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  1. Long wait for sure for alot of us. I had a '15 GMC Sierra All Terrain and have been without a 4x4 since June. Have been driving our old farm Ford truck (V6 5-sp) 2wd. We had scattered flurries last week....Hope my new truck comes soon
  2. I went down to the dealer in late June and waited and waited and waited. GM accepted the order last week.
  3. Now, just like the majority of every one else...time to Hurry up and Wait. ZWTJRP is the order number. Excitement level went up one more notch!
  4. Good luck. I tried to place an order for a LT trim, with the Z71 Sports Edition and got shot down by GM (says the dealer I am working with). He said the only way to get all the things I wanted is to go up to the LTZ model, which I do not want to do $$$
  5. So I talked with my dealer this morning...more issues with ordering my truck. He is now saying their are issues with the All Star Package and the Z71 Sports Edition package. What is going on! Plant just started up again on Monday...hurry up and wait. I told him that I will keep waiting...because I do not want something else other than what I ordered. Stay tuned. Lee
  6. My dealer told me about the same. I could wait or could eliminate PQB (safety package) and go forward with the plants re opening on Monday. I am hoping to be in my new truck by winter time....
  7. Went to two dealers. Closest one is 45 minutes from me, the one I am working with is about 3.5 hours away from me.
  8. Howdy gang! After months and months of waiting, thinking I was going to be able to order a '21 ending up finding a dealer who would work with me and do some work! Ordered a '22 LT trim 2500HD crew cab. Order accepted to GM. No HD radio or USB ports (OBDGenie will fix this). Red Hot color, Z71 Sports Edition with the 20" black wheels (thought about the 18's but they come with mud terrains and the 20's have all terrains), Conv Package 1 AND 2, leather bucket seats, auto track 4wd and the "normal" tailgate. Excitement level up one notch. I will keep everyone posted.
  9. Howdy all. Just sold my 2015 Sierra All Terrain. Just was not cutting it anymore. Especially when towing our 33' travel trailer. I have already spec out a 2022 3/4 ton gasser and have a few questions. When will the Chevy 2022 website be updated so one can build their own truck? As of an hour ago it still has build options for a 2021. I am working with two dealership currently and getting ready to pick one. They are about 200 miles apart from each other. I gave one my build sheet for the 22 that I want and he called me earlier and said that the Convenience Package 2 is no longe
  10. Howdy gang..long time no post for me. Hope everybody is well. My '15 Sierra All Terrain is coming up on 50K miles. I went to the dealer to schedule some maintenance items and asked how much to drop the pan and do a filter/fluid replacement. The guy behind the counter said they do not have filters and they no longer drop the pan and the only maintenance plans for the transmission is a flush for $250! I called bullshit to him! I know for a fact that I can go to NAPA and pick up one of their filters and that it is available. The six speed that is in my truck is pretty much the s
  11. Howdy everyone, hope you all are having a good weekend so far. I have a '15 All Terrain with the 5.3L. Recently I have been smelling coolant in the cab; is especially bad after sitting all night and doing the first start up in the morning. No apparent leaks. Nothing wet on my garage floors. Coolant level seems normal in the expansion tank. No white smoke (or any colored smoke for that matter) coming from the tail pipe at start up or warmed up temps. I cannot say for sure it if is worse if I turn on the ventilation system, as the smell is already pretty apparent in the cab.
  12. Cool! Thanks everyone for their input. Wasn't going to try and do a '15 into his '07 swap. Just wanted to see what options are available.
  13. Howdy all! I have a 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain. I recently gave a co worker a ride to drop off his 2007 Chevy Silverado. He liked my back up camera display and also liked that it had navigation on it. He is interested in seeing if a kit exists for his truck. It is an LT model, 2007, regular cab long bed. I did some searching on Google and found kits that are either for navigation or for a back up camera but not both. My friend said he is not interested in XM radio or blue tooth but it would be nice to have a plug in for a thumb drive to listen to music, but not a necessit
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