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  1. I purchased a new (dealer demo with 2,300 miles)2019 Suburban this past December. I didn’t really notice the paint job on the back hatch and around passenger taillight until after giving her 1st paint sealant. Part of me is wondering if this in fact the factory paint job that has imperfections or did the dealer have damage to it before and fixed it before they sold it. The Carfax from the dealer shows no reports of damage/repair. Pictures are for second opinions. Thanks!
  2. Just want to say hello as a new 2019 Suburban LS owner. I’ve been a member here as a previous 2016 GMC Sierra owner but stopped visiting after I traded it in for something else. My Suburban was a dealer demo, only had 2200 miles on it. I must say PLENTY of room!
  3. Well I appreciate everyone's response so far, I still haven't made a decision. I lost out on some of the great incentives through May, so now I'm not sure what I'll do. I don't know when the next big incentives will be offered either as I'm not that in on GM ways.
  4. I get it, everyone is entitled to their opinion on products. And I only offered up a response based on your original comment. I'm only interested in knowing from current Silverado/Sierra owners with exterior color red how it is holding up regarding fade, especially those that are parked outside in the sun. But thanks for your feedback on how to maintain a new-like appearance longer.
  5. Well I didn't realize you wanted to get technical when I used the word "wax". I've used Wolfgang products for years and have clay barred my truck. And, to be clear, it wasn't "waxed" twice a year, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant and have also used the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic coating on my more recent car. But what do I know, I don't own a detailing company...
  6. That is a nice looking truck! The red on the '17 Silverado Red Hot looks more red than crimson like yours.
  7. I'm going to disagree here because I'm OCD and kept my previous red Tacoma clean, only hand washed, never an automatic car wash, and waxed twice a year. Age and constant sun while parked at work will eventually do it, my post is in reference to Silverado's/Sierra's red fading reviews from those that have them.
  8. I missed out on the great incentives on the 2018 Silverado that ended yesterday, but the dealer has some 2017's left and are discounting them heavily to move them. They have two of the Red Hot in color, but I"m curious how the red holds up regarding fade over the years. I had a 2010 Tacoma that was red and when I traded it in January 2017 I could see slight fade in it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. I''m looking at the 2018 Silverado LT, and my dealer has one with the 4.6 (V6) and 5.3 (V8). I'm also not sure which speed transmission comes with each, so any insight as to which direction I should lean would be greatly appreciated. I'm not planning on towing much/if any with the truck, and if I did it would be a small trailer. I'm also curious to hear what everyone has to share regarding gas mileage on both. Thanks!
  10. Pardon my lack of knowledge, but is there a place to see what each incentive means? I don’t quite know what “lease loyalty “ means.
  11. While I'll assume that there is a logical explanation, I don't see why a used truck a couple of years old could cost more than a brand new truck of the same model, engine, etc. I get the rebates/incentives offered on a new truck, but it then makes you wonder why would someone buy a truck when those are not being offered?
  12. Man that is some good prices...much better than the dealerships near me! My whole reasoning for going used was thinking I'd get a better price and the fact if it was used I wouldn't mind it as much if I treated as a truck rather than a new one, I'd want to treat it new forever.
  13. Thanks for the replies. My '16 Sierra 1500 SLE was brand new when I bought it in Jan. 2017. It was 2WD, Double Cab, white. It was MSRP'd at $44K, and I paid right under $32K which to me was a great deal. My thought was to find a used 2016 or so Silverado 1500 LT with low miles and to do an even trade with my current vehicle of 2018 Accord EX, less than 2300 miles on it and 5 months old. The used Chevy's I'm looking at were titled as corporate lease which I believe were used as demos at the dealership they are for sale at.
  14. I purchased a new '16 Sierra DC SLE in January '17. Had it 8 months, loved the truck but didn't use it as a truck so traded it for a car. Now having truck withdrawals and began looking at a '16 Silverado LT. When I bought my Sierra, it was rebated from $44K to $31K. The Silverado's I'm looking at are dealer demos and was wondering if I could find out if the trucks also had rebates when new and therefore could know that going in to help get a better price for them. Right now they are asking more for them than what I paid for my brand new '16 Sierra, so I know they can't be worth more than that, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. As an update, I used the chat option on the GMC website and requested a build sheet for my 2016 Sierra and they emailed it to me with no problem.
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