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  1. $100 shipped for the K&N to 46845?
  2. I am selling my like new 2015 Silverado 1500 black DTMOTO projector headlights. They also come with pre installed H1 OPT7 LED low beam bulbs and halogen high beams. Head light housing has zero defects or damage at all. Everything functions like new. I sold these cause i wanted to buy projectors with halos asking $150 obo plus buyer pays shipping or local pickup in northern indiana.
  3. Transmission wasnt touched. The truck is as quiet as ever now so i dont think i ever actually had an issue. But ill be monitoring the leak closely to see if it recurs or not
  4. Picked up the truck today. Both wheel hubs were replaced under my extended warranty The front diff had a side bearing that went bad. Apparently it wasnt too bad and there was no metal shavings or other damage. Asked why this happened and they had no idea and didnt say it was common
  5. I think snowcamo is the only one whos actually following which is fine. But im also half documenting this in case there is an issue with dealer or something... So yesterday the 21st i was called late in the day and told that they couldnt do anything with the truck cause their dealership lost internet? Apparently they couldnt do anything from diagnosing to order parts it was all down. But they did say in addition to the front diff issues both wheel bearings are shot. So he said i would have heard something today. I called them and no one called me back and never got a call from them. I have to get a jacket and some head phones out of the truck so im stopping by the dealer tomorrow morning after work. I am also trying to get a different loaner. Im in an equinox right now and its fine but i hate it also. I drive a truck for a reason. Hopefully theyll have a truck or a tahoe or something available tomorrow as im assuming this is going to take a while. This is all under warranty so i know its not top priority and i have a feeling im looking at weeks not days by time they get parts and replace things. I mean just right now we are looking at wheel bearings and a whole diff or rebuilding a diff. So who knows If GM customer support is listening or reading can you guys help at all? If someone can tag them plz.
  6. Talked to dealer today... took them all day but they got my front axle out but didnt diagnose or look any deeper besides that. I was told tomorrow or Wednesday ill know more. Asked him how long they expect to have the truck and he said id have it back by friday depending on parts... i dont suspect to see it before next week tho.
  7. Update- so dropped truck off on monday. They were 99% sure its a wheel bearing but wasnt sure what side. So they said theyd look and most likely have truck back to me Wednesday or Thursday. Well today comes and i had heard anything so i call up there. The tech told me that when they went to figure out which side the wheel bearing was on they had to put it on the lift and put it in 4x4. He said the front differential was making so much noise that they couldnt even hear a wheel bearing or anything else. So basically they are tearing into my front differential right now to see what the issue is. Then they will look into the wheel bearing Good news is its covered under the factory powertrain and if it didnt my extended warranty would. They didnt say anything at all about my lift. Not once when i dropped it off or when they called now. They dont seem to mind it and are not blaming it for failure of anything. Not even the wheel bearing. Im supposed to hear more monday. They didnt give me any sort of timeline. In the mean time in in an equinox which is actually super nice. Its the premium fully loaded one. Its got the crazy 360* camera and the lane assist where it literally turns the vehicle in a curve for you. Its pretty wild to drive. Kind of sucky tho going from my big lifted truck to this.
  8. Its still pretty noisey. Maybe not as bad as before tho. But still loud. Definitely a small leak on the seal. I cleaned it off last night and it looks like there is a little oil on the seal on the case still. Taking it tomorrow and we will see.
  9. Yup getting some fluid and some lucas oil to put in it see how it does after
  10. Another update- crawled under the truck finally today and did an oil change. Well it appears i have some extensive leaking going on with my transmission. There is a ton of fluid around the gasket by bell house and engine connection and some around the rear seal near driveshaft. Transmission fluid is pretty low too.
  11. Exactly! If it was documented and then happens post warranty i have a case at least Also yes on hard shifts. So i noticed when i let off the gas it feels like the truck nose dives slightly and if i get back on the has even if i barely tap it then it hits hard. I notice it when im at speed like slowing down for a turn not neccesarily from a stop. Like i slow down and the truck is dramatic about slowing down
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