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  1. Looks good. Do you have any side pictures, and pics of where it rubs?
  2. anybody have pics of the trimming they had to do on the 285 65 20 on a silverado? I cant decide between that and a 295 60 20
  3. ahhh i got ya. you sure the 285 65 20 will fit? I cant find hardly anyone with them online.
  4. You are adding an additional 2" to the AT4? thatd be a 4 inch lift up from. surely you could fit more than a 295 60 20 on that set up. Although the width may get close to the UCA
  5. New to the site. Thanks for the ad. Ive tried searching the forum without much luck, and was looking for some help. I bought a 2021 silverado 1500 z71 ltz in satin steel metallic and added a 2" leveling kit. Is anyone running a 285 65 20 on the stock wheels with no rubbing or modifications? Im trying to decide on a tire size. Thanks. truck.HEIC
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