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  1. Maybe the original owner had a different wheel/tire set up?
  2. Most cell phones don't rely on tower data for GPS.
  3. The service manager doesn't have anything to do with the buyback. You can start the process with GM, but from feedback on here people haven't had the best luck. I would consult and lemon law attorney. Most of them don't charge anything and will negotiate GM paying their fees into the settlement. If you want to try GM first, call the 1800 customer service number and request a buyback. I honestly would go the lemon law route.
  4. Sorry, your run on sentence made it look like you were saying I claim to be all those things.
  5. What is wrong with a quick neutral statement? I am typing on my cell phone.
  6. Show me where I "claim" this? I never once stated any of that?
  7. ok.... and all you ever post are poorly put together sentences to try and defend GM on EVERYTHING. Not sure why you are so obsessed with trying to correct people and tell them their complaints aren't valid. Like I said your head is way to far up GM's ass for you to even make a rational post.
  8. Man you really have this chip on your shoulder about people relaying their issues. You have your head WAY too far up GMs ass! I almost feel bad for you.
  9. I don't think the cylinder deactivation happens at idle.
  10. Are you slow? These problems are important for people to hear about. How can these brake, trans, motor etc... not be important for other people to learn about.? The issues are import to discuss and many times sharing these issues help people resolve them.
  11. Cant really call people idiots for warning you of potential problems. Sounds like your 50k over priced turd has got you thinking like the "Idiot"
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