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  1. Can I switch the obd 2 port to turn on with the key? It’s always on. Cannot figure it out. Thanks! 2016 5.3 silverado i just installed a SCT programmer and I wanna leave it in the truck but not if it won’t shut off when the key is not even in the ignition.
  2. When my truck wouldn’t start from cold weather it needed a battery. Get the most CCA possible.
  3. Maybe depending on how they’re mounted. My wrangler was the same way it got blasted. Lol. Trucks worth a little more tho. Maybe I should look.
  4. FINALLY!!!! ever so slight of a rub on full lock. Rubs the middle of the backside of the front fender. Could do the nocal mod. Last option. I’ve done everything else. Don’t wanna go bigger. So. Where’s the sludge hammer? Lol. it may not rub if I take off that plastic piece there but, id like it folded up honestly. Do it once now save later. LOLZ I posted twice. Ops. It rides better than factory I swear. I hate 20s.
  5. so got the 2 inch front spacers 3 inch rear blocks 1.5 body lift -38 mm offset wheels 33.5x11 rub on full lock. mechanic says when in doubt pound it out. He did this on his 2500.
  6. Yes sir a level. Strut level. I got rim offset don’t believe in wheel spacers.
  7. I have 2 inch spacers front. Waiting it’s in the mail for a 3 inch block lift rear. I have the new 3 inch shocks also. Plus I have a 1.5 inch zone body lift sitting in the truck. Gunna pay for install. But I also have new rims and tires with new tpms waiting to go on. 305 70 17 -38 mm offset
  8. Dude!!! That’s nice. I’m so going to do this! Lol. Just started my new job but parts are piling up. Got a set of rims and tires with tpms, zone 1.5 body lift, waiting for the 3 in rear blocks, I do have the shocks. They sent me the wrong lift
  9. I’d assume lol. The DNA doesn’t lie. my truck was supposed to have leather but the guy who purchased it opt out.
  10. Today is a sad day as I seen I should have leather with a heated wheel and I do not! my question pertaining to fuses. I seen I have two spots for a fuel pump. only one of them has fuses in it. Should I put them in the other side? the guy also took the fuses out of the electric e brake. And some USB ports and some other things.
  11. Can I see a pic? I wanted to do an intake but I want a box. the box ones they sell have glass with a seal to the inside. I wouldn’t buy it. Honestly I want like the factory box with the tubing to the motor. But I’d want the filter system in the factory box. is that what your describing? yeah, for my truck it’s low speeds going up hills. High speeds to but I drive in town mainly lol. today after changing all the fluids I rode 100 miles ish. I got myself speeding? Lol. But the fluid definitely made a change. But, I only kinda did it half ass cuz I didn’t change all the fluid? Dropping the pan doesn’t drain it all. I’d guess some would be stored in running lines and radiator. this V8 stuff is heavy. Speaking of that I read there is 10-16 fuses controlling fuel consumption all around. When I first got my truck there was 2 quarts of gas in the oil. WHEN IN DOUBT CHANGE IT OUT.I was thinking maybe the injectors are sticking? No way it’s leaking through the motor itself. Only 50k miles. Shouldn’t be the pump. Than I seen all those fuses I was like damn. Inside both front doors is a panel and under the hood. I should go check and see if any are bad and what my oil reads. I’ve rode 2k on the oil since the change. I try to drive the truck on the weekend or if the wife needs the car. Nissan Sentra highly recommend. 2019. Put in a 100$ chip hella gains. Mpg went from 32-36 to 40-45. I couldn’t believe it. But, also the car has less miles than the truck so. Lol. In the summer I drive a Harley 883 if it doesn’t rain. just got a new job, distance is double, in the summer when I can ride… I’ll feel like the kool-aid man. OHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!!!
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