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  1. 2018 Sierra SLT or wait for 2019

    Which Style do you like better? 2019 or 2018? Especially referring to the Front end. Engines and interior will be similar. New bed and tailgate are cool.
  2. New Truck Owner

    Something to consider in the 4x2 vs 4x4 category, especially when launching a boat is traction at that location. This is where a 4x4 would come in handy. If the slope is steep and or wet. You can get by with a 4x2 if the launch is dry and has plenty of traction. Having a 4x4 on wet and smoother services is just added insurance. Then again if you back down too far with a 4x4 prepare for a full truck wash!
  3. When my 14 sierra 5.3 is warm and I shut the engine off, then restart some time later, I get a quick light Squeaking or Squealing sound on restart. It does not occur when the engine is cool. Noticeable enough that people at the gas station or grocery store look my way. Kind of embarrassing really. Anyone else had or have this problem sound? Starter? That would be an easy fix. Any TSB's for this?
  4. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Now that you mention it, Sierra sort of does look like 2018 F150, but better. Maybe that is why I favor the Silverado look more. It does not look like another existing full size front end.
  5. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Will this also carry over to Silverado and Sierra in the future, to mimic or emulate RAM trucks? Possible...…..
  6. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Personally, I like both of the new designs. I am sure they will grow on us, as the K2 designs have. The Grilles/Front end of Both Sierra and Silverado look like they mean business. Very bold and aggressive looking. Especially the Silverado. The Small thin Led Headlights are mean looking.
  7. 2019 Ram

    ^^^^^^ probably why RAM trucks and other Fiat/Chrysler vehicles are being recalled for cruise control issues.
  8. anyone know if the Window down feature works on a 2014?
  9. 2019 Ram thoughts

    I work 2 miles down the road from a Ram/Jeep dealer. They have 4 2019 RAM trucks on the lot and they have all been there for over 3 weeks now. Not a single one sold. Pricing? perhaps...... all of them are $58,000 and up. There is a price to be paid for this A+ interior. Or could it be that gas is going up and the old days of truck and Suv sales dipping is right around the corner. Gas here in the KC area is an average 2.84 per gallon. Two weeks ago it was averaging about 2.29 a gallon. 2019 truck sales are going to suffer.
  10. Definitely many more TSB's than recalls. I truly think many of the TSB's should be recalls due to expense of repairs. At least we can cruise down the road looking good in our Troubled Sierra's !!!!!
  11. 4cyl Silverado?

    Neighbor just traded his 2016 Ford Raptor SVT 3.5 Turbo truck for a 2018 6.2 Denali. Turbos were acting up and misfire issue with engine. Apparently he was told by Ford Dealer that this was a common issue at higher mileage ( 58,000 ) Est. $4300 to replace/repair This is why I questioned Turbo reliability above. Cheap way to produce power, but at what cost for repairs down the road?
  12. I guess they could have replied with " No " The only experience I have had was my 2006 Chevy Avalanche. I was 4,000 miles out of powertrain warranty and did not opt for an extended when I purchased. Transmission failed at 40,000 miles. GM replaced it at zero cost to me under their " Good Will " policy at the time. I am not sure if that still exists today, but it was blessing for me at the time.
  13. 2019 Ram thoughts

    Personally think the 2019 Ram looks like the upcoming Ford Ranger : Coincidence or Copy?

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