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  1. I replaced the original bulbs with Vleds led's in the cargo lamp, reverse, and license plate when i purchased the truck new in 2018. So over three years ago. I just had a back up lamp fail last week. I went ahead and replaced both with the same Vled 921 bulb. They are pricey, but never had a problem in over three years.
  2. Sorry I don't, and since then he traded it for a 2021.
  3. I do know there is a difference but my buddy was able to make the 2018 Centennial bowtie work on his 2015.
  4. I think a chrome or polished wheel looks best on silver, but if your not into those then I would choose a Black wheel with milled edges. Personally I don't think the Bronze wheels go well with silver.
  5. How much lift do you want? In my opinion anything over a 2 1/2" level requires a lift kit with a crossmember drop to keep your angles proper. If you let us know how much lift your looking for then we can make some recommendations.
  6. Thanks for that information. I have considered just adjusting my CST coil overs to get another 1" - 1 1/2" so I can run 35" tires. But it is nice to know it's possible to convert to another lift entirely. I'm running a 10x22 -25 with 33's and I can't see clearing a 35" where it sits now.
  7. Didn't you have a Rough Country 5" Bracket lift on this truck? Just curious what was involved to install the McGaughy kit. I have the CST 4 1/2" bracket kit and due to the cutting of the upper control arm pockets I figured I was stuck with what I have. Pretty sure the Rough Country kit install is similar to the CST and you would of had to make the same modifications.
  8. Go to Summit Racing and enter inlet size and outlet size you want and it will show you all the options. I have the Corsa twin tip from Summit and it has held up fine.
  9. Yup, the amps will hide the frame on a 1.5" body lift and look a 100% better . Since you've gone this far don't cheap out now.
  10. Time for some Amp steps. Would look so much better.
  11. Forgot to say, I also ran the Toyo MT,s on my 2013 Sierra, best MT tire out there. Not terrible loud and they last compared to other cheaper MT’s.
  12. I have the Toyo Mt's for my summer tires and wheels and the Ridge grapplers on my stock wheels for Winter. I just switched back to the Summer setup Tuesday. I can't stand the looks of the Ridge Grapplers and couldn't wait to get them off. Actually I plan to sell the stock wheels and ridge grapplers now there off. I also can also tell you the ridge grapplers pick up more stones and throw them against the sides of your truck then the MT's. I believe it's due to the closer tread spacing on the ridge grapplers. With the larger tread spacing on the Mt's they don't seem to pick up the stones nearly as much. I don't really drive my truck when the the roads are wet and salted, only comes out when the roads are dryin the Winter so I don't plan to change wheel setup next Winter.
  13. I think the closest thing you will find is the Bushwacker flares. I think they are called OE style, check there site and you should find them.
  14. Did you have problems with the 6.2 ? Or are you just upgrading and getting rid of the AFM ?
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