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  1. Tenscourts' 2016 LTZ/Z71 CCSB 4WD Silverado

    Looks great. What was the LSP he used? Paint sealant/coating?
  2. Use a voltmeter and see if the plugs have power. If not, just trace the harness back up and see where it came unplugged.
  3. Just crossed the 60k mike mark today. Hauled a bunch of wood for these never ending house projects lately. Lol.
  4. I haven't been up close and personal with one yet, but has anyone checked out the frames? Wondering if they stuck with the same crappy NoxRust?
  5. Subwoofer help

    I have my old Audiobahn 12" flame series woofer in a custom ported box that I built. It sounds amazing. You can have great sound from an average woofer if it's in the right enclosure. 1.2cf should be plenty of airspace to work with.
  6. Nasty's 2016 RC Build AKA la bonbon

    I like the 20’s better too.
  7. That stinks. I need to do my ‘14 “add lighting period” conversion. 😂😂
  8. Rc trucks , planes , cars

    No pics at the moment, but I have a stampede 4x4 with about $1,200 in it. 😂😂 phantom 3 standard, and I got my son a slash 4x4 with a ton of upgrades as well.
  9. Rough Idle Solved!

    I did it in my 07. You’re supposed to use 1/3 in the tank, 1/3 in the oil and the last 1/3 of a can in the intake. There’s a special GDI intake cleaner that works for the newer GM GDI motors. I did it once when I first got my truck, but I sprayed it wrong. Lol
  10. Congrats on the new truck! Just a heads up, if you use it like a truck and use the bed a lot, plastic liners will scratch up the inside of the bed and have rusting issues later on down the road. Line-x is a great option to prevent that. Chances are slim, but it still happens and I’ll see occasional posts about it.
  11. Rough Idle Solved!

    The smoke shows are for engines with a ton of buildup. It’ll smoke some, but nothing to worry about. I did it on my old truck with 80k and there wasn’t much smoke. Wife’s TSX had some, but nothing like a freight train. Just go for a drive on the expressway in M5/M7 mode and keep the rpms up for a few miles and it’ll be all good.
  12. 1 - take it back to where you had it installed and let them deal with it, or 2 - disconnect the neg cable for 30 mins. Unplug MAF sensor plug and reseat it. Connect battery and it should be good to go. Like mentioned earlier, if you unplug the sensor with the battery connected, it'll throw a code. Nothing really to worry about though.
  13. Yeah, they're LED, so there shouldn't be that much heat. Just a bad piece of plastic lol.
  14. Dashboard tray?

    What kind of projectiles are you trying to store on the dash? lol.

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