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  1. Any chance these come with your conversion harness?
  2. Looking to buy front bumper for 16-18 Silverado either Chrome w/ Fog Lights or Silver Ice Metallic w/ Fog Lights. Will also consider aftermarket bumpers as well, thanks!!
  3. Welcome!! I'm in Orlando area glad to see another Floridian
  4. Does anyone know if its possible to swap the camera off the 19+ Trucks into older trucks for higher resolution back up camera? I was riding in a 19 Colorado the other day and the difference in resolution is incredible.
  5. You have a 2016 like mine that was made during a few months that they ran into issues with parts availability and didn't include Apple Airplay/Android Auto if you look on your Monroney Sticker you should have gotten a +200 credit. I just purchased a 2.5 HMI Module from th3magpi3 and gave him my VIN, took my 5 minutes to swap it out and I have apple carplay fully functioning, siri works with the steering wheel buttons etc... No need to have the radio flashed or upgrade USB ports or any of that on the 16 trucks.
  6. I have a 2016 truck that was part of few months that got built without the 2.5 HMI, I bought one from th3magpi3 and had him program it to my VIN. I plugged it in today and everything with apple carplay works flawlessly, just wanted to let anyone know who might be on the fence. He was very responsive and quick to ship it out too!!!
  7. Good looking truck! What was wrong with the Ford that they bought it back??
  8. Fuel Maverick 20x9 +1 Offset with 295/55r20 Toyo Open Country R/T
  9. I just traded in my 12' JKU for a 16 Silverado in December and I'm loving it!!
  10. I bought from customwheeloffsets.com and I literally bought them yesterday and they're already on the FedEx truck scheduled to be delivered on Monday! Pretty impressed with them so far hopefully everything continues to go great.
  11. Maybe I'm understanding things wrong but the higher negative offset means less backspacing means the tire is moved out further from the truck right? Wouldn't that make it less likely to rub?
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