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  1. I just filled mine the other day, tracking it on fuelly. In the last 2984 miles it used 4.76 gallons for 626.9 MPG. That was about half empty and half towing a flatbed with a small tractor, around 6000 lbs. If I am towing the camper, it's more like 400 MPG.
  2. Minor old thread resurrection. I get that message all the time, especially when a trailer is attached. Goes to the towing screen and asks for a password. I have never set a password for anything, nor did I get any phone apps or sign up with onstar. (nor do I want to) How do I make it stop?
  3. If they put it on like my dealer did, you can just rip it right off by hand. The holes you can't see without getting on the ground to look up.
  4. Operator error caused me to pull the coax loose from the connector on the trailer camera. Does anyone know what these connectors are? Thinking it must be some off the shelf piece that someone who deals with this stuff might recognize? The bad piece is the part that goes from the coax to screw into the part that plugs into the truck. Threads are about 7/16 or 11mm.
  5. Also new to oil burners. I use the truck stop pump DEF, it's really a non issue.
  6. Premium fuel recommended, doesn't sound like something you would hear for a fleet truck engine.
  7. I have always had truck caps. For this truck I went with a Retrax and it's perfect for my needs. Keeps things dry, but more flexibility than a cap. My truck is a garage queen and won't go out in the salt anyway, so can't comment on how they are with snow/ice.
  8. I suspect these gauges are rough approximations rather than finely calibrate instruments.
  9. This is typical of mine. About 40F and not towing. Goes up a smidge with the trailer.
  10. Filled up the DEF again today since I was at the truck stop. 812 miles and used 1.2 gallons, 677MPG. About 250 was towing the RV.
  11. Sounds like you are at the mercy of the government inflicted production delays. As the esteemed Dr Fauci has said, it's time for you to just shut up and do what you are told.
  12. Have they at least promised to install them when they come out of back order?
  13. Take the 2 lane roads for a while on the way home, more to see and far more interesting than the bland highways.
  14. Congrats on the order, exciting time! How long did they guess it will take?
  15. GM should offer the 10 spd but I suspect the bean counters will win out and keep the 6 spd.
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