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  1. Water/Methanol Injection?

    How are you getting the sea foam to the topside of the intake valve? You know putting in the fuel tank doesn’t Help?
  2. Gas Tank - How low can you go?

    Gas cools the pump, so by pushing the limits you’re overheating the pump. It’s good to know what you can get by with, but don’t on purpose.
  3. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Looks like Ford headlights to me.
  4. AFM problems

  5. Bought a Range AFM disabler

    I’d have to double check what version. But just got back from pulling a trailer from Cincinnati to and through the smoky mountains, good investment. No codes.
  6. Sound off! Gas Cap!

    When I’m working I put a roll of electric tape in the handle.
  7. Anyone seen this?

    I wonder if they have a new idea full size bed they are working on, don’t want to show it off, so they concocted this to throw people off.
  8. Catch cans

    My Moroso pulls a good amount of ugly juice out of mine. Mounting was easy, but I hated to loose the space over the unused battery box.
  9. I’ve had it 2 weeks now, I love it! as I’m purchasing it from Range, I notice they sell one to keep it in 4 cyl more often? Are these flying off the shelves?
  10. iPhone and USB music connectivity

    I bought an 06 harley new, it had a high tech (to me) Harmon Kardon radio, had some sound issues, one fix was going to the dealer, or burn a cd and do it yourself. So 12 year later GM can’t offer similar? It would save them some money.
  11. Range device. What’s all the blinking?

    Thanks, I thought there was 1 light just for show. Don’t think I got directions.
  12. Coming to a stop I get a blink, couple other times I’ve noticed some blinking, is it normal?
  13. Steering assist reduced (fixed)

    Known issues? Nobody told me..... oh, I guess my 2wd wouldn’t have that issue.
  14. Dead battery

    Take the battery out, charge it over night, have it load tested at a parts store like Autozone.

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