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  1. Hose-clampa-palooza. I've got more clamps on here than a BDSM festival. Hopefully, the extras on the ends help the one holding the lateral clip that needed a few more cranks of the wrench. If this doesn't work, I'll mix up some quickcrete in a wheel barrow and form a slab. Or just put a small hammock there. If I'm going to slide around everywhere on every expansion joint, I might as well do it in style.
  2. The 2.7 should be in future ZR2s. The diesel and it's sub 200hp and meh torque has been a disappointment from the beginning.
  3. I don't doubt their thickness, but it's like a sliver of coverage with all that frame showing.
  4. They look skimpy. It's like the sexy 2 piece bikini version while the GM metal shields are the conservative one-piece. Some may scoff at the GM aluminum shields, but I'd wager it would take a serious hit to fail them. Honestly, well made plastic is pretty rough too. You should see some of the stress plastic water service lines to your house can take when pulled with a backhoe underground. I think I'll skip the BDS/Zone plate and fab my own or modify like you did.
  5. Does the factory splash shield work with any of the 4"+ lifts? I have the GM metal shields and I'd be sad to have to sell them. They are all the shield I'll need and that Zone shield looks thin and scrawny and out of place comparatively IMO.
  6. It's not the money, I just preferred to level it out without jacking it up and without wearing things out. It seems lifts include provisions to address the LCAs and stuff too. Meh. At this point, I'm leaning more towards trading it in on a ZR2 rather than trying to make it something its not.
  7. Any Superlift 3.5 users/info around that someone may have noticed? There are very few posts that turn up about it on Google or searching this site. Mostly, people just exclaim that it may be garbage like the RC 3.5, however, most of the RC 3.5 hate seems to be back when it was just a spacer kit. Seems RC responded and included UCAs and diff drop in a separate kit. Well, the Superlift 3.5 does the same giving UCAs and diff drop. Short of going full Zone 4.5, this seems like it should level and avoid balljoint/geometry issues but I can't be certain as I am still trying to learn what joints are hit the hardest by lifting and what CAN be done to correct it while still lifting. It's really a PITA trying to find a kit that just levels the damn truck out without eating up the fragile crap up front.
  8. I see it every once in awhile. It's most likely on a timed/pre-programmed schedule. Makes the lawyers at GM sleep better at night. Press OK and continue to stare at Google Maps while you drive
  9. I had a few similar concerns. I'm so used to the size of my 1500, that I would be afraid to give up the V8, the interior room, and the hauling/towing capability to pay more for a midsize. The size is also the problem with the 1500 though. I am not interested in carrying $500/mo over a rock garden, but I would like to hit some decent trails. The long wheelbase, width, and weight of the 1500 worry me. I'm the guy who parks in the back of the parking lot to avoid a door ding. I don't like the idea of a giant white scratch on my blue paint from some branch I couldn't fit by. With the ZR2, I feel like I wouldn't care much what happened to it within reason, knowing out of the gate that it's a purpose built trail rig. BDS is close to announcing their lift kit fitting 35s and keeping the DSSV shocks/"ZR2-ness". It kicks ass on any trail as is and that would put it proverbially over the top. It could haul the kids, tow what I need it to, drive me to work, and also crawl up a rock pile. .....but its a midsize! I'm a man! I'm (almost) 40! Quandary...
  10. Why not a Colorado ZR2?
  11. Hard to say. It should be #2 on this page, but it shows only the 2wd version. https://www.gmwholesaledirect.com/auto-parts/2016/chevrolet/silverado-1500/lt-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/bumper-and-components-front-scat
  12. Props. Ordered as soon as I saw your post. Shop around everyone, list prices vary at all the GM net suppliers. Adding your shipping zip will tell the true story.
  13. I haven't heard of website private offer pop-ups since 2016. Also, the GM card bonus usually pops up in Jan (it did again this year) and it's a paltry $500 (usually $1,500). This, combined with GMs recent sales and profit success tell me that maybe they've suspended doing privates and big bonuses since hipster dousche TV salesman are making them fly off the shelves.
  14. How long have you not claimed? I think they start pulling discounts at 7 years.
  15. GM College Rebate

    Usually a volume dealer/non-gouge dealer can beat the College Discount. The College discount is a percentage depending on vehicle but for something in the $35-40k range its usually only $1,500 bucks or so. Its more something to use at a gouge dealer that only shows crap like -$500 off vehicles on their websites. Here is an example of a non-gouge dealer in my area ( www.autonationchevroletarrowhead.com ), you'll see the "Autonation Savings" on vehicles is often way more than $1,500 or so. They won't let you stack a College Discount on those prices since they are likely already applying Employee Pricing discounts to everything to take that much off. For those that do think the College deal is a good discount or can get a dealer to stack it, but you DON'T go to College, all you need is an .edu email. Very easy to get. You don't even need to sign up for classes, just register at a college as an "interested party" or whatever. I know ASU allows this.

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