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  1. Do you know anyone that would have 4 stock wheels/tires you could throw on that to get it on the trailer and home?
  2. This video from Autometer says all of the above: I'm intrigued but I'll let others hammer on it for a while before I drop that kind of money on it.
  3. I recently added the Wi-Fi plan to my truck since my wife likes to work on long road trips. It actually is reasonably priced for 'unlimited'. The rest of OnStar's offerings are just way too overpriced for me.
  4. Is that slot below the button the credit card reader for OnStar?
  5. Hell, I turn mine on almost every time I get in the truck, but I definitely turn it on when I'm pulling my boat. The shift points are more realistic with tow mode turned on and the transmission 'hunts' less.
  6. Any idea what total weight of that will be? I pull a ~6,500# boat behind mine all over the midwest and have no issues whatsoever.
  7. I recently got rear-ended, first glance says the frame is ok, they haven't taken it apart yet to accurately determine that. That said, I was told they will not repair the frame, they will replace it to the tune of $9,000. So if there is any damage to the frame, you can start your estimate there.
  8. There is a setting in the stereo menu to select what doors you want to unlock with the keyfob. You can choose all of them, or just the drivers door.
  9. Your issue is addressed here: https://www.etrailer.com/question-81579.html I've never seen a 13 pin euro connector before, but etrailer folks usually know what they're talking about.
  10. My money is on him pumping the website he linked in his first post...
  11. I'm not much on the '19s but that is a sharp truck. Really like the distinct black and white of it.
  12. I bought the Weathertech for my 2014, now use it in my 2018. Fits perfectly and is easy to install/remove.
  13. Would you mind letting me know which foam cannon you went with? There's entirely too many options available for me to just randomly pick one and start there.
  14. From what I can hear in the videos, yes, 'chirping' would be an accurate description.
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