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  1. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    2019 Silverado Superlift SEMA truck.....
  2. MPG

    What was the average MPG on your '14? The K2's range anywhere from 15-16mpg to 18-19mpg average depending on driving habits, engine and ratio.
  3. For those of you interested in the Elevation Package Sierra....
  4. HC pearl

    Great looking Truck Dustin. Is it just me, or does the front opening look larger than the back? Normally a "Level" on K2 still left a little rake. From your photos, it appears that the front is slightly higher than the back. Are you planning on more aggressive A/T style tires?
  5. Overall great feedback on the the new trucks. Everyone seems to be liking them more than K2s and GMT900 trucks. Word of mouth is going to be key to sales success it seems. Maybe FORD can be toppled. Fleet owners buck up to GM for 2019 and send the F150 packing!
  6. Hey TX ! Congrats bud! Great looking Silverado. Keep us updated on the lift and wheels when you get around to it.
  7. What do you guys think of the plastic hood release lever? Is it beefy or flimsy when operating?
  8. Doug, Power up/down tailgate is standard on High Country and available on LTZ. Remote-locking and power release tailgate is standard on RST, LT Trail Boss and LTZ, and available on LT. These are not Power Up.
  9. Regardless of price where will the reliability of the RAM and Tundra be 5-10 years from now? Aside from Price this is another debate to the Brands. FCA is not known for their reliability. Toyota, more so.....
  10. I'm Out!

    Definitely NOT the MPG saver as the Silverado, but Good luck!
  11. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    Another Rough Country 6" lifted 2019 Silverado. This one is an RST trim.
  12. Well around here in the KC area, dealership Sales departments are lacking in the information department. Not just GM, but others as well. I will say Honda and Nissan dealers around here have the most knowledge about their vehicles. Still not perfect, but way better than GM
  13. GM dropped the ball

    GM and Ford trucks have and are still taking their products for granted even in todays competitive market. They are both fast asleep at the wheel when it comes to market advertising. RAM however is not. They have been on the gas since the Super Bowl commercials aired. Still NO 2019 Silverado or Sierra Commercial out and trucks are being sold on lots. Makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE other than Ego and resting on laurels that plenty of trucks will sell to "loyal" brand owners. What they miss is the fact that "independent" potential new truck buyers research every brand and are leaning towards RAM.

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