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  1. I'm sorry didnt know . Just thought 2019/2020 was all 2019's ,what forum should I be in
  2. Mostly city driving,and everything is stock , thanks
  3. In northern Ontario, so temps are around the -10c,thanks
  4. I have a 19 Sierra Limited base with 5.3,and my gas mileage is nowhere near what is listed in canada its estimated 15.8L/100km city I'm at 21.9L/100km. Anyone else this bad . I haven't taken it on a long highway drive so not sue what that consumption is . Thanks
  5. Here's mine more of a tick brand new sierra,but only notice the sound if it's in the garage 20191121_192246_1024x576_666x374.mp4
  6. My brand new truck makes loud screcthing/grinding sound when when I fo over speed bump ,it is normal and will it go away as the springs get worked in ? Thanks
  7. My 2019 sierra did this today while going over a speed bump doing a out 20km/h , anyone have this gapping to them . The noise is happening when the rear end go over the bump .Thanks 20191129_201921 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  8. Can u post a pic of ur truck , looking to get new tires ,on my brand new elevation the conntenels that come with it dont suit it
  9. So I called today from my truck was talking to someone for about 15 minutes, going g through some things with the bluetooth ,deleting it,pairing it again .... So she finally says...oh ur truck isn't capable of receiving texts if ur not in the android auto screen .
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