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  1. Does anyone know the offset on these factory 22" wheels? is it 31?
  2. So did anyone have to cut any metal to make the 285/55/22 Ridge Grapplers fit? or just plastic? also if anyone has any more pics on instagram on their setup comment your username so I can see more pics. Thanks.
  3. update: local dealer called said my sway bar bushings were bad and needed to be replaced and that was making the noise. This will be covered under warranty. My warranty expires in 2 weeks.
  4. has anyone replaced ball joints yet? I have a 2.5" level and at 30k miles getting a lot of noise from them lately thinking its time to replace? want something that lasts longer than 30k miles anything out there?
  5. can you post a few from the front and rear? i have 3.75" of lift and should of went with that size ridge grappler. I got the 305/55/20 RGs and they look small
  6. its just an eBay cheapy from the truck shop down the road, they made custom brackets and mounted it up. it works well tho very happy with it.
  7. in that pic were 275/60/20 but now i have 305/55/20 nitto ridge grappler and they fill out the wheel wells much better
  8. same thing would happen to my wife 2014 dodge dart GT a couple times a day while driving down the interstate, pretty terrifying. Dodge dealer couldn't say they fixed it for sure so we immediately went a traded it for a 2016 Subaru WRX lol don't regret it at all.
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