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  1. Swapped out the non-Homelink overhead console for one that had Homelink.
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I too have been fighting the shake. When I purchased the truck it immediately went back for the shake and had two tires replaced that wouldn't RFB. It helped, but there was still a shake that could be felt above 60. When I took it in last time for it's first service I mentioned the shake again. They really screwed up and gave me an '18 LT loaner that had Michelin tires (New OEM's that replaced alternate to the Good Year tires) on it that rode smooth as glass. I called the Service Writer and told him if they couldn't get the shake out of my LTZ truck and make it ride better than the LT loaner, I wanted the wheels and tires off the loaner put on my truck for a week. They RFB'd my tires again and I was told 'One had thrown a weight (not buying that line of crap) and one was able to be RFB'd from a 14 to a 10', whatever that means. Whatever was done, helped tremendously. There isn't a shake now until I push the truck well north of 85MPH. I'd say definitely stay after it and do not take no for an answer. Keep having them RFB the tires and maybe you'll eventually get a Tech that knows how to properly use the machine.
  3. Remote start...heated seats

    @Roscopcoletrain Thanks for asking this, I was just headed here to ask the same. @Ed S I see the opposite. My seat warmers actually get pretty hot.
  4. I pull a boat regularly ad all I see Tow/Haul mode doing is holding the shifts a little longer to keep the truck in higher RPM's where the power is.
  5. How do you like the eAssist?

    Yes. I live in Central Illinois and my dealer had 2 2018's with the eAssist when I bought mine.
  6. There is a factory spec for a reason. Find a shop that wants to make your truck right, not just close to right.
  7. BIlstein 5100 Advice

    For what you'll pay for them, you could easily find a local shop to swap the springs to the Bilstein's for you, probably for less.
  8. Which nut on the leaf spring? I have a slight shake at 70-80 and am willing to try anything. Dealer has stated they're willing to chase this issue with me even to the point of replacement, but I refuse to go through that just to get another truck that shakes. I'd rather take a little time trying whatever it takes to make this truck right.
  9. See if the stereo you installed has a parking brake wire. Sometimes, you can defeat those systems if you can make the stereo think the parking brake is set (car is parked). The signal that wire needs varies, so you'd need to see if it needed to be grounded, or see 12V+ to 'activate' it.
  10. Having anything plugged into the OBD-II port keeps On-Star from being able to generate the monthly reports they send for you. That was the only downside I saw when running my Automatic adapter in my 2014
  11. I also think it's offered through On-Star as a "sweetener" to lure people into paying for the astronomically high 4G data plans they offer.
  12. CarPlay won’t work

    You need iOS 12 and also need to update the Google Maps and Waze apps for them to show up.
  13. I have no experience with Fox shocks, can't comment on them. I personally can recommend the BIlstein 5100's. I put them on my 2014 and it radically changed the ride. I plan on installing them on my 2018 when the stock Rancho's shoot craps.
  14. You have to update the apps themselves to get them to show up in CarPlay. Also, don't get *too* excited about Waze on CarPlay just yet, it has been locking up and crashing on me quite a bit.

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