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  1. ReadyLift UCA's

    i have this kit. I have had it since June. 3500 miles. no issues. my stock 285/45-22s on stock 22s with +24 offset just barely rub the control arm at full lock. (readylift told me they would). other than that, no issues with the control arms
  2. 285 or 275??

    i am pretty sure I am going to go with the Duratrac in the 285. It seems to be nearly as tall as the BFG in the 275. Every tire shop in my area suggests it over the BFG for our weather. The next question is: go with a "D" or "E" load range? These are going on a 1/2 ton that came with stock 22s and 45 profile tires, so the ride with those sucked. the 18" wheel should make a much better ride. wonder if I will notice any difference between a D or E tire?
  3. 285 or 275??

    i have the same level with their UCAs. My stocks were rubbing the UCA at full lock, both sides. I added/welded the steering stops from the BDS and Zone kits to the LCA steering stops and now have no rubbing with the factory set up. I imagine the 275 would not rub anywhere because it is only 1/2" bigger on each side, but slightly narrower
  4. 285 or 275??

    thanks for the replies guys. I am specifically looking at KO2s and Duratracs i know it is splitting hairs. taller/wider 275 will have the exact same stance at the fender as I have now due to the fact the wheels I am going with have 1/4" less offset. 285's will be out a 1/4" more. 275s are cheaper, slightly. duratracs come in a D load range, the other sizes are E. speedo will read slow with the 275, I suspect the 285 will make it dead on (currently reads about 1mph fast at 60mph) 275s are stocked locally in both tires, 285s are a couple days out
  5. looking for suggestions. I am getting new wheels and tires. going from the 22s and 285/44-22 down to an 18" wheel. debating between 2 sizes: 285/65-18 (32.6x11.5) and 275/70-18 (33.2x11.2). help me choose! going on a leveled 1/2 ton Denali Thanks
  6. Tires

    look at them on tirerack or goodyear website. I am looking at a set right now. 285/65-18 have 2 different models, one load D the other E
  7. the silverado looks much better than the sierra now
  8. I guess I should have read through the thread all the way. I have the 6.2, 8 speed. Sounds like my pedal is perfectly normal. thanks guys
  9. ^^ this. it is a detent that has to be pushed by. it seems like it is a significant sticking point. the accelerator returns normally
  10. did you install new sensors, or just reprogram your originals? I am looking to get another set of sensors to put in my aftermarket wheels. it would be super convenient if I could just use a TPMS tool and reprogram based on which set of wheels I have on the truck
  11. Yesterday when depressing the accelerator to full throttle to pass, the pedal seemed to "stick" before the last 1/2" of travel. I pushed it several times, and each time there is this noticeable spot where it "sticks." it is almost like there is a "detent" in the range, designed to be there and keep the accelerator from going to full throttle unless really intended to. When I got home, I checked it out with the truck off, and it is there pushing it by hand. Does any body else's truck do this? Is this an intentional design in the accelerator? (yes, I have done the shim mod) Thnaks
  12. those are 285/55 (34.37" tall) and not 285/50 (33.27" tall)???
  13. what size are those stock tires?
  14. this size tire sucks. there is a very limited supply. the only one I have found that may work for you is the nitto terra grappler g2. i am in a similar situation. i am looking at 20" wheels for the simple fact there are many more tires to choose from
  15. it's all good. everyone has opinions. i like chrome/polished. also like black/machined. i don't really care for all black.

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