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  1. I appreciate it guys. I know I can sign up but more wanted to make sure I get the right stuff as well as amounts for it all. Don’t mind supporting a member on here as well when I can. black02silverado I replied also. thank you guys
  2. Just hit 30k on my Sierra. Looking to change out all the fluids and I remember seeing that was was an AMSOIL guy on here with good prices but I can’t find him. anyone know his name on here? Or if you see this can you please pm me so I can place an order? Thank you
  3. Some things I just don’t like to chance aftermarket and tail lights is one of them. Just like headlights. Most at least that I’ve seen anyways, are just low quality. Figment is never perfect and have seen them have leaks and poor lighting. That’s way I was wanting oem Silverado ones. I guess I could always put the red tape on them
  4. Yeah I won’t even bother. If it was just a swap over I would have bought a Silverado set then sold mine. But it’s whatever. Stuck with clear lenses lookin like A.P.C. stuff for now
  5. I have a 2018 Sierra Denali. I’m thinking about swapping to a set of Silverado tail lights. I kinda don’t like the clear lens on mine. has anyone done this? Any pics? Would it be plug n play or would I need other parts as well?
  6. I know that part. There’s another number on the box. Tried to buy one a few weeks ago and to work for a 2017+ I needed to buy a token. I have a 2018 so just trying to figure out if this is the same thing. What year did you have it on
  7. I have a complete airbox if you still need one. If so shoot me an offer. I’m in AZ so shipping shouldn’t be bad
  8. Wow I never heard of this before. I recently bought a 2018 Sierra Denali with the sliding rear glass. The other day I dropped something that rolled under the rear seat. lifted the rear seat up and on the floor I found a couple of pieces of shattered glass. I thought ok might had had a window broken but now I’m wondering if it had to do with this issue. I will be calling in in the morning.
  9. I have seen people posting about the 8 speed trans but the 6.2 is a solid motor. I personally think the op coming from a diesel with the tq won’t be happy with a 5.3. Best thing would be for the op to drive both and make his decision.
  10. Do you by any chance know if these would work for a 2018 Sierra? edit:just noticed you have a 18 also and swapped them. So I take that as they won’t work
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