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  1. #metoo. I discovered the booming/buffeting issue after driving a 2016 Yukon Denali and the wife complaining. I didn't notice it at first because I was enamored with the car but after she mentioned it, it was definitely there. Took a lot of searching to find one that didn't buffet and boom (too much). Ended up getting a 2wd with 20" wheels (22s I read made it more susceptible) but sold it after a few years as the booming seemed to get worse. I was embarrassed to take anyone with me other than family and needed a 4wd for mountain travel, so it was gone to Carmax. Bought her an Audi Q7 and haven't looked back. Waaaaayyy better in every way (ride, comfort, stereo (Audi Bose > GM Bose), etc.). Getting into a new 21 Yukon Denail will probably cost $80 large which is so not happening for the quality. There is a large thread on this site talking about the booming/buffetting/vibration issue on the Tahoes/Yukons. Not sure there is a 100% cure but some people have been able to reduce it. Good luck!
  2. Check out Custom Offsets for tons of wheel pics. Here is a sample. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery?wheel_diameter_from=20&sort=date&page=1&year=2019&make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&drive=4WD
  3. A buddy of mine works for Toyo and we discussed the new AT3 that was just released. He said something about them being 6 ply vs 10 and lower load range available in different sizes. I'd havd a few beers but it was something along those lines. Maybe check into that. The AT3's he has on his truck look pretty sweet.
  4. '19 LTZ. I had all front paint covered (not my chrome bumpers but you would want to cover your painted bumpers) including headlights, about 9" of hood, front quarters and possibly something else (can't recall) plus tint including windshield for I think $900. I am in Charlotte. So $1200 for ppf alone seems high. I would shop around. As far as it being worthwhile, yes it is. I've read lots of complaints here and on FB about how easily the paint chips and how folks wished they'd had ppf applied.
  5. Avoided the shakers until I got mine. I had it in for a warranty/recall issue early on and had a K2 as a loaner. Felt like a raggedy POS - loose, crap tranny, chintzy in and out. My 19 LTZ 6.2 is awesome. The engine rocks and the 10 speed is tuned much better than the same transmission in the Ford, so I'm told. Other than the leaky rear window (it's on this forum), no real issues to speak of. 15 months and 10k miles.
  6. Looks good! Does it allow you to open those silly seat back storage cubbies? I see the tabs on there but not sure that is what those are for.
  7. Agree about interior. And when you live in the south, cooled seats are nice!
  8. Thomcat, I appreciate and respect your feedback, positive outlook and faith in GM engineering and I hope you as well as most others never get this leak. GM engineering does get most things right (6.2 rocks, 10 speed tranny is absolutely perfect for my tastes, etc.). However, after owning a 2016 Yukon Denali that was stellar in every way except low speed booming and random high speed vibrations, I have a bit more skepticism. I was close to buying a K2 but feared the dreaded Chevy shake not because of the shake in and of itself, but how it was unfixable and how GM treated those that had it. "Denied, within spec". I see the same thing going on here. Issue identified,->GM proposes band aid fix to both keep warranty costs down and run out the clock on the warranty-->customers dissatisfied-->online ranting--> sales steady so who cares, etc. Typical GM new product launch: inadequate body integrity and NVH engineering, inadequate testing, customer failures mounting and band aid fix. Personally I am glad I had the leak and had it fixed but I am not entirely pleased it was fixed with caulk. I sleep easier at night knowing my truck does not leak. It took my truck over a year to leak. Fort Wayne, Oct/Nov 2018 build.
  9. The thing is, they all do or will leak. If you want a 19 or 20, they will all eventually leak. The question then becomes, is the GM fix and dealer implementation of that fix sufficient? BTW, if your dealer service dept said they'd never heard of the leaky rear windows, they're lying out of their arse.
  10. Ok gotcha. I find that because the rear camera is so bright, I put my hand in front of it so I can see out of the side and rear mirrors. It is so bad. If you haven't already, file a complaint with the NHTSA on their website. Takes 3 minutes, just have your VIN ready. To me and others, this is a safety issue because it renders the rear camera useless at night.
  11. So I understand what is going on here, the rear camera is currently way too bright. You are adding brighter lights in the back. Does that enable you to see better out of the rear window and do you totally ignore the back up camera now? I would think more lights would make the rear camera that much more blindingly bright.
  12. Don't discount how 3rd party, non-GM warranties can have issues getting things covered. I think you pay and then get reimbursed later. From GM warranties I do not believe have that issue.
  13. So I am at my usual dealer right now getting the brake recalls done. My usual service writer is tied up so went with another guy who happens to be very nice and chatty. He asked about my truck, how everything is, etc. and I said great except for the window leak which they already fixed. He said "Ah, antenna leak, huh?" which surprised me. He said the majority of the leaks they see are from the antenna at the front/top of the cab and not the rear window. He said customers have come in with soaked carpets from it. They replace the antenna or the seal to make it stop (maybe the antenna gasket only comes with a new antenna?). I guess the moral of the story is watch your carpets and pay attention to musty smells
  14. I understand totally and that is the dealer's fault for sure. I would be totally pissed off too. I agree they should proactively fix what is on the lot before selling it because they all will leak. What I don't get is why GM has not fixed this issue yet with ones rolling off the assembly line.
  15. Remember it is GM's crappy design and lack of testing that caused the issue, not your dealer. You get more flies with honey than with vinegar...
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