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  1. Almost two months in now. Still love it! Still sounds great. No issues with the bands loosening up so far. Cannot hear any leaks coming from underneath. Wind the truck up over 2500rpm and it sounds real good; like a big truck is suppose to sound. Lee
  2. Big Red a 4" inch exhaust system from.MBRP. Took me awhile to remove the old setup and ended up using my saw zaw to cut a portion of it. I was worried the weight would damage the brake line and wiring harness. Need a saw zaw for the new system too. I got it all installed. Tightened all the band clamps, no leaks and installed the 4" matte black exhaust tip. Was able to just crawl around underneath without putting it on ramps. A jack and a piece of 2x6 to fangle the new system up in place helped. Truck sounds great! Not too loud. Can definitely hear it in the cab. May need some tweaks later on. Towing my big camper could be interesting!
  3. I have three GSD and decided to take the pup for a quick getaway. Probably will not get a weight distribution. I am guessing the tongue weight is no more than 750lbs max. Sway control, yes. Trans temp never got above 186 on a 80 degree day. Happy with that. I saw 220 on the half ton. So far so good!
  4. Howdy all...I was able to get away for a few days and went down to the coast of Maine with Big Red, our 7500lb travel trailer and pup Griffin. All I used was a six inch drop hitch (Reese) with no weight distribution or sway control. After hooking up the camper to the truck, I measured before and after and it only squatted 3/4 of an inch. My old half ton did more than two inches. It had the weight distribution bars and sway control but that set up would not work on Big Red. I knew this would be the only time I am getting away so I did not need a bigger set up. It was mostly all Route 1 with hills small and big. I tried to stay around 6o mph and not push it; was not in a hurry. So, overall, not bad. Alot more stable and confidant vs the half ton. The ass end did bounce quite a bit with bumps and dips. That kinda drove me crazy. I heard the Racho shocks are the big culprit. Might have to invest in some Bilsteins. Getting down there I average 11.9mpg according to the trip computer, mostly a tail wind and going down grades. Coming back it was near 9.0. 640 mile trip and the odometer said 11.4mpg all together. I did do some exploring in the back roads, not towing the camper. I did one 25 miles stretch and the computer said I average 19mpg...yeah...not buying that..lol Impressed overall. Seats I thought were comfy. Tow mirrors are good...oh..that reminds me...how do you guys set up the lower portion of tow mirror? What is your point of reference? Mine is looking at the center of the rear wheels. The upgraded Nav worked well, XM and USB, no issues. Just the bounce. I knew what the fuel economy would be so I was prepared for that. Installing the MBRP exhaust next weekend!! Lee
  5. If you go to the Chevy or GMC website, under accessories and performance, there you will see the Borla option. It's funny because you cannot see that on the Borla site.
  6. I went ahead and purchased the MBRP T304 set up. I have always gone with Borla but they do not have anything out yet. The Borla set up from the dealer I heard was not all that great. And they jacked up their prices to almost $2K! I will take lots of pictures. Not sure how to post a video on here. Will be a few weeks yet. Stay tuned.
  7. Howdy gang. Been in communications with Borla for about six months, asking when something will become available for our model trucks. "Soon" is all I get. Been looking at Stainless Works and MBRP. Both have the T304 steel which will help in the Maine winters. No tune needed and will not void any warranty (as they claim). I am leaning towards MBRP. Not too aggressive but still very noticeable. A little cheaper too. I will make a decision tonight. Stock exhaust is too quiet and boring. Have you all looked at the size of that muffler on our trucks? Daaaaaaaaaamn. Lee
  8. That's only six months...come on...still got a ways to go!!
  9. Cool. I did not know there is a sensor in the mirror. Good to know. That does make perfect sense. I noticed when I turned off the truck, the GPS had a red line thru it, not connected. Thanks so much! Lee
  10. Howdy all. '22 LT trim with the IOS radio and I got the OBS Genie nav upgrade. Nav works great, radio, XM and USB all work as they should. On my weather page, my current location's temp is always different from the temp at the bottom of the screen. I don't know why. Truck is running when I check it. It be nice to see current temp vs going to the weather app. Any thoughts?
  11. Howdy all. Decided to install the black chrome Gorilla lug nuts for Big Red today. Polished and treated the black painted wheels. Greased the zeros. Lubed all the bushings. Them tires and wheels are HEAVY!! Tried to lift them on my workbench...yeah...that didn't happen. Wheels turned out ok. Have a great weekend all!
  12. Eleven months from Order to pick up. Six months sitting at Flint to delivery. Ordered last June 2021, picked up May 2022.
  13. Welding the joints would eliminate the need for clamps? Would be the way I go I think....wouldnt always want to go under and re tighten all the time. I'm still debating. Borla says they have something coming out soon for our trucks. Have decided not to go with the one from GM (Borla).
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