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  1. thanks. hard to tell on the front, how much up did you trim? I just looked at the extended GMC mudflaps I ordered. They are a 2 piece design. the front portion is held on by multiple plastic rivets. removing the plastic rivets allows the front piece to be removed and appears will eliminate any need for trimming
  2. can you post pics of your trimming. i have the same size wheels and tires now. so far seems like i only have rubbing on the liners. i am going to tackle this today thanks
  3. and a chevrolet grille will not fit on a GMC
  4. i wonder if this is the new update that is supposed to be over the air that seems like nobody has gotten yet
  5. i agree. I sold my mega cab to my brother-in-law and bought the '20 GMC. the actual seating room is bigger in the GMC, but the mega cab back seat reclines and has storage behind it. the kids liked the reclining seat and the storage was nice
  6. makes sense, but my passenger side closes significantly faster
  7. putting new wheels on the truck soon. i need to get lug nuts. i want to make sure I get them long enough, but not too long. don't want them sticking way out of the lug hole bores. how long are the wheel studs? thx
  8. i think there is a way to "reset" them. look in the manual my driver side one is considerably slower than the passenger. I will have them look at it at the first oil change
  9. they are. I asked another member to measure, he said they are about 90". Amp has an 85" board. I may end up getting those. I don't understand why they come with the 79" boards if the longer ones fit
  10. OP... Can you do me a favor? can you measure the length of your power step board? thanks
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