
  4. 4600 and 5100 are identical except for outer color and the 5100 accommodates up to 2" of lift (longer rod).
  5. Were you having problems or experiencing hard braking?
  6. SO many want to disable the feature. This video shows you how to do it and what is needed.
  7. LT Trail Boss Turn Signal to LED

    Aren't resistors required when using LED's in place of Halogen on a turn signal circuit?
  8. For those of you who hate the Start/Stop on your new T1's...…..
  9. 0/20 oil spec?

    Curious to hear about your experiment TX. Let us know if it makes the engine a bit quieter.
  10. GMT900 Trucks/Suv's had/have some issues as well. They have AFM and there are oil consumption problems here and there.
  11. This seems to be common on earlier 14 and 15 models. Had the same lines replaced on mine under warranty.
  12. What is this stuff?

    Looks like someone got wild with a tube of caulking
  13. 0/20 oil spec?

    There is a huge topic about this over on the K2 forum.

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