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  1. If they have to use a gas powered vehicle to fix an electric vehicle, what's the point? Wonder what's in the van? Generator? Pretty soon Teslas will have a gas generator as an option
  2. I have the Borla Touring on my 22 High Country 6.2 At cruising speed it's fairly quiet and when you get on it it sounds pretty good. I've never heard AWE so I can't comment on that I think you want the Borla from what your post says.
  3. Yes you can. Michelin Defender 305x45xr22on Fuel Mavericks 22x10,+10 offset. These are the best highway tires money can buy.
  4. You dont need a diesel. The 6.6 Gasser will pull that weight with ease.
  5. Exactly. I change both my 22s every 3000 miles with Royal Purple 0 20w. The rest of the motor likes clean oil too.
  6. I just did a 1800 mile trip from Minnesota to Wyoming towing my 25' 6000 lb travel trailer with my 6.2 High Country with the Borla Touring setup. Under a heavy load, like a 5%-6% grade, it's loud until it downshifts and puts the rpms at or over 2000 rpm then it quiets down because it has less a load on it. 10.3 avg. mpg for the whole trip. High as 12 one tank(no wind) and low as 8 in the wind. One thing for sure the 6.2 has more than enough ass towing.
  7. It must be one of the 90,000+ that is waiting on chips. It's probably sitting in a field. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/heres-how-many-unfinished-gm-vehicles-are-currently-parked-and-waiting-for-chips-192623.html
  8. This engine is very close to LB7 territory as far as numbers go. Impressive. LB7 was the first generation Duramax, putting out 300hp/520tq.
  9. The wire tucks up under the headliner. Very easy.
  10. It can still grenade like all the rest of them.
  11. And it will sound like schitt usually.And drone too . Get the borla. I've done my last two trucks with borla no regrets whatsoever.
  12. Anyone interested I'll be selling the Mosaic Black covers with xpel for $75 free shipping. I'll pst in the for sale section as soon as I get a chance.
  13. It still shuts itself off. It did it this morning. Also noticed the subwoofer is off for the first 30-45 seconds after the radio comes on. I really don't want to waste my time bringing it to the dealer only to hear them say " it didn't shut off for us, we have no idea whats wrong". I wonder if I should try to disconnect the battery for a couple hours? BTW my 22 LTD LTZ is having radio issues too. It stays on when you shut truck off and exit . You cannot turn it off. It goes off after the 10 minutes. Anyone ever have this happen?
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