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  1. Pulls 4 tons in my dump trailer as well as my 2020 Cummins did.
  2. Fleets. Everyone forgets about the majority buyer of the gas HD platform. Fleet longevity has driven the gas HD decisions for many moons. The City of "x" is interested in longevity and commonality, not 400 gears to pull non-existent hills with. We can thank fleet longevity for the lack of cylinder deactivation and stop start on the 6.6 as well as the IMO wise decision to keep the bulletproof 6L90 around. All y'all TFL watchers that think your trucks will pull better in 7th at 2,400rpm than in 4th at 4,400rpm is why GM finally caved and gave you the more expensive and complicated 10. Enjoy your slightly better city MPG and same towing experience. I can assure you that Freeport McMoRan , the Town of "x" and Granite Construction give 2 craps about the 10 speed and were fine with the 6L90 that was cheap and went 250k with the rest of their truck.
  3. If the wire for the autodim is in every truck, then shouldn't the GM acessory version with built in garage door opener work as well? 84738651 They have one for non-autodim but if the wire is there, might as well get the autodim version.
  4. I wonder if I can get it to activate using a simple 12v wire to it and put it on my Aux switches. Looks like it has a simple two prong setup for power and ground. Might have to buy one and experiment. Not a fan of looking at big plastic blocks reminding me of where stuff was supposed to be. Especially as I see lower trim WTs and Customs driving around with them on there.
  5. GM does odd packaging lately. I have a 22 LT including manual extending, manual fold, power adjust and heated tow mirrors but without the little spotter lights in them. Just a blank plastic block. I found the part number 23444107 for the little flood light chingadera. Any chance on getting the right outer cover and installing this? Shot in the dark that the wire and plug is waiting behind that blank panel but I figured I'd ask incase someone knows. Thanks.
  6. Just ordered my full kit. Hoping it's in stock and not just a bait and hold forever. Some of the individual part numbers are starting to show up as discontinued and the kit is perpetually in backorder on GM parts direct. Those wanting to eventually do this might want to get theirs if they can. I ordered 84942073 for black interior w/ keyless start. Looking to use it primarily for lighting. Flush mount bumper foot cutout rear lights and maybe a lightbar for the hood scoop if I can manage a clean install.
  7. How tall is that bar? Did you think about doing a 20" before the 10? Thanks.
  8. My truck @ 7,200mi was about 1/2 quart low BTW. Not surprised after reading about these trucks shipped dry on front end grease and low in the diffs.
  9. Never say never. If you have a stingy A-Hole dealer I suppose they could argue tampering. Thing is, this can be reversed without a trace. Keep the factory plug, 10mm & 13mm wrench in the truck and you could put it back to stock on the side of the road if need be (once the exhaust cools down).
  10. Using your thread I'll be doing this to my HD but will be using the factory upfitter switches (when I install them). I'm in the city and don't need it in reverse constantly, but it would be nice while hooking trailers and doing other truck stuff.
  11. A direct fit transmission dipstick is available for 2020-2023 HDs using part numbers from a 2019 model. You will need the following: Dipstick tube: 24265546 Dipstick (indicator): 24271875 Seal/grommet for dipstick tube: 15796802 (1) Flange Nut or lock/flat washer & nut: M8-1.25 Start by crawling under the truck and removing the heat shield between the pass. side catalytic converter and the transmission. Use a 10mm socket (if you can find one ) for the front bolt and a 13mm deep socket for the rear flange nut. A 1/4 inch drive ratchet works well in these tight spaces, but a box end wrench will do as well. Next, dampen a paper or shop towel and reach up and clean around the area of the dipstick tube boss to limit dirt and grime from entering the transmission during tube install. Now, raise the center pin in the factory installed plug to prepare for removal. I was able to use my fingers but a small flathead screwdriver or trim removal tool would work if yours is stuck. Next, we are going to pry up the remainder of the factory installed plug. I used a trim removal tool but a flathead screwdriver would work as well, just be sure not to gouge or damage the boss area. The factory plug has multiple ridges on it to keep it seated so it might take some working. After a good pry with my trim tool the entire plug shot into orbit in one motion. Now the fun part. Getting the tube to drop down just right can be tricky, especially as there are a few wires to dodge on the way down. I found that angling the fill tube towards the driver side and twisting as it went down from the top was the best way. Avoid jamming the tube with force that could bend it, tear the heat blanket on the firewall, or sever an existing wire. Use patience (and a step stool) and you'll get it. Once you've got the tube down, grab your seal/grommet and give it a light coat of Dexron VI ATF to ease installation. Now take the seal/grommet and slide it on to the dipstick tube. Move the tube over to the boss and slide it in, making sure that you have achieved a full contact/seal with the transmission. A cellphone or mirror can help here. Align the tube bracket slot with the extended stud from the transmission bellhousing. Using one hand to give some downward pressure on the tube, work a M8-1.25 flange nut onto the stud. My local parts house was out of flange nuts so I used a lock washer, flat washer, and nut combo. Keep downward pressure on the tube while you tighten with the 13mm deep socket. Reinstall the heat shield that was removed previously. Almost done! Grab your dipstick and give it a light lube around the seal area with Dexron VI... ...and send it home! Now as far as a proper hot check, I've always used a minimum transmission temperature of 145'F. The GM check procedure for these trucks says 86'F-122'F, but that's using the inane check plug thingy on the back of the transmission pan. Previous to that design, the hot check temp for Dexron VI was always 145'F min to 190'F max (ATF expands with heat). Perhaps there is someone out there with a service manual for a 2019 and can verify, but there you go folks. This truck should have had one of these sticks from the factory, and we HD users can debate with the non-believers (they do exist) why below or in different threads, but luckily we have a factory fit solution using original GM parts with about ~$60 bucks and some elbow grease! Special thanks to @64BAwagon for doing the leg work on the part numbers and the initial install. I found his thread (on a diesel site) while pondering if this was possible and his previous work made it a breeze. Get to dippin!
  12. Turns out it is a M8-1.25. A flange nut like on the rear of the heat shield would work great but I used a lock & flat washer and a nut combo as Home Depot was out of flange nuts. Dipstick install thread:
  13. It has been verified that a tube & stick from a 2019 HD with the 6L90 is a direct fit. Just waiting on my seal to install the assembly. Part numbers as follows: Dipstick tube: 24265546 Dipstick: 24271875 Seal (grommet to seal tube to trans): 15796802 I'll make a write up for this site when my seal comes in. There's a thread over at the dieselplace but it gets even less traffic than this place for obvious reasons (don't think GM gas HD owners would think dieselplace for info).
  14. Those Ranchos are trash. Wait for the Multimatic DSSV part number from the 2024 HD ZR2 and ride in luxury.
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