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  1. This forum is for 2020 and newer trucks, so you might get people with more direct experience with your truck type in a different forum. The first i would suggest is to check for any electrical connections not reconnected. Did you disturb the fuel system?
  2. A properly designed stability control system should be tolerant of very slight differences in tire diameter and should not activate due to that.
  3. The frame coating condition and the surface rust on those drive train components is normal. In my experience 8.5 quarts in the L8T engine could be a slight overfill. Mine takes exactly 8 quarts to be at the full mark with oil and filter change after letting it drain to very slow drips.
  4. The bulletin may have ABS event listed to lead techs diagnosing events to the SB even if they initially think it’s brake related. The people who are having these events should report them to NHTSA. They have an on line reporting page.
  5. I have had mine off and back on three times now. I take it off when my popup slide in truck camper is on. I made a padded storage crate for it so it doesn’t get damaged sitting in the garage. I fully agree it is a two strong person job, ESPECIALLY the first time you take it off. The left side torsion hinge is very tight due to a plastic coating on the mating parts. It took me and my strong adult son 15 minutes of wrestling it to get it off, and when it finally lets go it’s sudden, so be prepared to avoid dinging the truck or tailgate. Some people say to use a tool to pry it off, but no way was a prying tool getting near my new truck. We just applied tension with our arms and moved the right side up and down slightly until it finally came off. It was quite a workout for me lifting the right side up and down for that long. Subsequent times coming off were much easier. Putting it on is relatively easy, and my moderately strong adult daughter helped me with installation one of the times. There actually are two cables if you have a tailgate camera (I think all multipros do). There’s the large oval connector and a small FAKRA camera connector underneath between the spare and the bumper, and some cable ties that must be cut. There are videos on line showing the process. Don’t disconnect the large cable with the tailgate closed or you won’t be able to open it.
  6. Regarding understanding the oil monitor reading: Are you sure the dealer reset the oil life monitor when they did the oil change at 1500 miles? Regarding whether to change the oil: I agree with NWStever that it’s time to change the oil. My basis for that is a little different, although R’ing TFM is never a bad idea. I follow the manual as a minimum. I’ve had my new truck 14 months and have 5000 miles on it, so I’m a similar low-miles user right now. I like to change the oil at least once a year no matter the miles, so for now I decided just to do it every 3750 miles so that every other oil change is also a 7500 mile tire rotation and it gets changed a little more often than once a year, and so that I’m conservative regarding additive life. The monitor was still at over 30% when I changed it at 3750 miles.
  7. You are towing a very heavy load with huge frontal area. For now, during the few extra minutes those climbs take, you can think about why the gas engine is the better choice for you at all other times, and remember that, if you bought a diesel, there’s a decent chance you’d be stopped on the side if the road or in the shop waiting for parts that day instead of climbing at 70 mph. My neighbor’s 2021 Duramax has been at the dealer nearly 1/4 of the year since he took delivery, and has stranded him twice.
  8. Maybe the programming is downshifting to reduce exhaust temperature for emissions or head cooling reasons?
  9. I think what you said about a 50 miles running average was correct for the DIC page you were describing, which is the fuel efficiency page, but I was pointing out the two trip pages also have a mpg indication for the miles since the last trip reset.
  10. I’m not saying anything about its accuracy, but FYI the trip pages show avg mileage over the trip from the last trip reset.
  11. My neighbor confirmed the dealer told him the second event was due to the transfer case suddenly shifting into 4 low. They do not know why it occurred. They also found some collateral damage to the transmission and repaired that. I would have thought they’d replace every part having to do with transfer case control, but apparently they didn’t. He’s hoping for the best but if it happens again it will be a clear lemon law case under WA law and I suspect he’ll have them take it back.
  12. I crawled under and looked on both sides of the transmission and did not see anything like that. I could not get a view of the top of the transmission.
  13. I’m not sure I can see the breather hose in your photo, but generally the breather hoses for driveline components are routed to a high location to keep water out if someone drives into deep water. The rear axle breather hose, for example, is routed to behind the fuel filler location. I would think they would try keep the hoses away from the exhaust side of the driveline to avoid heat damage to the hose or coking. If it is a transmission or transfer case breather hose, I wonder if what you are looking at is the transmission or transfer case end of the hose that has become disconnected from the case vent. I’d get a mirror and light and locate the vent hose connections on the cases and make sure the hose is still connected. I can look at mine tonight if you still need a comparison at the end of the day. 2021 3500 hd cclb srw gas.
  14. I don’t think I’ve felt vibration like that. I definitely do not have the boom sounds you describe. Mine is a 2021.
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