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  1. Trying going in the trailering menu and manually tell it the trailer is not connected.
  2. Maybe there is more to it than it seems, but kind of a yawner to me. Maybe the interior is that much better? shrug
  3. Some have reported a drop in fuel economy. I have not seen any change on mine beyond the tank of fuel when they did the recall. I got an active shutter code once, there was a small piece of paper stuck in the grill. Never got the code again. I felt lucky.
  4. I have about 37K on mine. Thanks for making me nervous! They are about done anyway. I wonder how much sun these failed tires have gotten? Mine is a garage queen and the sidewalls look like new compared to the tires in these blowout pictures.
  5. My understanding on the HD trucks, Z71 is just shocks, the hill descent feature and a badge. Springs and ride height are all the same. Doubt the differences on the highway would be very noticeable.
  6. My 2020 rarely goes above 150 not towing, and not much more even with a trailer. Sounds like a blockage in transmission cooler.
  7. As posted in the other thread, a few had that issue at first and then returned to normal. If you are just going off that tank, remember they burned up a fair amount of fuel going nowhere when they did the update and had to force a regen.
  8. I get about 20 empty, 15 towing a car hauler with a small tractor aboard, 10-11 towing the camper. (highway mileage, rarely in a city anyway)
  9. Mine is a high country, I like the 2 tone colors. YMMV
  10. Had mine done last week. Have not noticed any difference in operation.
  11. Wanted to resurrect this thread just to say the part Suzi listed worked perfectly. I had pulled the original plug loose by accident and this replacement is exactly the same.
  12. I'm surprised you would notice any front end unloading with a 5'ver. I think it was TFL that went to the scales with a truck and gooseneck trailer (2500 ish pin weight?) and it only changed the front axle weight 100 lbs. I tow a bumper pull camper and it unloads the front axle a few hundred lbs, no issue to me. That said, mine is a diesel. 14,300 is a lot of trailer. Sounds like the L8T is a pretty stout engine to tow it so well as it does.
  13. These single cabs sure make for handsome trucks. Must be the old guy in me.
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