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  1. Shut down the Wet Markets and bring back manufacturing to the homeland. Just my humble opinion.
  2. Had mine replaced under warranty. Even the newer elements do take a bit to warm up. Not long though. Maybe 3-5 minutes once you sit down. My 05 Avalanche would warm well in as little as 1-2 minutes
  3. +2 on this. The K2 trucks have this warm up tick also.
  4. Nothing really changed from 2019-2020 suspension wise on T1. Engine/Transmission combinations with the 10 speed. Yes. Now from your K2, yes. Whole new frame and all. Reduced weight can also factor in to the Suspension feel. However, Suspension is a loose term. You have to consider the package types in this. Such as Z71/X31 Vs 2wd, 4wd Max Tow etc. The list goes on and on. OP, I recommend you test drive several trim levels/suspension packages to see what fits your comfort level best. Compared to your 2014 K2, A 19 or 20 T1 with similar setup may ride better or worse to you. Same with the Transmission. Although a 2020 model will give you more options with the 10 speed combo over a leftover '19 model this late in the year. Good luck!
  5. Mazda Made a Ranger, not an F150 Or was it Ford that made the B3000 ?
  6. Did someone mention " Lipstick on a Pig " ????
  7. Don't forget about the new rear Independent Suspension as well. Also coming to Yukon and Tahoe
  8. Range type devices only add a band aid to the potential problems and are not a true "delete". Here is a great site explaining why a delete kit works better than tuning afm out electronically. Just my 2 cents. http://bdturnkeyengines.com/afm-dod-info
  9. There is a special coverage warranty on the Vacuum Pump. For 6 years or 72k miles as long as the dealer confirms that the Pump as bad.
  10. I would not confess that the zevos are better than say other 921s you can get online based on some pics and reviews read within this site. Yes they do bring out the "lines" from the clear lens but then again i remember my halogens did also. The same bulb works in the cargo lights. I have the same set you linked to above.
  11. My best advice... Find a dealer that WILL help you. They are out there.
  12. Hemis are costly mechanical nightmares. Just ask anyone who has had to pay for scheduled maintenance on one
  13. They will fit any K2 so it is possible your bed is newer or they were stuck on after the fact LOL
  14. The pearl white is sharp IMHO. Not the older GM White Diamond color (yellowish ting) but the newer pearl white which does not appear yellow in certain lighting conditions. Another great information post John! Keep up the good work
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