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  1. Howdy all.. Just curious what (if) everyone is running for a cat-back exhaust system. I am partial to Borla because that is all I have ever run on my Camaros and other trucks. Plus, does not void factory warranty. Borla has a system thru GM p/n 19420409 which looks okay because it has the black chrome tip on it (would look nice on a red truck). Did some searches thru Magnaflow and Corsa. Not really a fan of Flowmasters. Looking for opinions and recommendations. Have a great weekend all! Lee
  2. Ordered my '22 LAST June, was built in November and picked it up mid May. Eleven months for me!
  3. Eight quarts was a bit low on the dipstick after running for several minutes. I install the oil filter empty so their is my .5 quart. My truck was built mid November and sat at the Flint parking field since mid May. Not very concerned with the rust. Still LOVING this truck.
  4. Hey all...first oil change on Big Red today (1100 miles) and wanted to snap a couple of photos of the underneath. Just two photos of the front axle. You can also see how the frame-coated wax was dripping off of the frame. 8.5 quarts Mobil 1 5W-30 and an AC Delco PF63 oil filter for the oil change. Happy Father's Day weekend to all the dads out there. Lee Well I guess photos too big...so only one here.
  5. Good luck with you order. I had ordered my '22 LAST June, was built in November and was delivered to the dealer for me to pick up end of May this year. Hopefully your process is not a SNAFU like mine. Good looking truck you created.
  6. Put in just over 24 gallons of Shell 87 tonight...had just over 1/4 tank left and hand calculation revealed 15.69 mpg. I almost had a heart attack when I paid $125!!! DIC trip A gave me 16.0 mpg. Actually better gas mileage than my old '08 Tundra! Still loving this truck!
  7. I have only had Big Red for about three weeks. My commute is 46 miles one way and I usually set the cruise between 60-62 mph where the speed limit is 50-55mph. There are a couple of hills where it will downshift to fifth gear and mostly flat terrain. According to my Trip B, I have been averaging 17.2 mpg. The 50 mile instant varies between 16 to 17.8 mpg. After I put gas in her, I will get a better idea.
  8. Howdy all. Spent about 12 hours on the truck over the past week doing the paint correction. Real good wash (dawn soap) revealed how many scratches were in the paint. Who ever washed it before I picked it up should be shot! Several hours with a clay bar. Several more hours using a swirl/fine scratch polish with an orange pad on my orbital. Sprayed down with an iron remover and then the ceramic coating process took place. It is still drying in the garage. Next step will be using a product called Reload for a final top coat. Wheels, windows, and engine compartment at another time....ready to drive it!! Have a great weekend all. Lee
  9. Played on Big Red some yesterday. More today then I will start the paint correction process finishing with a ceramic coating.
  10. After an eleven month wait, I finally picked up this beauty at the dealership yesterday!!
  11. Hey everyone. FINALLY...FINALLY...FINALLY!! It was nearly one year to the day when I re visited the selling dealership of where I ordered Big Red. Truck was ordered last June, built mid November and sat until the second week of May. What an absolutely beautiful truck! The Red Hot looks amazing. I spent about 20 minutes going over the truck, looking for any damages from sitting for so long; did not find anything. Looked under the rear seat for any water that may have collected and saw none. Saw no evidence of any critter activity either. Looked under the truck and saw not much rust. The Rancho shocks had some rust beginning already; that is okay as I will be replacing with Bilstein shocks. I took ownership of the truck with 30 miles on it. Full tank of gas which was a nice touch. Three and a half hour ride home to get settled in and adjust everything and play around some. Turnpike speed limit started off at 65 and gradually made it's way up to 75 once we got out of the city limits. I reset the Trip B and the 25 mile MPG gauge and set the cruise for 65mph. I did this for 25 miles and reset everything. I did the same for 70 and 75mph. I would rotate between 70 and 75 for 25 miles until I got up to Houlton. With doing that, truck computer on Trip B said I managed 16.8 mpg. Truck drove beautifully. Tire pressures were 60psi up front and 74psi in the rear (changed the rears today to 60psi). From Houlton to home was another 90 minutes and I speed limits varied. Mostly set the cruise between 60-62mph where the limit was at 55. Dark gloomy clouds awaited me as a thunderstorm and heavy rains hit me but luckily no hail. That slowed my progress down to about 50-55 but only for about 15 minutes. When I got home, Trip avg said 17.9 mpg. I am quite pleased with that. Did a good walk over of it today. I had bought some Gorilla black chrome lug nuts and was going to put them on today. The length and threads were correct, but the conical (right word?) was a little more narrower than the stock lugs and looked like they did not seat very well. So I did not put them on. I will have to take the wheel off to see better. I did install some aftermarket valve cover stems. Crawled under to see how the tow hooks are attached, because those are coming off. I bought a pair of red powder coated ones, same part number that comes on the 2500 AT4. Pretty straight forward. I have other little things I want to do to it and will post pictures as I do so. So far, LOVING IT!! Lee
  12. Cannot wait!! Get out of the 20yr old Ford2wd 5sp truck I been driving for the last year. New pictures of this morning after the running boards put on and inspection sticker.
  13. [email protected] 855-880-1500 is the number to the GM Executive Resolution Liasian that helped me out the most and got the wheels rolling. You will need a case number.
  14. I have the black "Chevrolet" stainless steel chrom black inserts for the tailgate. Black/red Z71 emblems to replace the chrome ones. Oh, red powder coated tow hooks vs the black ones, exact same ones as the AT4. Got some black/red L8T 6.6 badges where the Duramax badges would go on the hood. Stay tuned.
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