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  1. I've heard it and others have mentioned it. No clue what it is but it seems normal. My Audi does something similar.
  2. 671/mo for a 71k msrp vehicle is pretty good. Lower than the 1% bar leasehackr.com site recommends. I looked at a Ram and for a 65k truck they wouldn't go below something like 800. I couldn't buy it (glad I didn't) because it's a POS but walked anyway.
  3. I wanted the 6.2, cooled seats, tech pkg and safety 2 (or whatever it's called, auto braking, etc.). This was in December 2019. The cheapest way to get that was an LTZ. I suppose if the GMC were priced the same I would have gone that route but I could not find one w/o black seats. I live in SC where it is constantly hot so cooled seats and non-black seats are a must. Note that on the SLT you cannot get the tech pkg. I likely would have gone that route had it been available, all else being equal with the LTZ. The fancy tailgate was a non-factor to me.
  4. His quote about the pics: "Finally snapped some shots. RST Z71 All Star. 6-Split Spoke 22s with Bridgestone 285/45 ATs. I cannot express how much more I like this truck than my 2017 F150 EcoTurd" He didn't say lift or level so not sure. Edit: On another post he said he was getting a 1.5" level.
  5. Are you on Facebook? There is a forum with 10k members and a boatload of pics and setups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1940597442867191/
  6. Have you looked at customoffsets.com? https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery?year=2019&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&sort=date
  7. I'd like to hear also but from what I've read, others have said no issues with levels. With the GM 2" lift I think part of the package is to recalibrate. Beyond that, no idea. Also, headlights light up other drives with the rake so I'd hate to see how they blast others with a level and/or lift!
  8. I had this same dilemma about a year ago. I didn't want to spend the extra money on a Sierra but definitely wanted the 6.2, so went with an LTZ. Same overall discussion though. Read this thread I started:
  9. I also have an LTZ Crew with 6.2. Maybe a dumb question due to my lack of knowledge but are you measuring in the wheel well? I haven’t measured mine yet but will shortly.
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