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  1. Now that some of you guys have '19s, how are the interiors? how are they holding up? are they filled with plastic like the previous generation? Do they creak, rattle, make noises? I have an '18 Denali with 6000 miles on it that I bought brand new in June. The dash and console rattle like crazy, more so when cold. It is all the plastic pieces. It drives me crazy, so much so I am ready to buy a new truck. My dad's '12 Ram 3500 has no rattles. I really like the new Chevy design and can't wait to see the HD trucks. However, if the interiors are similar to the "old" generation, I will not be buying a GM again. Thanks for the info
  2. ReadyLift UCA's

    where did you end up getting them? price?? did you have to "chase" the knuckle for the ball joint stud as mentioned in the install instructions? how about the frame pocket bump stop, did you cut that off? thanks
  3. I have an '18 with 5800 miles. dash and center console rattle like crazy, more so when cold. the interior is dated, same as in 2015. I hate the keyed ignition. had a Ford and a Ram with push button start, proximity sensors, and sensors in the handles that would open and lock the doors with touch. I really miss those. I have only had my truck since June, I am already looking at new ones. Gonna wait until the 2020 HDs are out. If I were you, I would really look at the '19 again.
  4. ReadyLift UCA's

    thanks for the pic. the leading arm is much straighter to the ball joint than the Readylift. I think my rubbing issue will be resolved with those
  5. ReadyLift UCA's

    by the looks of the cognito, it appears my rubbing issue will be resolved. i am going to buy them i will sell my Readylift arms cheap (1/2 off new). they have about 2500 miles on them
  6. ReadyLift UCA's

    what size tires are you running stock? stock wheels with +27? offset? no rubbing? I have the Readylift UCA with the stock tires, 285/45-22 and stock +24 offset wheels, the tires barely rubbed at full lock. I welded a steering stop to the LCA on both sides, then had about 1/4" clearance at full lock. I then installed new wheels and tires, 18x9 +18 offset with a 285/65-18. By calculation, I should have had an additional 1/4" clearance, but the new tires actually rub WORSE. The tires are obviously wider than the factory 285. I am very curious if the Cognito arms will give me more clearance. Looking at the geometry between the 2 arms, they look like they have a straighter front arm angle and would allow for more clearance. Can you please post up pics of the front of the arms with the wheels turned to full lock? Thanks
  7. HC pearl

    Nice How is the interior? Meaning, is there less plastic than the previous generation? Does it seem more solid? I have an '18 with 5,000 miles on it and the plastic rattles like crazy, mainly from the center console and the seat trim/vinyl squeaks. My '15 was the same. I hope the new interior is better
  8. ReadyLift UCA's

    are you going to run stock wheels with those? If so, please post up pics of clearance at full lock I talked to them about clearance compared to the Readylift, and they thought their arms would have the tire rubbing more than the Readylift. thanks
  9. +25 offset would pull wheels in more, making caliper clearance worse
  10. with the push button start, does the fob work as a proximity sensor? meaning, if you get close to the truck with the fob, do the doors automatically unlock? can you leave the truck running and lock the doors and walk away? those are features I miss from my Ford and Ram
  11. 285 or 275??

    i got the tires yesterday. went with the Duratrac 285/65-18 E. I mounted them on 18x9 +18 offset wheels. The spec at 32.8"x11.2". IMO they look great. just the look I was after. The ride is so much better than the 22s. Feels like there is actually some cushion between the road and truck. Running 40 psi. Put about 150 miles on them yesterday. slightly louder than the factory tires, but still very quite. Had the truck up to 85mph on the highway, rode pretty smooth. my only gripe is they slightly rub the Readylift UCA at full lock. the wheel offset is less and I have an bigger steering stop welded on the LCA. I though for sure they would not rub the arm. my 285 stocks, after the steering stop addition were a good 1/4" from rubbing at lock
  12. ReadyLift UCA's

    i have this kit. I have had it since June. 3500 miles. no issues. my stock 285/45-22s on stock 22s with +24 offset just barely rub the control arm at full lock. (readylift told me they would). other than that, no issues with the control arms
  13. 285 or 275??

    i am pretty sure I am going to go with the Duratrac in the 285. It seems to be nearly as tall as the BFG in the 275. Every tire shop in my area suggests it over the BFG for our weather. The next question is: go with a "D" or "E" load range? These are going on a 1/2 ton that came with stock 22s and 45 profile tires, so the ride with those sucked. the 18" wheel should make a much better ride. wonder if I will notice any difference between a D or E tire?
  14. 285 or 275??

    i have the same level with their UCAs. My stocks were rubbing the UCA at full lock, both sides. I added/welded the steering stops from the BDS and Zone kits to the LCA steering stops and now have no rubbing with the factory set up. I imagine the 275 would not rub anywhere because it is only 1/2" bigger on each side, but slightly narrower
  15. 285 or 275??

    thanks for the replies guys. I am specifically looking at KO2s and Duratracs i know it is splitting hairs. taller/wider 275 will have the exact same stance at the fender as I have now due to the fact the wheels I am going with have 1/4" less offset. 285's will be out a 1/4" more. 275s are cheaper, slightly. duratracs come in a D load range, the other sizes are E. speedo will read slow with the 275, I suspect the 285 will make it dead on (currently reads about 1mph fast at 60mph) 275s are stocked locally in both tires, 285s are a couple days out

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