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  1. I have two OEM GM painted black roof mounted XM/Onstar antennae’s. Brand new. $75 a piece shipped to your door. Only takes about 30 mins to swap them out.
  2. That was my thread. I haven't had a single issue since then. Knock on wood...
  3. The tails are different. Close, but shaped differently and they don't interchange.
  4. If everyone was the same, the world would be a boring place and we wouldn't learn anything. Would I do it personally, no, but we can all agree in good sense that it looks goofy.
  5. I got to use my 4wd low for the first time today to pull my neighbors truck out of his backyard. Lol. It was in a ditch on the frame. It pulled it out like nothing. So happy to have 4x4.
  6. Not difficult to make, and makes a huge difference. I mow on my highest setting now and it looks awesome. Nice job!
  7. Meh.... I wash my truck when it's dirty and needs it. No washless products for me.
  8. I have the LoPro on mine now and I love it. I've had 3 different trucks with 3 different soft tonneaus. Reg old school snap kind, tilting frame and now the velcro roll up. This is the best one by far. I've also never had any kind of break ins through the tonneau. Autozone has the Aerospace 303 protectant on sale right now too for buy 1 get one free. Great protectant for soft tonneau covers.
  9. Lol! Putting on my earmuffs, turning on pandora and hopping on the mower is like therapy. No wife telling you what to do, no kids crying and telling on each other and I just mow at my own pace. That's about the only free time I ever have too.
  10. You'll want to specify what year range.
  11. I wish I had time to do this to my truck. I've had a ceramic sealant waiting to be applied for a year and a half now. lol. I just did a full paint correction on a red 95 Monte Carlo yesterday and doing a 65 Cutlass later today for a carshow next weekend.
  12. I had a damn smudge on the lens, or the pics would have been more clear.
  13. The roller I made is 36" in width. Mower is a 42" cut. You can order or make them totally up to personal preference. I originally was going to build it to just fill in the gap between the rear wheels, but the wheels still make lines in the yard, and they don't match the striper. I built the striper specifically a tad longer than the width of the rear wheels so that it's a nice, uniform stripe that will cover up the tire tracks.
  14. In case anyone was wondering how well it actually works.. Before And after Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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