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    Trying to keep up on the updating of my rigs. Grew up working on cars and now my age limits me. Love my Silverado's. Wish I could find another to buy.
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  1. Hello all. Finally picked up my 2022 GMC Limited 1500. So after getting home after a few days I noticed the tailgate from the bed side is angled and not straight. Looks like the drivers side is higher than the passenger. Also, on the inside the sepertion between the 2 tailgate pieces that open is uneven. If I am making sence does anyone else's tailgate look like this or mine possibly not adjusted correct from factory. Finally got to load a picture to see what i am looking at. Left side of picture top horizontal seam is tighter/closeer than the right hand side of pic. Hope it is normal which doesn't seem right to me as putting a topper on the truck. Dont want to do that until i know this isnt an issue to deal with. Everyone else's Multipro Tailgate like this or I have an issue?
  2. Thank you to all that have provided input. First drive is from dealership to hotel. Then off for a 350 5-hour trip until next stop. putt around town to see family then another 5-hour 350-mile trip for a tourist stop. Then 8 hour drive next day. All in all, 3K mile trip right after purchase. So will take it easy for the 1st two days and drive like an old man that I am lol. Will post pics once i get of course when time permits.
  3. Hey Ya'll I am picking up my new 2022 Limited GMC Sierra SLT Crew, 5.3 10 speed next Saturday. Going on road trip right away to test it out. So with this said anything I should be looking for in a new truck with 10 miles on it? Been hearing and reading horror stories about DFM, engine failures, tranny etc on GM rigs. Any input from others with this truck have experienced. Have been GM driver all my life from 61 Olds Dynamic 88, 68 GTO, 66 GTO, to 2006 & 2007 Silverados. Thanks for input.
  4. So can you turn off the DFM and run just like the straight 8 per say or stuck with it? I just bought a 2022 Sierra 1500 limited with the DFM installed. Picking up saturday
  5. Same here wait this so called supply shortage out and when the flood of trucks hit the market prices go down.
  6. Truck i was going to buy was built Nov 6, 2021. Still at 4800 and was told going to be shipped 2 weeks and 2 weeks and 2 weeks. Tired of the running around and cancelled. Will wait and see what happens with the redesigned models. This was a 2022 limited Sierra.
  7. Can you please explain what is meant by 4300 to 4200 for us that are waiting for trucks and all we get are waiting transport. What do these numbers mean?
  8. I was told 2 weeks to arrive. Placed deposit to hold truck in transit. That has been 6 weeks ago.
  9. so what is 4300 jail? The truck i waiting for was build 11-6-2021 and still not shipped to dealer.
  10. So with the chip shortage can the truck get he start stop installed with a chip in the future if one wanted to do so? Doesnt that mess up the engine the start stop feature? Just curious.
  11. Same here my 2022 limited been delayed shipping 4 times per dealer. My deposit is refundable per dealer if I choose to do so. This is on a Limited 2022. Dealer also told me they have several 2021 new rigs not shipped yet. Whole truck going to be nulled here soon and wait a year or 2 for this chip thing to sort out-hopefully.
  12. So I am looking at buying a new 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited. On the build sheet it has -50 for Start/Stop feature. Why is this? Are there issues with this feature as I have heard of many GM issues with engines, transmissions etc? Any issues with the 2022 Sierra Limited to be concerned about? Thanks for input.
  13. I finally got tired of the dealer telling me I can have this but not that. Couldn't build the truck I wanted with the options I desired. With this said I found me a 2022 GMC Sierra Limited I liked in the color combinations I wanted. So, I happy with what I am going to be driving and no more hassling around with the dealers.
  14. Well, I didn't see the darker brown color for my 2022 redesign truck, so I found the color combination I wanted in the GMC Sierra Limited, X31, SLT Crew Cab Short Box truck. Waiting for delivery. Brownstone Metallic with the Dark Walnut Slate interior. My retirement truck to start going around the USA and see our country. Going to place a canopy/topper on it as well so when this old timer pulls over for his nap can crash in the back. LMAO.
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