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  1. It wasn’t that bad. What you’re saying is to put the bolt in backwards? Good idea. I’m going to sell my old ones so the bolt will come in handy.
  2. Been there, done that. Too many times to count. I earned a lot about painting at home on my 2011 Camaro.
  3. Nevermind man, I re-read the thread, you painted your stock handle. For some reason I thought you bought a smoothed one from Summit.
  4. May I ask where you got the color matched handle? looks good!
  5. Heres a post-install picture. Well worth the effort in my mind.
  6. First off, whoever designed this area of the truck should be water boarded. Alright, passenger side is a breeze, no issue at all outside of the little plastic flap and rubber spacer that you have to muscle the new hooks into. Drivers side: in order to remove the 4” bolt you’re going to have to do some extra work (see picture). I took out the 1 18mm & 2 13mm bolts holding these 2 pieces of metal together that are in the way. I then used a flat pry bar (one used in flooring) and proceeded to open those 2 pieces of metal up. It’s best to pry with one hand and slip it out with the other. You’ll have to do the prying again to get the new one in. Such a PITA, but doable for us average guys. I was too focused on the task to get pics during but here’s the area with some colorful arrows and circles [emoji851]. Yellow=the 2 pieces needed pried apart Red=direction the metal needs to move. Green= bolts needed removed White=long bolt that has to come out and replaced. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Where’d you mount those lower reverse lights? Looks good man. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Most broke leaving enough of the tab to just stick out enough to hold it in place when reinstalling. I used epoxy to reinstall them. It was a friggin mess, just plan it all out well ahead. If you can get the tabs small enough to fit in their slots the “fins” will be touching the grill face enough where you can “super glue” the whole thing on in places spread out across them. Just pre-fit and take your time.
  9. If it's the same as my 2017 those "fasteners" will work. They're not great but they are functional. If it's the ones that you push in and then screw in the plastic screw just take your time and start in the middle.
  10. So this is the 25 mile average after around 200 miles. 1st pic is before 93 performance tune, 2nd is after the tune. and I've been fairly heavy footed since the tune. It's basically the same for all the fuel distances (25 & 50).
  11. You might be able to get the "unlock update" prior to receiving the tuner but I'm not sure. Powerteq is the company that sends the "unlock update". Maybe if you call them after your purchase and send them the receipt email? It's an overnight wait for the update, maybe sooner if you call Powerteq like I did.
  12. Absolutely. I took pictures of and then reset all the fuel stats. I don’t drive every day but I’ll post back when I have some good data. All “city” driving.
  13. I also removed/debadged all the "LT" and replaced them with the smaller Z71 badges.
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