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  1. For sale- 2018 LTZ chrome grille

    I did an online quote with UPS entering the package size and weight for ground shipping and it came back with $98.00. I would be willing to split shipping cost if you decide you want it. Actually quite surprised by the cost.
  2. For sale- 2018 LTZ chrome grille

    I just saw this tonight, I'll check tomorrow and let you know.
  3. For sale- 2018 LTZ chrome grille

    I can check on Monday. Could you tell me your Zip code?
  4. I have a set of the Centennial edition bowties for sale. I installed them on my 2018 for a couple weeks and decided I liked the black ones better. Front one just clips on rear one will need new double sided tape. $105.00 shipped in the lower 48.
  5. I have a like new 2018 LTZ chrome grill I removed from my new Silverado. In excellent condition and has all the clips. No bowtie. Will fit 2016 thru 2018 Silverado 1500. Asking $300.00. Can ship but would prefer to sell somewhat locally.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Really nice truck, you did a nice job with it. I read your whole build thread over on Silverado Sierra forum. I'm getting ready to install the CST 4.5" kit on my new 18 Silverado.
  7. Toyo R/T vs Cooper STT

    One of my employees just had a set of the Cooper STT pros installed on his Ford F-250. Good looking tire, looks to be as aggressive as an MT. I'm running the Toyo RT on my 2018 and as far as noise, I can't tell much difference from the Toyo MT's I had on my 2013. So now I kind of wished I would have just went with the MT's on my new truck. The Toyo MT is probably the best looking, quietest, and longest lasting MT out there, but the price reflects that to.
  8. I just did my 2018 this weekend with 8K miles on it. Did front and rear Difs with the Severe gear 75W-90 and the transfer case with the Signature series ATF. The factory stuff that came out of the front dif was nasty looking. Also the transfer case factory fill wasn't pretty either, along with lots of metal shavings on the plug.
  9. Thanks for that, I got it installed now. Most the instructions I found were for the 5.3 so that was throwing me off.
  10. I bought the UPR catch can, single in single out. Really didn't have any instructions with it and the instructions they emailed me seem like they may be for the 5.3 motor. Wondered if any one had any pics or could explain the hookup on the 6.2. I had one on my 2013 6.2 but this is completely different and not sure where I come off the motor and return to .
  11. He’s asking about cutting or trimming of the wheel openings in order to run the 12” wide wheels. You wouldn’t have any trimming to yours since your only running a 9” wheel.
  12. Thanks, never been much on flares, but those look nice.
  13. What's the issue with painting the OEM black one? I've heard of quite a few that have had there's painted without issue.
  14. Are you trying to say you didn't have to cut your crossmember to install your CST kit? If you are, your totally wrong. Maybe you better ask your mechanic how he got your lowered front diff to clear that crossmember without whacking off a chunk of it. CST like all sub frame drop kits require cutting the crossmember.

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