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  1. I have the stage 1 kit sitting in my garage now. Just waiting for work to slow down then I will install it. - I don't like the track width pushed out like BDS and Zone lifts do. I can run either a 10" or 9" wheel without having to run spacers in the rear to even up track width.
  2. Should of looked into the CST 4 1/2" bracket lift, no change in front track width. Super high quality lift. Had the 4" on my NNBS and will run the new 4 1/2" on my 18 when I'm ready to lift it http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/chassis-suspension/1705-lifting-a-2017-silverado-1500-z71-with-cst-and-deaver/
  3. Like the title says, looking for a High Country grille for a 2016 -18 1500. Thanks, Scott
  4. That does sound good, I actually expected the Atak to be louder then that.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    2018 Silverado LTZ 6.2 Max tow, leveled 2 1/2" with Fox 2.0 coilovers, TGC top spacer for the additional 1/2" , Reklez uca's. 285/60/R20 Toyo RT's on 20x9 '0' offset Hostile Rage wheels. Fenders measure 40" rear. 39 1/2" front.
  6. Pretty sure you can't drop the diff with just new hardware. Still have to cut the rear crossmember pocket on the driver side to lower the diff.
  7. Guess I'm a little late, shows sold out.
  8. I ended up doing a Magnaflow MF full catback, just wanted a little more sound when you get in it and it is quiet cruising on the highway. The tip is a little bigger then I wanted but I can always change that later if I decide to.
  9. I'm kind of in the same boat you are. My 2018 Silverado LTZ 6.2 Max Tow is leveled 2 1/2" with Fox coilovers and Reklez UCA's and running 285//60/R20 Toyo RT's on 20x9 '0' offset Hostile wheels. My last truck was a 2013 GMC SLT crew cab 6.2 and I had a 4" CST suspension lift on it with 20 x10 -19 Hostile wheels and 295/55/20 Toyo MT's. Said I was going to just level this truck but I went ahead and bought the CST stage 1, 4 1/2" lift for it. I'll going to wait till Winter when I slow down with work before I decide to install it or not. Truck should ride better with the lift anyhow because the Fox coilovers will be set back to stock height for the lift.
  10. Like you I sold my 2013 GMC Sierra SLT 6.2 back in July and bought a 2018 Silverado LTZ with the 6.2 Max Tow. The 2013 didn't have the NHT package, so just the 3.42 axle ratio. I was actually impressed with the performance of the 2018 6.2 over the 2013. It's possible that is due to the 2013 having a 4" lift with 20x10 wheels and 295/55/20 Toyo MT's, a pretty heavy tire over the stock 275/55/20 Goodyear Eagle LS's. I've also been pretty happy with the 8 spd and how it shifts, especially after reading of others problems with them. The V4 mode has been pretty seamless also. I just bought a Manaflow MF cat back exhaust so I plan to pick up the Range devise to just eliminate V4. Seems as though most people complain about the V4 sound on the after market exhaust.
  11. I'm considering a full catback for my 2018 Silverado LTZ with the 6.2 motor. I'm not looking for loud so of the Borla and Corsa sysems which models should I be looking at?. Another words which models are the least aggressive? I know it would be cheaper to just replace muffler but I would like to keep the stock system together just in case I want to go back to it.
  12. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Just to let you know, I leveled my new 2018 Silverado with the Fox 2.0 coilovers and installed Reklez UCA's . The Fox coilovers are preset for 2" of lift. I'm running a 20x9 '0' offset wheel with 285/60/R20 Toyo Open Country RT tires and I'm rubbing like a bitch on the front inner fender. I've zip tied them back and it helped but I plan to install a top spacer on my coilovers to get another 1/2". So I would be very surprised if you can fit a 295/60 with spacers on the stock wheels.
  13. 3.5-4.5" lift

    Any real suspension lift such as Zone, BDS, Fabtech, CST, and Procomp are going to require cutting the rear lower control arm pocket to allow clearance for the front differential to be dropped. That piece that you cut off, if saved can be welded back in to return to stock. I removed the 4" CST lift from my 2013 GMC and had that piece welded back in so I could return it to stock before I sold it.
  14. Reklez UCA's

    I have them on my 2018 Silverado with Fox 2.0 coilovers for a 2" level. Only had them on for a few weeks but they seem to be very nice quality.

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