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  1. Your best bet would be to check the manufacturer's part numbers for the two model years. If the same, no problem... if different, probably not.
  2. I've solved this issue. I just don't wash it.
  3. This thread has the info you seek: help w relocating camera port from bumper to bed
  4. Agree totally. I was always skeptical about how much better could a 3/4 ton be as long as you're under the tow rating of the 1/2 ton. Then I went from a '00 1500 to a '21 2500 gas. I've since towed a 9k boat/trailer many times, and a 14k skid steer/trailer once. I tell people it's like this: A 3/4 ton will will be an easy, smooth, in-control experience at any load right up to its max rating at highway speeds. A 1/2 ton will tow at its max rating, but it's not pleasant. And since fuel mileage is in this thread as well... my lifetime "Trip 2" fuel economy over the 20.4k miles I have on this truck = 14.4mpg (mostly empty, mixed city/highway, includes all towing and hauling)
  5. It's not possible without Onstar. I had it in the center display and when using the nav screen, but once the free trial expired, it went away. I recall seeing that as a feature of one of the Onstar plans. Only way without Onstar is to use a phone app.
  6. Does anyone have a link to the actual TSB? The only 21-NA-199 I can find is as a reference in an article and on various forums, but not a copy of the bulletin itself.
  7. So you were out driving in a blizzard, slid off the road into a ditch (no more than 8" deep off course), understandably banged up the underside of the truck on "somethings", and you think that's a manufacturers defect? That's what most people call an "insurance claim".
  8. Go to 3:28 in this video. The lead engineer explains the changes. Basically they added one set of clutch and backing plates, and the torque converter is a "new design" using existing components. I read somewhere that the converter is slightly stronger/higher capacity than the '19/earlier design. All other stuff is the same. GM 6 Speed Engineer explains
  9. This is a pretty cool web site that let's you visualize the relative sizes of two different tires. Doesn't help with the "will it fit" question, but it does show you both the dimensions and a side by side image. Tire Comparison Edit: Actually it might help with "will it fit" if you use the offset calculator on that site. It will show the changes in sidewall and running surface locations of stock vs new size.
  10. Technically.. maybe. Easy to draw that conclusion though. In 90%+ of my driving (and probably most people's), the available ratios of the 10 vs the 6 wont make enough difference in practical application for me to conclude I should've waited for the 10 speed. The Ford 10 speed typically skips 2 and 4 (and sometimes 6) in unloaded, normal acceleration. When towing or heavily loaded, sure the 10 speed can be an advantage.
  11. Because of the "need to replace the whole thing so they'd better last forever" aspect of the LED headlights, I bought and installed this set of precut PPF to help avoid scratches, chips, etc LED Headlight PPF kit Edit: Oh and I think the forward lighting brightness is just fine. But when turning corners, the side illumination is non existent. That's my problem with the stock LEDs.
  12. True regarding DEF and maintenance costs. I was just thinking 6-8mpg vs. 12+ for similar loads. Many hot-shot guys try to stay under the 26k total weight, in which case gas could be a viable option.
  13. The problem with hot-shotting with a gas truck would be 1.5-2x the fuel costs of a diesel (roughly). I agree with Epsilon about the 10 speed. These days people seem to think a 10 speed has some magical power. If you look at real world mileage figures for the Ford 7.3/10sp and the GM 6.6/6sp, they are essentially the same when you compare loaded vs. loaded, city vs. city, hwy vs. hwy. But hey, 10>6. I will admit a 10 speed should certainly do a better job of keeping the engine at its ideal speed when towing/hauling heavy (like pulling up a mountain in CO). But again, that's not something I need to do everyday. I use ad-block here too. Otherwise.... sheesh. It's too bad too, this forum has one of the better forum structures/organization (T1, separate from K2, separate from GMT900, separate from HD, etc). SilveradoSierra lumps everything together in "engine" or "transmission" or "suspension" etc.
  14. There's not a lot of traffic in this subform so I thought I'd share a nice, real world story about the gas 2500HD ('21 CCSB SLT). In late Oct a friend of mine bought a new track loader for use in managing his forestry property (ASV... 'nice'). He was without a HD truck at the time so asked for my help with picking it up from the dealer. Basically a 9000lb machine, on a 3500lb flatbed (not gooseneck), with a ~2000lb cutter head. Drove about 90 minutes from his place to the dealer, country roads and interstate, central NC, flat and some rolling hils. Loaded things up, strapped things down, pulled out. I can honestly say, at max rating I was expecting the truck to have to work harder than it did. Not at all saying "you didn't know it was back there", but I was surprised at how well it handled a max conventional tow load. Shifts were smooth, not harsh. It accelerated fine when merging onto the interstate, didn't sound like it was screaming at redline. Once on the highway rolling 70mph, it was solid, smooth, planted. There was power enough to accelerate into the left lane to get around slower traffic, etc. Slowing and stopping was uneventful. The trailer had electric brakes which of course played a big part, and the built in brake controller just worked, no drama. 90 minute drive home, that last 20 of which was on country roads. The trailering app showed a combined round trip mileage for this "guest trailer" of 8.1 mpg. I get similar mileage pulling my 9k boat and trailer, which seems about rights since a boat with a t-top is a much larger sail than a track loader. Moral of my story... if you need to pull heavy, the 6.6 gas will get it done. I admit if you pull heavy all the time, diesel is probably the right answer. But as a guy with his first 3/4 ton truck, I continue to be amazed that the experience of towing, even at max rating, is so much better than any half-ton (at any weight).
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