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  1. have you noticed any change in operation? are they faster? mine goes in next week for service and the update
  2. if you just turn up the keys you reduce the available travel of the shocks, and more than likely create a top out condition. makes the ride harsh. cranking keys also changes the angle of the UCA ball joint. the new angle can cause ball joint failure. more likely to happen on 1/2 ton trucks because the ball joints are much weaker. I just saw this the other day. UCA ball joint failed, ended up destroying the UCA, LCA, ripped the cv axle out from the diff, tore all the abs and brake lines. so to do it properly, you should get longer shocks (not a fan of shock extensions) and get new UCA's that address ball joint angle. also, some say a diff drop kit is needed. I am on the fence about this one. i had one on my 2020, but not on my current 2022. no issues yet. a diff drop does not do anything to address the tie rod angles. i feel the tie rod joint angles are more of a concern than the angle of the cv axles (within reason)
  3. figured it out. i was able to access the wire/window plugs through the seat belt covers. the passenger side looked fine. the driver's side was not even connected. it was still taped up to the wiring harness. i plugged it in and the defroster seems to be working now. i took my test light and there is power at the plug on the driver side, but not at the passenger side though. thoughts on that?? the defroster seems to be working on that side. when i fog it up with my breath, it dissipates around the heating bars quickly
  4. Had the first opportunity to need the rear window defrost today. It seems to not be working. The heated outside mirrors work and I know the defroster is on the same circuit and uses the same button. any ideas? thanks
  5. did you do anything else besides the cognito uca and keys?
  6. Yesterday, I noticed the speed sign readout was not reading. Because of that I noticed the navigation was not working as well. It had the truck located on the other side of town. Went through all the settings and everything looks to be where it should be. The system recognizes and reads the SD card, ejects it properly, and reloads it. Thoughts?
  7. i am waiting on the parking sensor retrofit. anyone heard anything about that?
  8. this is garbage. the service department and the tech who did this should be ashamed of themselves
  9. gm puts all the HD trucks alignment cams in the exact same spot. they have plastic retainers in them that only have one position that goes over the guide pin. your toe must be off. that is adjusted at the tie rods and will also adjust your steering wheel. this ideally needs to be done on the alignment rack. take it in
  10. Did your dealer follow the bulletin 22-NA-169 (released 8/15/22) and update the software?
  11. i have a hunch the dealers are misleading both of you. the bulletin just came out recently. unless your truck rolled off the assembly line fairly recently, i doubt it has the latest bulletin software update. i will have mine updated when i take my truck in for its first service
  12. i will have to measure. for some reason my spare is the 275/70-18, but my factory tires are 275/65-20, about an inch difference??
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