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  1. I ordered blue as well. Build week is March 1.
  2. jhplak325 - you may have a build week assigned by now if you moved to 2000 this week (which would have occurred Monday)
  3. Update on my order: I signed the order papers with the dealer on January 9 for a GMC 3500HD Gas SLT 4wd SRW CC LB. They told me the production and shipping (Seattle area) a few months ago had been taking about 8 weeks, but since they now had to order from their allocated trucks, there would be an additional 3 to 4 weeks waiting for an available allocation. So far their estimate seems about right. Ordered at dealer 1/9/21 Status on 2/2 event code 1100 Status on 2/9 event code 2000 Status on 2/11 event code 3000, build week scheduled for week of 3/1
  4. Thanks for the feedback and photos. What is the purpose of the "safety cable" in the last picture?
  5. First step is to read the codes that are causing the CEL. You are under warranty, and the dealer should investigate the problem and correct it at no charge. If you can't get to a dealer right away, do you or a friend have a code reader? If not, many auto parts stores will loan them out or come outside and read it for you. If knowing the codes doesn't allow you to correct the issue, post the code numbers here and I'm sure other members can give you troubleshooting recommendations. Many codes are OK to continue driving for a while until you can get to a service department. Some may require more immediate action to avoid a problem on the road.
  6. Owners manual says the block heater on the hd trucks functions at 0F and below, which is approximately -18C.
  7. I agree there isn’t any down side to a properly designed and maintained catch can. Nothing wrong with being conservative.
  8. I'm one of those recent posters, and I ordered only two weeks ago (still in "1100" status). Another person posted that they had ordered a week later and were told the same 10-12 weeks I was told. I think that's as up-to-date as you are going to get. Production is limited right now, and sold orders are having to come out of dealers' allotments. You are not going to see a lot of standing inventory. Your best bet if you don't want to order and you can't find what you want on the lots in your search area, would be to watch the "in transit" postings on dealer web sites and buy from the dealer while the truck is still in transit. If you are looking for a configuration that is not commonly being ordered by the dealers, you will have to special order. For example, the GMC dealers in the West either haven't figured out that a lot of people want the gas engine now, or they are ordering almost all diesels anyway with their limited allocations because they make a bit more profit on them and they can sell them quickly, so I couldn't find a gas powered SLT within 2000 miles with anything close to the features I wanted. (Chevrolet dealers had more gas trucks, but mostly in the low trims.) I had to order. I don't know anything about whether there are any constraints on the packages for the LT.
  9. You could examine the inside of the intake system downstream of the PCV line and look for evidence of significant oil contamination. If there is none after 50,000 miles, you don't need a catch can. The intake manifold is the coolest part of the intake system that is downstream of the PCV line. If you are not getting oil droplets or oil vapor condensation there, then the PCV system is working as designed and the fuel and oil vapor entering the intake via the PCV line is being burned. Everything downstream of the intake manifold is warmer than the intake manifold and would not create condensation if you aren't seeing condensation in the intake manifold. Catch cans themselves act as condensers in addition to having some effectiveness as oil droplet separators, depending on their design. If you are getting actual oil droplets coming through the PCV line then a catch can can reduce the passing of those droplets into the intake. If you are not getting droplets in the PCV line and not getting condensation on the intake manifold walls without a catch can, then a catch can if it collects anything is acting as a condenser for vapor that would have been burned. Nothing wrong with that, but in such a case the catch can is not necessary to reduce intake system deposits. The fact that an installed catch can collects liquid is not itself proof that a catch can is actually needed.
  10. An example is that they are only building crew cab trucks right now due to limited overall production capacity. Another example might be that they do not have any cloth bench seats available at this time, so you can't order that configuration. So it can be a decision by those in charge of production to constrain themselves in some way for a strategic reason, or it can simply be they are out of stock on something.
  11. Make sure you spend time in those SLE seats before you decide. I would have gone SLE with cloth seats but I found those seats uncomfortable within minutes of sitting in them. The bucket seats in the SLT and higher models were much more comfortable. I ordered an SLT with bucket seats (and the gas engine).
  12. Has anyone DIY installed the Tork Lift camper tie downs that are made for the 2021 trucks (mine's a 3500HD SRW CC LB with cab-only running boards and OEM trailer hitch)? If so, I'm wondering how well they fit and how difficult you found the installation. Thanks
  13. I think the person who first brought up sports cars was simply trying to say he is very aware of ride quality when he drives something. M Parr: When I test drove crew cab 2500hd and 3500hd SRW LB trucks with the standard front torsion bars and 20 inch wheels, the ride was quite comfortable for an HD truck, but I did notice that pavement bumps were transmitted a bit more than I like. The trucks with 20s cornered nicely for a truck, though. The trucks with 18 inch wheels felt more smooth on pavement with defects, and I chose that size wheel for that reason and to have more sidewall for off road use. I assume the air pressure was near the max in all the trucks I test drove, but I never asked or checked. I think you would notice a big difference in ride if you had the torsion bars changed assuming your current bars are two steps stiffer than standard.
  14. Based on what's listed in the option packages I ordered, I should be receiving 3 sets of skid plates, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Have you looked at one of the on-line OEM parts dealers like gmpartsdirect.com? I don't think they are that expensive. If you can't find them on the web site call them for help.
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