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  1. You didn't waste your time. After 40 years in automotive engineering I just learned something new. Your explanation should be published in the owners manual. As a guy who is always asking "why?", I appreciate the reason why a break-in period is needed. I knew that mating parts needed to be cycled to be worn in together but I didn't know that the (excessive) heat played such a major role. I thought it was excessive stress, but then what causes the excessive stress? The heat!
  2. Somehow I don't think you speak for most people. You logic is backassward.
  3. I don't understand the concern about rust. The oldest truck under the avatars in this thread is a 2015. Let's say you go to sell your twenty year old rust free truck and get $10,000. Your twenty year old truck with rust goes for $8500. Does $1500 over twenty years really matter? You bought a TRUCK, you already lost money driving off the dealer's lot!
  4. You have to turn the wipers on to the lowest intermittent position for rain sensing to work.
  5. I noticed the same thing on my refreshed Sierra SLT. It's annoying as I want to decide when to fold/unfold with the fob.
  6. I would hope that if you bought a $60,000 truck you could afford a new tire inflator / compressor...
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