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  1. Just had a loaner 2021 Camaro SS while my trucks in the shop. I noticed this one had wireless Android auto. Ive never ever seen that in any vehicle before. I always read there was something with the speed of it that made it unreliable. I used this one for music and google maps it was super smooth. I know there was an update for my trucks radio a few weeks ago and now im curious to get mine back and see if i somehow just didnt notice it. Anyone else have wireless??
  2. If you guys follow me you'll know ive had a slue of issues with my 2020 trailboss LT 5.3L. So the most recent which i havent really posted about is my exhaust leaks. Ive had it repaired 2 times now (one new catalytic convertor and then another replaced some clamps). Previously they rebuild my transmission and then I developed these leaks. They fix them and then a week later the leak is back. To me it sounds like back pressure (and the dealer said thats all it is and is normal). If youve ever let a truck idle for a long time and the water ends up in the pipes and goes blub blub thats what it sounds like when i give it a little throttle then let off. The dealer says its normal... but theyve repaired it two other times so i guess i don't understand why they wont now. Been waiting 3 days for a shop foreman to call me back and hasnt. Everytime i call they just tell me theyll definitely call me in the morning. So is this normal? Does your 5.3 have back pressure (in park. Rev up maybe 1k rpm, let off and i hear the blub blub every time) Note- never heard this noise till AFTER they rebuilt tranny
  3. Yeah definitely Diff situations for sure. Mines not as obvious unfortunately. The first time it was which warranted the rebuild. So if it gets bad again then itll be obvious again and they can replace the tranny. No one seems to want to touch the engine knock issue. For me the truck drives and functions fine for now tho I worry about long term. I unfortunately had all my work done at about 4k miles. My thoughts are. If they give me at last 25k. It pays truck off. And 25k off basically means i got a brand new truck for 30ishk. So thats not bad. If i keep it till 100k miles then ditch it after warranty its a good deal. Vs a buyback where ill get who knows how much then have to spend money on a truck and accessories again. Its not as good of a deal
  4. Im around 20-25 days total shop days. And 5 repair attempts now. I brought it brand new in may and only have 25k left to pay on it. I purposefully bought the 100k warranty after my last truck had issues. I have a lift. Tires. Tint, etc. Wrapped up in this truck already so id much rather have a large check to pay it off vs. A buyback. Yeah its super hard finding info on exactly how much people are getting and my lawyer refused to even speculate. If i can get 20-25k cash and keep ill do that. Pay truck off. Have 100k warranty covering anything and this lawsuit if anything ever happens to engine or tranny to cover me. Makes most financial sense. Id only do a buyback if they will recover all lost for me so tax title etc and let me keep the wheels/ tires. I dont think id do an actual new vehicle trade or whatever its called unless they allow me to design a sierra 1500 diesel of my dreams. Im picky i know but i paid 55k+ for a brand new truck thats had engine and tranny issues along with a camera and now exhaust leak at 13k miles. Bit ridiculous
  5. Back in December they rebuilt the transmission which fixed the whine for a while. I didnt feel the engine knock was fixed though. Well fast forward to this week and the whine/ knock was back along with an exhaust leak. Took it in for repair. They replaced some seals on catalatic converter. They this time clained the whine/ knock was normal and said to just bring it back if it gets worse like before... So im at like 5 or 6 repair attempts. Lawyers involved. Filed suit back in December. Waiting to hear back in hopefully march or april at the latest. I Personally would like to do a cash settlement but we will see what they offer
  6. I thought i updated this sorry! So 2 or so weeks ago i picked truck up. They fixed one issue but didnt fix the engine knock. I did my final repair attempt and reached out to my lawyer. We filed suit. So will be seeing what happens. It'll be about 4 months before i hear officially tho unfortunately. She couldn't guaranteed i would get a buyback but said they do not take cases unless they know theyll get me compensation cause they don't get paid unless i win. They seemed to think itd be more of a cash and keep settlement but couldn't tell me how much but we can negotiate depending on what they say. We will see what happens. Anyone reading this or thinking they have a case REACH OUT TO A LEMON LAW LAWYER. Gm will not take care of you at all as others have mentioned. If they do get a buyback im done with GM
  7. Im definitely not impressed with their service at all. My 2016 had issues too unfortunately and took forever for them to acknowledge it.
  8. Glad you had a good experience. That does seem like a good deal. The month they had my truck before i got it back "fixed" i put 3k miles on their car lol
  9. How my lawyer described it is that its a brand new truck no noise is normal. He said also if you were to put the truck next to another brand new truck and it doesnt make the same noise then its not normal.
  10. I think either way as far as i can tell.... I see your point though about trade in values etc. But for me i bought a 55k new truck that should work flawlessly. It doesn't. They have to make it right. Plus im not going to put my problems onto someone else trading it in like that... Even if it takes 6 months... ill recoup all loan/ costs associated with the truck back to the first day i filed my original complaint. So no loss to me. Now the guys trucks who engines blown that sucks but even rental car costs will be covered by the lemon law assuming hes not in a dealer loaner
  11. Per federal/ state law lemon law lawyers are paid for by the manufacturer
  12. The lawyers are good at knowing if you have a case or not. They give FREE legal advice in it too. Reach out to one and see. Cause i agree extended warranty isnt enough
  13. 1000% work with a lemon law over the dealer. Guaranteed you have a case. Ive reached the lemon law point myself now. Im in contact with one lemon law lawyer who has helped me through the process. Im ready to start the official process but he hasnt emailed me back in 2 days so im calling him monday or going with a different lawyer. But for something like your situation absolutely go with a lawyer. Be prepared that you are looking at a 6+ month process and hopefully you are in a free loaner from dealer currently. GM may offer you a buyback or trade allowance but itll never be as good as what a true lawyer gets you (which is free to you btw). Also FYI if a dealership offers you a buyback that is not the same as a manufacturer offering it. Its essentially a glorified trade allowance
  14. I think it more sounds like a lower end mettalic ticking to me than a knock. Prior to the transmission repair i could hear the knock and the ticking. But either way BOTH are new compared to what its been doing the last 11k miles. I thought about that with the tranny. Asking if they can reflash it to see if that helps maybe. I still want to have them let me drive another trail boss to evaluate for myself. Cause thats the only piece of mind ill have. It never made any noise (the engine) than all of a sudden Started to make noise. I dont have the service record with me. But i know they replaced a bunch of seals and they broke 3 manifold bolts off in the process-_-
  15. The worst part about it is i loved my truck when i bought it and loved it after ive put some work into it with tint, lift, tires, etc. But now that its been in the shop and just been a PITA for me i lost some of my love for it. Looking forward to hearing from my lawyer. If you dont wanna post it here send me a private message i wanna know what yours says Also my friends dad had a new silverado with a rear end knock that that they couldn't figure out. They bought his truck back minus $2k my friend said and gave him a new one. Didnt go into much detail but i cant imagine he lost money on it. At this point i wouldnt even take a trade in
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