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  1. Awesome. All I have left are the license plate lights and (minus the headlights) my truck will finally be full LED like it should have been from the factory.
  2. I ordered these both last night. Are they still working well for you?
  3. Congratulations! I really appreciated your help early on when we were trying to figure out the HMI swap. Glad to see you've taken this and ran with it.
  4. The dealer should be able to program that radio to your VIN. They'll usually charge an hours labor rate to do it (around $120).
  5. Did you get a pic of how you mounted the resistors? I'm close to pulling the trigger on these and the LED's for the front turns as well.
  6. I saved both of these on Amazon and will be watching here to see how they work out long term. I talked to my dealer to see about having the bulb detection turned off in the BCM and was told it 'could not be done', so I'm looking for a setup that doesn't require me to splice in resistors.
  7. Are you using an apple charging cable to connect?
  8. My 2018 definitely turns on the seat heaters when I remote start when the temperature is below some predetermined set-point. (seems like they turn on in the 'low' setting, seat is warm but not as hot as it gets when I turn it on 'high') I can confirm that the lights on the dash for the heated seats definitely are not on when I get into the truck. I can also confirm that I do have to manually turn the seat heaters back on after inserting the key and turning the ignition to the 'Run' position.
  9. If it was able to be done, the HMI module would be what is needing programmed. What you are looking for is the ability to mirror your phone on the MyLink display. I went to Autometer's site and the Dashlink app currently is not a CarPlay/Android Auto app, but they "are looking into it".
  10. The only apps that show up in CarPlay when the phone is connected are the apps that have been through the process to be "allowed" to show up by Apple. The only way around that is to jailbreak the iPhone, then do whatever needs done to allow sharing of the iPhone screen on the MyLink screen.
  11. I just turned unlimited wi-fi on in my truck earlier this summer, $20 a month. We travel a lot and the 5 year old watches cartoons on her ipad in the back connected to the WiFi and I stream Apple Music through CarPlay99.9% of the time we're driving. Best $20 a month we've spent in a long time.
  12. That would only work if the iPhone is jailbroken or the Autometer app is a CarPlay enabled app or the MyLink system has been altered to allow video in motion.
  13. Not trying to rain on your parade, I truly hope these work for you as I will likely be ordering some if they do. I posted a youtube video here some time ago in another conversation about LED lighting from someone that tested LED's with resistors built in and they get extremely hot, so I would definitely be keeping an eye on that if I were you. **EDIT** Found the video again. A little lengthy but he seems knowledgeable on the subject.
  14. On my 2014, unbeknownst to me, the oil pan gasket started leaking. When the 'oil level low' indicator showed up on the DIC, it took ~3 quarts to bring it back to full.
  15. Be ready for a frame swap. I was rear ended a couple months ago and the body guy at the dealership said it doesn't take much to bend the frame, and they don't repair them when they get bent. Luckily mine was low enough speed that it didn't bend the frame.
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