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  1. Its definitely not good for much. Maybe some power tool battery chargers. I tried using a very small pool cover pump with it (too empty pothole water) it ran at about half speed. I have a much larger inverter i will be wiring up separately.
  2. Got these from Realtruck.com Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Step. Love them Powder coated aluminum About $500 ( in Feb.) Took me about 30 min to install start to finish.
  3. I have the same truck 22' LTD RST Duramax. I installed the 3" lift from Superlift and it comes with 1.5" block for the rear. It levels it out and sits identical to a stock trailboss (no rake though). I also put the bilstein 5100s in the rear. The ride is so much better and i have not experienced the shifting you describe. I just notice the rear seems more planted than when it had the ranchos. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks and yes. I agree. Just too much of the same color upfront.
  5. 2022 LTD RST Duramax Just wrapped the center of the grill. I really like the black here. What do yall think? Also all black emblems now .
  6. Definitely a Nissan Titan. I was on the fence before I got 22 (LTD) in February this year. There just weren't many titans to be had and had to have a truck for work that month. My new truck was at the right place at the right time and $6k below msrp to boot. But I owned a 2005 Titan(bought new in 2004) until I sold it in 2015. Not a single major problem with it and I loved it. *I love 22' silverado now too.
  7. I bought my new 22 LTD RST 3.0 diesel early January. Crew cab 4wd, leather, + some other packages. I was content with buying a 1 or 2 year old one if I could find what I wanted. I knew supply was limited. I was looking from Maryland down to NC. ...long story short. Dealer called me from 1/2 mile away. They wanted full MSRP of course. I finally said I was getting hungry and going elsewhere. They dropped it by $5k right there. I said deal and couldn't be happier. So they will deal with you. Just have to be willing to walk away.
  8. Damn dude calm down. I think you took it out of context. I was making a joke about the Tequila shortage. I said I was lucky about getting a fuel card. But I drive MY truck for my job. You don't know anything about me or my job. I put mileage on MY truck to make the company I work for ALOT of money. I'm good at what o do and get paid accordingly. I'm sorry McDonald's doesn't pay for your gas. Enjoy your Bud Light and chill out.
  9. I can deal with gas going up. Luckily my company provides a fuel card for me for my personal truck. 2022 rst duramax. Extremely lucky I know. But there is no way in hell I can deal with a Tequila shortage too!!!! (BTW, 1942 is one of my favorites)
  10. 2022 RST 3.0 Duramax. A few mods. First pic is new at the dealership in January. Since then added the Havok side steps, tinted fronts, tinted front markers, boost auto all lights on mod, cargo light reverse mod, spotlight mod. Hard to tell but there is a 3" superlift w/ upper control arms and bilstein 5100 in the rear.....next up thinking about hyperdip the wheels and emblems in the brass monkey color.
  11. Just got my 3" lift installed. Superlift w/upper control arms. Bilstein shocks in the rear. Couldn't be happier. Rides incredible. Looks much better now. Before and after pics.
  12. What are we looking at here? Is it just a weird angle and you're in a ditch?
  13. Hmm. Most newer GPS trackers plug directly into the OBD port with no need for an antenna. Some older ones use a small puck antenna that sit in the upper corner of the dash. My guess would be maybe an aftermarket Head Up display?
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