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  1. I am trying to find a 3" or 3.5" lift kit that retains factory rake. I am in a gasser, so I am already going to sit higher in the front than a diesel. Any ideas on which one would do this, pictures on the web are deceiving. Thanks!
  2. I changed it on my 23....No change in MPG or seat in the pants! My ears do like it though!
  3. Anyone have a solution to remove the yellow cab light and replace with white or smoked? Thanks!
  4. I ended up calling MBRP and begging them to put a black exhaust tip in a kit. . They wouldn't do that because they are already packaged. They did give me a better price than offered online. My CC was hit for $1022.00 and once it comes in i get to request a $150 rebate. That isn't a bad deal for T304.
  5. It could be because I am new to GM but I can't find a single out SS exhaust with a black tip for $1000.00. That being said, AFE makes one but there are reports of bad drone and I have confirmed this through AFE. They have only sold about 50 of those and about 10 have had complaints. The person I was contact with confirmed those 10 are legit bad in the cab. Gibson makes one but only has them listed for crew cab long bed. I have e-mailed multiple times and called over the last 2 weeks, I have gotten 0 response. Here is the link to the Gibson, I really like the look. Gibson Performance Exhaust - Cat-Back Black Elite Single Exhaust System, Stainless#616517B exhaust systems, Gibson exhaust, Cat-back exhaust,performance exhaust gibsonperformance.com If you can find one with reviews, please post here.
  6. I have been i Ram's since 03. Those forums are so busy! Either I bought the least purchased vehicle or GMC people don;t mod. I have joined 4 other forums and still no answer! LOL!
  7. Anyone running an exhaust that doesn't have drone? Any chance someone running the AFE has a pic of how the exhaust tip looks installed?
  8. Did y'all get them installed? Do you have pics and or vids? Thanks!
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