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  1. They said standard 1/2 ton pickup, I assumed 6 lugs was 1/2 ton. Maybe im wrong. I'm also assuming the big tank is full of compressed air, and with a valve he could actually get some decent braking. I'm wondering what an empty trailer weighs. I'm thinking it may not be all gloom and doom.
  2. Maybe the carb dumping gas onto the valves while the oil was wet flushed them clean.
  3. Did a carb and throttle body injection constantly flush the intake valve with gas?
  4. Single battery in the truck. Lost voltage at 7 flat for 12 volt feed to trailer.
  5. The two 30 amp fuses, are they both under the hood? F2ua and f2ue. This is the wrong year diagram.
  6. the 30 top center seems to be #2 under the hood, but it checks out ok.
  7. It seems I blew a fuse for the hitch plug. Manual seems to call it the (trailer battery)? looks like that’s fuse 2 under the hood, 30 amp. But it’s not blown. I assume I’m looking at the wrong things.
  8. I know it's been discussed, but im having trouble pulling it up. Besides technology changes month to month. 17 Silverado 1500, didnt come with camera.
  9. I read about reinforcing the bracket behind the accel pedal, was this related?
  10. I have a slight incline leaving my house, when the motor is ambient temperature I can't slightly accelerate up the hill. It makes a big rpm jump. warranty ends in a couple months, (although someone from India calls regularly about that) so my dealer has a slight incline leaving the dealership. I'm planning on parking it there overnight and have them see what they experience with me in the passenger seat. But figured I'd pick y'all brains first.
  11. 2017 5.3 when cold, easing the throttle to leave the driveway, I get a lunging,, not just once, probably about 500 rpms. I know it's not the pedal. Couple months left on warranty.
  12. Is there a section to talk about GM taking buyout money from The USA and closing more USA plants? shouldn’t that have closed Mexico plants? is Mexico offering buyout money?
  13. I am rebuilding a motorcycle trailer the box is wore out. I’m wanting to get slightly larger. At least 24” 24” 48”. Not having much luck with Google. My buddy had one made somewhere like south Michigan.
  14. I wish I’d got an 8’ bed and a crew cab. Long truck, nice ride, not sure if it’s available in 1500.
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