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  1. Flowmaster 70 Series and put the flapper back in.
  2. I believe it is because the tire they use (Goodyear Territory MT) is only available in 265 and not 275. -
  3. What I meant is a 4x4 in 2 hi only, not in 4 auto or 4wd.
  4. To me it seems 4wd or auto 4wd just sucks power from the engine and would cause slower times. I would like to see times from a 2wd only run with drag radials or slicks.
  5. Did this level kit cause your cv boot to rub on the shock like one poster in this thread claims?
  6. I just put on a pair of the new Hankook Dynapro AT2 Extreme (RF12) tires. For me it came down to the Hankooks and the Toyo Open Country AT3. I couldn't find any reviews on the new Hankooks, but the not so great wet traction reviews for the Toyos steered me towards the Hankooks. I'm am glad I took the chance on the new Hankooks. They exceeded my expectations in every category including the very important to me wet traction. But the noise level is most impressive, I still can't believe how quite and smooth riding these tires are, and they have the 3 peak rating. The set of tires they replaced were Michelin Defender LTX M/S which are universally known as some of the quietest, smoothest riding tires available, and that's what I am comparing them too. IMO Hankook really hit a home run with these tires, and I think these will be a very sought after tire once the word gets out about them. Gratuitous 305/45R22 pic.
  7. Interesting take. I actually find the stock RST shocks to be an excellent ride.
  8. I have a 2021 RST trim level 1500. I am looking at the GM Factory/Trail Boss 2" lift kit. I know there is better less expensive options, but I want the factory warranty. My question is about the Rancho shocks that come in the kit. I've seen some comments that these shocks are basically just terrible. Any truth to this? Does the Trail Boss ride and handle like ******? Anything positive to these Rancho shocks?
  9. Yes, but the dealer cost will be cost prohibited. I bought a bumper for $400, had it painted for $300, found a dual exhaust on FB marketplace for $200, tips $200, Total =$1100. I installed everything myself then sold my bumper for $300 and my exhaust for $200. $1100-$500= $600 total cost for me.
  10. I'm going to through the new Hankook Dynapro AT2 Extreme into the hat here. I'm impressed with how quiet and smooth they ride. You would never know they were an AT tire by driving on them. Great wet traction too, which is why I chose them over the Toyo Open Country. 305/45R22 on Factory 22's.
  11. The rear studs are easy to change. Just take off the brake discs and punch out. The front required removing the hubs, while not that hard took about an hour per side.
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