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  1. Thats the only video i have unfortunately. As you can see this was taken under vehicle. At time of video knock was only heard under neath and whine only with windows down. By time i got to 3rd vehicle knock could be heard in drivers seat with windows down and whine with windows up and radio on
  2. Sorry yes. I mean dealerships. Its never been anywhere but a dealership service department. Shop is just easier to type
  3. 2020 LT trailboss I took it to a shop the first available appointment. First shop had it 2 days said nah nothings wrong. Same day took it to a 2nd shop city next to me they refused to look at it and i quote said "its normal to make noise like that... you have a warranty man just drive it" Finally a few days later i got it into a 3rd shop who has now had it for almost 3 weeks Truck has bigger tires is all. Otherwise bone stock. One tried to tell me an aftermarket exhaust would cause this which i said its stock look under the truck. No cold air intake. Nothing. And obviously its too new to even program. As far as i have seen no one has brought my truck in with these symptoms so im assuming that was a big reason cause even the shop its in now clearly isnt positive whats wrong with it
  4. My trucks currently in for an engine knock and a loud whine they think its the pump. Google research shows a pump can definitely whine and matched my symptoms. Didnt see much in the way of engine knocks though one user did reply he had a similar noise in an older gen that was fixed by replacing the pump. So my questions are... Has anyone heard of a pump failing yet? Can someone explain exactly how the pump works/ what it does? My guess is pump fluid through tranny... Is there any long term implications i should be worried about with a brand new truck developing these symptoms at 11k miles? It was driven a while like that because no shop wanted to look at the truck and they for a long time didnt know what was wrong. Worrying about internal damage done to truck potentially. Is an engine knock (once trucks warm) generally associate with the pump? Thanks!
  5. Good to know! I did some google research last night and the whine seems like a very good possibility its the pump. I didnt see anything about a knock but good to know! Did you trade because of that or other reasons?
  6. Update 11-24-2020 330pm Dealership called me.... Told me they diagnosed it down to be the transmission fluid pump. Said they ordered the part but its on back order with no ETA. but he said usually that means about 2 weeks. So we will see what happens. Im not sure a transmission fluid pump would cause a knock? The whine like im hearing absolutely possible. But i guess we will see what happens if they get it fixed or not. Today marks day 11 without truck
  7. Thanks for the tips. Will do. Unfortunately im in a holding pattern currently. Cant do anything but wait. They have to try and figure out whats wrong with it, attempt to fix it and hope it does fix it. Im nervous though about the long term impacts of all this on the engine and tranny if they dont replace it completely. But we will see what happens. Ill be updating as i hear things. Just gonna let the dealer do their things
  8. Little confused based on the YouTube video you posted lol. But it should be noted i have a 2020 and you have a 2016 which are different powertrains. My whine started lets say on a Wednesday. Knock on saturday (only heard from under truck) and then the knock (due to driving to numerous dealerships) about a week later was loud enough to hear standing next to truck.
  9. Ah okay that makes sense for sure. Thats a solid deal then Im definitely nervous to see what happens. The dealer im at now seem pretty good so im hopeful but we will see. Definitely sucks not having my truck and having no end date. This is my 2nd silverado 2015-2020
  10. You got into a truck for $4000? Wow! But thsnk you for the info
  11. I appreciate that. Yeah honestly unless they put a whole new tranny and engine in im gonna sell it. But they have to figure out whats wrong first
  12. Have you talked to an actual lemon law lawyer? I called one today on my way home today and it was very informative. Gave me some free legal advice on what my next steps are. I definitely would reach out. Im sorry you still dont have a solution though. Yhats awful
  13. I know its not easy which is why im seeking advice... Heres my thread on it https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/244868-video-engine-tranny-whine-and-knock-/#comments
  14. If you have had a buyback done on your truck can you post your experience? Did you reach out to GM while your truck was in the shop or did they reach out to you? Did you get all your money back? How long did the process take? Would you have rather done a lemon law lawyer? Thinking i might have to/ want to go this route with my 2020 trailboss
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