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  1. 6/2 UPDATE Well im not gonna lie im surprised. but then again not surprised. The dealership called me today and told me that my trucks ready to be picked up... They said they compared the truck to another truck in low light/ dark conditions and found it to be operating within normal limits and could not duplicate my complaint. Internally im like are yall blind or what? Cause its obnoxiously and blindingly bright. So picked my truck up. now that the other trucks camera (wish i took a pic) is fresh in my memory imma try mine out tonight. Oh they also said the quality was fine even though my first disposable camera in the 90s had a better picture than this screen does. At this point im kind of at a loss. Super unhappy. I reached out to my GM rep and she has not gotten back to me yet. Hopefully tomorrow.
  2. This is exactly the issue i am having! follow my post as im trying to either find a fix from GM or get them to buy my truck back. But i do not have the premium package or HD camera but i shouldnt need it to safely operate my truck
  3. Yeah i have the LT trailboss. I don't have duratracs just an all terrain. I did wonder if the added weight of the z71 suspension and stuff maybe? Ill have to re evaluate once I get my truck back to see. Like it's fast but not like this. Like I said I couldn't believe how fast it was.
  4. Just found the window sticker in the truck Its an LT with the 5.3L and the 8 speed and the standard camera. My truck has the 5.3l with the 10 speed. Would it make that much of a difference? Like a real noticable difference? I don't need a race car truck by any means it just was surprising the difference in acceleration
  5. Hmmm. It definitely says LT on the back. I guess i need to run the vin to confirm. But i thought you could get the 6.2 with the LT. I need to look into this. Cause either my trucks an absolute dog for some reason or idk. As far as i know it only has the standard camera. Imma run the vin to try and find the window sheet to see for sure
  6. UPDATE 6/1 Talked to the actual GM rep thats taking care of me. Apparently there was a miscommunication and thought id had dropped my truck off for comparison. So today she set it up for me to drop my truck off and pick up a loaner silverado 1500 so i can compare myself also. I actually am impressed with how well shes handling this and how quick she got this all set up. Dropped truck off no issue. Hopefully hear tomorrow or Wednesday about it. Basically they are gonna visualize my trucks screen compared to others on the lots and see if theres does it to. Im currently in a 2020 LT with the 6.2L. First off on a side note holy crap this motor is ridiculous. Things like driving a race car. I punched it to get on the highway and was at 80 way quicker than expected. And the mpg is surprisingly amazing. Okay back on topic. I just went out and played around in reverse to see the comparison. SCREEN BRIGHTNESS- 100% a major difference. My trucks screen is way brighter than this ones. This one definitely does get brighter i did notice that but its more manageable where i can at least look to my mirrors quickly without having to wait for my eyes to adjust super long. Personally i dont know why the screen even gets brighter and still think its a bad feature DAYTIME QUALITY- id say the picture is about the same quality. Like not great but not awful. Definitely underwhelmed for a 2020 when comparing to my truck. NIGHTTIME QUALITY- So Definitely did notice a big difference here. So its hard to tell if the difference laid in the fact that my screen doesnt get as bright or if its a combination. On mine i mentioned that everything seems to just wash into one white contrasted picture. This one was easier to see things. I backed into the pitch black from yard and could make the tree out no issue. Now could i have backed in closely to it and felt confident i wasnt gonna hit it or something else not really lol. I feel like the depth perception on these cameras are half the issue. So overall there is definitely 100% a noticeable difference in the backup camera. We will see what they say tho. Im hoping theyll see it too and its not gonna be the lets pull the trucks right next to eachother and compare sort of thing
  7. I mean this forum used to be great i swear its just a bunch of trolls that want to be jerks to people for no reason
  8. Well good for you no one cares dude. If i spent a ****** ton of money on a brand new truck excuse me for expecting it to be functional. I was referencing my old 2015. But the 2020 is my issue.
  9. As dumb as it would be to have a brand new truck with a camera i cant use... i would love to be able to turn the damn camera off and just use my mirrors. But i cant. And i cant even dim the camera so im pretty much ****ed regardless. I absolutely know how to back up and ive been driving since i was like 8. My 2015 i could parallel park that in the tightest of spots without a thought. Its the function of the camera in totality that makes it a safety hazard. The brightness literally blinds me cause it makes your eyes adjust
  10. Thank you for this reply. Its good to note that from an HD owner Its kind of ridiculous considering that my 2015s screen didn't do this non sense. Ill be interested to see what happens Monday. If that's the way its going to be i honestly would prefer to get rid of the truck. $55k truck that i cant even reverse.
  11. 5/28 UPDATE Spoke with GM today. they officially assigned me a support person, and we confirmed everything i already spoke about. They asked me if i confirmed with the service dept that other trucks are having this issue or if its isolated to mine. I explained be nearly impossible to do that here since its light from 630am ish to 930pm and dealers obvious arent open that late. She said they are going to reach out to the service department i guess. I told her about the forums and how others are reporting issues but she said they cant use this obviously so theyd speak to service department. I was told i will hear something back monday. Guess we will see what they say.
  12. I wonder if you have the HD camera or the regular one?
  13. Just filed my complaint with GM will hear back within 4 days and i adjusted the initial post to reflect the NHTSA and complaint.
  14. Good for you. Im on the phone with GM right now filing my formal complaint for documentation. To be honest you are right and i even said that on my phone. The quality at night time is so bad and the screen is so bright i cant even use my mirrors that i absolutely could run over someone without knowing
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