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  1. I have a 2000 Silverado. I recently just barely touched the heater hose and the stupid quick disconnect fitting at the core broke in half. (WHY would you possibly need a "quick connect" here?!) A couple problems - I am in the middle of moving in a very rural area. I have access to almost no tools at the moment. I cannot drive my truck. I ordered a set of new "extra difficult connects", and Amazon was nice enough to overnight them. They didn't bother to send the removal too even though I paid for overnight shipping, it's not supposed to be here until monday! I need to dr
  2. I recently bought a 2000 Silverado and have been making some updates to this 21 year old truck. I replaced every single bulb with an LED, makes for an amazing difference! I bought new headlight lenses to replace my old dirty cracked ones from Amazon. Even though they were $100, the light pattern was appalling and after just 2 weeks there is already water in my lenses. I'm going to be sending these lenses back, but now I'm confused what to buy. I don't necessarily want OEM - I like the white/crystal look with colored LEDs for signals. My biggest issue is that I know the
  3. I recently bought a 2000 Silverado 1500. The heat/AC is stuck in middle vent option, no defrost. Other than this it seems to work fine, and I've read about the actuator that probably needs to be replaced. Before I do that, is there any chance the problem could be within the HVAC switch panel instead of the actuator, and if so, how can I check? Additionally I'm not sure how the button for recirculate/exhaust on the blower is supposed to work. When I press it, the LED blinks and nothing happens, regardless of any other settings. Is something broken here or is it just telling me I don
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