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  1. I am going through the same with my engine noise issue. Unless you cant drive the truck or its a safety issue not much is going to happen with BBB.
  2. I leased this truck( with intentions to buy it at the end as long as it wasn't a turd). The current buyout from GM is around 39k. Trade in would be low 30s I would assume. I cant really afford a 10k hit right now. My last 16 was a shaking turd. I should have learned my lesson but all other brands just don't do it for me. Should have bought a Toyota.
  3. just heard from a senior rep from GM. They were nice about it but at this point they will not do anything for me. Since the truck is drivable and not a safety concern they will not offer a buy back or let me swap it for another truck. They assured me gm knows about this issue and is looking for a fix. They could not care less about the longevity of the truck. They said we could discuss extended warranty or monetary compensation once the truck is actually fixed but it could be a while before that happens. I asked about other people who have had the lifters replaced already and she did not have an answer. She just assumes conditions must be different then mine. She made it sound like this is a well know widespread issue.
  4. The dealer still isn't convinced its a lifter noise. The noise isn't steady like a lifter and it only starts after the rpms drop to regular idle. On some cold starts it wont make the noise. GM states it is though. My concern is longevity of the motor. Will this issue now cause problems if I keep the truck to 100k miles.
  5. I wasnt assuming everyone has it. Relax. Just supprised no else has had this noise based on that gm says they are aware of this issue.
  6. I wish I had the means to not drive it but it's my only vehicle.
  7. I am surprised no one has had this issue on here yet. I guess if you just hop in a drive and don't listen to it warm up outside the truck people may not hear it.
  8. So here is my original thread After the RPMs drop from cold start my engine makes these weird ticking/knocking noise. The first part of the cold start is fine. no noise, sounds normal. Its after the idle settles down when the noise happens. Here is my you tube video. Watch until the end you can hear how loud the noise gets. sounds terrible. I had it at the dealer 3 times. First time they told me to wait until I had 1500 miles. At around 2500 miles I go back in to have my first oil change and the noise looked at this time. They keep the truck for a bit over a week and they think it was an AC lines and or a lower radiator hose slapping against the frame and skid plate. At this time it fixed the noise but come to find out the fresh oil just made the lifter noise quiet for a few weeks. Few weeks later noise is back again. It started quiet and got louder and louder. I bring it in the 3rd time and now GM says its a lifter noise and they are aware of the problem but no fix is available at this time. Some of the techs at the dealer weren't 100% convinced this was a lifter problem but GM engineers seem to think it is. The dealer said I had to return my loaner and pick up my truck. They agree that it will be fixable at some point but agree that it is not healthy for the longevity of the engine. I called GM customer service and started a case. They asked if I wanted to pursue a buy back and I told them yes since they cant fix my truck. I hope this all works out. Not to happy with GM at the moment. I understand new truck have growing pains but this is getting out of hand. Watch the whole video, you will hear how loud the noise gets.
  9. Until it becomes a safety concern I don't think it will be as easy as you think.
  10. I had the same issues with my 2016 with the chevy shake problem. 70mph the truck would shake like crazy. the center console would shake enough to spill a coffee everywhere. My truck was at the dealer multiple times for a few weeks at a clip. Tons of people had this problem and even the 19 LDs still did it. GM told me that since it is not a safety concern that lemon law/ buyback does not apply. I talked to a few close friends who work at dealers and they said the same thing. Is it worth it to spend $$$$ on a lawyer? Mine was a lease so I just gave it back at the end and said good riddance.
  11. I would assume aftermarket wheels? Did you have the hub centric rings in the wheels? Is your truck the new body style?
  12. I ordered the WA8555 touch up pen from amazon. Ill let you guys know how it looks
  13. Its not black chrome. This chips just like a painted bumper

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