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  1. Hey guys - it's been about 3 weeks now and I'm loving the Ionic 41 Series Black, they sit flush with the truck, cleaning them is easy and the kids find it a perfect height to use to step up into the truck. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect product - and the price at $225 was incredible too.
  2. +1 for the fan club, love this motor Picked up a Sierra SLE with most options available, 2WD though, with the 2.7t Getting 20mpg city commute to work, and we took a 800 mile road trip and averaged 25mpg. Couldn't ask for more. The torque curve is incredible.
  3. I know there's a ton of topics on Tonneau covers and I've read most of them and spent a couple hours looking at various ones. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap cover that's hard and covers the entire bed including the rails?
  4. Thanks everyone - I ordered the Ionic 41 Black's. I'll report back any issues but it looks like what I was looking for, something that butts up against the body and doesn't stick out and away, creating a huge gap between the body and step.
  5. Those look pretty dang close to what I was looking for. Can't beat the price either. Thanks so much for the help! https://runningboardwarehouse.com/p/ionic-41-series-black-running-boards/v/gmc/sierra-1500/2019/
  6. Here is another example of what I'm referring to. These are the GoRhino's which might work although I wanted something plastic
  7. I can't tell based on that angle, those look like retracted power steps almost. More like this (pic is a Tahoe):
  8. Yes, but I don't see why they couldn't sit flush and not be usable, especially if they're 6" wide. This is more for my kids and wife to get in/out - I'm plenty tall enough just to step in but for them it's like climbing a mountain. I guess I don't see your point that they have to be unusable if they're flush with the body.
  9. Is this what you purchased? https://www.amazon.com/KEYO1E-Compatible-GMC-Sierra-2007-2019/dp/B07KVTYYLF/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=KEYO1E+2019+sierra&qid=1568389681&replacementKeywords=keyo1e&s=automotive&sr=1-1&vehicle=2019-48-548------------&vehicleName=2019+GMC+Sierra+1500
  10. I reached out to a company who resells Belltech and other lowering/lifting equipment. They suggested going with the spindles front and shackles rear, for a 2" overall drop. I asked about the struts and they suggested doing a spindle drop first because it retains all the stock driving characteristics - and because you're limited to the rear 2" drop. Basically to drop it 2", wait to see if they come out with a further rear drop and THEN get the front struts if it comes to it, and have a 3-4" overall drop. They also seemed to think a 2" drop was ideal for most people unless you want to be slammed.
  11. Hey guys, Just picked up a 2019 Sierra crew cab. I've looked at a couple dozen running boards but couldn't find any that sit flush up against the body. Our sales guy said he saw one on a customer's truck just last week but didn't bother asking him who made it. Any ideas if this is real or not? If it's not real, any suggestions for the best/cheapest flat 6" running boards in black plastic?
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