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  1. These single cabs sure make for handsome trucks. Must be the old guy in me.
  2. Mine does the same thing with my flatbed trailer that has LED lights. On your first picture, if you hit the "trailers" tab, it will show the list of trailers you have saved. Select the appropriate trailer and it will then say "connected to trailer A" or something along those lines. It will also sometimes give me the check brake light message randomly when they are working fine. I have had zero issues like this with my RV that is NON LED. Let us know how the adapter works.
  3. You do not need to do anything to the truck to make the charging circuit work. Sounds like you have an issue with the trailer or possibly a blown fuse on the truck.
  4. I put 35.4 gallons in mine recently. The light was on for 30 miles or so. Odd circumstances, I almost never let it go below 1/4.
  5. Congrats! 16 months with mine, great truck!
  6. I would look closely at your aftermarket parts and verify nothing is wrong there. Sounds like it's starving for air. My trailer is about 9000 lbs and the truck has no trouble with grades at all using the cruise control. Mine is all stock.
  7. Ha ha, yes my '04 feels like a half ton now.
  8. I kinda like my High Country. I also still like my '04 WT, but it's quite spartan by comparison. (Crank windows!!!!)
  9. I just sold my 09 Corvette to a dealer for more than I paid for it 4 years ago. Very wacky market.
  10. I just filled mine the other day, tracking it on fuelly. In the last 2984 miles it used 4.76 gallons for 626.9 MPG. That was about half empty and half towing a flatbed with a small tractor, around 6000 lbs. If I am towing the camper, it's more like 400 MPG.
  11. Minor old thread resurrection. I get that message all the time, especially when a trailer is attached. Goes to the towing screen and asks for a password. I have never set a password for anything, nor did I get any phone apps or sign up with onstar. (nor do I want to) How do I make it stop?
  12. If they put it on like my dealer did, you can just rip it right off by hand. The holes you can't see without getting on the ground to look up.
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