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  1. Damn, 13mpg? I've eked out 26 on the highway with my 6.2 but I go easy on it. On average I think I'm around 18-19 mixed driving. No level or lift...yet.
  2. Alright kids, back to our regularly scheduled programming.... Did you lose this much mileage (10%) while not towing? Towing mileage is crap to begin with but 10% is a chunk. Assuming you were 20ish while not towing, dropping to 18 (-10%) would be a lot for just a level. I've read people don't lose any or a minimal amount from a level. Now a lift is another story.
  3. Thanks for the review. Out of curiosity, what are these used for? I’m guessing kayaks and maybe bikes?
  4. Test drove a few K2 shakers so waited until the 19s came out. No problems at all. There may be one here or there due to tires, etc. but it isn't a faulty, untested design problem like in the K2s. If you want a new one, don't hesitate. Just be aware of any known issues (8 speed tranny sucks, rear window leak are the big ones).
  5. I've heard of and seen mine have the "flicker" when it first starts up. The Chevy graphic logo flickers and isn't smooth at all. Maybe search this forum for "flicker" and see how they solved that, could be similar. Sorry, never heard of this specific problem.
  6. This one kinda does but you might as well do a separate one. GM sometimes monitors these boards but that doesn't mean they'll do anything (see 1000's of posts of the Chevy Shake on the old Shakerado).
  7. File a complaint with the NHSTA like I did. This is totally unacceptable and likely an easy fix but GM refuses to issue a software update.
  8. It’s funny that some people say “I go easy on it and still get 12mpg”. Those people will stay deep in the gas until they get 50’ from a red light, then slam on the brakes. Others coast to it or at least get off the gas earlier and get 20 average. So for the same engine, same truck, you will see lots of variation. It really depends on your driving style. My ‘19 6.2 10 speed I can get mid-20s on the highway easily. Also, cruise isn’t the big gas saver people make it out to be, especially in hilly terrain. Oh yeah, don’t buy the Dodge.
  9. GM, if you are reading this, FIX IT! Been an issue for a long time and GM doesn't care. File a complaint with the NHSTA due to it being unsafe while reversing in dark. Keep hammering GM until they implement a simple software fix.
  10. Sell it for $1900 and put some money in your pocket.
  11. With the GM covers, I haven't seen my carpet in ages. Seriously. I have the dark walnut and I guess the dark grey mats and they look fine together.
  12. Hate it, lots of complaints but no fix I’m aware of.
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