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  1. and you lost me after you can rip etc etc etc as i said i no tech savvy that y i wanted to get the CD setup. ☺
  2. Thank you for that iput. Guess i will look for a new truck and get up with the times per say. Just dont want to buy then not able to get it figured out. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you. So where can i go to build a 2020 1500? or best website to look for 2018 rigs if i want to stay that route with cd?
  4. Hello all: I am inquiring if GM is going to have a 2020 LD truck like the 2019 rigs? I am older and play CDs in my older rigs and want to get a newer rig but all those aps to listen to music is confusing to me. So i need a rig with the CD player like the earlier year trucks. Wanting to buy a 2020 Silverado or Sierra for my retirement rig. Anyone know by chance? Been looking for that perfect 2018 but not run across it yet. Yeah i am picky ☺
  5. well that sucks how can my short wife drive the Silverado without adjustable pedals and telescoping wheel? Guess she wont.
  6. GMGAUGE Repair wont add red LEDs to my IP. They state they will be blurred and fuzzy due to the blue backside of the cluster. You heard of this?
  7. RED LOOKS GOOD. Why it not on the polls for best color?
  8. So has anyone placed red LED in their IP? If so who did it and the lights look okay or look blurred and fuzzy? One IP repair place said they wont put red as the blue on the IP will make them look fuzzy and blurred.
  9. Hello all: As usual i have an inquiry question. I have a 2006 Silverado Extended cab and i am looking for a used bedrug. I have found one for a 07+ silverado with the same short bed. So what is the difference between the 07+ bed and my 06 ? Both are extended cabs with 6.6 bed? Thank you.
  10. Looks like what i want to do. Look good in real life? Any changes you would have done after the fact?
  11. I have a Sport Red 06 and I am wanting to do my cluster in red. I already have the red LED lights in the steering wheel switches. So i picked up s cluster out of a wrecked 06. With this said does the cluster maintain the miles or is it sent from my computer to the cluster? I dont want to down my truck with my cluster out to get modified to red LEDs. Or does it matter my cluster is out while i drive and computer will send correct miles to new cluster. Wrecked truck had 166K miles. Mine has only 77,250 So who does this great site of knowledge say?
  12. whats the code for memory seats? truck does have Bose and steering wheel controls/buttons .
  13. So i am looking at buying a 2018 double cab with LTZ like options except leather, big 20" wheels, auto dimming mirrors, chrome mirror caps. Seems to have all else LTZ does but for a bunch less coin. So where can i find all the options the LTZ has compared to LT. Truck i am looking at getting has buckets, floor console, power adjust pedals, telescope steering wheel, rear power slider, led fog lights, bose, spray factory line in bed, 1lt, All Star Edition, LT Plus package, Arrival Blue Met paint, cloth seats 10 way power on both seats, G80, 3.08 gears (Better miles?), park assist, theft deterrent, TPMS, heated cloth seats, mylink 8" diag screen, cd, pwr everything, express drivers up window, dual climate, home remote, hd radio, and remote start to name a bunch. So what does LTZ have more than this rig besides chrome handles, taller chrome wheels auto dimming mirrors or folding mirrors etc? Do these newer trucks sit up higher in the rear than previous years? seems like it. Or is it just the squared out fenders?
  14. So will wheels/rims from a 2018 silverado 4x4 fit a 2007 Classic 4x2 silverado? Someone wants to buy my old wheels and want to make sure they will work on their truck. Wheel size is 18" and tires 265 65R 18
  15. I am looking at getting new tires for my 06 silverado 4x4 extended cab truck. I really don't drive that much, to from work, go fishing, highway mostly. So my truck has the stock rims on it with P265/70R17 tires on it now. They are Michelons and have been on for 9 years now. Tire shop said time to change s they will not rotate/service after 10 years. Tread half gone on tires. So i am looking at getting a take off set from a 2018 GM rig with a size of P255/70R17 with lug nuts to mount the tires. Looking at buying these to install and sell my stock rims with good tread to someone who may want the older rims/tires to get some coin back. So with the size difference will these tires work even though a different size? Any tire pros out there to help out?
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