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  1. Awesome. Definitely going to looking into this now. Think an exhaust would be a nice touch. This seems like it's not annoying but still had a little bit of sound to it
  2. Sounds good. I have a 6" lift so I wonder if that would help get it off easier
  3. Did you install yourself? Do you find it to be too loud or annoying on the highway cruising at 80 mph? So this is the MBRP XP series?
  4. Looking to add a cold air intake to my truck. It's a 4.3L so I know im limited. Im just looking to open up the intake from stock and help it breath. K&n series 63 ($280) vs airraid mxp ($400). I'd like to add an exhaust to give it a smidge of sound but I absolutely do not want to hear a drone on the highway or have it sound like a Honda civic go kart. Currently I have single side exit exhaust. Am I able to convert to dual rear exit exhaust? I've read pretty good reviews about the MBRP 3" installer series exhaust. Are exhausts something I can do myself in the garage or am I better off leaving it for an exhaust shop to do? Whats the thoughts on custom exhausts from a shop vs buying something prebuilt ?
  5. ACTUALLY I am interested. PM price and pics please
  6. I'm not one to tear apart head lights but I'd be willing to upgrade and sell them. What should I look for in projectors?
  7. This is how it hits my garage. Are the bulbs not right? Do I need to try and rotate them?
  8. I attached a pic but I have aftermarket "OEM" projector headlight in my 2015 Silverado. They use H1 bulbs. Currently I'm running opt7 led bulbs. I love the color but personally I think the actual output isn't what I was expecting. I feel i still struggle to see with them. I also noticed this weird cut off. I'm not quite sure what to think I might end up switching over to HIDS. What is everybody running?
  9. This is why I love this site. That's literally exactly what my issue is I hope! I'll have to tear into it this weekend. Doesnt sound worth taking to dealer. My dealer here is worthless
  10. As I am driving I can hear it more frequently. Just kind of sounds like a sputtering/ pit pattering of air out the drivers side. Kind of up near A pillar area maybe slightly near B pillar
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