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  1. Boost. It's an older one. it actually appears they have discontinued the specific size needed
  2. These will be going on my summit white denali. I think contrast cut looks the best. I am just not too keen on the offset (0) of the BMFs. I works, but I would prefer a more positive. My dad has Fuel wheels on his truck and 1 of them just failed. It has developed little micro holes on the inside and doesn't hold air. Luckily he caught it before he had a catastrophic failure
  3. looking for new wheels. I currently have BMF polished paybacks, not really digging them. looking to go black. here are the 2 choices. which ones?
  4. once again looking for new tires. I am curious what you folks have experienced in ride quality, load range E vs F?? I understand the differences between load range and load index. given all things being equal, is there a noticeable difference between the ride of an E and F? thanks
  5. my speedo is dead accurate after going to 295/65-20s from the stock 275s. GM was getting less warranty coverage with stock tires I had the dealer lower the TPMS psi thresholds on my truck. no questions asked. so people say you can recalibrate the sensors with the cheap Amazon TPMS tool. I don't buy it. the thresholds are programmed in the truck computer. the cheap amazon tool just relearns the sensor location after a tire rotation
  6. just turned 7K. noticed my brakes starting to squeak at slow speeds. I have heard the new pads on the TSB have been revised again... any truth to this?
  7. are you running stock UCAs or a set of Cognitos? I believe with stock UCAs there is plenty of clearance. On the Cognitos, the issue is the ball joint pocket ends up being very close to a stock sized tire.
  8. i love diesels and the duramax. however, all the issues with them has me looking to go back to gas. the emission issues are ridiculous. I don't understand after all these years of using DEF and having the systems they have, how there are still issues. The wiring shorting out because the DEF heater is drawing too much current is obsurd. Come on GM engineers. My RAMs with DEF never had any issues. I only tow 7500#s occasionally. Next truck will be gas
  9. this post was from 2.5 years ago. i am sure there are more tires available now
  10. did nothing to mine. went from the factory 275/65-20s to 295/65-20s. 1" bigger. my speedo is dead accurate now according to GPS and roadside radar. with factory tires my speedo was reading fast. GM was getting out of warranty faster than they should have
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