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  1. Added a Retrax XR Pro cover to mine as well as a bed rug. Easy work, happy with the products so far.
  2. They made 21,513 corvettes in 1963, would be nice to have one now!
  3. Might make the 2020 Corvette worth more in 2060.
  4. Easy enough, sign this, initial that, no, no, no, no sign here. Oxford Brown, looks almost black in some light, very brown in other. In it's new home.
  5. I will try the DIY ceramic route. I have done plenty of buffing, think I can do an adequate job and I have a place to do it. I'd like to get xpell done on the bumper, but none of those places are working around here and not going to try to DIY that.
  6. My truck has arrived, dealer is going to pick me up at home in an hour. I could play roulette with the incentives for April, but I'll just take the bird in the hand. Film at 11.
  7. Wondering if they have stopped shipping the already built trucks.
  8. I believe the z71 on an HD is shocks, skid plates, and maybe a decal. I felt like the money would be better spent on aftermarket shocks.
  9. There is no question GM went through all their available pictures of the new truck last year and chose the worst angle and color combo possible as the initial teaser. Nice pic of a beautiful truck Jaime.
  10. I called my dealer today. He said as of last Friday my truck was still sitting in the parking lot in Flint, but they were trying for expedited delivery. Yeah right. The dealer is staying open as an essential service, so who knows what happens. Might work to my advantage IF they up the incentives next month, but I was good with 3250.
  11. Sweet! Glad it worked out for you, enjoy the ride home. Nice when the dealer has their ducks in a row.
  12. Maybe because the HD's have an optional electric over hydraulic system?
  13. Unfortunately, they rethought plan A and decided to shut it all down. Going to be a lot of ripple effects from that move alone. Hope it's all worth it.
  14. X fingers for you the flight goes as scheduled. Nice to have a pic of YOUR truck!
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