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  1. Thanks folks. After long consideration, I decided on the Linkswell Gen5 12.1". Thanks to MikeBMW for his recommendation of ADC Mobile. I called Walt a couple times and he was very helpful. Yesterday, I spoke to him and he said the units were in stock again. I ordered last night. I guess I'm old school. I wanted a "built-in" looking unit. The "floating screen" just doesn't appeal to me. Most of the Crutchfield offerings are floating screen style, in the larger (9-11") screens. Options I ordered were the Bose adapter, Denali trim, front camera, upgrade rear, right side camera, anti-glare screen protector. I was reluctant to give up the OEM HVAC controls, since they are very intuitive and minimize distraction to operate. The Linkswell moves HVAC control to the screen, but does have some basic push-buttons along the sides of the screen. I'll post back when it arrives.
  2. In my 2014, the symptom was lack of power assist in the brakes. It seemed to be rare and intermittent. But it happened several times at very inopportune times. The last one scared me pretty bad. I was sure I was going to hit the car stopped in front of me. I had 2 feet on the brake pedal. It felt like less than zero power assist if there is such a thing. I took it in for the recall and they flashed the software. No pump replacement. That was 3 years ago. It's been good since. But I also have thought about pre-emptively replacing the pump with the new design. I also thought about going to a hydra-boost like the 2500-3500. The issue is the accessory bracketry for adding the hydraulic pump. I just don't know where to start. I'm guessing there are LS engine OE brackets that would work, but ???
  3. Sorry to see you go. Yes, I've seen posts about aftermarket spark plugs not performing well. I had some Bosch plugs in a truck years ago, that didn't last long before they were missing. Went back to OE AC Delco.
  4. I spoke with Linkswell and Walt at ADC Mobile yesterday. Looks like the Gen 5 T-style is backordered for what could be months. ADC is running a special for $100 off. Walt said the backup lines are retained and provide original guidance (curving with steering). He described the HVAC system for me. Access directly with the hard buttons on the side bring up the HVAC screen and control a feature (AC, Fan, etc.) or you can use the menu bar on the bottom to access the HVAC screen. He pretty much sold me on the system. The only issues are that my SLT All Terrain appears to have a unique trim color (neither SLT nor Denali color). I can either live with it or match all the trim myself with paints or something like a hydro-dip, or possibly a metal vapor deposition provider.
  5. Did you install the optional right hand blind spot cam?
  6. Great looking system. I'm still warming up to the "floating" displays. I like the built-in look. The Linkswell is really sweet looking. I see you can buy them off of Alibaba pretty cheap, but the support on things from there is zippo. I worry a bit about the longevity of them too.
  7. I have a 2014 Sierra 1500 crew 4x4 12.50x33" tires with 4.10 gears 5.3L and a 6 speed automatic. I've flat towed my 4500lb Jeep from LA to Idaho at speeds up to 75mph for many hours at a time. Not sure why your's seems handicapped. You might have the engine checked. But the gearing could be it. The 35s and lift also detract from the highway performance. The 3.08 gears are pretty far off the mark for 35s and a lift, let alone towing.
  8. I'm not sure how that round plate "extender" would apply to the 2014-18 K2. My K2 has a standard u-joint with clamps at the axle. My 2014 looks like this first picture. Those plate "extenders" are for axles that have a flat flange like the second picture. Your 2021 should have the flat flange. So, you should be able to use a plate "extender". Before re-installing the driveshaft, you really ought to polish the rust and dirt off the yoke where it slides into the trans/transfer case. Otherwise you might shorten the life of the seal.
  9. I have a fairly loaded 2014 SLT All Terrain with the Bose system and I'm looking to upgrade to a modern system with wireless Car Play/Android Auto. I'm not an audiophile, but the wife uses her phone in her car and my 2018 Jeep to play music and navigate and she'd like to do the same in my truck, since the truck gets the nod for the long trips. So, I've been considering a new system. I've noticed the Stinger Heigh10, and the various Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine systems with displays in the 9" and up sizes. I'm leaning towards a large display like those 9"-11" . I just have no idea as to quality and reliability. I've read some pretty bad reviews of the Stinger, but then you get bad reviews of most anything. If anyone can add some personal experiences and recommendations with an upgraded system, I'd appreciate it.
  10. I'm in need of an "always on" power source to run my Dometic 55qt fridge. So, I'm planning on tapping the trailer "house" 12v circuit, which is always on. Does anyone know the current rating of this circuit?
  11. Do you think it's potentially almost plug n play? (with the 09 harness and PCM)
  12. Cameron, BTW, thanks much for replying to this thread. I was actually hoping you'd jump in.
  13. Sounds like a no-go. His next question was about a 2009 and later GMT900 engine and 6 speed. Is that a more friendly swap?
  14. My brother bought my 2008 Vmax and has run it up to about 300,000+ miles. The AFM lifters have about done in the 6.0L engine. Just wondering if a later LS and 6 or 8 speed trans would interface with the truck, if the donor vehicle engine/trans harness and PCM was used?
  15. Seems like it's fairly common. My 99 1/2 GMC 2500 6.0L was losing coolant extremely slowly, but never dripped a drop. I figured it was a leaky head gasket, since I'd read it was a problem with LS engines of the time. After I had sold it to a friend, he discovered a pinhole leak that opened when under pressure and evaporated as it sprayed/dripped on part of the radiator itself. I believe it was in the plastic end tanks. Take a good look around the tanks with a flashlight, looking for dried coolant residue.
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