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  1. No but I've been there many times snowmobiling. Coldest it's been when I was there was -39F. I was just near there last week in Ray, MN . Had to deliver an antique dining room set to one of my Wife's clients. They don't call it the icebox of the nation for nothing. Ask your Mother how cold -40F feels. It sucks.
  2. Legacy license plates

    Here is my Silver Silverado
  3. Legacy license plates

    These are the only plates all of my trucks have had since they came out years ago. $50 a year . Big deal. I have a Nephew stationed in the shithole of the world right now. Afghanistan. My son in law is in his 10th year in the Army. Stationed in Wisconsin now. And my late father spent 4 years in the Marines in Japan during the Korean War. So these plates have a special meaning to me and my Family.🇺🇸 This is my Black Silverado
  4. Looking for back window decal ideas

    Shop called me today and said they were backed up and just mailed it today from Jersey. I should have them Thursday. I'll probably put them on Thursday night. I hope they look as cool as the rendering online.
  5. Looking for back window decal ideas

    No heated garage? I wouldn't even try outside, better to wait.
  6. Of course it don't cover wear and tear but it does cover major components, power train, and electrical. I read the fine print before I payed 3 grand extra for it. I also got the surface protection plan that covers all door dings and dents up to 6" in diameter. Hail included. $625 . No deductible. I didn't get the stupid wax job or whatever you call it for $399 though. I'll wax them myself.
  7. Oil Filter Recs

    I know where to take it. I hate spilling oil all over trying to put 8 qts of oil in two separate 4 qt jugs. Then putting them in the back of my clean truck and hauling them to O'Reilly's or Valvoline instant . It's messy. I've done it many times and been there done that. I'm sure I'm not the Lone Ranger. My garage is clean enough to eat off the floor ....
  8. Oil Filter Recs

    Anyone get their oil changes at Valvoline Instant Oil Change? I've been going there for the last few years using Valvoline full synthetic, and I heard they use a Purolator filter with a Valvoline label. Anyone know the truth? If it wasn't such a pain in the ass to dispose the old oil I'd just do it myself . I just might start though they charge $110 with a $10 off coupon . Rip-off if you ask me. I'm not going to use my two free oil changes from the dealer either. Took 2 hours last time I went there.
  9. When I bought both of my 2018's I got the GM extended warranty to 150,000 no time limit. Covers everything even the radio. $100 deductible. $2999. So much crap to go wrong I couldn't say no. That being said I think you could do an aftermarket warranty for a lot less depending on what is covered. Carsheild comes to mind .
  10. You should have a cooled steering wheel. Won't be long there is a patent on one. And for sure cooled seats. They are nice. The coldest ever in Louisiana was -16 in Minden. N.W. part of the state in 1899 according to Google
  11. 37? C'mon man you need that for 37? Don't make me laugh.🤣😂🤣 37 is like a heatwave here in Minnesota. It was -37 in International Falls the other day. Without the windchill
  12. Looking for back window decal ideas

    That goes without saying
  13. Looking for back window decal ideas

    Cool. Did you get them custom made?
  14. No it wouldn't . They were ugly then and still are
  15. AVS Aeroskin Bug deflector

    I did my silver truck today. I don't like the little rubber label that's on it. I removed it on the black truck no problem and on this one when I peeled it off it took a little paint with it. I heated it up and restuck it. So if you peel it be careful.

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