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  1. Rhino Lined Power Running Boards

    I found several other posts on several other automotive forums of people that have sanded their chrome and had spray on bedliner applied with very good results.
  2. I've been out of big stereo systems for a few years now so I can't really speak to what's good or not anymore. The gain knob is common. Big bass when you want it or you can reduce the 'boom' when the family or friends are in the truck with you, etc.
  3. 4. Crutchfield - https://www.crutchfield.com/ Find what you want there then price shop. They get a little crazy with prices occasionally.
  4. I've had both, it really comes down to personal preference. I have had Weathertech in channels on my last two trucks, a 2014 and my current 2018. The fronts, once installed, are there for the duration and hold up well. The backs use a metal clip to help hold them in place and I occasionally have to push them up an 1/8" or so back into the channel because they have worked their way out a bit. I find that if I remember to roll my windows up completely at night when I park the truck, it is much less likely to trigger the 'auto-up rolldown'. Also, both trucks that had the in channels installed had the windows tinted and I never saw any kind of abrading or scratching on the windows or the tint. The tape ons I had were AVS that came with a '92 I purchased used many moons ago. They were good as well, but eventually the tape wore out and let loose. The front of the visor was able to catch a little wind and it bent back and 'exploded' on the highway. Sounded like a gun going off right by my head.
  5. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    This was the game changer for me when I installed 5100's on my 2014. It was a huge improvement over the OEM's.
  6. A couple of pounds of mud/snow/ice packed off center in that thing and it will shake your car apart at highway speeds.
  7. Take that back apart and throw a little threadlocker on those bolts. I had to tighten those on my 2014 three times. The coarse thread on those don't lend themselves to being tightened and holding well. It drove me insane trying to find the source of the rattle the first time.
  8. My 2018 5.3L 3.42 runs 183-185 all day long while driving interstate.
  9. Towing MPG

    Yeah, I average 10-12 towing my 7,000 lb boat around.
  10. Buick Adds All New Encore GX To Crossover Lineup

    That's what I thought, too. Way too tiny for my tastes.
  11. So for those of us not 'in the know', what's the best way to contact GM to either complain or give an 'atta boy?
  12. They had to offset the 10HP the black paint gave the truck by increasing drag, leaving the doors hanging out a bit. Either that, or they're too f'in lazy to fix the issue.
  13. Same here, the ramp I put in is pretty steep so I 4-Lo in and out, and set the brake when loading/unloading the boat. I've forgot it was on a couple times and 4-Lo would barely push through the brake. You guys must really be hogging your trucks or half-assing the parking brake to be able to drive through it.
  14. Remote Start

    $275 for a warrantied dealer 'installed' remote start is well worth the money.

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