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  1. This is very new to me so I will be doing lots of reading!!!
  2. Great info!!! This puts my mind at ease and I appreciate you taking the time to explain it.
  3. I don't consider myself to be towing "aggressively" but I do travel at the posted speed limits when applicable. Here in TX alot of the highway speed is 75mph. When I set the cruise control, I get a lot of shifting when going over small overpasses so I tend to lock out the 2 overdrive gears which leave me at around 3k rpms. I figured that puts me closer to the powerband and with a gas engine I didn't think this would hurt anything. Thus my mileage can be pretty crappy.
  4. I do my own maintenance so I can guarantee it had 8 qts. Even my 2015 5.3L took 8 qts so this is not a mistake I would have made but thanks for the input. I sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time to give me your thoughts.
  5. I use mobile 1 5w-30 full syn. I always thought this was a good high quality oil. It sure is expensive enough! As far as the air filter, at 7K I installed a K&N intake. mainly cause I like the sound, I don't put much stock in HP gains. Would this have an effect by allowing too much air?
  6. I can't say with any certainty that the oil consumption was due to my recent trip ( which was 2300 miles in 4 days). I keep a log for maintenance and fuel so my numbers are accurate. The camper I tow is a30 ft 7500 lbs so its not overly taxing. I thought about taking it in for documentation but after reading the service bulletin, 2 quarts over 700 gallons is far less than 1 quart per 100 gallons. By their logic I should have used 7 quarts of oil!!!! This is my first "HD" truck, my other vehicles ( all 1/2 ton models) did consumer some oil but never had a warning light advising me to add engine oil. Just stuck me as odd and wanted other peoples thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to chime in
  7. The truck alerted me that I needed to add engine oil! The oil life indicator is at 21%. Current mileage is 18,791. The last oil change was done at 13,217. Since the last oil change I have used 700 gallons of fuel. I read a bulletin that oil consumption is based on fuel use. There's no way 1 qt of oil per 100 gal of fuel is "normal" (service bulletin 03-06-01-023D). While I'm not overly concerned, I've just never had to add oil to a vehicle before as I'm pretty ****** about preventative maintenance. I assume my recent road trip pulling a camper is the cause but it took 2 quarts of oil to read full. Any thoughts and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation Dan!!! I went ahead and replaced it myself! Vacuum held for about 45min so I dont think there are any other leaks, I guess time will tell but in the mean time I got COLD AIR!!!!!!!
  9. My 2015 silverado has a bad battery. Personally thought is would last more than 4 years but after reading everyone else's post, looks like I got good life out of it. Replace it with an interstate AGM battery. Cant believe they cost north of $200 but hopefully this will last 5 plus years. Definitely more difficult than it should be but the basic DIy'er can tackle this task no problem.
  10. Typical pita job, but $20 pump from advance auto parts and I'm back up and running! Let's see for how long
  11. I have a 2015 LTZ Z71 with 41,100 miles and noticed no washer fluid on my way to work. Reservoir is full so I assume pump as well. Can't say I've ever had this issue with any other vehicle. Of course warranty is expired so thanks GM for making sub par trucks!!! I should have kept my '99 Silverado. Seems like that was the last time they made the "most dependable, longest lasting trucks on the road".
  12. Yup, I'm located in corpus so its definitely too hott!!! Prolly attempt to do the repair myself, great prices from rockauto but do I purchase OEM ac delco or go aftermarket?
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