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  1. You mean "Service Stabilitrak" ? I have never heard of "Intellitrak" Intellilink is GMC's infotainment system. Stabilitrak is GM's electronic stability control system.
  2. What year is your truck? If you have a '14 thru early '16 truck they fell victim to cycling thermostat causing stress cracks in the radiator where the plastic sides meet the aluminum body. Outcome is a slow loss of coolant. So check that also.
  3. As far as I know the rear seat on drivers side has to come out. There are a couple of threads showing pictures and explanation in detail here somewhere.
  4. Hopefully the T1 trucks will not fall victim to failing condensers, as is the case with many K2's
  5. I like the clearance lights that are integrated into the fender trim. Gives them an upscale "big rig" look. The Sierra HD AT4 package is sharp. So is the High Country version of the Silverado HD
  6. 93 is recommended. Not "required" There are some threads over on the 2014-2019LD K2 platform that discuss which octane to run in the 6.2
  7. First and foremost..... thankfully you are all ok. From the pic it does not look like there was enough impact to bend your frame. The front to back door cab pillar also does not look pushed in. Potential damage there will no doubt decide your trucks fate.
  8. The White Work Truck reminds me of a Star Wars Storm Trooper LOL
  9. This is amazing, considering some of us K2 owners average this in our 1500's with the 5.3 Great writeup and personal review Newdude. Thank you!
  10. Let's just hope the new 3.0 Duramax proves to be as reliable as it is efficient. Anyone know if this engine has been tested for a while overseas before being introduced in Canada or here in the states?
  11. I am thrilled there are others out there like me that Do NOT miss their factory Twin Tube Rancho's
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