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  1. I would assume it's the same, but ask them to be sure (http://xineering.com/index.html#CONTACT). They were AWESOME to work with on my Denali. Answered all my questions in a timely manner and made sure I was happy with the set up. Highly recommend Xineering's kit. I can also vouge for the Halo Lifts kit, I replaced all of my MRC system with their full kit and it's still going strong after 50k+ miles. Here's a review I did on my new wheel/suspension set up (at the time):
  2. JimCost2014 nailed it on the head with his first reply, it comes down to the service manager. I've lived in 6 different states and most service managers I've had were not great. I finally struck gold with the one I have now. There has been ~$7k of work done outside of warranties and I've only had to pay ~$500 out of pocket. My service manager got GM to cover the rest. So in my case GM covered 97% of all my repairs outside of warranty. Most of that total came from 2 major repairs, bent pushrod like you and both heads leaking coolant into the intake. The entire top end of my engine was rebuilt w
  3. +1 on this. It's not often, but it has happened a handful of times to my passenger mirror only over the 3 years I've owned the truck. Not enough of a problem for me to pull it apart or buy a new one, but it was the same issue you describe. Didn't hear any gears catching/stripping or a motor making a weird noise. I would guess it's an intermittent electrical issue where the mirror doesn't receive the signal. Mine didn't move or make a sound the few times it's happened. I just hit the button two more times to sync up both mirrors and it's always corrected itself. Sorry, not sure what exactly is
  4. I've always thought the rear headrests were awful short and stubby in my 2016 Sierra Denali Crew Cab. For adult passengers and my kids once they are tall enough, I wanted a better option. After digging around in here I noticed that in pics of double/extended cabs the rear headrests were different and looked taller than my crew cab headrests. There are a few options on ebay and I found rear headrests from a double cab that match my black leather interior. Thought I'd show comparison pics of the crew cab headrests vs the double/extended cab headrests. You get about an inch more of coverage, so n
  5. Assuming it's the factory battery, it would be ~4 years old at this point. You *might* get another year out of it so I would just replace it at this point. I've had batteries over the years do weird stuff that didn't quite make sense to me but once I replaced it the problem went away. If you find out it's not your battery after replacing it then you're not really out anything since it would be smart to replace it this year anyway. Start there then continue to diagnose if it still persists.
  6. The vacuum pump was redesigned and they replace the old one. If you have the issue the pedal will be REALLY hard to push down, intermittently. It happens at slower speeds and it feels like you're not going to stop, but it will if you push extremely hard on the pedal. I had to basically stand on mine when it happened. Was turning left from the street into a parking lot when the car in front of me stopped. Going about 10mph the pedal got really hard and I tried slamming on the pedal and eventually stood on it to stop just in time. Took it in the dealer the next day and they replaced the vacuum p
  7. Your friend willing to print another one? Happy to pay for it. Any pics of the installed/finished product?
  8. I haven't bought the 2021 update, but in previous GM vehicles where I waited a few years and then updated the NAV map I have never noticed a large difference. Maybe a few new roads here and there, but at $99 I will not be buying the 2021 update. I like having the factory NAV as a back-up in case my cell signal drops in a remote location, but outside of that I use my phone 99% of the time due to the live traffic updates (as others have mentioned). If live traffic updates are not something you care about and/or don't want your phone tied up using it as navigation and/or feel like you are missing
  9. For sure. I've lived in 6 different states and this is the first dealership I've gone out of my way to refer people to them. Their service manager 'gets it' and makes common sense decisions while always fighting for the customer. He's gotten all of my repairs covered by GM, even outside of warranty. He knows this is an investment, not only keeping me as a GM customer but it's also led to more business for their sales dept too (I sent my in-laws there and they bought a new SUV). Told their General Manager the Service Manager needs a raise.
  10. Man, the more I read stories like this the more I realize I'm fortunate to have a dealership like mine. When I took it in for the shutter problem they replaced the TC, performed the triple flush with the new fluid, and did the relearn all in one shot. My service manager said doing all 3 at once makes more sense because people keep coming back when only one or two of those steps are done. They get it all taken care of in one shot and save you and themselves time from repeat visits. Good luck, hopefully the new TC takes care of it for you. I've had 40k trouble free miles since they did all three
  11. Dude just joins and first post is to help the community...baller. Nice work.
  12. Guys have complained in here about that Gen 2 charger only working intermittently as well. I can't speak as to why for them, but I decided it wasn't worth the $140 (price + ship) gamble of it only working sometimes. For $60 and an hour of my time I have something that works 100% of the time. Up to each person though, totally understand why someone wouldn't want to mess around with their center console like I did and would gladly pay more for the convenience of a plug and play.
  13. Not sure if you solved this, but I did a mod and added an aftermarket charger. Here's my thread on how to do it, with pics:
  14. Finally got around to fixing two issues that were driving me crazy with my center console lid...the wireless charging hardly ever working and a creak sound any time someone moved their elbow. I've got a 2016 Sierra that came with the wireless charging lid, so if you have a non-wireless charging lid you will need to pull it to verify if you can do it this exact way. Here's how I solved it in case you are dealing with either issue. Pics have been provided for additional aid to the steps. Total Cost $55-$60 Time for Labor 1 hour if you are familiar with trim remo
  15. Thanks for taking the time to reply and even more thanks on the layman's explanation for my simpleton brain!
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