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  1. CamGTP you were right. It was a bushing. Lubed them all so no more noise.
  2. I was wondering about that too. I felt of them as the noise occurred but felt nothing. I'll just take it in to the shop.
  3. 2011 Sierra, 5.3, 4x4. I started noticing a noise when I drive over uneven ground. I thought it was coming from the front end, but my hearing is not good so I don't know. Then yesterday I let the tailgate down and sat on it. I noticed the noise....a rubbing sound from underneath the truck. I bounced it up and down and could hear it with every move up and down - like a rubbing noise or squeak, over and over with each bounce. Any suggestions as to what this could be?
  4. diyer2, yes, you just may be right. I just checked with my independent mechanic. To pull the pan and clean the screen is $450. Ugh. He said GM says its ok at 6psi per thousand rpms......which I, and he, thinks is way way too low. He said my psi was well within specs and wouldn't worry about it; but if I wanted to pursue it being that sometimes it idles at 21 and other times 30 he leaned toward replacing the oil pump. What flush would you recommend?
  5. I would think sludge would drain out when you change oil & filter.....I don't know for sure though, I'm not a mechanic. I'll check in to this at an independent shop vs the dealer.
  6. richard wysong, by cleaning the screen I think you are referring to a oil pick up tube screen in the oil pan, right? What you said makes sense.....if sludge falls off back into the oil at engine shut down the whole thing starts over again. If thats the case, changing that screen and cleaning the oil pan makes sense. I think I'll have this done at my next oil change. It shouldn't be too expensive should it ?
  7. I recently had the same issue. Going to the lake at highway speed I was getting 21-22 psi at 60mph. Coming home the check engine light came on. Dealer said oil sensor code. So I put oil sensor in. Then the highway speed oil pressure went up to 30, no more; idle psi 21-22. A member on this site said he'd had the same issue years ago, changed oil & filter and solved his issue. I was really worried and was about 1000 miles from needing the dealer to change oil again. So I took his advice and gave it a try. I bought Mobil 1 and good quality synthetic oil filter and put it on myself. Highway speed oil pressure is now 40. Idle psi is sometimes 30 and sometimes 22..........which I do NOT understand. Why would psi vary at idle speed? Anyway, just changing the oil & filter got me back to 40 psi. I don't get it; makes no sense to me but it worked for me. My idle psi varying from 22 - 30 though I still don't understand.
  8. Agree with let a good auto body shop look at it. You won't want to go from now on with that whistling
  9. Richard Wysong, I agree with you, something still not right. UPDATE: I was bouncing this off another friend in Canada. He had the same thing happen. He changed oil, using the same synthetic he'd been using but went with a higher grade oil filter than he'd been using. He felt that the better quality oil filter made the difference. His oil pressure went from 30 (highway) to 45 and 30 at idle. It didn't make any sense to me; but I decided I'd try that. I put in Mobil-1 (the high mileage) 5w-30 and a Fram Ultra Senthetic filter. To my surprise my highway speed is now 40-42 whereas it had been 28-30. At idle pressure is now 30 whereas it had been 21. I don't understand it but its fine now.
  10. Richard wysong, an independent garage scanned it and put on a new oil switch. [ I assume oil switch and oil sensor is the same thing ]. The check engine light is now OFF. He said the screen was NOT sludgy. I didn't think to ask if he used a GM switch. I know he uses NAPA stuff often, as do most mechanics around here. Yesterday I drove about 90 miles round trip at highway speed. At startup cold it was around 40 at 1100rpm. At highway speed it was about 30 at 1600rpm (65-70mph). This morning I decided to check it while I made the coffee. Air temp is 41 (if that makes any difference). At start up from cold @ about 1100 rpm gauge read 42. Then after the engine throttled down from start up speed to idle speed, with idle @ 700 rpm its 40. Poured a cup of coffee, waited 5 mins and checked again (engine still warming up). At idle its 30. Went out 5 mins later. Idle speed 700, oil gauge 28. After 15 mins engine is warmed up, idle 700rpm, gauge 22. I ran rpms up to around 1600 and hold there the gauge reads 30. So...I'm idling at 22 OP and highway speed about 30 on the oil gauge. Is this enough?? Is 30 normal??. What do you think ? I'll perform this again later in the morning after the engine cools down so I get a fresh start again. I'll drive it and check it again.
  11. dna9656, thank you. I have it at an independent mechanic I know (and trust) right now. Yes, I know $350 was way too much, but that's what dealerships are like. Its at my mechanic's shop now. When I drove it the 6 miles to that shop, the oil gauge was started off showing just shy of 40 for the first mile and half. Then started dropping; the rest of that 6 mile drive was 28-30 psi at 1600 rpm. Two days earlier it had been running 21-22 at 2000rpm. So, maybe the o-rings, or sensor going bad and fluctuating, or the screen is partially clogged resulting in various readings. Maybe oil pump is going bad. Time will tell I suppose
  12. Thanks Richard Wysong. I think the service dept guy was giving me a worse case scenario. I'm taking it to an independent I trust. Like you, I don't think its that severe either. Probably, like you said, Orings or partly stopped up screen at the sensor. I'll see soon. Thanks
  13. 2011 Sierra 4x4, 5.3 engine. I bought from a dealer, used with 95k miles 2 yrs ago. Dealer has been doing regular oil changes with Dexos synthetic. No problems. Now at 140,000 miles. Yesterday I notice oil gauge showing 21-22 psi at 2000 rpms. I thought that seemed low. At 3000 rpms it read about 27-28. Later that day started the engine again and this time the check engine light came on. Drove 50 miles to a dealer and they said the scanner read "oil sensor, oil pressure , maintenance. They said they'd start with the oil sensor, cost $350. If that didn't work they'd proceed up the ladder to oil pump, if that didn't solve it then internal engine issue -- piston and rings replacement. Is this a known issue with the 5.3? Is it likely that its just the oil sensor or maybe sludge causing a clogged oil sensor screen??
  14. I have 2011 Sierra, 5.3, 4x4, 140k miles, dealer oil changes with GM Dexos synthetic oil. Noticed oil gauge reading 21-22 psi at 2000 rpms. A few hours later got back in truck and the same thing, plus the check engine light came on. Drove 50 miles to a dealer. I don't know the codes but they said "oil sensor, oil pressure, maintenance". They also said the oil sensor is where they start, at a price of $350. Then they go on further if that doesn't solve the issue, including up to pistons and rings.
  15. I do not know of a compensation but that means nothing......there could be one. I'll say this though, read below. I bought a new 96 GMC. Within a few weeks it started having a chirping engine sound when you started from a dead stop. Every GMC dealer I took it to said it was nothing or it was normal. Their body language told me different. So, I went to Chevrolet dealers and two independent mechanics. All the Chevy dealers and independents told me its a low end knock. Translate: bad engine. I documented all this typed it all up (5 pages) and then called GM customer service line. The fact I had it all documented WHO I talked to, dates & time, and that there was such a descrepancy between GM and Chev dealers got their attention. I got a nice young guy on the phone who confirmed Yes, they have had that problem with some engines. I specified that every single GMC dealer said it was normal, but every Chevy dealer and the independents said No Way. Bottom line: They called me back a few days later and told me to take it back to the dealer I bought it from; they would be in contact with them and I got all my money back minus $500 for the mileage I had put on it -- which was completely fair. GM still has that customer service line to call, I would probably start there AFTER I had checked with a couple of dealers to see what they say (both GMC and Chevy dealers). Thats what I did and it all worked out. But, yours is 13 years old, so I don't know. I think its well worth the effort to call them. https://www.complaintsdepartment.com/gmc/ https://www.gmc.com/contact-us 1-800-462-8782 .
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