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  1. How much was it? I've wondered if I should buy some spares.
  2. Was trying to figure out how the catch can should be plumbed, not sure why that takes such a clunky large piece instead of a hose, but im sure there's a good reason. it,s still working, but I didn't know about the 1/4 turn for final removal. hoping to find a factory take off. And I need to double check if the bigger filter for the snow plow prep changed the size of this piece, I doubt it.
  3. Got my running boards, after 3 weeks of waiting. What a difference!
  4. I like your bull bar! I was looking at some but they said it might mess with the collision alert stuff, so im doing more research. I have been looking for this style, when I was a kid we would put a tire on each horn and push cars that wouldn't run. Fond memories before plastic bumpers were invented.
  5. So im researching the 2022 2500, they talked about the back window exploding, from the defroster wires. I've never had much need for a vertical window crusting over, so im planning to unplug it as soon as I find where the plug is. Rumor has it that it's behind the rear seat.
  6. It's in the shop getting undercoated and rust proofing. I live in the salt belt.
  7. I love my cab lights, but I won't puncture the steel on my truck. It's worth the $50 from the factory.
  8. I push a button and it opens, I don't need a way to pull it down.
  9. Looking at the kit, im wondering is the diode needed? Im thinking just run a jumper from reverse to cargo Lights, what could go wrong?
  10. Seems odd to let water have access inside the tailgate, I think I might put a dab of silicone there.
  11. Dash control for bed (upper lights) needs to be more user friendly, I see a jumper wire for $20 that combines the lights, wondering what others have done.
  12. When I was younger I would put lift kits on my truck and bigger tires, this is my first 3/4 ton truck, just came from a 1500 2WD. this beast is too tall. Running boards will be installed at the dealer in 9 days, it's been 2 weeks of missery pulling these old bones up in there a couple times a day. I have to carry a milk crate if the wife is getting in. She hurt her shoulder her first time getting in. I'm hoping things get better with the big wide factory running boards.
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