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  1. I bought mine last month as a managers demo, Summit White LTZ with the 6.2 and NHT package. Mine is totally smooth at all speeds and the 8-speed is flawless. Just kind of wished I had the color matched front end, will probably end up doing away with the chrome. I wanted the 3.42 rear axle because I new I would be going to larger tires and a small lift on it.
  2. I dought it was traded in, more likely a demo. Oops, I just noticed it was certified, so that doesn't sound like a demo.
  3. 2019 Transfer cases

    The Sierra SLT I saw the other day had the 6.2 and it did have a 2-speed transfer case.
  4. Wanted 2016 - 2018 LT chrome grille

    $250.00 , but I haven't had time to go get it. If you can ship yours for that price, I'll buy yours.
  5. Wanted 2016 - 2018 LT chrome grille

    I found one locally on craigslist.
  6. I'm looking for a chrome LT grille for my 2018 LTZ. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  7. Here's my new 2018 6.2 Max Tow. Just home from the dealership, removed the steps and mud flaps.
  8. Yours looks just like the one I just bought last Saturday. Did you swap out the tow mirrors for the DL3's ?
  9. 2019 Sierra

    Not sure how to post pics from my phone, usually just post pics from my computer.
  10. Parked next to this 2019 Sierra SLT at Home Depot today. Did a double take thinking it was Ford .IMG_1478.HEICIMG_1476.HEICIMG_1476.HEIC IMG_1479.HEIC IMG_1488.HEICIMG_1480.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yes, I think your right about that. I considered just wrapping the front bumper and leaving the chrome grille. Although the Z71 grill would be the cheapest and easiest route. I just don't know if it would look as good as the '14-'15 front does like above.
  12. That does look really good on the '15 front end. Have you any idea what they charge to vinyl wrap the front bumper?
  13. Just wondered If anyone has swapped there Chrome LTZ grille for the painted z71 grille without doing a bumper swap also. I'm trying to decide the best way to get rid of some of the chrome on the front of a new LTZ. The other thought was to go to a painted bumper and leave the chrome grill like the High Country. Obviously the grille swap would be easiest and cheapest. If any one has it would be nice to see some examples.
  14. I may take you up on that. Do they have the chrome portion or are they body color ? Anybody know what the new DL3's cost from GM?
  15. I definitely want the regular mirrors, I like the view from the tows but I don't' plan to tow with the truck. I have a friend that wants them for his 2015 Denali and offered to pay for the standard mirrors for the LTZ in trade for these. And yes they are power fold. I just want to make sure that I will have all the features that the LTZ mirrors have when I do the swap. Thanks Phil, I'll send you a PM.

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