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  1. Rough Country 6” Lift Owners

    I also had mine aligned by the shop that did my lift. Was told i needed to change tire size with programmer which didnt solve the problem and cost me more money. It is super annoying and have been living with it for 2 years now
  2. Rough Country 6” Lift Owners

    This happens to mine also...ive been told its an alignment issue...ive never had it in yet to see if thats the cause. Let me know if you figure it out!
  3. Video in motion

    How do you unlock it?
  4. Happens in mine all the time! 2014 gmc 6.5" RC lift 35x12.5x20 Got a bullydog tuner to correct tire size..not fixed Was told i needed to buy hypertech only but they coildnt guarantee it would work if i bought it...called hypertech and they say its an alligbment issue....cant find anyone to properly align it.
  5. 7.5 Rough Country towing a boat trailer

    Do you think a 5" drop is enough?
  6. 7.5 Rough Country towing a boat trailer

    I haven't added anything other than the lift. Is it costly to add leafs or airbags
  7. So I am completely new to pulling a trailer let alone with a lifted truck. I am buying a 17ft cadorette bowrider 1991. I have a 2014 gmc 1500 all terrain with a 7.5 rough country lift and 35x12.5x20 tires. From the ground to the top of the hitch is 27"... so what drop will I need?....trailer with boat sits at 22-24" max when cranked all the way up.. so does this mean I need a 5" drop hitch? Any other info do I need to know? I've read it will ride like crap..but I was told that when my lift was to go in and it rides better now then before.
  8. So yesterday I was backing up in my driveway and watching the camera I looked away for a split second to make sure I wasn't going to hit the wife's car.....And BANG I hit the railing on my steps....my sensors did not beep to let me know I was close to anything....I know have a dent in my bumper....colour matched at that...I hate chrome.... I'm guessing something like this wouldn't be covered under warranty.....Maybe the non working sensors...but I doubt the bumper...Am I correct in my thinking?? I don't know if I should be mad or embarrassed!!! I think I will go with out the sensors...I think I came to rely on them!!! FML quoted $500 to do Paintless dent repair.....at that price, I'll just spend the extra and get a brand new bumper....I will try to post a pic
  9. I always find when cornering my transmission lags....as I corner it hesitates and shifts rough. Hopefully they can get this issue fixed sooner than later!!!
  10. Spark plug wire it was....driving a 2015 Yukon for now till I get her back
  11. Was heading out this am and at the same time check engine and stabilatrak light came on and truck started running rough. Sounded like it was stuck in v4...and shook here and there... Any ideas?
  12. On Star

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I was to switch from an iphone to android will my onstar app still work...I don't subscribe to onstar, but have the free start your vehicle part.... Thanks
  13. Truck accessory shopping online

  14. Any issues with your wheel spacers?
  15. Factory exhaust - sell or scrap?

    I'm located in Toronto, ontario Canada

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