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  1. What are yalls thoughts on DEF consumption? I have 9400 miles on mine and have added 15gal so far and am at half tank right now. 80% of driving is hwy. Thoughts?
  2. i was in the same boat, the heaviest trailer I tow with this truck is 7600lbs with a tongue weight of around 760lbs. Even with the weight distribution hitch I had more sag than I wanted so I added the bags. Other trailers that I tow do not have WD hitch and it surely helps.
  3. I have a 2020 3.0 and added the 5000 air bags 8000 miles ago for towing a couple of trailers, largest being bumper pull RV.. Also have the wireless air compressor system. Everything works as one would expect, very nice. When i am unloaded I run the bags at 10psi and have found the only time it does not feel "stock" is going over speed bumps and both rear tires hit a same time.
  4. Has anyone tried one of these on the new body style. I have never had a bed cover of any kind. Just tool box and done, but very interested in these. Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Ill add to what Becker has stated but my 6.2 experience comes from the Yukon.....there is plenty of pep in this little engine. Dont think you will miss the 6.2 too much but that is an awesome engine.
  6. 650 MILE UPDATE...............Mileage has dropped a little or maybe the computer is getting use to the way I drive. Last trip avg 26.8 mpg over the 350 mile trip. That is around 70-82mph. I will tow the RV this weekend and will give another update. Still really enjoy the engine.
  7. Well I did it, ended up keeping the 2019 and will make it a crew truck. The 3.0 duramax is a highway cruiser. Set cruise at 65 for the first hour home and was seeing 31 mpg. This is with a leveling kit and larger tires. At 75 it dropped down to 27-28 mpg. Drive home from the dealership is 176 miles and so far I love it compared to the 5.3. Will make the first tow in a week and a half after putting about 600 more miles on it. Will keep everyone updated.
  8. I have front and rear ltz bumpers with 3 miles on them. Replaced with Ranchhand. Would be will to sell to anyone that wants or needs them. I’m in Houston every week.
  9. I’m currently getting around 12.8 mpg lifetime mileage out of the 5.3. So any improvements equate to money “saved” because I do 35-40k miles a year. Yet I still need a truck but if I need to tow heavy I have HD trucks available to do so. Heaviest trailer I anticipate towing with this truck is 7600lbs.
  10. Anyone have anymore updates on this? I think iI am picking one up Monday. Trading out 2019 LT Z71 with the 5.3. I drive approx 35k-40k miles a year and the fuel mileage difference is selling me on it. Has anyone towed much with it yet?
  11. I did front and rear replacements at same time and they came out around 2k installed with tax.
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