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  1. Unfortunately no, it happened for the first time a month or so out of the bumper to bumper warranty. I'm getting it fixed at the dealer instead of doing it myself in case the cables aren't the end of the issues. Hopefully then I'd some recourse if they are replacing parts that aren't the end problem. Electrical issues tend to be a pain in my experience.
  2. Just an update, the truck cut out on me again and died a couple more times, (I carry a booster pack now). It did it again today when I was close to the dealer so I stopped by, thankfully it died in their parking lot again so they were able to see what was going on firsthand without trying to replicate it. Turns out there is a problem with the negative battery cable going to the fuse box. They are going to replace both the positive and negative for a bill of $679. My 3yr 60k/km bumper to bumper warranty is just up (Just past 3 years, I only have 48k/km) so I'm on the hook for that. I have also been getting a message to "Service Security System" so hopefully this takes care of that too. GM Rep who posts on here, feel free to pick up the tab on this repair!
  3. I'll check that out tomorrow morning when it finally stops raining here. Heavy 5.7, wasn't trying to pick a fight either. Just don't think that would be the root cause. Seemed more like the ECU just died momentarily or something. I'll check the terminal connections in the morning and see. I have an appointment on on Tuesday at the dealer to let them figure it out. I really would hate to have that happen towing a trailer on the highway.
  4. The lights were plug and play Morimoto kit that's very popular. Nothing fancy about them, they've been installed for a year with no issues.
  5. Happened for the first time today while I was pulling into the parking lot of a grocery store. Engine shut off, dash and radio turned off and obviously no power steering. Just prior to that the drivers side window went down on its own and there was a message on the dash about putting the window up and down. Then it conked out as I was about to park. When I started it back up the fuel light came on so I went across the street to fill up. I put in 83L (Capacity is 98L) so there was enough fuel in there that it wouldn't stall out. Even then, that wouldn't cause all the electronics to turn off. There were no further messages on the dash and the check engine light never came on. Just very glad this didn't happen while going faster. It's going in next week to get looked at. Has anyone else had this happen before? And no, I didn't touch the key or bump it with my knee either. Very strange.
  6. I've got the Truxedo Lo Pro QT on my truck and it works really well. It was on the truck when I bought it but no complaints from me about it's looks or function. I don't get any water in the bed and the snow and ice come off easily in the winter. I will swap it out for a hard tonneau at some point just for the added security when travelling or shopping but otherwise its good. I'm looking for a foldable hard top that removes easily or folds up all the way for my ATV and and can open from the front and back. I've seen one that opens at both ends but it looked to be a pain to fully remove.
  7. I've started having some pretty sever clunking going on when on/off the gas around 30-40kph (18-25mph). Its intermittent though so I'm not sure what the dealer can do about it. It will be fine for a week, then it might do this clunk and either get a surge of power or it feels like it just revs up without engaging. The clunk is getting loud enough that makes me look back to see if parts are laying on the ground. This seems to be different than the 1-2 shift clunk I get when the truck is cold first thing in the morning. My truck has 42,000km (26,000mi) on it.
  8. Very nice. I have a 2014 SLE with the All Terrain package, that gives me the power folding (DL3?) mirrors. The chrome capped version would be nice to match the current mirrors but not necessary. I would wait for them if there are other worthwhile revisions in the works as you eluded to. I would love it if there was a way to update the truck so I can power fold them from the key fob like the SLT trucks. I don't have that option in my radio menu and the dealer said they can't activate it for me. Is there anyone that can program that feature if I get the towing mirrors?
  9. They had some sidewalk sale going on at the one in Ottawa this week. They had side steps and extenders for GM, Ford, Dodge and Toyota. They had quite a bit marked down, from ATV snowplows, wrenches, gloves and just bins of random stuff. Every time a skid of an item sold out they wheeled something else out.
  10. Installed a Lund Bed Extender. Not something I was planning on getting but for $50 at Princes Auto (Canadian version of Harbour Freight) it was tough to turn down. I just had to add some washers and longer bolts to shim out the bed mounts so it would clear my Truxedo Lo Pro tonneau cover. They also had the Bedstep 2 for $75 but I really don't need a step on the side, I can reach right in the bed.
  11. I bought a DC as there weren't any CC with the All Terrain package around me at the time. The next truck will be a CC for sure. 99% of the time it's only me in the truck but I'm very tall so I have the seat all the way back and down low. There isn't as much room for stuff in the back cab as I'd like. Even getting Costco sized back there is a pain, pretty much a banana box is the widest thing that will fit. I do like having the 6.5" bed, and would probably do that configuration next, CC/6.5' bed, All Terrain Package and Tow Mirrors!
  12. Hmmm,...my truck has the same noise. It almost sounds like a lifter ticking away.
  13. Looks like an OK rack for the money. I had the Thule T2 on my FJ Cruiser before, expensive but a great rack. It hold the bikes by the wheels and doesn't scratch the frames if you have fancy or carbon bikes. I'm not sure how I'm going to load my truck yet for trips to the cottage, 2 bikes, 4x8 trailer with the ATV any maybe a couple of kayaks.
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