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  1. My 22 started doing this a few days ago at ~4500 miles. Never noticed it before, but it dives pretty hard into first out of second now and an audible clunk is heard as presumably the driveshaft slacks from the hit. I am wondering if it's related to trans learning. It has smooth shifts from 1-6 and from 6-2. Slow speed coming to a stop is when it dumps into first and clunks. It's not overly aggressive yet but as mentioned you can hear it and feel it. My only other thoughts as to why could be a stuck accumulator or some other mechanical valve body malfunction.
  2. Print the TSB out and bring it to them. They will source all the parts. Alternatively, find another dealer or bring it to a Chevrolet dealer if yours won't deal.
  3. I don't think there's such a thing as comfortable towing with a 4.3L in the Sierras. At the weight you are talking about the truck chassis will handle it but the engine is going to be getting it's arse handed to it, especially with a good head wind on a travel trailer. Thing is, it's a once or twice trip. It won't hurt it long term and it will just be annoying while on the trip. Doesn't sound worth it to go and buy a new rig, in these times, just for a smoother pull over a collective 30 or so hours both ways.
  4. Lots of "mirror covers" here. Looks like they have upper and lower and depend on whether you have power extend or not...etc: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/v-2021-chevrolet-silverado-2500-hd--lt--6-6l-v8-gas/body--outside-mirrors
  5. I have seen on FB where people with non-Flex, standard gates have the dropping issue. A few reported it's due to the little drain holes in the upper trim that let water short out the switch that's directly below it. I also noticed someone posted a pic of thier 2020 and it didn't have the indentation at the top of the gate. Also seems like most having issues are 21+ where the Flex gate became an option. Is the indentation part of the multiflex and they are just using the same tailgate cap, but with nothing in there? In that case they don't want water to pool and put the holes? Or possibly the holes (shaped like triangles) are to snap something in place related to that gate? Either way, I used some clear silicone to seal them up. Rained today. Sure enough water pooled in the pocket so the silicone sealed it. Much preferred to the water dripping down directly on the switch/electronics. So, if it's related to gate drops, sealing the holes or buying and putting on a non-indented/pocketed gate cap might be the resolution.
  6. Read between all the lines of this thread and you'll find if you're the average home owner/truck guy not needing to tow more than 10,000lbs with a travel trailer or dump trailer/equipment trailer then the L8T/6L90 is the most reliable and satisfactory combo you can buy in a modern truck today. .....and as one of those people that warms my heart.
  7. I don't see the last few replies being hard to believe considering 3500-4000 is the classic SBC torque sweet spot. The engine was designed to sing here. Further, I don't understand why this engine would specifically have cooling issues (heat rejection) over any other SBC considering it has a better internal cooling design than the LSx series and that the radiator and cooling surface area of the 20+ HD is the largest it has ever been. The engine also has a monster clutch fan. If anything is hurting the cooling performance of these trucks I would look right to GMs thermostat setting and clutch fan engagement strategy. Member when (some of us) said 195+ thermostat in the trans was too hot for the K2s? Member? Member when GM just recently said "uh, yeah it turned out you end users who were deleting the thermo were right, retrofit this new on that opens at 158 in there instead"? I member. Don't put it past them to mess up their "calibrations" once in awhile.
  8. On the big 2019+ T1 FB group someone posted a thread asking about who's had problems with the 6.2/10 combo in the 1500s. I was surprised to see so many transmission complaints. The common ones seemed to be 1) Back window leaks (unrelated but still reported). 2) Lifters (well known issue) and 3) 10 speed trans issues with quite a few replacements. Careful what you wish for.
  9. So do I. Obvious cost saving to GM not to have to make a different set-up. The fake scoop is dumb but the big plastic vent, Star Wars ship design blocks, whatever the hell they are supposed to be things up by the cowl are ridiculous to look at and even distracting from the driver perspective. The only reason I won't bother to change them, dress them, or anything else is I'm at peace with the fact that my truck is the ugliest vehicle on the road and there's no point trying to polish a turd. It drives great, and I love the features/interior/capability...etc but its ugly and, well, that's that. Just wish I didn't have to be reminded of it when I'm inside of it by that stupid black block of plastic in my face in front of the wheel.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in LTZ or higher trims, or maybe even a stand alone option for LT, perhaps included with LT. Reason being is the 6L90E is the bulletproof fleet trans on the market. I had time to wait for this truck but pushed on this year specifically to get the 6L90. Probably sounds silly to those who want the latest and greatest, but I only see the 10-speed increasing city MPG and that's about it. This L8T is great but it's not a 1,000lb/ft @ 2,000RPM monster. Being a traditional pushrod SBC it gets its torque meat and potatoes up at 3-4k with the HP starting to jam in good around 5k. I can't see shifting it out a bazillion times as its hooked to a heavy load really being beneficial. The 6L90E is perfectly matched to this combo to keep it where it needs to be (maybe some 4.10s for those that really want to sweeten the pot). It's ridiculously butter smooth and damn near indestructible (with a stock truck). Yeah, I don't really need/want the added complexity of the 10-speed just to keep up with the multi-gear Jones' and get another city MPG...
  11. Anyone seen this part on the Chevrolet accessories page? LINK Just looks like a chrome fake vent for trucks that are sub LT trim right? But then in the FAQ: "Q: Will this louvered hood air vent benefit my vehicle? A: Yes, it will help with air flow in order to cool the engine compartment." Wait, what? Is this thing open? I figured it was just a standard LT fake vent. I despise fake vents. As much as it wouldn't do a lick of anything and certainly not enough to "cool" a stock L8T, it might make stomaching the fake vent easier...
  12. Maybe for low speed and around town, but look up the gear ratio of 5-6 in the 6L90 vs 7-8-9 in the 10 speed. At highway speeds nothing will change. It's a big reason why TFL out MPG'd a 10-speed Duramax with a 6-speed Cummins on the Ike and the Flats. The 6-speed is matched very well to the L8T. More gears for the sake of more gears may leave people disappointed in their expected result. As far as "if you are towing all the time get a diesel" mantra, I would argue that when I was in my RAM diesel group I saw countless posts from hotshotters and guys that work their trucks daily for money that had no pay/down time due to the fragility of modern diesel emissions. There is a case to be made that if you need to pull to make money, you're at high risk of a minor problem (like a DEF sensor) putting you out of business for the day/week/month/who knows. I see the same thing with Class 8 rigs at the City or even my buddies brand new $750,000 concrete pump. Not even 100 miles on it and it's down. Oh, the pump part works fine. It's got diesel emissions issues. Anyway, good story. Cheers. EDIT: On the topic of low traffic in the forum, that's a sign of the times for sure but part of me wonders if its this website design. It is PACKED full of ads like its a clickbait tabloid site or something. You have to scroll a mile just to get to the first post! I get that this place doesn't run for free and that they need to make money, but this is really off the deep end. I'm sure it discourages new posters from sticking around. I don't remember it being like this a few years ago. It's really off-putting. I get the response is "put an ad-blocker in". No thanks. I don't have this problem with pretty much the rest of the entire Internet lol. Don't need another spy tracker following me around and copying everything I type into a database. Anyhoo....
  13. This is what my 2022 6L90E stat looks like on my 11/21 built 2500 HD. The 70 stamp and all. I saw somewhere back that the HDs didn't used to have a stat. Guess what...
  14. I sold a 2020 RAM Cummins CCSB 4x4 and got a L8T CCSB 4x4 LT Silverado a few weeks later. $16,675 less sticker to sticker so saved a bunch of coin for essentially the same capability since I don't pull trailers over 10k. TFL sold me on a diesel with the Ike tests. Then I realized I don't do 19,000lb pulls up the Rockies... But really it was the reliability. Modern diesels are timebombs with their shoddy emissions systems. Add to it that the 19-20 RAMs have overdriven (1.5x) CP4 fuel pumps that are also timebombs and you have one big pile of fragile money waiting for a huge repair bill down the road. The 68RFE 6 speed trans in them alone can be a $10k stock rebuild. Diesel anxiety sucks. Plus I was pretty much a GM lifer until that truck. Nothing bad to say about it's build quality apart from the worries of long term drivetrain reliability, but I needed to come back home where the design language is more familiar to me and matches my other GM vehicles. The Silverado 2500 HD, while still the ugliest thing on the road, drew me back in. I'd have to say the number 1 reason was low risk long term reliability. The L8T/6L90E combo was designed specifically for fleet reliability and jobsite capability. The truck may be ugly, but it's true function over form. Huge cab, huge bed, great capability all around and bulletproof drivetrain with no cylinder deactivation, stop/start, or 500 expensive trans gears...etc. I buy new vehicles WAY more often than I should, but this one is built to keep around and I intend on finally doing it.
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