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  1. If any of you have owned or do own PVD coated Fuel Offroad wheels you will know they were not coated properly. I am a victim of peeling wheels and fuel will no longer do anything about mine, "time had expired for warranty" I have researched and on other truck/suv forums I am one of hundreds that have had problems. I have talked to a local attorney and if Fuel fails to recall the damaged wheels since its not an individualized issue we could have a class action case against the company. How many others have been affected on here? -Z-
  2. It comes off in one piece easily if you have a lift kit! HEHEHE and take the factory LPO exhaust tip off..
  3. Dang. a year late and a half. For those that dont have a Cold air intake I highly recommend the CAI. It produces GREAT gains in the 2010-2015 camaro's and its a VERY well built product. I had the black and the polished in both my 2010 and 2013 Camaro SS and couldn't have been happier the 2013 was a stock SS the 2010 was a full built 416ci stroker.
  4. Diablew ( lew ) does a great job tuning if you go the diablosport route. Chuck Anders FTW for me.
  5. Kenney's does true dual systems that are fantastic... if i lived down there they would have done mine as well. Yes the do their own bending.
  6. it wont even be that offensive. My ZL1 Camaro with factory exhaust was louder than my truck is now.
  7. I have a super 10 and its not loud at all.. and im not a kid... these factory manifolds and cats are quite restrictive.. i was surprised, i was worried my outlaw catback would be offensive with 3" to dual 3" and a super 10. but its not at all.
  8. I have wider wheels and i hate all the big rock chips down the side of my truck.. some as big as a dime..
  9. My truck vibrates like crazy but its at speed. 70mph. Ive had the tires road force balanced and it vibrated so immediately took it somewhere else and they said they were spot on. Feels like a driveshaft isnt weighted properly.
  10. I didn't feel that way at all. It was welll worth saving $550 and not hard at all just takes patience so it looks nice and tight. If you buy the set with the video it walks you straight through it.. knowing when to put them inside out. the plastic over the headrest foam so you can shrink it with a vacuum.. I'll install it for $500 for anyone in the Tulsa area :-P
  11. It looks good. Some of them im not a huge fan of because of how they look from the side...actually that is the one the 3.5" that I like.. it goes down to the tow hook holes much nicer than some of the others. and its wider to compliment our front ends.
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