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Found 15 results

  1. First time posting on here, I’ve tried Facebook for answer and have gotten nowhere. I have seen all of the cargo/reverse light mods and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I am wanting to add a set of reverse bumper lights to my truck, my problem that I’m trying to figure out is I want to either add a switch on my dash or use the existing cargo lamp switch to power them. I am only wanting my reverse lights to come on when I put my truck in reverse or turn the cargo light switch on but when I put my truck in reverse I do NOT want my cargo lights to come on. I want to be able to use my bumper lights anytime I please no matter if I’m parked or driving down the road but I also don’t want my tail light reverse lights to be on when I turn the switch on. Only when I put my truck in reverse do I want the factory reverse lights on, I don’t want them to be on if I’m driving down the road. I also don’t want my truck to display the R on the dash if I’m driving down the road and I turn them on. I figure I’m gonna need a couple of relays and diode or two but I not exactly sure what I will need or how to add them all to the truck and it function how I want it. I want to be able to add a switch into the bed for the bed lights as well so I need the cargo/bed light switch that I add to work with this setup I’m wanting to add.
  2. I’m new to this so be gentle. 2015 Silverado 2500 has the white LED mirror lights that turn on with the cargo switch. How do I get them to come on in reverse? Can the dealer update bcm module and problem solved or am I out of luck? Also wondering about the remote roll down and up of the windows by the key remote
  3. I was wondering if any of you have replaced the cargo and backup bulbs to LED. I have always used Diode Dynamics bulbs in the past because they are great, however I don't want to spend $170 on backup and cargo LED bulbs. I have Diode Dynamic license plate bulbs already because they weren't too high on the price. So if any of you guys replaced them and found bright white LED bulbs that aren't $170 like Diode Dynamics I want to know what brand you went with and where you bought them. Thanks!
  4. So I made a new carpeted 2x4 for the 2019. The bed is wider in the new body so my old one just won’t due.
  5. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-11-2019 GMC's new Sierra CarbonPro Editions arrive at dealers this summer, available on the Sierra Denali 1500 and the Sierra AT4 1500. GMC says that the first will arrive in June. Unlike a composite bedliner, GMC's purpose-built CarbonPro bed is the first of its kind for carbon fiber composite. GMC promises best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion resistance. To help prove that statement, GMC has released a little bit of data on its testing. More importantly, images and video. Tim Herrick, executive chief engineer, Full-Size Trucks, General Motors explained why truck buyers will want CrbonPro, saying, “The bed is the working end of a truck; it’s what brings buyers to the segment. Loaded with motorcycles, snowmobiles or dirt bikes, CarbonPro in the 2019 GMC Sierra is sure to impress with its strength, space and innovation.” Duncan Aldred, vice president, Global GMC, added, “CarbonPro is made of the same raw material found in seven-figure supercars and even aerospace applications. Coupled with offering the world’s first six-function MultiPro tailgate, the 2019 Sierra packs a one-two hauling punch for whatever the situation demands.” The GMC CarbonPro bed has best-in-class cargo volume partly because its sidewalls can be pushed out farther. This is due to the outstanding formability of the carbon fiber composite GMC chose that allows molding deep and complex shapes with variable wall thicknesses. The CarbonPro bed is large enough to slide a 2-inch by 6-inch wooden divider into pockets in the bed wall for cargo organization and separation. GMC also points out that it is possible to vary the graining of the material. Some areas are deeply grained or traction and some are less grained so that cargo can slide in and out better. The GMC CarbonPro bed has many design features, including: - Spray-in bedliner not needed: Because carbon fiber composite is exceptionally durable, a spray-in bedliner is not necessary to help prevent damage and therefore will not be packaged on models with the CarbonPro bed. The composite material is rugged yet nonabrasive. - Rear wheelhouse liners not needed: Because of CarbonPro’s increased dent resistance versus aluminum or steel, no wheelhouse liner is installed from the factory. - Payload increase: Models equipped with the CarbonPro bed offer an increase in payload over a steel bed due to the mass savings of carbon fiber composite. Payload for these models is at least 59 pounds higher, depending on the configurations and equipment. GMC laid out the type of testing that it conducts. Included are: -Drop tests: Large and heavy loads were repeatedly dropped on the CarbonPro bed to replicate extreme use scenarios. Testing included dropping cinder blocks, 1800-pound loads of gravel and 450-pound water-filled steel drums from varying heights. -Corrosion test: CarbonPro was subjected to corrosion testing but carbon fiber composite is naturally resistant to corrosion. -Snowmobile test: A snowmobile with metal studs on the track was driven into the bed and accelerated at full throttle with a 250-pound rider on board with only minimal scratching evident on the bed. -Extreme temperature testing: Validation work was performed in Yuma, Arizona, and Kapuskasing, Ontario, to help ensure CarbonPro holds up in unforgiving environments. -Generator test: High heat exposure involved aiming the exhaust from a portable generator directly at the corner of the bed to ensure heat and vibration would not degrade the bed. Who is interested in this new cargo bed? What do you like about it?
  6. For anyone who's added their own lighting to their truck bed, what was your choice to powering them on? I tried adding a magnetic switch to the tailgate so that whenever it'd open the lights would come on. Wiring was done as instructions said and spent hours on it trying to get it to work. But I was left with the option with turning them on whenever I hit the Cargo light button inside the Cab.
  7. I had line-x in the past and was always happy, but wanted something that fit my needs better. We do a lot of camping and often sleep in the bed of the truck. I didn't really want one of those air mattresses (the wife can't sleep on them...and she doesn't let me either ) So, in an effort to keep mama happy I took a chance on what I thought was " padded carpet". BOY WAS I WRONG! The vehicle unique form fitting spun plastic is extremely soft and easy on my old joints. NOW on to why I decided to post this review... I had a gas can in the bed of the truck and by the time I made it over to fill the lawn mower, I had gas all over the bed of my truck. I know, I know, I'm the idiot who didn't secure the can. The wife was pissed and said I would have to buy a new one. Being the stubborn old goat I am, I decided I would fix it. Some Simple Green and my pressure washer worked great. Granted, I had to wash and let it dry 3 times, but there is no trace of a gasoline smell. So, was it a horrible idea? Not at all! This thing is wonderful!
  8. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500, 5.3L double cab, 4wd, which I use to tow a ~6000lb travel trailer. The travel trailer has a heavy tongue weight at roughly 950lbs. I have a E2 load transferring hitch that probably takes ~300lbs off the tongue and transfers it to other axles. I still wasn't happy with the visible stress on the hitch, so I added air bags to the rear axle. The air bags have addressed the sagging rear end and have really cleaned up the bouncy feel while driving with the trailer and I'm happy with them (in fact, I recommend them!). Last weekend I hooked it up to go camping and decided to drive it on the truck scale to get axle weights. The rear axle was right at 4000 lbs, or 50lbs over the GRAWR. I didn't have much in the bed of the truck (however, it has a fiberglass cap), no kids in the cab (100lbs each x2), I actually think it was a lighter load than normal... and I'm over the weight rating. I learned that the "Max trailering package" offers a towing mirror & larger rear-end. Along with it is a 4300lb axle rating, but I don't have that on this truck. With the new body style 2019's, Chevrolet has dropped the axle rating to 3800lbs from 3950. So I'm not sure if I want to rush to find an "old style" (2014-2018) truck with the Max trailering package before they're all gone... or am I really staring down a 3/4 ton pickup to tow my 6000lb travel trailer? Or am I reading the GRAWR wrong? Thanks.
  9. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 7-26-2018 Chevrolet’s 2019 Silverado has best-in-class cargo volume, box depth, box length at floor, and also a class-leading 12 fixed tie-downs. Coupled with its power up/down tailgate, Chevy now lays claim to the most function al bed of any pickup truck. The bed is now also made from a higher-quality, higher-strength steel. Chevy calls this cargo bed the “Durabed.” “The bed is the heart and soul of any pickup, so we made several improvements to the bed of the all-new Silverado to give our customers an even better hauling experience,” said Tim Herrick, executive chief engineer, Full-Size Trucks, General Motors. In addition to Silverado’s now has 12 fixed tie-downs the strength of each of these has doubled from 250 lbs. to 500 lbs. of force before bending. There are also nine other moveable tie-down points. In total, these 21-total tie-downs located at various heights are the most of any full-size pickup. Silverado also has new larger cutouts in the CornerStep bumpers to better accommodate steel-toed boots. Every Silverado has a top of cab rear light and in-bed LED lighting and a 110/120-volt power outlet are available. For 2019 the Silverado 1500 will also be available with four tailgate variants: -Standard gate: a manual gate with no lift assist; manually lockable (with key) -Standard Gate with Lift Assist: a stamped gate that includes lift assist; manually lockable (with key) -Power Lock/Release: includes lift assist and automatic release; power lockable -Industry-exclusive power up/down: available on the LTZ and standard on High Country, the tailgate raises or lowers using the key fob, touchpads on the gate or button in the cabin. Includes lift assist, automatic release and power closing; power lockable
  10. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-14-2018 One point of emphasis in last night’s Chevrolet Silverado launch was the cargo bed area improvements. Chevy seems to have taken great care to make not just the strongest cargo area, but the most functional. The 2019 Silverado will feature the most cargo volume in every bed length. The short-box will have 63 cubic feet of volume. Chevy says this new short box has “up to 20 percent more than a competitor’s short-box.” However, it isn’t just overall volume that improves. Chevy has also increased the maximum width of the bed by seven inches. Furthermore, Chevy will offer new lockable storage boxes that fit over the wheel wells and will still allow 4X8’ building materials to load flat on the floor. The twelve fixed and nine movable cargo area tie downs in the new Silverado will be twice as strong as competitors’ tie downs. Chevy is also doubling-down on steel as the cargo area material. Still roll-formed high-strength steel to maximum yield strength, a new alloy is used with even more resistance to damage. However, the tailgate is made of aluminum. Chevy made it no secret that it uses the best material for the job during its live launch. Corner step remains, but cutouts are now larger. The new Silverado will also be available with a class-exclusive fob-operated power up/down tailgate that can also be operated from the interior button or by hand. Other features will include available task lighting, a 120-volt power outlet.
  11. Okay - Quantity 100 5-gallon buckets with lids. Each is about 18" tall and 12" across the lid. The stack nicely. Contents inside bucket weigh about 20#. Trailer is a 5'x10' flatbed utility type trailer. How would you secure 100 buckets to the trailer? Stacking two high by 5 across and 10 long ways is 100 buckets. I'm thinking I use some type of wood strapping to make an angle I can put on the outside 'corner' of the pile and then ratchet straps across that strapping. Any better ideas? Should be secure enough for a 1000 mile trek. I have never really seen cargo netting that big. I cant palletize them for various reasons. Thoughts?
  12. I'm wanting to put a box to hold a small floor jack, 4 way lug wrench, and maybe a few other items in the bed of my truck (it has a hard bed cover), but I'm not wanting to drill holes to keep this secured. I'm wandering if they sell some sort of bolt in gadget for the stock tie down points on both sides in the front of the bed. I'd like to have a bracket that will screw in to the sides of my with a hand knob so I can unscrew it without tools anytime I may need to take the box out. I could always make something, but before I started in on that, I thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows off anything like this being available for purchase. If anybody knows where to buy something like this, please let me know as my searches aren't turning up anything... The stock tie downs are the same on many late model GM trucks. Here's a pic of the tie down points like I have:
  13. Hello all, has anyone looked into bed rail systems for the beds of their truck. I have seen these systems on the Toyotas and they seem really effective. Its quite a system system, but seems to be very versatile, and with some creativity you can mount almost anything. I am considering trying to adapt the Toyota system to my bed, or using similar extruded aluminum channel to make my own. Any info on this? http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Toyota-Accessories-PT278-34072-Select/dp/B002SAR54O#Ask
  14. Hello all, I want to install retractable bull ring tie downs in the top rail pockets of my bed. I am unfamiliar with these accessories, and cannot seem to find any that are specifically compatible with the new generation Sierra. This leads me to believe that they may be a universal type accessory, however the inside of the pocket towards the rear looks a bit different than I recall older trucks looking (a lot more plastic inside). Any suggestions on compatibility of these tie downs on a 2016 sierra 1500? Thank you guys
  15. i am looking for a little more bed organization and i am not completely sold on the bakbox. the undercover looks promising. does any one know if an undercover swing case will work with GM cargo management rails? any pictures would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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