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  1. That size tire will fit on the RST wheels. Whether or not it fits on your truck without clearance issues seems to be on case by case basis.
  2. Wouldn't it make way more sense on every level to just make the 10spd standard across the board with no other option? And while the gear shift in the center is modern and cool, all it does it take up space in the center console. I'd prefer to keep it column mounted, or a push button on the dash. -
  3. So basically, they changed the front grill and the interior? Meh.
  4. Michelin Defender LTX M/S are hands down the best all around Truck tire on the market. Snow traction is top notch. Quite, smooth ride, great handling dry and wet conditions, light mud, sand - no problem, and great gas mileage. I had the LTX on every pickup and suv I ever owned. I'm in the northeast and never got stuck or lost control. The only place they might be lacking is in hard core off roading. I currently have them on My 21 RST in 275/50R22.
  5. Stance looks great. So the leveling kit will be enough to clear the rubbing? What offset are the wheels? Any spacers? I might do a similar setup if the leveling is enough.
  6. What's the stance look like? How far out are the tires past the wheel well? 305/55 is basically a 33x12.5. That's a pretty wide tire on stock suspension. Btw, nice clean look without the badges. I did the same, and I also deleted the mud flaps and front valance.
  7. So it looks like there are 2 things going on here. The axle is off center, and the bed is misaligned. Between the two it could make up to an inch of difference.
  8. I just measured from the frame to the wheels. Just about a 1/2" difference.
  9. Bed is nice and flush with the cab on both sides. Like I said, I looked at a few random trucks on the street and they all look the same way. - -
  10. I have a 2021 Silverado 1500 RST, 5.3, 8spd, 4x4, crew cab, short bed, 22" factory wheels. A couple days ago I noticed that the passenger side rear wheel is just about flush with the wheel well while the driver side wheel is recessed some. I went around a looked at few other new body style Silverado's and noticed this to be the case on all of them. Anybody else notice this? And why the hell would the rear axle be offset like this? it has to be close to an inch difference between sides. It bugs me, I don't like it. - -
  11. I think your first, basically free option would be to lock your flappers(2) in the open position. Can be done with hose clamps. Drone and DFM noises suck.
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