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  1. If you mean it stay in first longer than seems normal, I agree. But it only seems to do it (for me anyway) when I’m accelerating down an incline. Otherwise, it’s buttery smooth. I’m on my second 6.2/10 speed T1 and they both acted the same.
  2. 8 speed transmission? I hear those can bang and be rough.
  3. Is that THE window which does not leak? I sure as hell hope so. I just checked my 2020 AT4 built in July 2020 and that’s what it has.
  4. I see arrows. What happens if you click left or right on the steering wheel?
  5. I have not heard the "base" stereo but everyone says it totally sucks. So if you're planning to gut it and put in all new speakers and probably an amp to drive it, then it may be worth it. Not sure how much Convenience 2 costs and what all it adds but the Bose is decent. I've heard in person the Bose + the kicker sub and it really brings that system to life. I would suggest listening to both at a dealer.
  6. What’s this “extend” you speak of?
  7. Supply and demand. $55k for an AT4 is in the ballpark. These damn things have gotten expensive!
  8. I just installed the GM one. So far so good. Decent cover. Seems to keep the bed dry. No complaints.
  9. Do you mean tonneau cover? Not sure what a canopy is in this context. Bed cap maybe? I have the Carbon Pro and bought the GM tonneau but haven't looked for a cap like this.
  10. Enjoyed reading your thoughts around the bimini coming off and running out of gas. I felt your pain but seems you didn't! Enjoy the new rig.
  11. Mine came with Goodyears and my 19 LTZ had Bridgestone, both 20". So far both are fine, no discernible difference.
  12. Check out Master in Augusta. They seemed to have some AT4's flowing in so I assume they had other trim levels too and their prices were decent. Williams is hit or miss. They are not a huge volume dealer so likely not getting a whole lot right now. I drove by McKinney (or whatever the one in Gastonia is) and had barely anything. Randy Marion tacks on their "protection package" bs so I avoid them just because of that since they don't budge on it. Have you tried building it on GMC's website and then do an inventory search? I did that and then went to each dealer site to get their real starting price.
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