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  1. locks won't keep someone from stealing your wheels but it adds extra work and some won't risk spending the extra time to take them off when they could just move on to another car that doesn't have them. That's the way I've always thought about it
  2. Has anyone installed/seen the new trucks with tow mirrors on them? I know it was a popular add on to the GMT900s and it surely wasn't just for the look. I have them on my 900 and have gotten so used to them that if I upgrade I'd have to have them again. Just curious to see what it looks like
  3. Yeah should be a direct replacement. The only difference is the tow mirrors aren't power folding
  4. It's all about what you personally like. I love the look of black wheels. Plus if you spend a lot of time in those corn fields you will worry less about black than chrome getting scratched/damaged/whatever word you want to use. My dad has chrome wheels on his denali but I have black ones and it takes a lot more effort for him to keep his looking good
  5. I have the bench in my GMT900 and i did it purely for the leg room. without the center console its so much more comfortable. (I am also 6'8" so i place a high value on leg room)
  6. I didn't even think about having them throw the denali bumper on there. Thanks for the info
  7. Does anyone know the part number/ how much the full front bumper assembly is for a 2010 GMC Sierra? Got into an accident and need a new one and I was curious if i could find an aftermarket bumper cheaper and have the insurance pay for that instead of a stock one. I know it's a longshot but I do know the stock one isn't cheap
  8. if i had 44k i'd jump on this in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, college students are broke
  9. I had the 2" by itself for a while. It looked good as it was perfectly level. I ended up not liking it and on my truck if you put any kind of weight in the bed you could tell that the back was sitting lower and gave it a lot of cali lean. The 3" blocks in the back gave it the natural rake back which i ended up liking a lot more. I can also say that pictures do zero justice for how good these trucks look with this setup.
  10. I have a 2010 sierra. I just started noticing a weird squeaking noise when i take my foot off the brake. It's not the brake pads or rotors or anything like that. It seems to be coming from under the cab on the drivers side. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I'd take it to the dealer but I'd rather ask here and see if its something i can fix myself
  11. saw on facebook Rough Country has released its leveling kit and 2.5" lift for the 2014. they look exactly the same as for the previous generation. But, they have a video that shows a new silverado with a 2.5" on it. although its a little low for me, it looks amazing http://www.roughcountry.com/suspension/4wd-chevy/1500-leveling-lift-kit_1303.php
  12. gmpartsdirect had the wheel liners for around $80
  13. Will the tail lights fit in a GMC? i know the only difference seems to be the location of the reverse light but I would be interested if they fit for sure
  14. If they fit a crew cab I'd be all over them, especially since they're painted white. Good luck!
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