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  1. Here's my write up on my initial tow with the 6.6 gas. I think you'll find this truck/engine just right for what you are describing... www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/248308-towed-the-boat-for-the-first-time
  2. You're right in that the diesel will always out pull the large gas engine offerings. You are also right in that you aren't buying a gas 3/4 ton truck for the 50 extra HP/TQ numbers. For people on the fence, you go with a 3/4 ton for the "everything is bigger/more stable". The 6.6 is cast iron block, forged crank, more cooling capacity, more oiling capacity, etc than the 6.2. It's made not for speed but for longevity running at/near its peak power output at 4k rpm. The suspension, frame, brakes, axles, curb weight are substantially "more" than a 1/2 ton of any flavor. While th
  3. As I once said in another thread on here somewhere, the GM and the Ford gas 3/4 tons have "essentially" the same towing, payload, mileage, and engine performance numbers. Would a 10 speed improve the GM's? Probably. Is the 6 speed a reason to not consider it since the Ford has a 10 speed? Not that I can ever see/understand. The GM 6 speed is one of the most reliable transmissions GM ever made (and for the new HD application they added clutch packs and an improved TC). The new Ford 10 speed is now seeing a "recall-not-really-a-recall" for a substantial number of 2020 MY trucks.
  4. I bought the same thing (from Lowes). It is a perfect fit. And yes, there is usually dirt, dust (or rain water) on it when I pull it off to fill up. I just set it to the side of the fill neck while pumping... or sometimes use it to hold open the filler handle at a station that cut the little handle latches off.
  5. In my experience, with the gas engine, you have to be in tow/haul mode for "grade braking" to come on. When in tow/haul, I've noticed the truck will apply engine braking even on level ground, whether loaded or not.
  6. You need the 2 1/2". It fits around the outside of the receiver.
  7. Get one of these. Toss the hose clamp. Fits perfect. 2" Cap
  8. There's a raptor owner who actually goes off road? I kid, I kid....
  9. Same tow rating, same mileage as Ford. Would a ten speed help the GM... probably. Is it enough of a gap to make me consider a Ford? No, not at all.
  10. I'm seeing coolant temps just above 210 at full operating temperature. I see voltage vary from about 15 down to 10 depending on driving conditions and how long its been since starting.
  11. I have timbrens on my '00 SLE 1500. Very simple install, zero maintenance, no effect on unloaded ride... incredible difference when towing heavy. Truck is planted, solid, no sway, greatly reduced rear end sag. For their price and simplicity I don't think they can be beat. They don't make any contact when unloaded unlike the sumo springs. I'm debating adding a set to my '21 SLT 2500 "just in case" I ever end up hauling/ towing at max. They should be the factory bump stops IMHO.
  12. My dealer installed those in my SLT as a "courtesy upgrade" when I took delivery. It looks like they are a selectable option in the build and price tool. This the the sticker on the bottom of the driver's mat if this helps:
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