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  1. My 2014 did the same thing when I installed LEDs low beam. Never did it again after I added resisters to each light. VLEDS worked perfectly for me.
  2. No trimming with 295/70/17 Ridge Grappler on 17x9 +1 offset and a 3 inch level kit on my 2014 Silverado.
  3. With my 2014 6.2L LTZ DC 4wd. I lost about 2.5 mpg when added RC 3.5" level kit and 33x12.5 r20 Toyo RT with 20x10 wheels. At 65 mph was 20 mpg on average to now 17.5 mpg.
  4. 2014 LTZ Z71 6.2l RC 3.5 inch knuckle lift on Fuel Vandal wheels 20x10 -18 offset and Toyo RT 33x12.5x20. No rubbing but tires do have some road noise.
  5. Awesome! I would like to upgrade my 14 LTZ to HMI 3.0!
  6. 2014 LTZ Z71 6.2L with 3.5 knuckle lift on 20x10 Fuel wheels and 33x12.5 Toyo's
  7. My 2014 LTZ Z71 6.2l with 3.5 knuckle lift and 20x10 fuel wheels, 33x12.5 tires.
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