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  1. I towed my 6350 empty TT home on a regular ball and my truck was sagging and swaying all over the place on flat freeways. At home I installed and set up the E2 Trunnion WDH (https://www.fastwaytrailer.com/e2-hitch) and the truck is practically dead level (2" BDS level in the front) and the towing has way more control. A little bit of porpoising, but that's to be expected. Even GM tells you that beyond a 800lb tongue a WDH is required to max at 1200lbs on the hitch. I wouldn't dream of towing something this large without one now. Those commercials that say Colorados, Rangers and Jeep Gladiators can tow 7,000lbs crack me up. What, in a straight line, flat, for 5 mins before catching fire? I live in AZ but my trailer heats my truck up like 5 big girls humping in a Ford Focus. I couldn't imagine having 7k pushing me down a big grade in a midsize truck when it kicks this trucks ass that supposedly can handle 9100lbs.
  2. You went from (depending on year) 500-910ftlbs of torque @ 1,600RPM to 383ftlbs of torque at 4,100 RPM. That's what happened.
  3. Cooling, auxiliary external transmission oil cooler. Mine has the code too, but if it has an external cooler it must be a thin rail. AFAIK the lines go to the cooler in the top half of the radiator. If I don't trade the truck for an HD I'll likely add a fan supported B&M stacked plate supercooler or Derale cooler on the exit of the factory cooler loop. The factory one works great when the trucks hauling sailboat fuel with the trans thermo delete but hot AZ towing kicks it's ass.
  4. Unfortunately, normal. I got about the same results pulling 6350#s in the flats but in 116F ambient. Thats WITH a trans thermo delete and a 174 stat and modded fan settings in the tune. It's all within the parameters of the modern fluids but I still don't like it either. I'm considering adding more power with an intake/exhaust combo to lessen the load of the engine but I think the right answer is eventually diesel. Too bad GM currently makes the most hideously ugly full size trucks in the business.
  5. I was looking at getting one just for the reusable feature. Since I live in the desert and the city at that, I have my truck on recirc 100% of the time when the HVAC is on. My cabin filters get a good work out. K&N sounds like the ticket instead of having to remember to order new carbon filters every once in awhile. Glad people are having good luck.
  6. Thread ressurection! Concerning the middle intake tube needing to be the AIRAID 200-911 for 6.2L TB size (as referenced above), does anyone know if the air box lid end of this swap is the same? The reason I ask is in my L86 swap thread searching I haven't seen anyone mention the air box lid size being different. According to some GM parts catalog views, it lists 5.3 and 6.2 being the same. I'm in the midst of maybe upgrading my intake tract in my quest for more pulling power. I'm sold on the stock airbox being plenty big enough and it also surprisingly pulls pretty good IATs under way. I just put a drop in K&N filter in, the AIRAID middle intake tube looks like a nice part to get rid of that monstrous Hemholtz resonator intake tube. A relatively inexpensive L86 TB/Intake swap to round it out sounds like it would all make a nice custom intake for more breathing. Not to mention maybe letting go some trapped heat that the monster stock tube is likely trapping and heat soaking from the fans. Anyway, just wondering if I need a 6.2L air lid or if the stocker is the same. Thanks.
  7. So do I. First gen MPVI. Plug it in and open the scanner. Look for the vehicle controls and options button. Get the latest release here: https://www.hptuners.com/downloads/
  8. VCM controls are part of HP Tuners Scanner app. If you have HPT, you have it.
  9. Thanks mang. Did you use smoothing, percentage +/-, or trial and error to come up with your shift and pressure variances? I like the TCC theory and values you have in there already. Wouldn't the VCM control reset do the same for the trans re-learn? Cheers.
  10. Just got a picture of it to add here for future thread searchers like me. It's right next to the passenger side lower hose. Cheers.
  11. Very mild so far. Just turning stuff off. The fans can be tricky at first, but I think I understand from my LS2 days. "State 1 ECT gets to X fan turns to stage 1 (whatever you have it at), ECT gets to X then this happens". I've modified the axis as I don't like 192 or 194 whatever it is being the lowest so I wonder if that's taken hold. I don't remember having the capability to do that in my LS days. Haven't done any logging yet, just plugged the tune in. It's weird coming from LS stuff to this and trying to learn where the limits might be. I've seen on this forum "oh the 6L80E will die if you take out TM". In the muscle car area, the 6L80E is a beast. I have to remind myself that I'm dealing with a 5500lb+ portly piece of metal with a transfer case and a fragile front drive train. A lot different than a 3900lb 5th Gen Camaro. Silverado 2.0.hpt
  12. Most of the tuning threads on this forum are either about canned tunes, send out/get back ECM canned tunes, or early (2014-2018) threads where posters were freaking out about warranty this and warranty that. Well, a lot of our warranties are up so...... I've been screwing around with HP Tuners (left over from my hotrod days). So far have disabled AFM, dialed the speedo in closer to my current tire height, and right now I'm playing with fan logic for my 174F thermo install tomorrow. My goal is increased towing performance (mostly by keeping the temps down). Have a 7700lb max travel trailer OTW and don't feel like rocking 240F temps up grades. Lump me in with the crowd that is high temperature averse and believes the stock inferno is purely CAFE related. I have no desire to make the truck "faster" or anything WOT related really. After playing with LS1s, LS2s and LS3s the thought of using a 5500lb 4x4 crew cab to smash around town like a squirrel seems akin to using a fork for a screw driver. Anyone else here play around in there? Gen V is definitely more complicated than the Gen III/IV stuff I've been playing with before. No surprise. Anything HP Tuners related has always been a big shrouded mystery with ghost and barely answered posts on their home forum and guys in the know desperately clinging to their knowledge so they don't lost their side gig gravy train of tuning local cars. I think next up if the fans agree with me I'll work on part throttle response and maybe back down some torque management and see if that improves response. Again, I have no desire to snap the transfer case chain by slamming a WOT no TM 1>2 shift but some more pep in the throttle for the mild around town stuff would be nice. Cheers.
  13. Look at the posts half way down on this thread. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/241614-silverado-6l80e-transmission-thermostat-delete/page/4/#comments
  14. I would try MAF cleaner and look at your intake tract. Maybe a new air filter or clean out the measured air coming in the front. For some reason the truck is thinking the outgoing oxygen isn't high enough compared to what's coming in or what it *thinks* is coming in. Check clamp and intake manifold seals and make sure the truck isn't sucking in un-metered air. If all else fails and you want to keep the truck, there's always HP Tuners and it's magic "No Error Reported" wizardry.
  15. Good thread to check for more info, especially on my debacle haha.
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