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  1. My Extang Trifecta tonneau cover covers those holes completely
  2. Chief Bob's - 2015 LTZ Z71

    New engine cover
  3. Finally got my cover installed
  4. I have the Husky X-Acts in the rear with the Husky bin, great fit.
  5. I have the GM/BORLA and I have zero drone. It is slightly louder than stock, but has a nice non obnoxious growl. It is comparable to the Hemi Ram exhaust. It sounds Fking awesome in other words! I am very happy with it.
  6. GM/Borla exhaust

    I have the GM/Borla dual rear exhaust. There is absolutly no drone at any speed. It is slightly louder than the stock exhaust, but has a healthy sound. It is compareable to a Hemi Ram. I am very pleased!
  7. The sunroof is the reason I bought a LTZ! It was a must for me
  8. Love the new 2015 Grille with the black bow-tie
  9. Which bed liner to choose

    Line-X and I love it They removed all hardware and plugs before the spray

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