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  1. update: flares did not show up yesterday. after 2 calls today I was finally told they are available, but the are on a LPO hold with no estimated ETA. Basically they are holding all painted flares in order to put them on new trucks. the only ones available are carbon black and cajon red tintcoat. both of which, i believe, are discontinued colors for next year
  2. i have heard there is an update for the infotainment that fixes the blank screen issue
  3. sounds like there may have been a bad batch of batteries. I have seen this situation on multiple forums. for the screen, i understand there is an update that seems to fix the issue
  4. keys are keys, some are indexed different. some are forged, some are cast. one company's are adjustable. UCAs are all over the place. Many are great quality. many have easily replaceable ball joints. I would stay away from pressed in ball joints. Shocks, I feel, are where the major differences are. IMO the shocks make the most difference (as long as the UCA is addressed. I am undecided on shocks. I will probably just go with Fox 2.0. They are fine for my intended purposes. I have had custom valved Kings, custom valved Fox 2.0 resi, custom Fox 2.0, Bilsteins, etc... The best street riding shock was the Fox 2.0 Resi
  5. i didn't call them. I am kind of stuck right now since I paid for them at the local dealer. If they don't show up on Wednesday, I will get more clarity and see if they are actually available. if not, i will get a refund and call Fresno
  6. i have the base Readylift kit and Cognito UCAs in the garage waiting to go on. I spent several weeks looking at the various kits, components, pricing, etc... I went this route because the RL is the most complete kit for the price. I went with Cognito's tubular arms because they provide more bump stop clearance without cutting off the bump stop like their boxed arms. I looked at most other manufactures that have boxed arms. Most seem to limit travel without cutting the stop off. I don't like those new Readylift arms because the ball joint is pressed in. not easily replaced i will be upgrading shocks, just don't know to what yet. I also want to get this kit on and see where the heights end up at. I have both 1 and 2" blocks for the rear, so depending on which one I go with, will determine the shock I need
  7. i think with that offset, you will need to trim some. i am having the same debate now. 20s with 0 offset and a 295/65 or 285/65, or 18s with a 305/70 or 285/75. i can't find a 20" wheel that I like in +18-20 offset, only 0. The 18" wheel I like only comes in a +18 offset
  8. good thought. however, I doubt $2800 into an investment account will make enough money to cover a transmission failure or the costs if there are multiple failures.
  9. I can't get a straight answer... accessories website does not show them anymore. local dealer says they are available, I placed order on saturday. I was not convinced they are available, but the guy said they were today I call another local dealer to see if they have them in stock. No, and he also says they are "red flagged" by GM with no ETA of availability So, I call the dealer that I ordered them from on Saturday. Talk to another parts guy, He says they are available, and they should receive them on Wednesday
  10. is the clunk coming from the front? driver side? can you tell? could be from the ball joints or really any part of the steering. have you done anything to the suspension other than turn the torsion bar adjusters? it seems like all the greaseable joints come from the factory pretty dry. BTW, are you in Lake Tahoe?
  11. do new sensors have to be programmed to the truck? if so, how is it done? It would be nice to leave the originals in the original wheel/tire set-up and then have a second set in new wheels and tires
  12. what fox 2.0 shocks did you get? part numbers? thanks
  13. looks great. what size is their kit?
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