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  1. To your lifted truck? I saw this this morning I'm not into the stretched tire look. Yuck. Plenty of room there for something a little taller and narrower. Just my opinion though I'm sure the younger murdered out guys like it and that's cool. BTW the paint on that truck was super swirly from washing all the dirt off it that the tires throw all over the sides of the truck. It was a 16 -18.
  2. What does that matter? He wants to know how this accident will hurt the resale. My guess is it will take a major hit because it should be considered a salvage. Good luck getting diminished value from the insurance company although a guy that I know with a salvage title 2015 Vette got around 7 grand back after he was ass ended .
  3. I also had an 2001 6.0 . If I remember that one only has 300 hp and 360 tq . Gas hog never got better than 13 mpg. There is a big difference between the 2001 and the newer ones with 360/380
  4. The 6.0 makes 90% of it's torque at 2000 rpm. Overall more torque earlier than the 5.3 Not a huge difference but it is enough to notice especially towing.
  5. Mark , Terrible news. I wish You and Cindy the best along with your boys. You need to be strong for you and them. Guys, I got to be buddies with Mark through this site He was interested in in my Antique Store my Wife runs , and was looking for a few things and was wondering if I had what he was looking for. Of course I did and a few emails later we made a deal and off to Florida it went in the big brown truck . A week later another email looking for something else . Boom off to Florida another package . His gal loved the items and it made me happy that she was happy.. We continued to email back and forth after that and bs''d about other stuff besides trucks and Antiques. I will miss that I'm here to say Mark is a stand up guy and I can only hope the Man upstairs buys him as much time as possible and he don't have to lose the battle. It happens all the time why not? Thanks Mark.
  6. After watching the video, my guess is that most of it is washed off by now. Most likely that stuff is just like any other spray wax. If you want beading get it ceramic coated. There is no cheap substitute for the real thing. This pic was taken about 2 hours after it quit raining this morning.
  7. I wouldn't run either one of my trucks thru an automated car wash with brushes or soft cloth. They are full of dirt from everyone else's car. Might as well just use a brillo pad to wash it. Same thing .
  8. Too much according to some guys on here. Some have payed more than me though. $1600. A lot of paint correction on my truck even though it was new. But that's the average going rate in my area. Some places were over 2 grand some around a grand. You get what you pay for. Its a must for a black truck IMO. So far I have no regrets getting it done.
  9. Yes and no. It scratches like any other color that's about all they have in common. Everything shows on black . Hardly anything shows on white or silver. I hand wash with two buckets. And lots of microfiber wash mitts. I use Meguires Hyper Wash . Blow dry with leaf blower then hit it with some detail spray wipe down with lots of clean microfiber towels . I may use ten mitts and twenty towels. Nothing worse than a dirty mitt or towel on black paint. That's where most of your swirls come from. I ceramic coated mine and it makes a huge difference. Not a swirl or mark to be found after 4 months I've said this before, Black is not a color it's an occupation. It takes a lot of time to keep your black truck looking like mine. Lots of time.
  10. I owned a 98 reg cab longbed 1/2 ton 4x4. Bought it new $21,000. It was a decent truck but not even in the same league as a K2. You can have your 98, I traded my 98 on a 99. Traded that for an 01, then a 03 and so on.
  11. Why did you buy your GM?

    No brainer. I've been drinking the Chevy Kool aid since I was a kid. I'm Bowtie to the bone. I've been running Chevy trucks for 40 years. Over 2.6 million miles. I put 410,000 miles on a 86 Scottsdale 305 4x4 1/2 ton back in the late 80s early 90's for one. I bought it a year old and it had 80,000 miles on it. I drove the shit out of that truck almost 100,000 miles a year. For the most part I've owned trouble free trucks. No major problems ever. In 2018 I bought 2 new Silverados, my 15th and 16th Chevy trucks. The Chevy's may not be the fastest or tow the most but they get the job done day in and day out. I use my trucks for work and they haven't called in sick since I can remember. Its also fun to have the best looking truck on the jobsite. It didn't hurt to get a killer deal on both trucks too.
  12. Time for Tires

    255 75 20 ? That size does not exist as far as I can tell. I think you are looking for 275 55 20. My preference would be the Michelin Defender LTX MS $210 each at Discount Tire. My second choice would be the Bridgestone Dueler LTH $189 each. Both of these have a 70,000 mile rating.
  13. They are on drugs for asking that much for a 3 year old truck (soon to be 4). You can get a new one at Laura GMC starting at $59,XXX

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