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  1. What are you trying to do? If it's a radio upgrade, I'd highly recommend going with WAMS for programming and unlocking. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/
  2. https://www.silveradosierra.com/ecotec3-5-3l-v8/airbox-mod-t549177.html
  3. 223 pages to look through, or you can type in specific questions in the search bar.
  4. @pgamboa can lead you in the right direction. Just a heads up, you should probably ask a mod to move this thread to the correct forum. This is for the builds.
  5. You can do that, it’ll just take more finesse. The Md2s in the ltz lights have a 3D printed bracket to make it bolt in with no modification.
  6. I was in the same boat. I wish I just did it right the first time. It would have been cheaper and easier. Buy once, cry once.
  7. Here’s the stock LTZ lights vs my Md2s projectors. Night and day difference.
  8. My old lights. I never did a retrofit because I was unaware and naive. I painted the trim and my grill surround while I had it apart. I added klearz, but they also make smoked lenses that you might like.
  9. It’s all about optics. Looks only get you so far, while performance is where it’s at. Good(not recommended) - put in some quality led bulbs of HID bulbs in the stock LT reflector lights. You’ll have the color you are looking for, but they’ll glare and blind others on the road. Better - go with some aftermarket lights that have the smoked look you want and still upgrade the bulbs. Note that most aftermarket projector lights will use a crappy H1 projector which will limit the bulbs you can go with, and they have a tendency to leak. Best - Retrofit your lights with some HID projectors or MLED (if you have the money). I bought a set of OEM projectors and swapped some Md2s projectors in from FastHeadlights.com. They also sell a kit to retrofit your LT lights. LTZ are a plug and play kit, while you’ll have to bake and open the LT lights to put in some projectors. As far as the trim, you can either buy some aftermarket trim that’s painted, or take yours off and paint it yourself. It’s easy to do.
  10. This is the truck icon. Not a huge deal, but just the little things.
  11. I’m talking about the small vehicle icon on the top right of the cluster, not the startup screen.
  12. I thought since he has a GMC, it could have been programmed with the different icon vs chevy. You’d be stuck with the suv icon.
  13. Gotcha. It would just bug me seeing the different icon for that kind of price.
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