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  1. Revolver X2 is the renamed Roll-X, apparently Rollex took issue with the name. What I want to know if the difference between the Revolver X2 and the Truxedo Titanium.
  2. Best place to buy the G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover? $885 with free shipping on their site, local dealer was trying to steer me to something else.
  3. I found them. In case anyone else is interested, they are here: http://www.gorecon.com/product.php?pk=331&pname=Part-26413X-48-BIG-RIG-ICE-AMBER-Lights-w-WHITE-Courtesy-Lights
  4. Saw a truck last night that had bi-color LEDs above the nerf bars and below the doors. Amber driving down the road, and white when the bed light was on that illuminated the nerf bar steps and the groud around them. Any ideas on where to fond those? Doing additional online serarches now....
  5. I'm going between marathonseatcovers.com and camotruckseats.com. Marathon is 542.00 including (4) headrest covers, map pockets on both front seats, and center console lid cover. Camo Truck Seats is 485.00, but no option for the map pockets, and the site says it includes the center console lid and headrests. Need to locate more reviews for both brands. I like these over CoverKing and Wet Okole as these are Codura Nylon and not neoprene, so less chance for swamp a$$,
  6. Streetsideauto.com is up to 131.11, just pulled the trigger and ordered one.....
  7. First post here..... Lurking just since I pulled the trigger on a new truck about a month ago. Never had any issues with my '89 Silverado from the day I drove it off the lot until the day I sold it a few weeks ago. Total including tax, tags, license, dealer processing, etc was 33,266. That's for a '14 Silverado LT Z71 Double Cab, All Star, LT Plus (with power rear window), Heated Seats, OWL 18" tires, and Trailer Brake Controller. The truck also had, but no additional cost listed, the factory drop in bed liner.
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