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  1. Still undecided! I’m leaning 285/65/20 in the ridge grappler. They just cost a little more.
  2. Can you post a pic like this but from the rear so I can see tire width from that angle please?
  3. Yea no spacers. I don’t want to run spacers. That’s the only thing holding me up from getting 12.50’s
  4. Would 12.5’s have fit? I’ve got the 2 inch kit and I have removed the plastic mud guard
  5. Will 12.50 wide tires fit and not run the uca’s with just a leveling kit and without wheel spacers? Anyone?
  6. Where did you order your replacement bumper from?
  7. Guess I Should add that I’m running stock 20’s with whatever tire I get. I’m wanting to get the 285/65’s if they will fit with a level.
  8. Is anyone running 285/65/20 ridge grapplers with a 2 inch level? That’s the tire I’m looking to get with the 2 inch kit I have on my truck.
  9. I really had any luck as of yet for finding anyone I trust to paint them chrome around me. So that hasn’t been really an option for me yet.
  10. Has anyone tried to replace the chrome bumper that comes on the ltz’s? Anywhere online to buy a stock replacement bumper that is paintable?
  11. I’m torn between 285/65/20 and 35/11.50/20 in the ridge grapplers
  12. What’s the largest tire possible for a z71 with ltz 20’s on a 2 inch level?
  13. Has anyone ran the 285/55/22 trail grappler with a anything below a 4 inch lift??
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