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  1. I can keep it at my storage . I'm probably going to cut it off though. I'm doing it in my garage or driveway no lift
  2. After further consideration I have decided to go with the Borla S Type instead of the Touring. I've listened to so many videos and sound clips the last few days I'm dizzy. I've come to the conclusion that the Touring isn't much louder than stock. For a grand it would be nice to at least hear it rumble a little. At least the S type has some growl to it. I'm afraid the ATAK has too much growl for me so I really never considered it. Now to find one, they are on back order almost every place I've checked. eBay has some for $999 or best offer so as of today I'm waiting for an answer from 3 sellers. Hopefully I can pull the trigger on one tomorrow and be bolting it on by the end of next week. What to do with the stock system? Any value?
  3. Crew cab with standard bed is the perfect setup if you ask me. When I bought mine they only had two of them on the lot. They had over 100 Crew cab Shorty's so yes they are sort of rare.
  4. Who cares it's a truck for Christ's sake. If you want to go fast get a Vette. I heard they go pretty good.
  5. I have the AVS Aeroskin on both my 2018 Silverados. No wind noise at all. They stick on with 3M tape. They are not moving after it's stuck. They come color matched or smoke.
  6. Anyone have this setup care to comment? I want to put this system on my 2018 Silverado Crew cab standard bed 5.3. Where is the cheapest place to buy it? Looks like $999 is the going rate. Do they have any drone? How much louder is it in the cab? Outside? Any improvement in MPG's? Does the kit come as a universal fit with different pieces to fit different bed lengths or how does that work? I'm afraid I'll order it and have the kit be for a short bed. Thanks Guys.
  7. New Truck owner from MN

    Welcome from Rogers MN Good looking truck. Does it have the shudder?
  8. Self driving cars are a joke. What about in fog or heavy rain? Not to mention snow the previous poster said. Or glare ice. What's it going to do slow down to 3 mph? We don't need self driving cars. Dumb with a capital D. You'll never see me own one.
  9. Ball joint popped out

    Now that's funny right there.😄 Sorry I couldn't resist
  10. The customers changed their mind and want two more rooms done with the same flooring instead of carpet. The total weight now is over 3000 lbs. I said F it and am getting it delivered on Monday. They will bring them right into the house and stack them in a pile. Saves my back too.
  11. We agree to disagree then . I never said those mods were bad. I am considering a Borla or Corsa exhaust myself. Let's move on and let it be water under the bridge. Sorry I called you a dickhead. Next thing I do to either one of my trucks you guys will just have guess what I payed for it because I'm not going to say. That being said I'm getting my other 2018 Silverado that is Silver ceramic coated by the same guy next month for way less than $1600. I've sent 3 trucks his way now and he is going to give me deal . He won't have nearly the time in the paint correction since it's silver. To the O.P. You never mentioned your budget That would help with the suggestions.
  12. I have no idea why you care what people spend on their trucks. Pretty sad if you ask me. Maybe he cares more about how his truck looks than how fast it is maybe he don't.
  13. I'd get it Ceramic coated before I'd bother with that.
  14. Try a different dealer. A new set of eyes might be able to solve the issues you are having. I doubt it's a lemon.

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