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  1. I agree What makes them(UAW) so special? They get awesome insurance, make way more than the average American worker, for an assembly line job any (trained monkey) (maybe not but you get the idea)could do. Get back to work nobody feels sorry you. I feel sorry for the guys that ordered a 2020 HD $70,000+ truck and now they got to wait. That new Dodge HD don't look so bad now. Oh well back to work for me now, nobody going to give me a raise. Or give a rats ass for that matter.
  2. So this morning the backup cam came on with the auto headlights. I shut truck off and then it worked normally. I think it was coming on before with the running lights on since they come on with the fog lights But it seems fine now. Glad I took the pic with camera on in drive with the lights on for proof in case this ends up being a problem down the road. To all the guys that want more tech in these trucks this an example of why I say enough is enough. It's like driving a computer down the road and it gets a virus . Sad .
  3. I'm not checking it out. It's a 2018 with just under 15,000 miles. The dealer will figure it out. Just curious if anyone else has this happen. BTW just for the hell of it I'm going to unplug my Range and see if that does anything. I highly doubt there is a connection but who knows.
  4. I thought the same thing.You get nothing. If the fog lights are on the backup cam is on 100% of the time.
  5. Foggy here this morning so went to turn on fog lights as I'm driving up to the corner by my house. Backup cam comes on and stays on. I drive an hour or so. Still comes on . Shut off and wait five minutes, same still on Back at home I unhook trailer lights , same thing . Weird. Anyone else have this happen? It's already scheduled for the dealer this week
  6. I get around 22 avg. hwy under ideal conditions
  7. I'm sure that the motor breaking in helped some but I noticed difference within a week or so. On my other 2018 5.3 that is 100% stock I saw less of a difference from brand new after the motor broke in .
  8. I agree about getting a little gain with a system. I think a 7-10 hp gain is attainable with a quality cat back setup. Probably not enough to notice seat of the pants but to say you get nothing but sound is not true at all. The stock muffler and resonator has way more restriction then any aftermarket setup. Let's not forget about the flapper. WTF Simple . Air in , air out. If the air can exit easier, more power. Duh BTW 8000 miles after installing a Borla S Type catback system on my 2018 5.3 my gas mileage increased by over 1 mpg. With a Range AFM Disabler. That mileage didn't just come out of thin air.
  9. I like the one that don't leak [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  10. Easy. Buy which one you like best. Just like which oil should I use?, what tires should I buy?, Etc. Which do you like? Buy it.
  11. I'm betting on those tires not being round. Made in Taiwan. Junk. That's why they are so cheap. Buy American
  12. I had an 07 Silverado LTZ with the heated washer fluid. I can't remember if they sent a check for $100 to reimburse you for the inconvenience or not. I'm not even sure if there was a recall on those but If you took it in to the dealer for anything , they just disabled it . Sad if they can't figure out how to fix these exploding windows. I'm glad I park in the garage. I don't think I've ever used my rear defroster. I don't think I've had the back window open more than a couple times.
  13. My garage height is really limiting my options come time when I get new tires. Availability also is. Not much available in a P rated tire in the 33" range. I am not at all interested in a A/T or an M/T tire. Too heavy for me. My truck will never see mud. I have another truck I can get dirty if I need too. Best I can do is a 2" level with 305-45-22. 3/4" taller and 3/4" wider than 285-45-22 This should clear no rubbing I hope. NorCal mod is easy though. Pretty sure this only going to raise the front 2-3/8" . I have about 3" clearance the way it sits on the 285-45-22. My other option is to say f the garage and go with a 4"-6" lift and 34"-35" tires. I'm keeping my 22's either way. I like to park in my garage though.
  14. Looks good fatty [emoji106] Where did you get the rubber? Never heard of Venom. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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