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  1. It's really not that difficult to install a lift and Laura has done hundreds of them. When I was looking at there pricing it seems as though they are not jacking the price up like some of the other dealers. Looks like they are basically just charging for the lift, wheels, tires, and the installment. I was told by a salesperson they use Zone, Fabtech and Procomp lifts depending on the size of lift. All are quality lifts, so I wouldn't have any concern. I had prices between $600.00 and $800.00 to install my 4" CST lift on my 2013, so it looks like that's about what Laura is adding to the cost. I'm sure there getting some pretty good discounts on the lift also with the quantity there purchasing.
  2. Hostile Havoc Wheels

    The Hostile Havoks are a nicewheel. I have the Chrome version in 20x10 on my 2013 Summit White Sierra . The chrome would look great on your truck also.
  3. What headlights are these and are you happy with them?
  4. What part of the country are you in, obviously where a lot of road salt is used. I saw a 2013 Silverado a couple years ago on a dealers lot here that looked just like that. Car Fax showed it was from Ontario Canada.
  5. Well, I guess I'll have to break her heart and let her know she wasted her money. I would like to get a read of that 10 year warranty they gave her though..
  6. Has anybody had any experience with using one of these devises. My sister in law had one installed on her new Toyota 4Runner. They claim guaranteed 10 years rust protection. Sounds like a gimmick to me, seems as though manufactures would include them in there vehicles if they actually worked.
  7. Lift/Tire combo

    Yes it will look silly, wait till you can afford appropriate tires and wheels and do it all at the same time.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Looks good with the chrome wheels. Everybody does the black wheel thing but the chrome looks best with the chrome bumpers.
  9. I just want to know how you acquired a 2019 Silverado already?
  10. The person I talked to at Laura's said they get new inventory everyday. So that kind of gave me hope that I still could get one in June. I'm pretty much set on Summit white, don't really care for the White Frost and surely don't want to pay the additional $995.00 for it. I'll just keep an eye on there inventory and hope for the best come June, I can't imagine the prices would go up between now and then.
  11. That's good to know, I wasn't sure that they had the 8" screen. I may talk to my local dealer and see if they can get me a similar truck with the 6.2. I really love the 2013 I have, and am not 100% set on upgrading to a 2018. I had planned to wait till June or July and see if the incentives are better at that time. I see Laura has quite a few with the 6.2 and I actually called them last week just to ask about availability towards June. They seemed quite positive they would have plenty of stock at that time.
  12. I have the 2018 GMC Sierra brochure here on my desk since I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a new 2018 SLT. I would like the high performance LED headlamps. Reading from the brochure says, High-Performance LED headlamps with GMC signature lighting. On SLT, included with and only available with SLT Crew Cab Premium " Plus" package. On All Terrain, included and only available with All Terrain Premium Package or All Terrain X package. They show they are optional without those packages. I'm looking at one that is in transit to my local dealer that has the SLT premium package, SLT preferred package, Trailer brake controller, bucket seats, no Nav. 5.3 in Summit White , MSRP is $52,920. discount is $14,801. off, selling for $38,119. I just wish it had the $495. Audio system, 8" screen with Navigation option.
  13. Rate my Deal

    Has anyone here had any experience with Cardinal Buick and GMC in Belleville, Il. ? They are not far from Laura's. I'm considering a new Sierra 1500 SLT and had been looking at Laura's prices. Cardinal has some prices that look even better then Laura's. They don't have the inventory that Laura has, but I did find one that is in the color I want and is equipped with the premium plus package. Just wondered if anybody else has considered them.
  14. The Premium Plus package has the signature LED headlights. Pretty sure you need that package to get the LED headlights.
  15. Why don't you go to the Nitto Ridge Grappler if you want to keep the aggressive look. I ran a set in 295/55/20 last Summer and they were pretty damn quiet for an aggressive looking tire. I switched to the Toyo MT in the same size and they are definitely louder then the Ridge Grapplers. I've never ran the Duratracs, but I have read several post complaining that they wear quickly with Summer heat due to there compound. Here is a picture of the Ridge Grappler.

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