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  1. I know the brake squeal is a rampant problem, my truck included. I have had the brake pads recently replaced. I do not have any new squeal (yet), but I do have a weird noise coming from the rear brakes. Every time I apply the brakes, I hear it. Even my kids do. Hard to describe, but what I think it may be is the pads "grinding" on the retention clips. Has anyone experienced something like this? Has anyone take the new pads out and greased the backs, the guide pins, and the clips? thanks
  2. that area would be super hard to get to by PDR, but they may be able to do it. If not, the upper gate is available and it is not very expensive, $300ish. then paint
  3. My rear window continues to leak after the dealer said they fixed it. I don't believe they actually touched it, there is 0 evidence of them doing anything back there (unless the technician was 100% perfectly meticulous, doubt it, most techs are hacks). anyway, is there a new or updated TSB to address the leaky window? thanks
  4. seems like a water issue on the switch. get that fixed before the winter comes
  5. just had mine replaced a couple of weeks ago with the new updated shaft #. so far, so good. I have heard there is another new one coming out though?? not sure
  6. it it is anything like the AMP step strip, which I bet it is, take the board end cap(s) off and the strip should slide out. The strip on the AMP slides in a groove
  7. bed them in really good. do several hard stops from at least 50mph or above. don't follow the "take it easy for the first 250 miles" bs. i had mine replaced a couple weeks ago. so far so good, and they actually bite better than the original pads. i bed them in like above
  8. nice. quick question, do the kryptonite tie rods still mount to the bottom of the knuckle or did they move to the top? thanks
  9. the only thing the diesel has over the gas in the longevity department is the engine itself. everything else bolted to it is does not live longer than gas components. In fact, most components attached to the diesel engine will fail long before the gas parts. IE,... injectors, emissions related components, fuel filters, etc... the 10 speed tranny is unproven, the 6 speed is.... at resale, yes the Duramax will bring more value. but you also pay nearly $10K up front for it. I just did a quick KBB comparison of trade values for my truck with Duramax, vs gas 6.6. The trade and retail pr
  10. I have a '20 Denali/Duramax. I would 100% go with the gas AT4. For what you tow and the frequency, the diesel is just not worth it. Despite what CRApex says about emission issues, they are not few and far between. They are actually quite common. Also you could potentially have all the fuel related issues as well. For me, I am over diesel. My towing needs don't warrant it.
  11. i just had the shaft replaced in my truck with the new part number posted above. shaft has a label on it that clearly shows the number. so far, so good. time will tell
  12. it has lane departure warning, seat will vibrate, but not assist. unless your truck is victim to the chip issue and they removed that feature. on the dash buttons, center cluster, there is a little button with icon that looks like a vehicle going out of the lane; that is the lane keep alert button. adaptive cruise control is not on the HD trucks, only the 1/2 tons
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