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  1. I know how GM programmed it and I have them set to come on. I was wondering if anyone is doing a reprogram on them yet to come on high in remote start.
  2. Do you have 22" or 20" chrome snowflakes for a 2014 Denaili?
  3. I have a 2014 Denali has anyone found a way yet to get the heated seats to actual heat on high on remote start?
  4. Did this help with reception problems?
  5. What oil type and brand is best for the 2014, 5.3. Everyone using 0 -20?
  6. Update...just got it to work again. At first it told me to upgrade now it works...weird. How many years is it free on the 2014's?
  7. My app stopped working months ago. Two years on the 14's so I guess I would have to buy Onstar.
  8. Any other options out there to start my 2014 Sierra using my phone without getting Onstar?
  9. Thanks guys! Mine was built 2/16/14 guess that explains it.
  10. What type of hardware update did you get? Had mine in 4 times they never did a hardware update just software. Thank you
  11. Maybe send the clip to Borla or disconnect the muffler to see if it still does it.
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