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  1. most online places are similar. i look for the place that is closest to me, has contact information (phone number), and has the lowest shipping costs. a lot of these places nail you with the shipping
  2. why? although the 10 speed in my truck is smooth, it seems like it is always shifting
  3. i wonder if the computer will not allow the reset function until the remaining % gets below a certain point
  4. same here. I cannot get it to reset. it does not reset like the manual says it should. I can select each sensor and turn off the monitor, but not reset it
  5. my new brake noise has been fixed. the noise was indeed the tangs of the new pads grinding on the retention/holding clips in the calipers. the noise was actually coming from all 4.
  6. I know the brake squeal is a rampant problem, my truck included. I have had the brake pads recently replaced. I do not have any new squeal (yet), but I do have a weird noise coming from the rear brakes. Every time I apply the brakes, I hear it. Even my kids do. Hard to describe, but what I think it may be is the pads "grinding" on the retention clips. Has anyone experienced something like this? Has anyone take the new pads out and greased the backs, the guide pins, and the clips? thanks
  7. that area would be super hard to get to by PDR, but they may be able to do it. If not, the upper gate is available and it is not very expensive, $300ish. then paint
  8. My rear window continues to leak after the dealer said they fixed it. I don't believe they actually touched it, there is 0 evidence of them doing anything back there (unless the technician was 100% perfectly meticulous, doubt it, most techs are hacks). anyway, is there a new or updated TSB to address the leaky window? thanks
  9. seems like a water issue on the switch. get that fixed before the winter comes
  10. just had mine replaced a couple of weeks ago with the new updated shaft #. so far, so good. I have heard there is another new one coming out though?? not sure
  11. it it is anything like the AMP step strip, which I bet it is, take the board end cap(s) off and the strip should slide out. The strip on the AMP slides in a groove
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