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  1. I feel like it was your lucky day that the tree didn't fall on you! I live about an hour north of there, it was some strong storms that blew through!
  2. Mine was not greased by the dealer, I pointed that out and they claimed it is not needed as they are greased at factory. I claim otherwise, they were all pretty dry. Bean counter thing, imagine how much grease GM saves at a couple ounces per truck. Dealer said they always grease them at the first free oil change. Gee thanks!
  3. First tow with the camper, trip to the scales to fine tune the hitch. Coming from 20 year old truck technology, the new truck is amazing!
  4. I have about 1100 miles on mine. This is the first tank I checked and it came out exactly the same as the trip meter said. 18.4 I live in the country, so it's not much city driving.
  5. I am probably least likely to buy a new truck in Hawaii. My first towing with the new beast. 2 yds of topsoil. And next to the truck I am replacing, the king of SUV's which now looks and feels small!
  6. I was listening carefully yesterday to mine and it is making the same noise as from the video in another thread. Doesn't seem that bad to me, but I have never had a diesel before. To me on the best day it still makes a lot of unhealthy sounding clanking and rattling noises in general, so I just chalk it up to "normal". Allow me to sip some more GM koolaid. Looking at the belt diagram, it appears to me the fan belt is outside belt. That is the one that is making the noise, it's the new part for 2020. Note they call it the "accessory drive auxiliary belt ". It should be easy enough to slip the belt off and secure it to the fan to keep it out of the way while the engine is started. You just have to keep it clear of the crank pulley and the other accessory drives. I do agree with newdude, just let the dealer do it for you if in doubt.
  7. Nothing wrong with that deal. It's a nice truck. Are they selling it as new? If not, can you get them to certify it? The wife's Impala was a GM executive vehicle with 1800 miles on it, we bought it as certified used even though it was never titled. Extra year of warranty that way is the benefit.
  8. So the module doesn't come with U1D? Or you don't even need U1D to add the module?
  9. You just need U1D for the sensors to work. PTT is the sensors themselves. This is the set that came with my ordered truck. GM p/n 84152501 Made by Shrader. 433 mhz I suspect any 433 mhz sensor would work, but not positive on that.
  10. I have all of 400 miles on mine. It's great, it better be!
  11. I used double sided automotive trim tape on mine. It has withstood the rigors of sitting stationary in the garage for almost 2 months with no problems. It seems solid, honest.
  12. I know little about tiny houses. Is there some consideration for how the weight is distributed, top heavy, general towing dynamics? You don't want to build something that is difficult to tow. Proper tongue weight is always important. FYI, my 2020 high country 2500 has a payload just a smidge over 3000 lbs.
  13. 8 something, at least before the loan hit the score. I have no idea what the minimum was for that rate.
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