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  1. I’m not sure if they’re called schematics but I want a picture showing the pieces (with part numbers) behind the front mud flap on the 2019+’s. There’s a body bracket that the fenderwell screws into. I’m looking for the pet number of that bracket. Anyone here have those?
  2. Better MPG on 93?

    My tires rub on the bracket that’s behind the rear of the fenderwell. 305/55/20’s don’t work either. My friend already tried those with a level. And An -18 offset will not clear if a -24 won’t. Sinking the wheel 6 more mm in isn’t going to make it clear. Also. I considered the Norcal mod but it wouldn’t work on this truck. Well, that’s not where my truck is rubbing so it wouldn’t matter. There is a bracket bolted to the body behind the rear fenderwell that sticks out towards the tire about 2-2.5”. If the bracket didn’t do that, the well could be pushed in more and the tire would prob clear on full lock. I may try to have something custom made.
  3. Better MPG on 93?

    The problem with that is I turn it too much and it catches on the tire, it will rip off. I need something harder.
  4. Better MPG on 93?

    RC level only. Wheels are 20x10 -24 offset. Tires are Toyo AT2 295/65/20. Yes they rubbed and I trimmed the mud flaps and fenderwell. It still rubs on full lock but it’s mostly manageable. My only concern now is the fact that there is a square hole in the fender well. It’s right where Ice builds up during snow storms. So I have to Figure how I’m going to cover that up before the next storm. I may have to do that NorCal mod.
  5. Better MPG on 93?

    I have a 5.3. 87 octane is 2.35ish here in NY and 93 is like $2.80. It’s prob not worth it. But i wasn’t paying attention to it, I just noticed it took longer to go down than normal. AND I added 34” tires right after filling up on 93.
  6. I think i read someone else say this but I don’t remember. I tried a full tank of 93 and I swear to god, it seemed like I got better MPG? I didn’t track miles or anything but I may have to. Anyone else notice this? I’m curious to see if it’s better enough to justify the extra cost?
  7. -24 20x10 Fuel maverick 295/60/20 Toyo AT2 RC Level Front windows tinted to match rears
  8. I trimmed the mudflap and liner with a dremel. That solved 80% of my rubbing issue. Now it only rubs if I’m close to full lock
  9. I’ve done nothing as of yet. They make different pieces even for the 19? The dealers by me are retarded, how would I go about finding that?
  10. 2019 - Fog Lights On With Hi Beams ?

    Just seems like a useless modification. You use brights to see further out. Fogs are more up close and lower to the ground on the sides. What benefit is having both on simultaneously?
  11. Got this done today. Rubs up front when turned 3/4 of max. At the back of the well on the factory mudflap. Since those are drilled in and can’t be easily removed, anyone have any advice if best way to trim it so decrease rubbing? PS: Wheels are Fuel Mavericks and tires are Toyo AT2’s. Got a pretty good deal on all of it. Level kit, wheels, tires, lugs, front wheel alignment and Mounting and balancing came to about $2400. And I sold my stock 20’s for $1500. So I’m happy overall.

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