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  1. I have a 2020. Great truck, that 6.2 hauls arse. I added the Kicker sub to round out the stock Bose. It definitely helps but might be upgrading the remaining speakers soon (not specific to the CP but FYI anyway). Like somebody posted above, not as many options for bed accessories but if you only want a tonneau, you'll be ok. No regrets here.
  2. Searching will help. Start with this one. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/226761-tonneau-cover-for-carbonpro/
  3. This is zoomed in pretty far so can't tell what I'm looking at. Is that the 3M silicone or the marine seal or both? Is that the top of the window (assume so)? Where all did you put the marine seal, specifically? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yes, that is the one that I've read over the years is the cheapest. Be sure to get the GMEPP and not aftermarket (Fidelity, etc.) when searching.
  5. Where are you guys putting this stuff, on the back/rear of the spoiler nearest the window? And the goal is to prevent water from running onto the window? Or are you putting it in the front of the spoiler to prevent water from getting to the nuts holding the spoiler in place?
  6. I'm good on the truck front but curious if you've found a cabin some place. We have one in Black Mtn just outside Asheville. We're actually doing the opposite and might get an RV to travel around a bit but we'd keep the BM place. It rents well.
  7. Thanks @RWTJR I didn't use the in car wifi but at the time the All Access package expired, I'm sure the in-car wifi did as well. Funny you mention wifi connectivity because some of the 700 level channels stream and don't use satellite. Channel 714 Indie 1.0, for example, doesn't load as fast and shows a little wifi fan symbol as opposed to the majority of the other stations showing a satellite. It sounds cleaner too. So I still have wifi connectivity for something beyond updates. I am definitely not paying for GM's overpriced connectivity so it looks like I'll retry the All Access package. Also, the truck is connected to my home wifi so maybe I'll give that a go and see if it works while connected. Good ideas! Thanks for the help.
  8. Unfortunately not very exclusive. Like death, we will all have it at some point.
  9. It’s fine. You might get a small leak here or there but nothing else. I ran my 19 LTZ with an Undercover Ultraflex through many times and it was fine. Don’t sweat it.
  10. My 2020 AT4 with Sirius XM 360L would, upon switching channels, start at the beginning of the song. In the settings of the radio there is an option to enable this and it has remained enabled. The trial Sirius XM package was "All Access" and now I opted for the cheapo "Select" package and this option no longer works. Is downgrading the package the cause of this not working? Does anyone else have it working while using the "Select" ($5/month) package? Sirius XM chat is clueless and good luck getting in touch with anyone at GM with knowledge. Google no help either. Tried FB group with 18k members and got no worthwhile responses. I would hate to pay more to have this enabled. Thanks for your help.
  11. My 2019 LTZ Z71 rode like a potato wagon. Even the smallest bumps were jarring. My 20 AT4 is so much smoother and not jarring at all. Plus, the arse end doesn't fly all over the place if I hit a bump on the highway.
  12. Don't forget higher trim levels have the Bose system that includes ANC (active noise cancellation). That undoubtedly makes a difference.
  13. What model do you have? I had a 19 LTZ and the resolution wasn't terrible but it was as bright as the sun backing up at night. My 20 AT4 has much better resolution and is a normal brightness when backing up.
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