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  1. Anyone have a link for the best place to buy some replacement handles for a 2019 Silverado? I have the ltz with chrome handles, and the touch unlock. Looking to buy some paintable ones. On the last model, I bought some off of eBay, but haven’t really found any worth getting on there for this current model
  2. Anyone running 35’s with just a level? I’m running 35x11.50x20 ridge grapplers with just a level and the mud flaps removed. Can I run mud terrains and a 12.50?
  3. 35x11.50x20 ridge grapplers, no rub, no trim. 2 inch level
  4. You have Sierra or Silverado? I would be interested in swapping my chrome ones off of my ltz
  5. So can anyone running 35x11.50x20 ridge grapplers post a pic from the rear so I can see how far they stick out, if at all?
  6. Still undecided! I’m leaning 285/65/20 in the ridge grappler. They just cost a little more.
  7. Can you post a pic like this but from the rear so I can see tire width from that angle please?
  8. Yea no spacers. I don’t want to run spacers. That’s the only thing holding me up from getting 12.50’s
  9. Would 12.5’s have fit? I’ve got the 2 inch kit and I have removed the plastic mud guard
  10. Will 12.50 wide tires fit and not run the uca’s with just a leveling kit and without wheel spacers? Anyone?
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