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  1. This is an unacceptable condition. A different dealer and trying to get the GM brass involved is warranted. When you get to the new dealer, have them pull the GMVIS history (they probably will anyway) and get that history since new noticed by a GM someone who will fix it, buy it back, or offer a deal you can't refuse on a trade. This issue is a potential safety concern given the right circumstances.
  2. Bak MX4 is all the rage on most of the new/nice trucks I see. You can use 99% of the bed when its flipped up, sits almost perfectly flush, build well, and can be had for under 800 bucks.
  3. My truck is cursed?

    GM paint historically flakes off from simple nearby flatulence. There is also this cute trick they pull where the undercoating will always wildly contrast with the top coat to make sure people see the scratches. My white Corvette showed black under a scratch and the blue truck shows white. Quaint. Just wait till chicks start throwing their finger nails into the area behind the door handle since they are unable to open a door with out fully thrusting their hands forward first.
  4. Anyone know the deal with the official accessory GM 23490448? On the Chevy website ( https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2016/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/pickup-box-decal-package-in-silver-and-charcoal-with-4x4-logo-23490448?categoryId=98014 ) and many vendor sites it shows two different styles for that same part number. The first style is the one I want and is in the style of the stock 2014-2017 4x4 decal. The second picture shows a clearly different style (look at the X). Anyone know what's up about this? Thanks.
  5. Why aren't these frames electrodipped and painted? Isn't this 2018?
  6. Who's got the Blues?

    Anyone try or have seen the black/silver 4x4 decal from GM (same style as stock) on blue? Thinking about swapping over. Random red on blue doesn't strike muh fancy.
  7. Imagine you're recently employed at the Silao plant. What are your work alternatives? You just won the employment lottery. Compare that with a union slug that will file a grievance if he's not allowed to drink beer on break. I'll venture to guess the Mexican assemblers try harder on average. My American built flag ship 2013 Corvette that was a steaming quality control nightmare (complete with different color brake calipers) that was made in a plant that only builds ONE model is a testament to that theory.
  8. High used prices are a condition of normal market forces. Trucks, especially full size trucks, are always in high demand. The versatility they can be used for is unmatched. The price difference is really only small if you got a great deal. Even so, the monsterous registration cost on new, the "it loses 10k off the lot" talk, and even insurance costs can keep people thinking they are better off used for a few grand less than new. I got my truck for $34,500 OTD, so there is no universe where a few years older truck would have been a better deal. The low non-haggle, non-GM card trickery, non-kitchen sink discount price I've seen on a CCSB 4X4 5.3 Allstar that any Joe off the street could get is $36,500-$37,500. My 2 year old truck is apparently worth $30,000ish. $7,500+ the other stuff is enough for some to think used is better.
  9. Oil Changes

    Keep the fuel filter recommendations at the top of your list. The fueling system is really the heart of the diesel and the most likely system to give you any expensive trouble (other than the exhaust emission systems) if anything.
  10. Sponsors and vendor deals. Like a Ford F-150 at work that has "Ford recommends BP Fuels" on the gas cap. It's not bad oil at all and I'm sure they consulted with the Mobil engineers on expectations, but plenty of other makers meet or exceed the required Dexos1 specification. When I bought my 2013 Corvette new, I did get the "Corvette recommends Mobil 1" leaflet in the cool owners book package thing, but I usually just pick the best priced good-brand Dexos oil. Mobil XP, Castrol Magnatec, Penz Ultra...etc. Get a really good filter (like the Wix 57045 XP), consider a magnetic drain plug, a Filtermag, and a good major brand Dexos oil and you'll be doing better than factory spec for your truck.
  11. Centennial/Heritage Bow Ties

    I chased the lowest price and got bit for it. 15 business days have passed with no ETA on the order status. These are only a few dollars off and they are in stock with updates. Don't be like me. Buy here and get your product. I sent a cancel email to the other outfit so if it goes through, I'll be back to purchase.
  12. Seat Movement Issues

    After the GM fix, it worked, then came back. Added a hose clamp, it worked, then came back. Added two more clamps (see picture a few posts up), tightened the first clamp, and it worked. So far so good this time with 900 miles on the latest fix. I think clamping down the GM piece and isolating both sides with additional clamps is the ticket. I'll report back if it starts up again.
  13. Seat Movement Issues

    Hose-clampa-palooza. I've got more clamps on here than a BDSM festival. Hopefully, the extras on the ends help the one holding the lateral clip that needed a few more cranks of the wrench. If this doesn't work, I'll mix up some quickcrete in a wheel barrow and form a slab. Or just put a small hammock there. If I'm going to slide around everywhere on every expansion joint, I might as well do it in style.
  14. The 2.7 should be in future ZR2s. The diesel and it's sub 200hp and meh torque has been a disappointment from the beginning.

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