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  1. It took 5 years for the 6112's to actually be released and available for the '14-'18 K2 GM trucks.
  2. This was my guess also. The old greasing of the steering shaft boot........
  3. Check for metal shavings in your oil. Failed Vacuum pumps on K2 trucks led to some issues of metal entering the engine.
  4. Dale, You might want to post this in the correct thread for your truck. This is the Future truck section. Good luck!
  5. The Covid outbreak has no doubt delayed auto production. Colorado is getting long in the tooth.
  6. Mine lasted around 30k miles but looked 20 years old on the outside. I called them my pogo sticks and happily switched to Bilstein 5100s.
  7. The Early years of K2 GM platform trucks had this same issue. Dealer attempted fix consisted of plastic clips that kept the seat bracket from shifting to the side causing the clunk. My fix was a rubber hose and clamp! Sounds like the T1 trucks are plagued by some of the same problems as the K2s Along with creaky rear leaf springs and other. Here is a 70 page thread on the seat popping noise issue. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/154219-seat-movement-issues/page/70/#comments
  8. Shut down the Wet Markets and bring back manufacturing to the homeland. Just my humble opinion.
  9. Had mine replaced under warranty. Even the newer elements do take a bit to warm up. Not long though. Maybe 3-5 minutes once you sit down. My 05 Avalanche would warm well in as little as 1-2 minutes
  10. +2 on this. The K2 trucks have this warm up tick also.
  11. Nothing really changed from 2019-2020 suspension wise on T1. Engine/Transmission combinations with the 10 speed. Yes. Now from your K2, yes. Whole new frame and all. Reduced weight can also factor in to the Suspension feel. However, Suspension is a loose term. You have to consider the package types in this. Such as Z71/X31 Vs 2wd, 4wd Max Tow etc. The list goes on and on. OP, I recommend you test drive several trim levels/suspension packages to see what fits your comfort level best. Compared to your 2014 K2, A 19 or 20 T1 with similar setup may ride better or worse to you. Same with the Transmission. Although a 2020 model will give you more options with the 10 speed combo over a leftover '19 model this late in the year. Good luck!
  12. Mazda Made a Ranger, not an F150 Or was it Ford that made the B3000 ?
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