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  1. That's what I was afraid of. Of course its be too easy to just remove the triangle plastic trim. Guess I'll be following that video you posted
  2. Lol yes this is true but if you re-read my post I am trying to figure out the best method. If I can only remove the triangle trim and install that sounds a hell of a lot better than just taking the whole door trim off. I have saved the above video already.
  3. As some of you saw from my other thread I once upon a time had a shop attempt to install tow mirrors on my truck during my lift kit install but long story short they found out the mirrors had faulty wiring harness which fried my power mirror adjustment switch. They ended up taking the mirrors off and putting the factory back on. I wish they would have called me and told me cause honestly for how little someone actually adjusts the mirrors I'd just have dealt with it. Anyways onto my question. I bought a different set which I'm told will be fine and not have issues. This time I am going to be doing it myself. I'm trying to find an exact how to. I have found conflicting info. I've seen some people say you just remove the triangle plastic trim behind the mirror on the door panel and you have full access to all the bolts and can pull up the site harness to connect to. I have also seen other people day you have to fully remove the door panel to access this job. So can someone tell me what the easiest way to do this is and provide step by step how to with pics? Thanks!!!
  4. Been up and down about them. Think it looks cleaner without then but a little water puddle pretty much makes the whole truck dirty unfortunately. When my ram had its wider tires I added them and it helped keep it cleaner
  5. Update... back in January i got my truck tinted and had some bad results and I forgot the guy had offered to redo and throw in a nano ceramic wax job for free. Its the higher end 5 year one. Also had my pinstripe and badges removed. Looks so much cleaner. It took away all the scratches that use to be there even some of the deeper ones!!
  6. Most recent pic after I got my ceramic wax done
  7. Actually that does look like a good value. Definitely might go that route. What are you doing to improve the seals
  8. Thank you for the info. It doesn't have to be absolute water tight. I'm pretty much getting it so in a month when i move if it rains my shit dont get wet. I did read through some of that thread. I need to check craigslist
  9. Good find. That is super inexpensive and looks solid. I dont have any preference hard or soft. I feel like soft is nice for the factor of rolling it completely up and not losing 1/3 of my bed
  10. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 4x4 double cab with the standard bed. I am in the market for a tonneau cover. I've actually never had one before so not sure what route to go. I dont want a snap one I know that for sure. I wouldnt mind doing a velcro one. My buddy had one of the hard tri fold ones on his yota. It wasnt too bad. My stepdad has the tri fold hard one on his f250. I'm not sure what route to go. I dont wany to spend $$$ that's for sure. The cheaper the better. My basic use of it is to cover the bed to transport stuff. That's pretty much it. Doesnt need to be fancy. Just needs to work. What do you guys have? Has anyone ever bought one of the Ebay ones?
  11. I would assume with stock height bilsteins you'll have rake like me. Probably go 2nd or 3rd notch
  12. I do not have bilsteins currently installed. I just think they'd help improve ride quality and eventually down the road will use them. I probably have an inch of rake maybe more
  13. Thanks man. So far its exactly what I wanted. Bilsteins 5100s are what they are called.

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