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  1. WTB- Summit white Door handles 14-18

    Thanks, I'll look into those.
  2. If I were you I would just buy the 4" Fox coilovers and a set of 3" rear blocks, sway bar links and install it yourself.
  3. I wish I was as happy as you are with your CST lift. I much would of preferred if CST would have carried over there old 4" lift from the GM900 model trucks. Much simpler and less hacking of a new truck. The old 4" lift replaced the knuckles and upper control arms and didn't mess with the steering rack. It also kept track width due to there knuckle design. My truck is going back in the shop tomorrow for steering issues, most likely from relocating the steering rack.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 4" kit and 6" kit use the same knuckles and crossmember. The difference in the front is length of the coilovers or strut extensions depending on which option you have. In the rear it would be just difference in block heigth or spring pack. I would call BDS and ask them.
  5. Thanks, I found those last night and will probably order them.
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You may not need the spacer with the 33x12.50 due to it being about an inch less diameter tire.
  7. I looked on GM parts and I can buy a set of 4 regular black handles for under a $100.00. I would be further ahead buying those and having them painted then trying to paint the chrome ones I would think. Anybody else done that?
  8. I've got a 2018 Silverado LTZ crew cab in Summit White that has the chrome door handles. I'm considering swapping them out to the White ones like on the LT's. I found a set on the local craigslist that are new take offs, guys asking $525.00 for the set of 4. That seems like a lot. Found a set on ebay and they are asking $300.00 for the set of 4. Anybody have any idea what a set of these should cost or whether or not you can purchase from GM already painted? Any other suggestions on where to look?
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You should be good with that set up. I was running the same Fox 2.0's and the Hostile Rages in 20x9 0 offset with Toyo RT's in 285/60/20 and rubbed the rear inner fender pretty good. These were a 33 1/2" tire. I ended up running a 1/4" spacer on top of the Fox 2.0's to get a 2 1/2" level and still had to tie back my liners. I payed $800.00 for the Fox 2.0's from Performance lifts and installed them my self in under three hours including changing out my UCA's to Reklez UCA's. Here is a picture of my truck with the 2.0's.
  10. Looking for a set of 4 Summit white door handles for my 2018 LTZ. Message me if you have any to sell.
  11. 4 Inch Fabtech

    You should never stack rear blocks. I would remove those and replace with the proper height rear block to level it with the front. That 4" kit is already over stretched so I would not recommend adding any more height to the front. I'd like to see a picture of your front angles as they are now.
  12. The new brackets have stops that limit down travel . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I had the Fox 2.0’s on my 2018 LTZ for 3k miles . Changed them out when I did the CST 4.5” lift for full coil overs . The Fox’s rode better then the stock struts. Very simple install, like two hours, but you will need an alignment. I have the Fox’s for sale right now. Trying to sell them local in Michigan because UPS is a hassle to ship due to the nitrogen in the struts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. For the price we pay for these trucks they should come powder coated from the factory. I absolutely hate the wax coating that only GM does. My truck is only 9 months old and I have wax coming off in spots where hoists have touched it. I also have areas where it is so lightly coated that surface rust has already appeared. On the plus side I'm only 10 minutes from Highland, Michigan so I have an option to have it done the way GM should have done it.
  15. They will fit fine, not much different then stock OEM rims.

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