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  1. I like morimoto products, but these tails are way too ricey for a truck.
  2. If you had the HMI unlocked, don’t forget to get this camera harness. https://harnessdr.com/product/2014-2015-silverado-sierra-reverse-camera-adapter-harness/ it’s awesome being able to check out what’s behind you while you’re driving. Check on your trailer, tailgaters, or even if you forgot if you put your tailgate up.
  3. I believe guys have use plastic plugs from Home Depot to fill the holes.
  4. 2 options. first is get an aftermarket wireless charger and you can mod the lid for it to work, or just leave it visible on top. second is to source the wireless charging lid. The sizes are different for the charging pads, so you have to swap the whole lid. Get the 18+ charging module and you can charge iPhones with I’m the newer module.
  5. You obviously haven’t tried one out yet. I shimmed my pedal, which eliminates a slight flex. This changes the sensitivity of the pedal. You fine tune the settings. The highest setting will spin the tires with just barely a press on the pedal. A piece of wood doesn’t change that.
  6. Everybody’s different. Not everyone wants a tune that could potentially void your warranty, and spend hundreds more on a tune vs a simple mod that makes drivability better.
  7. Finally got to hand wash, clay and paint sealant. I’m pretty sure it’s the first hand wash since last fall. . It’s bad, considering I’m a detailer on the side. I never have time to work on my own stuff.
  8. Because the controller changes the sensitivity of the pedal. Makes it more fun to drive.
  9. Painted this up for a good friend. Still hoping to get my truck washed before this long weekend is up.
  10. Built a nice garden fence and hauled a yard of topsoil to top it off.
  11. Just unplug it from inside the tailgate. Remove the torx screws and use the Access panel.
  12. Funny you ask this. I had a MIT intake tube for a few years now. I just discovered the whole side of the air box can be unclipped allowing more air to the filter. It has a nice CIA noise and growl now after removing this. I’ve had intakes on all my previous trucks and it sounds identical now.
  13. Making more progress. We got the 70’s carpet ripped up and padding scraped off. Priming and painting the trim White today. Well prime and deal the concrete floor tomorrow for the new carpet being installed Sat morning. It’s just about done!
  14. I made some led poster frames. These turned out awesome. I have a remote dimmer switch so they can be dimmed down during a movie.
  15. The whole side piece that goes against the fender with the foam. It literally just pops out with 3 tabs.
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