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  1. My honest opinion.... i just made a 1k round trip with my trailboss with the sst and 35s. It rode like a champ and i got 19 mpg consistently going 80 mph and got 22-24 going 65 mph. Look wise I think my truck looks amazing however, i will say that cause my 35s fill out the fender wells so much and the trailboss already has a lift and 32ish" tires that it sometimes doesn't look lifted. I ended up finding an amazing deal on 20x10 +0 offset fuel rims with 35x12.5 tires. The wheels definitely stick out a little past fenders but not much. I may throw a set of 1/2" spacers on there or eventually change over to a -24 offset rim for more of a stance. For me i think i had a different vision in my head. Does it look bad ass and get complimented? Of course. Especially with my tow mirrors it looks as big as if not bigger than a 2500. Functionality and performance wise its great
  2. I put my ATs on yesterday and definitely notice the shudder/ lag. Its hard to describe. Didnt take it on highway but it almost feels like driving a manual and being one gear too high
  3. This pic is from Z1BOSS i believe is his name Ru ning the 2" readylift on trailboss. Ill try and get some pics of mine tomorrow
  4. I have this issue with my truck too. 2020 trailboss 5.3/ 10 speed. Definitely notice it on highway with a vibration but notice it in the city alot from stop lights. I havent noticed it much lately but i also have 35 mts on. Changing to ATs tomorrow so ill see what its like now
  5. Well if you are doing a level on a trailboss/ atc you are doing 3.5" of lift up front without new UCAs to correct angles... vs the readylift kit which makes 4" total with an UCA specifically made for it. For me that's what sold me. They waited before releasing a kit and they also make a kit for non TB/ AT4. For the price i think its a good deal. Havent heard any issues yet. Ill keep people posted.
  6. For anyone considering a level or lift i highly recommend the Readylift SST kit. It comes with new upper control arms. Everything i researched this is the kit people recommend cause it comes with new upper control arms I fit 35x12.5 on 20x10 +0 offset with very minimal mud flap trimming. With the tow mirrors it makes the truck look so much bigger almost like a 2500.
  7. No issues here. Biggest issue us that with the tint and the stupid bright screen when in reverse the light blinds me and tends to reflect off my tint
  8. I have 35% on my windshield and its perfect. Shop gave me no issues. I did 15% on all the other windows. I have ran this setup on 4 vehicles in a row now with no issue. Ive had work done in either ohio or indiana and never signed a waiver. I will say idk what type of tint he used this time but from the outside ivd never seen such a dark looking tint. Makes me nervous but it is what it is. On the inside for me its perfect
  9. I have the new mirrors installed and so far so good. I havent heard any whistle. Mind you i have some mud tires on currently which makes it hard. Putting some ATs on Friday and next week taking a long 9+ hour road trip so I'll know for sure. But from what I can tell is it was a defective mirror. It appears the plastic cover underneath was the issue
  10. If i ever decide to get steps itll be these. Love the style of them. The offroad look i like
  11. Wow those look good! Are they glossy black or matte? You get them in Amazon?
  12. She sits good. Nice and level. Honestly with the tow mirrors, lift and 35s it reminds me alot of a 2500. It sits big and proud
  13. 2020 trailboss with the 2" SST READYLIFT kit (4" total... 2" gm, 2" readylift) sitting on 20x10 +0 with 35x12.5x20 geolander MTs (changing them to Falken Wildpeaks At3w in a few days tho)
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