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  1. $7000 off msrp

    Each individual situation may vary. I guess we cannot trust the media
  2. $7000 off msrp

    Truck Month might be in March for GM, but do not expect as big of a tax refund to help pay for your 2019
  3. No and No. Not only from a mechanical and dimensional standpoint..... but electrical wiring differences/BCM etc. If you want one that bad just trade up.
  4. $7000 off msrp

    Still no where near RAM $15k to 18k off MSRP, for certain 2019 models.
  5. V4 mode

    V4 or V8.... at least we are not current 2019 RAM owners with brake pedal detachment syndrome!
  6. 2019 AT4, tomorrow

    The Good Ol'e 2019 Gm vs. 2019 RAM interior debate. Yes, no doubt in fact 2019 GM T1 trucks took a step back in the interior dept. Definitely NOT what you would expect from a next Generation brand new "from the ground up" truck, let alone car or even SUV. Especially at these outrageous second mortgage prices. That being said, Loyal GM brand followers and buyers are probably not as disappointed as those who are potential new GM customers coming from a different brand or looking at all new brands. Honestly.... I would not buy a new vehicle just for the interior alone. And I can guarantee you one thing..... the 2019 GM truck interiors are going to be far more reliable than the 2019 RAM interiors down the road. So you do not want to wait for a new Toyota redesign, and you think that in 2020 GM might redesign the Sierra's interior. I would not hold my breathe on either. Follow your gut and let your conscious be your guide!
  7. G-mann, This is the 2019 and up T1 next Gen forum. You might want to post this in the 2014-2018 K2xx forum. Good luck!
  8. Luke, the QuadraSteer concept was great in theory but proved to be somewhat of a mechanical nightmare. Then GM came out with the Hybrid Tahoe in the GMT900 platform and that was flop as well.
  9. Life is like a bunch of Factory GM Sprayed Bedliners…….. Ya Never Know What You're Gonna Get!
  10. That sounds similar to what I experience with my Sierra. You can feel a slight minor tugging sensation and a very subtle vibration.
  11. The only door related problem with T1 I have read up on, is in reference to the "rippled" aluminum skin as you look down the side.

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