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  1. Did they tell you that the steering wheel would be retro fitted? I heard the seats were, not the steering wheel. I am still waiting on mine. Ordered first week of June. Built week of 11/15. Still sitting in Flint.
  2. SSN 668, SSBN 733 (G), SSN 714, SIMA 67HS. Fellow brother of the 'phin!
  3. Been this long...just gonna wait and drag it out.
  4. I understand the chip shortage. They also started up a second plant in Oshawa. Is their a 1-800 number for GM I can call and vent my frustrations to? Dealer not really helping out. Website is generic answers. No more patience.
  5. Soooo....Truck will NOT BE DELIVERED on 8th of January. Dealership keeps saying that it is going back and forth. Webchat on the chevy webpage is useless. "Pending final inspections" What a joke.
  6. Sooo...been talking to the dealer almost daily and Chevrolet site daily. Scheduled delivery to my dealer was said to be 08 Jan, this was said by the dealer. The Chevy site says the truck is still sitting in Flint....dealer confirmed this. Dealer couldnt answer me if it is being delivered by rail or transport. Being delivered to Central Maine. Hopes are dwindling. I will keep all posted. Ordered early June. Build date of week of 11/15/21
  7. How did you/who did you talk to at GM? I get two different answers from the dealer and Chevy when I talk to them about my truck.
  8. Placed my order for my '22 2500HD LT back in early June. Build date was week of 11/15. "Expected" dealer delivery is 08 Dec. No heated seats. Not sure about heated steering wheel and front/rear parking sensors.
  9. Scheduled delivery date is 08 Jan now for my truck. We shall see...
  10. What trim level/options did you go with? I am really getting impatient with GM right now.
  11. Do you have any sort of write up for this? Looks like you have it wired directly to a switch and not your high beams. I would be very interested in doing this as well. Long stretches of rural wooded roads with no lights, lots of deer and moose!
  12. Mine is the LT trim, Z71 Sports Edition...no heated seats. I wanted them. Expensive truck...should have them. Not even sure if the steering wheel will be heated. Getting frustrated...and tired...of waiting...and waiting.
  13. Truck ordered June of this year. Build date was week of 11/15. Truck is still parked at Flint.
  14. Hurry up and wait...geesh. At least you are getting a bed liner put in. I have been messaging Chevy daily now and the dealer 3x/week. Snowed again today....2wd truck no likey ice and snow, even with weight and studs on the rear. Not to mention it was -3 this morning and was frozen inside driving to work. Good times.
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