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  1. Sounds just like my situation. The dealer wanted to go further with diag on my knocking noise but GM said no. The GM customer service is a joke.
  2. spoke with the dealer this morning. Truck needs #5 and #7 injectors. They are only replacing 2 at this point plus the fuel rail. They say this issue has nothing to do with the knocking noise on cold start witch makes sense. Another issue to add to the list on this truck. I am at the point where I am nervous to drive it because it will leave me stranded.
  3. wow that's some bull!. I would have been embarrassed to give the truck back to you like that. What is wrong with GM!!!!
  4. man GM is really screwing their customers. They much have a ton on lemon law cases right now.
  5. Part that sucks is with weird noises and issues the truck is worthless for a trade in. I tried to trade mine in for a tundra. As soon as they went to appraise the truck( had been sitting for a while we were looking and test driving) they heard the engine knock on cold start and told me they don't want the truck. I literally have a 45k boat anchor that is worthless. I could be dishonest and have them appraise the truck right away but why should another dealer have to suffer. As soon as someone goes to test drive it especially after sitting is going to hear motor noise.
  6. Read my thread. Trust me man it gets worse. Customer service was screening my calls and would not pick up when I called. TRASH service. Get a lawyer and go the lemon law route. If you don't they will continue to walk all over you and offer no help.
  7. my truck has had a cold start knock since new. Its now at the dealer for a misfire
  8. This has been a bulletin since October last year if you look the number up. Clearly they haven't gotten a fix. They claim is something with a lifter.
  9. I was worried they were going to stick me with no loaner so I wanted to speak with them this morning before I brought it in. I work about 40 minutes away from home so I cant rely on others for rides.
  10. after I let it sit for about 20 minutes it went away. This morning it seems okay. Still idles rougher then normal but no blinking CEL.
  11. This was created last October and they still don't have a fix? I've heard of people getting the lifters replaced. I don't get why I am shunned out. I can only imagine how GM is going to have the dealer message the work order to NOT tie into the ticking issue. https://static.oemdtc.com/TSB/MC-10149064-9999.pdf
  12. 100% Originally the dealer wanted to spend more time on Diag to confirm it was a lifter issue. But GM engineers just stamped it with the year old bulletin and basically said they cant do anything unit there is a fix. This has been a bulletin for almost a year. Clearly they have no plan to actually fix these lifter problem. They are just going to wait until the truck has major issues before they do anything. I am almost certain this misfire has something to do with the failing lifter and or lifters.
  13. When all this first started the dealer always had a loaner for me. Not sure if its coincidence, but now they seem to not know if they will have any available. I tried to get the truck is a month and a half ago because the ticking has gotten worse and their seems to be an exhaust leak(I can hear a hissing noise while accelerating). For 3 weeks I would call and they had no loaner. Its like GM is having the dealer just push me off and try their hardest to not let me have the truck looked it. Its like GM is playing childish games.
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