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  1. Im a little afraid of that. Might have to settle for cold air intake for now
  2. Been patiently waiting for anyone to release a tuner but am yet to see any updates. Last i heard was fall 2021 for banks but nothing since https://official.bankspower.com/insider_news/3-0-liter-duramax-derringer-development/
  3. Ive ran falken Wildpeak at3w for the last 4 years on every vehicle. For the price, ride quality, thread lift and quietness of them you really cant go wrong. They arent as aggressive looking as the ridges but still look nice to me
  4. I can be of some assistance here... I ran a 4" lift with 35s in my 2020 silverado. This 2021 sierra is 35s with 6... So a 35" WILL fit under in the stock locations. On my silverado i used my stock rim with a 35 and it fit perfectly. No issues. This sierra i cant use anything under 20" due to the lift kit. So i got a match (off brand and super cheap) size and offset wheel with matching (used) 35" tire for my spare. For me spares basically to help get home on vaca and everything. I havent had a chance to see if the tire fits because on my 2015 when i ran a matching rim/ tire the bore of the rim was too wide for the stock spare tire lift mechanism to grip the rim and lift it. Needed to be like 1" wider. So i just left it in the bed. I also run a full size floor jack. I keep the handle under the back seat and then the jack in the very very front of the bed secured with a ratchet strap. I also keep a plastic tote of tools and other necessity incase im ever stranded. Been running this setup for years now. Only thing i dont like is the spare in the bed cause it takes a lot of room up. But everything's also under a tonneau cover
  5. I am thoroughly impressed with this truck. Its great. Looking forward to the first time i get to tow with it. Ive heard about the derringer. Wonder when we will finally see it tho
  6. Cold air intake and exhaust (especially exhaust) should not void anything
  7. I upgraded from a 5.3l to a 3.0 duramax and for my first diesel truck im absolutely in love with it. I love the sound of it. I have a 4.3l v6 2015 before my 2020... put a cold air intake on it and it really did open it up and made a huge difference sound wise. I want to increase the exhaust sound and make the truck louder. I cant delete it yet and dont think any programmers do yet anyways... but has anyone done an exhaust or cold air intake? Did it make a difference?
  8. Hmmm. Interesting. Side note... how you like the CAI?
  9. UPDATE Took it to a dealer with good reviews. One of the most ghetto/ ratchet dealers ive ever seen... mofos automatic door shut on my hitch. Thankfully didnt mess up my truck when i pulled in... Anyways they had it for like 5 minutes and said its normal... thst the diesels do that. They compared it to a like truck apparently... but the only diesel is used and sales guy wasnt there yet so i couldn't see for myself... but assured me it was normal.. So help me out here... whenever you guys drive your truck today. Take two seconds before shutting it off and see if yours smokes like mine. Cause im not convinced...
  10. Other weird note... drive same way to work at 65 mph... my mpg went from 28-29 to 21mpg
  11. Just checked oil cold. Its sitting at the very top of the max fill hash. Looks black but not watery. Coolant looks good. The clear bottle is about half way full
  12. Im very capable unfortunately just no time to look at it. The cap had oil on it and the little indented plastic part the cap sits in had oil around it. Didnt check coolant. But before work i will check the coolant level and the cold engine oil level. Dropping it off in the AM.
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