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  1. Nice work and good details. I'm curious, when you say "But the turn signals, clearance lamps, and courtesy backup lights did not." which turn signals are you referring to? Many people complained about GM taking away the turn signal indicator in the mirrors. Do the tow mirrors have those?
  2. Mine has not moved since the first time I adjusted it. I do believe I saw a setting in the radio settings/vehicle area that had something to do with HUD. Maybe check that.
  3. File complaints here. Takes 5 minutes. Hammer GM until they fix it. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/?
  4. The 10 speed is excellent. Whatever you get I would go for a 10 speed.
  5. A friend with an F-150 has one and he really likes it. No personal experience though.
  6. Mine will occasionally only show the rear view even though 98% of the time it shows rear and birds eye. I noticed it fails when I start and immediately pop it into reverse. Seems like it doesn't have enough time to boot up that software, so it goes with a default simple view.
  7. Good job! I have it intermittently but not enough to bug me. Someone on here said to remove them and pull the bars apart slightly. That makes them fit more snugly. Nice to have another solution with felt.
  8. My GM ones are excellent. I had Husky in my previous Yukon and they were decent but nothing compared to the GM ones. This is a common question and the consensus is get the GM all weather ones. They came as part of my Z71 package, so whatever those are called are the ones you want.
  9. When you say you installed the factory sub, do you mean the kicker sub?
  10. I don't have any pictures as the dealer did the repair. It was some type of wiring harness rubbing near the bell housing of the transmission. It was worse when cold over low speed bumps. I would crawl under there and have a look around that area for any wiring harnesses appear to be rubbing against something they shouldn't.
  11. My 19 LTZ does not have it. It may be available on the 20s, not sure, but not on the 19s.
  12. I had what sounded like a creak somewhere in the lower firewall area. Drove me and the dealer nuts for a while. They didn't get to the picture level above but did take off some parts and it didn't get any louder. GM tech finally asked them to check a wiring harness near the transmission. Bingo, 10 minute fix after keeping the truck for a week. I think there is a TSB on it but I could be wrong. Mine was an early build (Oct/Nov 2018 I think) and that is the only issue I've had.
  13. MSRP? My '19 LTZ 6.2 Tech power steps, etc. was around $62k sticker. Got it for $55k plus TTL in Dec 2018.
  14. Try it first. Really not noticeable now.
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