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  1. Have you looked on Craigslist and FB marketplace in your area? I usually see them for around $300 like new all the time.
  2. But which flowmaster? They have mild to way too loud.
  3. Flowmaster 70 Series. Leave the flappers in place.
  4. Whoops, missed that part. I ran the power from the passenger side fuse box. I'm pretty sure I used micro2. I'll take a look later.
  5. Use F26 then. The dash cam barely uses any amperage.
  6. On a High Country? Maybe on a Trail Boss. In my opinion, Gloss Black calipers would compliment your truck perfectly.
  7. Fuel had to redesign a lot of their wheels to clear the 21 and up front caliper.
  8. Those are the correct lug nuts. They will work. I just use and recommend the ET (extended thread) version since you get lot more thread engagement.
  9. Post up some pics of those Michelins when you get them. That's a new size for them (305/45R22), and I am very interested in them myself.
  10. https://www.drivenproducts.com/products/m14x1-5-open-end-spline-tuner-et-lug-nut-for-aftermarket-wheels?variant=17381970051129
  11. Your not going to able to get the socket on them. The wheel lug holes are too narrow. Here is an example of what you need:
  12. You are going to need the spline style lug nuts for these. The OEM lugs won't fit. I went with open end spline ET (extended thread) lug nuts for mine. They will also allow you to run 3/8" spacers if needed.
  13. Yes. The 285/50R22 will fit the Non-TB/AT4 trucks with stock suspension. The 285/55R22 seem to become a problem for stock suspension. You can also fit 305/45R22 on stock suspension trucks. Just to give you some more options.
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