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  1. 35’s fit on stock offset wheels. No rubbing. This is known.
  2. Hmmmm. 8” sub right? I’d love to hear an opinion on it, like how better it is vs. the OEM Bose
  3. Obv this still requires an additional amp as well? Or is it built in somewhere in there
  4. How you gonna write that and not post pics and give us a full explanation. Cmonnnnnnn broooooo!!!!! Lol.
  5. Fogs on with park/head lights

    My fogs already turn on independently. If I have the lights in Auto and its dusk and they're not on yet, my fogs will come on no problem.
  6. 2019 Silverado 3.5" lift

    Why not do bigger tires if you were going to lift that much?
  7. I have a RC level and 295/65/20” on a -24 20x10 rim. I had to cut my flap and fenderwell though. And remove a bracket.
  8. Just the flap and liner. No metal. I removed the bracket as well.
  9. Nvm. Other pics you big 🙄
  10. It WAS rubbing. I removed the brackets behind the rear of the fenderwells. And cut the mudflap/fenderwell. It doesn’t look perfect but it’s fine for now. Here are some pics
  11. Silverado High Country on new 22s

    Most 0mm wheels don’t fit, I’d be shocked if a non OEM +18mm wheel fit.
  12. Silverado High Country on new 22s

    I think you mean -18mm offset?
  13. 295/65/20. Yes it rubs. Trying to fig it out. Lol.

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