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  1. New AT4 option or accessory?

    The Standard AT4 package consists of a factory 2" lift, Wrangler Duratrac tires and 5.3L engine. The $4,940 Off Road performance package upgrades you to the 6.2L with a Cold Air Intake, and gives you a performance exhaust as well as Goodyear Mud Terrain tires.
  2. 3rd brake light camera

    Here you go: https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/2014-2017-chevy-silverado-and-gmc-sierra-third-brake-light-camera/
  3. Looks great TX! The Ridge Grapplers are icing on the cake. These new T1 trucks (especially Silverado) look like they were made for a lift. How is the ride?
  4. What did you replace them with? +2 on Junk Ranchos (Tenneco's)
  5. Sunglass Holder : Sunglasses Center Console : Wet Wipes, Spare Change, Winter driving gloves, Spare Change and phone Charging Cord. Under Rear Seat : Tie Downs, Detailer Spray and Microfiber Towel Glove Box: Owners manual
  6. Drop it off at the dealer and make them give you a loaner. Unfortunately...… First year new model bugs but most likely Electronic Brake related.
  7. Climate Controls

    One other possibility could be a plugged Cabin Air filter. Have you looked at yours or changed it since purchased? My Wife's Altima was doing just as you describe and a new cabin air filter solved that issue. Instead of a hissing though.... the sounds was more of a flutter or vibration.
  8. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    The 5.3 Ecotech on E85 does not disappoint.
  9. Fender Badge Ideas, anyone?

    The Chevy Front Fender emblems are just stick on. Need a little more body sculpting on the GMC's !
  10. Hey Evel. You receive your RST yet?
  11. It is a rendering. Surely the tires will not be that wide?
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    Give up on the 6112's The news about them came out in 2015. Funny thing is you can buy them for the Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban but not our 1500 trucks.
  13. Does it seem to happen at about 1500-1800 rpms only? V8 or V4 ?
  14. Ok, so let me rephrase and take back hate LOL.
  15. 2019 AT4 - Headlights aiming?

    They are aiming high because the truck sits higher due to the AT4's 2 " factory lift..... Nature of the beast. Cars will just have to deal with it Will aim even higher if you decide to level the front.

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