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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    My 2014 was limited to 98 as well. Haven't ha d a chance to push the new one that far yet.
  2. My daughter is 4. She likely will never get to drive a gasoline powered vehicle, unless I still have one. Her child likely will never drive.
  3. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I can live with that.
  4. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Nice truck. Any rubbing with that setup?
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I hadn't read any of this when I bought the truck. I have a pretty good relationship with the Service Writer I deal with and I thought he had lost his mind when I took it in for what I thought was tires out of balance and he was checking the transmission software and torque converter out. That tells me he's well aware of *something* going on so when I go back we're going to figure it out or figure out how to make it right. I plan on putting a 6" lift on this truck but I won't touch it until this issue gets straightened out or I get a truck that doesn't shake.
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I agree. I had two tires they replaced almost immediately after purchasing the truck that wouldn't RFB that eliminated the 'hop' feeling I was getting. Now I'm getting a high frequency, rhythmic, pulsing vibration that feels like a high speed drive line component is out of whack, especially when running the truck above ~60MPH.
  7. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I just bought a 2018 and had 2 tires replaced almost immediately because of a 'shake', all 4 were road force balanced. Still have a shake, but now its a high frequency shake like it's the driveshaft or driveline. Probably going to take it back soon and see what they say. *EDIT* They replaced the LF and RR tires because they couldn't get them to road force balance. It took the 'hop' feel out of the truck but now I have a rhythmic, pulsing vibration. I'm curious to find out what, if anything resolves your issue.
  8. What Weight Do You Tow?

    Took the boat out this weekend and was able to get a picture with the new truck...
  9. You are correct, sir. Learned this the hard way with 30+ gallons of Sta-bil treated fuel in a pontoon boat. Put it away for the winter and had to drain 1.5 gallons of water off the tank in the spring before I could use it.
  10. 5.3L fuel usage?

    That's what I run in my boat. Local station here has it. That's the stuff you want to run in things that sit (boats, mowers, weedeaters, etc.) The "ethanol" they put in fuel now is a water magnet, absorbing all it can when it's exposed to air. I learned this the hard way with my previous boat, a pontoon with a 37 gallon fuel tank. Long story short, even after winterizing the boat the way I should have, I drained 1.5 gallons of water out of the tank the next spring. Lesson learned, boat gets ethanol free fuel now unless I know we're going to be burning it up quickly.
  11. 5.3L fuel usage?

    I always ran 87 in my 2014. Only time I ever had an issue was pulling my #6500 boat through the hills of Kentucky on a 98° day. Had some pretty nasty spark knock under acceleration.
  12. I installed one on my 2014 the first time I changed the oil. Had to take the truck in later because the oil pan was leaking, they had to drop the pan and replace the gasket. They never said a word about it being in there. I always added a zip-tie to hold the lever in place after changing the oil for a little more piece of mind.
  13. I took a 3 quart oil bath the first time I changed the oil in my 2014, I never expected it to be thinner than water.
  14. What Weight Do You Tow?

    Not my current truck, but it's what I pull, runs about #6500 dry weight, probably close to #7000 with fuel and gear in it. Truck shown is a 2014 5.3L that had a 3.23 rear and could pull that thing all day every day. We take the boat to the lake about an hour away every weekend. We also try to take it to a lake in Kentucky, 7 hours away a couple times a year. Where I live is mostly flat to gently rolling hills (prairie), when we go to Kentucky it gets pretty hilly down there, almost mountainous. My new truck is a 2018 5.3L with a 3.42 rear and I wouldn't hesitate to hook that boat to it and take off headed anywhere. *EDIT* Forgot to add neither of my trucks are 'max tow' that I know of.
  15. Shock Install Questions

    Replacing the front shocks on my 2014 was the scariest, most unnerving thing I have done while working on a car/truck. I had 4 spring compressors on mine, under a moving blanket, aimed at a the back wall of the garage. Next time, they go to a shop.

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