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  1. I've owned a '99,'07 and a '15 all with the 5.3L. They all used oil to some extent. Never did heavy hauling (my heavy haul may be your light haul) with any of those trucks like I'm doing now with this truck. Like I said in my first post, I'm not overly concerned but I still enjoy hearing and understanding other people's knowledge and experience. I too have always used Mobile 1 oil's.
  2. My question is for blaineBug, on your recent trip, were you towing or traveling unladen? My experience with oil consumption is directly related to fuel consumed.
  3. Gotcha! That's definitely a possibility. I personally do all of my own oil changes. I wouldn't even let them do the free oil changes.
  4. The engine we are talking about is a 6.6L gas engine (rpo code L8T) is has replaced the vortec 6.0 and calls for an 8 qt capacity.
  5. Totally agree, more frequent checks is something I will be doing moving forward. I am curious about long term durability. Thus far the truck has been great! a couple small hiccups but nothing that would make me second guess my purchase. 4k oil change intervals seems very frequent. Conventional oil is recommended at 3k, I was under the assumption that full synthetic can go way longer. While I dont agree with the "advertised" 10K oil and oil change, I usually change when the oil life indicator is around 10%. This puts me in the 6K range. However, if i'm adding 2 fresh quarts of oil every few months, that's pretty much an "oil change" by default. lol
  6. Who is this referenced to? To clarify, my oil light did not come on in regards to my recent post. Please elaborate on "mode of operation". No need to be polite, I am not easily offended. My goal is to get other people's perspective and learn. let me know your honest thoughts
  7. Another update.....Current mileage is 35,305. Oil life indicator is 52%. Last oil change was 31,778. Checked dipstick and it showed low..... see pic....added 1 quart, still showed low, added 1 more, now shows full. Total fuel consumption is about 464 gal so still well within GM's spec. Just the way it goes I guess!
  8. Please keep up posted what your dealer says. I have little to no faith with my local dealers. Always, always, always have a rough time dealing with them. We too pull a Grand design imagine. GREAT trailer!!!! We have been very happy with it. Glad to hear I'm not the only one traveling the "speed limit". Someday we may step into the land of 5th wheels. Gonna have to get a second job lol
  9. I only saw one person mention the mobile 1 filter. Always thought mobile 1 was to be considered a "high quality" filter. Been using them since I started driving along with mobile 1 full synthetic. That's my 2 cents.
  10. As explained earlier in the post, its based on fuel consumption not mileage. I too however thought it was excessive but still within the limits of their service bulletin. I planned on doing a oil test and COMPLETELY forgot about it until this post notification popped in my email and I just changed the oil 2 days ago........ go figure. Couple of questions I have for you is how fast do you tow? travel trailer weight? do you lock out the over drive gears? The trailer I pull is 7500 lbs and I usually keep it in 4th which equates to 3K RPMS going 75MPH. In my opinion its not the weight of the travel trailer but the size of the front cap that acts like a sail and catches all the wind. Sometimes on flat stretches with no wind I can cruise in 5th at 2200 RPM and get better mileage. This equates to real crappy mpg's to the tune of 6mpg which is high fuel consumption. Yes I could get closer to 8 or even 10 if I slow down to 60-65 but the truck and trailer pulls effortlessly and in no way to I feel like its unsafe. I sure some will disagree. Long story short, your oil usage seems "normal" when compared to my experience.
  11. No I sure haven't for a couple of reasons. 1 I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking him to be testing for. I'd like to do a little more research so I can have a better understanding of things. I also noticed he is an AMSOIL dealer. The oil I use is MOBILE1. Does that matter, I'm not sure? And lastly I'm located in South Texas and I believe he is in North Carolina. But the main reason is I'm waiting for my next oil change so I have something to send. Not sure how much of a sample he will need but when I get closer to changing my oil, I plan on reaching out.
  12. when referring to PTT and U1D, are these RPO codes? I only ask because my truck does not list either of these yet I have and use the Trailer TPMS system? Just curious
  13. I bought some BFG ko2's at 302 miles. Currently at 28K miles and they still look good! Lots of tread, I do some towing, nothing real heavy. 29ft TT that weighs 7500 lbs. Gas mileage totally sucks but I love the aggressive look
  14. I read somewhere ( might have been this forum) that after a long and\or heavy tow, this message appears so you don't immediately turn off the vehicle and give it time to cool. I assume having the tow/haul engaged has some additional cooling parameters that are active. I have not had this message reappear but I also have the tow/haul mode engaged when I'm pulling my camper.
  15. I tried towing with out using the tow haul mode on our recent camping trip from south texas to florida. at our halfway mark this popped up???? I read somewhere that the tow haul mode improved engine cooling. Even though my bumper pull camper is only 7500 lbs, I get similar mpgs like FALTUS does. Here is a gas tracker for anyone that may be interested in my experience.
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