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  1. So some schmuck off the street like me would likely pay $1800. Gotcha. I figured around $2k all in. Thanks.
  2. Looks good! What did parts and labor set you back?
  3. I agree those LTZ Z71 shocks are crap. Jiggly ride.
  4. I have a cargo net I attach to the hooks in either side of the rear of the bed. I keeps stuff near the back and from sliding all around. Not the prettiest solution but it works.
  5. I have the same truck and am looking at rims/tires/level not lift. Not sure about speedo but you have to remember 2" isn't a heckuva lot of lift. Are you "lifting" the front 2" via level to make the whole truck level? Anyway, the limitation is more the wheel wells and tire width/offset more so than the 2" vertical. I'm not an expert but this is what I've gathered. I also found the below somewhere which will help you know what you have now. 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 wheels and tires. Wheels: Size: 20x9 Bolt pattern: 6x139.7 Offset: 28 Hubsize: 78.1 Finish: Gray Machined OEM Part #: 23377015 Hollander #: 5916 Additional info: N/A Tires: Brand: Bridgestone Model: Dueler A/T RH-S Size: 275/60R20 Load index: 115 Speed index: S Tread depth: New Additional info: N/A Accessories: Center caps: Included TPMS Sensors: NOT Included Lug Nuts/Bolts: NOT Included
  6. Good price. I doubt it but if you're in the Charlotte area, I'd love to know who did it or if not, at least what type of shop. Also, I saw a few posts where the new TPMS sensors from Custom Offsets didn't "sync" with the truck and it took a lot of effort for them to work. Did you have any sync issues?
  7. Thanks. I got a quote for something like $1900 installed so I balked. I guess I should shop around a bit. Glad to hear the ride is essentially the same.
  8. Looks fantastic! I am debating level vs a smaller lift like this. I will be getting Vandals/Grapplers as well and was looking at a 295/60/20 tire with the level but wouldn't mind going a bit bigger with this lift. Seems the lift itself is $900. Did you install or have it done? Cost?
  9. Read this. Happens in most cars. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15344069/explained-that-weird-throbbing-when-you-open-one-car-window/
  10. My thoughts: I had a 2014 Tundra which was basically the same as the 2008....which is basically the same as the 2019/2020. Ancient. The only "reliability" problems you may have are random, not repeatable electronic interactions with the infotainment system. That stuff settles down after some updates and has no impacts on long term reliability. My '19 LTZ 6.2 has the tech package with cameras and once you have it, it makes life with a truck a lot easier. You'll get much better mileage too with the 6.2 compared to the Tundra. Toyota's "infotainment" leaves a lot to be desired. Push button start, better audio (the JBL system to me sucked), I could go on Just across the board a much better updated truck. I would not hesitate. After the Tundra and my wife's Highlander, I'm having a hard time finding a reason to ever go back to Toyota other than (perceived) reliability and they're a bit cheaper. Maybe those two things work for you. Also, don't look at the vibration issues that were common on the 2108 and older GMs. That frame/driveline/whatever issue has been resolved.
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