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  1. I finally looked at the back of the headlight assembly and easily found the vertical adjustment feature. You need either a long #1 phillips screwdriver or a long (about 5 inch long) 6 mm hex wrench. The mechanism turns easily. I did not readily see the horizontal adjustment feature. I didn’t look for it because I am only compensating for leveling my truck by installing a pop up slide-in camper.
  2. There was a lot more influencing that test result than number of transmission gears.
  3. There was a thread about a year ago where someone showed their installation project. Probably in this subforum.
  4. Maybe call a dealer who shows one coming in similar to what you are considering and ask them to text you a picture of the weight rating sticker in the door jamb? Even though it may be a sold truck they probably would do that for you.
  5. You can, and in fact that’s how the diesels are set up because it takes that much battery to crank them in cold conditions. The reason for the battery isolator on the gas trucks is to prevent discharge of your starting battery when you use the aux battery for some accessory while the truck is not running, but then allow charging of both batteries when the truck is running. I don’t have it installed yet, but I plan to use my aux battery to power an on-board air compressor.
  6. My 2021 delivered in April connects fine and is stable with my iphone 8. In fact, once the phone is connected, it remains connected until the phone is 150 to 200 feet away. Maybe there is another Bluetooth device causing interference. Does it behave that way with a different iphone?
  7. Constraint means the factory won’t accept the order with that configuration.
  8. Are you talking about the marker lights on top of the cab? I thought they were required by the DOT because of the overall vehicle width.
  9. I hadn’t thought about the sensing that triggers auto 4wd. However, just so you understand what auto 4wd does, I don’t think there is any ability to control torque sent to the front vs rear wheels. Auto 4wd simply commands the transfer case to go into 4wd when its logic detects a certain amount of slippage. I have owned a Yukon XL with auto 4wd for nearly 20 years. When I bought it they gave me a number of reasons for recommending that I not use it. I literally have never used it. I want to be in control of when I switch in and out of 4wd. I’ve always left my suspension stock other than shock replacements, so I have no experience to offer on lifting or leveling.
  10. The “off road suspension” is simply the Rancho shocks - no other suspension changes. Read the owner’s manual on line for a more complete description of how hill descent control works and its speed ranges in high and low transfer case ratios. I have it and have tried it, but I doubt I’ll use it much.
  11. I don’t see engine driven accessories listed in the powertrain warranty coverage listing on GMC’s web site. I assume Chevy’s is identical. https://www.gmc.com/owners/warranty-details
  12. Dunn - Do you have 20 inch wheels? When I was test driving very similar trucks the ones with 20s definitely had a stiffer ride and transmitted road bumps more than the trucks with 18s. I chose the 18s for that reason and also for more sidewall when airing down off pavement.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation - I’ll remember that for the future. I hate the semi-monopoly safelite has with the insurance companies and like to patronize a good private glass place. We had one in Renton for many years but they succumbed. Auburn is definitely close enough for me to use. (By the way, the Auburn Line-x place is great, too. ) I may have created some confusion. My windshield is fine. I was commenting to the OP who said they finally replaced the windshield when it cracked all the way across, and then also pointed out the owner’s manual advice.
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