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    Trying to keep up on the updating of my rigs. Grew up working on cars and now my age limits me. Love my Silverado's. Wish I could find another to buy.
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  1. So are there any shots of the new GMC Sierra out there? Looking at special ordering one but would like to see what it will look like first. Torn between 21 or 22.
  2. I also want to see pics of the 22s as i want to special order my specific options and my retirement truck as well to travel with. Torn to get a 21 but want to see the 22s before i punch in order.
  3. I remember the old days when I was a kid there was a Dodge with push buttons to shift the car. Now we are headed back to it. Bottom line as long as things work properly i don't think the new style will be that bad. Just have to get use to it. I thinking of getting a 2022 Silverado or Sierra but need to see the pics of what outside and inside look like. I want a specific build. Hope i can get pics of the 22s look before cutoff special build date. I am not a techy type but have to learn to keep up with the times. Just got my 1st NON flip phone. lol
  4. Hello all. So looking for a new 1500 Silverado or GMC Sierra (SORRY) Where can i find what they call special exterior colors? I want to get a Brown exterior with the brownish interior. Looking like RST or Elevation that have buckets and full floor console. Sierra doesn't offer the brown interior only black. Any way to get that worked in with special order or basically stick with Silverado. Anyone got a look at the 2022 models yet what they look like in and out? Want to buy my retirement traveling truck.
  5. Have great heat, no smell of coolant. Just never noticed the water dripping before. So all normal then?
  6. Hello all need some help. Today water started dripping on passenger side out of a hose under the condenser as well as seeing the condenser very moist on top. So does not feel like antifreeze. With this said is my condenser going to crap or heater core maybe? Vehicle is a 2006 Silverado, 5.3, 85K miles on it. Need help please. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am looking at special ordering a truck that doesn't seem to be on the lots or expect to be in the ordering scheme of the dealers around my area. Double Cab, Oxford brown with buckets. Question is when should i place the order? Wait for a little bit or pull the trigger now? Any suggestions on ordering? I have also seen "other" as colors listed when searching for a truck and no pics. Is there an area where GM has some special unique colors available for exterior? So special order why does 2021 silverado have interior color gideon dark atmosphere and 2021GMC dark walnut (SAME COLOR) not available. Same truck body and seat or am i mistaken? Looking at GMC Sierra Elevation with the buckets but they offer only BLACK? WTH?? Thank you.
  8. Okay all. Looking at trading in my 2006 Silverado for a new 2021 Double cab truck. With this said what is the comparison of the 3.0 diesel and 5.3? Do mostly in town driving at the moment. Retiring in 3 months and may be cruising the USA. Below is the truck i am looking at getting. Plan on placing a canoy/topper on the back so will that hurt the regular 4x4 stance and squat it a little. Let me know thoughts. Should i wait a while or special order now???? 2021 Silverado Double cab. 5.3 or 3.0 engine 8 speed tranny 4x4 full floor console and buckets Bose Oxford Brown Exterior Gideon/­Very Dark Atmosphere, Cloth seat trim ALL STAR EDITION PLUS CONVENIENCE PACKAGE II SAFETY PACKAGE BED PROTECTION PACKAGE CONVENIENCE PACKAGE WITH BUCKET SEATS Nerf bars, Splash guards, floor liner all weather. 2021 Silverado 1500.pdf
  9. so what is the best site to search fro a new 2020 / 2021 Silverado 1500 double cab rig that seats 5 with buckets and a full floor console. Cars.com Autotrader.com Any others that have a good amount of vehicles to review? Thanks.
  10. Was the rig on the lot? I am being told that you have to take delivery by Dec 31 to get Employee Pricing. So if you can't find the rig of your dreams and have to order you get the pricing at the time of delivery. Which sucks.
  11. i am in the market for a new truck. Looking at 2022 to see the redesign. Dont really like the 2019/21 look. Wish i have pics if any out there yet for the lok on the Silverado or Sierra 1500 double cab.
  12. For sure keep the keyed ignition and column shifter. As mentioned previously i like the front center console with buckets.
  13. Hello all: My 06 ext cab tow hitch plug area in now damaged. With this said what year on used/clunker trucks can i search for to get another one that is not all beat up? Junk yard jumping time ? What to measure if off truck and what to look for when looking over the hitch. Are new ones built tough and strong now days or better to find one one a truck already? How to tell if OEM installed if there is such a thing? Did i post in the correct area? Thanks.
  14. Cant stand the way the new Silverado's look - tail lights front end etc. GMC Sierra the headlights set back so for looks like a Doge from the past. Hope the new design 2022 looks better.
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