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  1. I did the 9011 high beam swap. It’s not as white as my HID’s, but it throws further down the road than a led bulb would. It’s also a nice contrast to have signs and certain things more reflective.
  2. Crown up, painted and caulked. What a PITA crown is.... picked up a popcorn machine yesterday for free too. It’s coming together nicely!!
  3. Tv wall painted peppercorn.
  4. If your streaming music from your phone, you can’t skip tracks with the steering wheel controls either. Once it’s programmed, it’ll work 100%.
  5. If you go by what WAMS says to do, it works perfectly. Make sure you buy the appropriate hardware (radio module and HMI), or get the new hardware from WAMS with a warranty on the electronics. Chris did a fantastic job programming it for my truck, and I couldn’t be happier. I swapped to the IO6 HMI with navigation and the HMI is unlocked from WAMS. My cluster was also programmed so I can use Siri from the steering wheel. If you do go that route, I’d highly recommend getting the harness from HarnessDr.com so you can use your rear camera while in drive to check on trailers, or anything behind you.
  6. I let my old neighbor drive mine with the controller since he has a 16 5.3. He purchased the controller the next day. Lol.
  7. With WAMS, you’ll get new hardware with full oem warranty and factory/ gm aftermarket warranty compliance.That’s why I went with WAMS. It’s worth the piece of mind to me with modern day electronics.
  8. Side and back wall is flannel gray. Going with a peppercorn on the tv wall Tuesday night after work. Picking up the crown molding later this week hopefully too.
  9. Ceiling is done. Tons of sanding, primer and paint yesterday.
  10. You should have messaged @pgamboa about getting an adapter harness.
  11. I would think you'd want something with a little resistance to keep the cables from bouncing back into the hole. Then you got the fun of fishing them out.
  12. I went with some Polk MC80 ceiling speakers that I got for a great price on eBay. They sound great and the Atmos is pretty damn cool!
  13. Got everything ripped down. Wired in 6 recessed lights on a dimmer, and guy everything hung and taped. Tons of mud and sanding coming up...
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