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  1. none of the issues listed are okay for ANY brand new vehicle. I would sure as ****** be nit picky too.
  2. Read the 100s of comments here about gm leaving customers in the dark and offering no help. You got lucky. GM 4 years ago is different the GM now. But they were a nightmare to me on my 2016 as well as my 19 My 16 Silverado was a shaker. 7 times at the dealer. They did EVERYTHING to try and fix it. I was polite, kind and patient and it still got me no where. GM finally told myself and dealer there is nothing more they can do and the truck is operating fine. my shake was so bad that it would spill whatever drink you had in the center console cup holder. The dealer felt super bad as
  3. Take my advice. Anything GM is going to offer is in their benefit, not yours. Lemon law attorney is the way to go. Gm offered me no help on my 19 that was a turd. I wont go into the whole story but my truck fell under the lemon law warranty in My State. In less the 3 months I had my settlement. BBB is a waste. That route got me nothing. It blows my mind that people here defend that its normal for a 60k truck to have problem after problem with no help from GM. These trucks are true junk and gm should be ashamed they can sell something for 60k and just leave people with
  4. Gm wont buy that back. I had to get a lawyer to get rid of mine. They wouldn't buy mine back after multiple engine issues(misfires and CEL), random brake failure and electrical issues. Sell it while you can and buy something else.
  5. When I had my 2019 my frame looked like that right off the lot. They recoated the entire frame for me.
  6. I hope you have a ton of aspirin because GM is about to give you a ton of headaches. I Hope you are able to get out of owning the truck. The trucks are full of issues and GM doesn't care at all about its customers.
  7. Sounds like the harness. The 4cyl trucks had an issue where the harness gets chaffed. Bring the truck to a reputable dealer because GM will not replace the harness only cut and repair.
  8. The new 3rd gen tacomas do have some issues. Not nearly as many as the new Silverado. I replaced my truck with a 2015 Tacoma(last year of the second gen). Its not the most fancy truck but at least it runs right and the brakes don't randomly fail. Not sure why people are giving heat on the tundra interior. The new Silverado interior isn't that much better and its a newly designed truck.
  9. my idle started to get pretty rough around the 12k mark. I have a friend who is a GM tech so we hooked up the scanner and the truck had a misfire at idle but wasn't enough to set a hard fault. Gm can say all they want that this noise isn't doing any damage but this is always their default statement with motor issues. I can almost 100% guarantee that its a lazy lifter that GM knows about but has no interest in fixing for people. You can tell its a lifter issues because the noise almost goes away with a fresh oil change. You may not see any major failures from this right away but a laz
  10. There is no fix for it. If the knocking noise goes away after 10 minutes of idling GM wont do anything. At about 12k miles my truck started to idle noticeably rougher(felt like a misfire). Again Gm wouldn't do anything to fix it. I ended up lemon lawing the truck. Gm was THE worse company I have ever dealt with. Get rid of it while you can if your motor sounds anything like mine. Its just going to get worse. If you need a good lemon lawyer in CT shoot me a PM. I'm also a fellow motocross rider!
  11. Google a local lemon law attorney in your state. I went this route. In 3 months it was settled and I didn't have to do a thing. They will review all your paperwork and compare it to what the state laws say. They will then tell you if its worth it or not to peruse. They typically wont charge anything to look it all over.
  12. getting the brakes right is pretty damn important. 900k units were recalled.
  13. Or the people who wanted to not have to worry about random brake failures
  14. 2.5 spacer lift really isn't the best for these trucks and even the last generation. I would go down to a smaller spacer/ purchase a proper lift set up. TB axles new are $$$$
  15. My lawyer was free. Gm paid the attorney costs. Why do it yourself. Let an attorney maximize what's owed to you.
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