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  1. Use the search function, lots of discussion on this in previous posts.
  2. For those that find my thread and not the (what I think is) the original, here it is. Taking my truck in this week.
  3. Anyone experience an issue where you put the truck into park, turn it off and then get a message saying to put the truck into park? It doesn't do it 100% of the time. And when it does it, the stereo stays on after exiting the vehicle and even after locking it. I get messages saying remote not detected or something related. Sometimes it corrects itself in a few seconds, other times I've restarted and shut it off and maybe it will stop. Other times it does not do it. Thanks for the input. Google photos link to video of it in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fEvz1U2rxprTur1r8
  4. I personally don't like Carplay because it takes over the entire screen and I mainly listen to SiriusXM, so I can never see what is playing. Plus, in my '20 I have to plug in which I don't like or need to do. OP has a 2019 so he's in the same boat. Now if I had wireless that didn't take over the entire screen like my wife's Grand Cherokee L, I would use it. My .02.
  5. Good job finding it. Rattles/creaks/squeaks are the worst. In case somebody searches "rattle", I had one that drove me nuts. Thought it was the dash and so did the dealer, so they took it damn near apart. You could hear it better but it wasn't in the dash. It ended up being a wiring harness rubbing on the transmission bell housing. 10 minute fix. I understand after they found it, it went upstream to GM and they changed the manufacturing process so it wouldn't happen to others. Who knows if that happened though.
  6. Those trees are tall. Any chance you have a closer pic of the inside? Which brand? I think there is only one but wanted to be sure. I have the carbon pro bed so not sure if it will mount w/o massive intervention. Thanks.
  7. Leaking rear window is a "when" and not an "if". Lifters seem hit or miss. Lots on the plus side though. Ride, mileage, power (depends on engine), etc. Pretty happy with mine other than leaking back window which was hopefully fixed earlier this week.
  8. No offense but I can buy them cheaper than that brand new. I'm hoping for the $500 range. Thanks.
  9. Looking for AT4 high clearance steps in the NC/SC area (Charlotte is where I live). Thanks.
  10. Only get the GMEPP warranty which is the only one backed and sold by GM. Others you may or may not get full reimbursement, etc. Plus, your dealer should have this in their system so any claims are seamless. Google "James Black GM extended warranty" and you'll see it is the go to on various forums and on FB forums. James Black Cadillac of Ebensburg PA | GM Extended (gmoutlet.com)
  11. Is there a definitive answer about when Tune Start works and when it does not? Mine hasn't work since the trial SXM stuff ended. I took the SXM 6 months for $30 plan and Tune Start does not work. Do I need to upgrade to the new Platinum plan or does the wifi hotspot need to be active to get Tune Start to work? Anyone know?
  12. Where is it coming from? My 19 had a front brake area chirp and it also had a chirp coming from what sounded like the dash but it was the drivetrain. The front brake area chirp was I believe a wheel bearing or something integral to the front hub/brake area. There is I believe a TSB for it but not sure. The drivetrain chirp was a wiring harness resting on the transmission housing. That was at low speeds through. I believe because of me (you're welcome all ;-()) GM put out a TSB on existing trucks and fixed the manufacturing process on new ones. So you likely don't have that one. I sold the '19 LTZ and bought a 20 AT4. No chirps so far.
  13. You won't get that same deal. With the new interiors and a likely price bump, you could be several thousand $$$ higher for essentially the same truck. Something to consider.
  14. I thought it one lifter in a bank went, they replaced that whole side? Other than that, it seems like they have everything else fixed. I haven't had any issues with my '20 AT4 6.2 (outside of lifter issue window) but I will definitely get an extended warranty if I decide to keep it past the 3/36.
  15. Yes, had it anyway. In Sound and Haptics settings, toggle off "changes with buttons". I have no clue why this works and why GM designed the system to do this.
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