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  1. Sorry that your in denial about dealer practices. Pretty sure I belong here seeing that I own a 19, before that I had a 16 and before that a 12. I have had plenty of dealer experience and have also had to have my truck serviced at a different dealer then the truck was purchased from multiple times. Trust me many dealers will treat you different. Plus I have 2 friends that are GM service advisors and give me the scoop on a lot. Check the facts before you open your mouth... Do be such a peasant. Its only a matter of time before your truck gives you a headache.
  2. That's great but we all know dealers don't play by the rules. And who knows what the actual rules are when it comes to service and prioritizing customer repairs . But I can tell you this, if you have customer A and customer B both waiting to get there truck in for repair or service, most dealers will go the customer loyalty route and go with the customer who bought the car from the dealer. I've seen this firsthand. Talking to a friend who works as a GM service writer, he's been telling me what a nightmare is has been working with GM. Customers Are getting fed up with GM not fixing there vehicles, and the service advisors are getting fed up with pissed off customers because they are the middle man in between the customer and GM. Many times the advisors and managers will give more attention to a paying customer then to someone who bought the truck out of state to save a buck.
  3. that's true but when it comes to loaners and appointment availably the dealer will always pick a customer over someone who bought the truck out of state to save money.
  4. How is my reply childish? This trucks are riddled with issues. Have you read this forum?
  5. Did you not read what I posted? Filing a buyback or whatever through GM direct is a waste of time. And I Cleary stated how I think Lemon law is the way to go
  6. keep it local because the truck WILL be spending a lot of time at the dealer with issues.
  7. BBB is a waste of time. I've read through many of the complaints and many of them never get resolved. Filing anything with GM directly is a joke. My truck has a cold start knock that is so loud and lasts so long that I cant even trade it in. No one wants it. I currently have a 43,000 paper weight that's worthless until they fix. My problem has been a bulletin for over a year know. I have spent hours dealing with GM direct before I went the lemon law route. From no call backs, to ducking my calls from not being able to talk to anyone in charge. It was literally a joke. You think there are in denial but they are WELL aware of what's going on. Right now they are just playing defense and trying to figure out their cheapest options to fix all these junk trucks. Lemon law is the way to go.
  8. are you sure its not the road. I get a slight seat shake at about 60ish on certain roads. I would put the blocks back in and have the dealer take care of it.
  9. Your going to be real upset when they replace all the lifters and the truck still ticks. Happened to a few of the V8 Guys. The new trucks have lifter issues across the board with no sign of a proper fix.
  10. take a picture when the message comes up so you can show the dealer
  11. I got the same feedback from GM. Basically telling me there is nothing they can do. Its such a kick in the nuts after spending 45k on a truck. They got to a point where they wouldn't answer my calls or call me back at all. When I asked to speak to the department manager, they were never available and didn't have voicemail. Pure bullshit. By far the worse service I have ever dealt with. One day I called and my "case manager" would not answer. This went on for a few days. I tried one last time and still no answer. I called right back from a different phone and on the first ring she picked up. When I told her my name she was in shock. I was disgusted that they were screening my calls. Keep in mind I never was mean or rude, I just wanted answers. Only thing you can do is pursue the Lemon law.
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