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  1. Over the decades, I've loaded a number of different HP bullets and bought a bunch of factory stuff. Most of the popular HP stuff has had countless gel and other media tests and many have been proven in LEO service. I think it'd be hard to go wrong with the mainstream namebrands. I think I still have some "Black Talon" stuff around and I know I have the name change only stuff that was forced by the hysteria over that brand. The hysteria over that stuff pretty much made it a bad idea to use it in your HD gun after that. I think most of us just shot it up and moved to the next HP high tech ammo. I may be mistaken, but I think the early Hi-Shok Federal stuff was Sierra HP bullets. I would occasionally have misfeeds in some stock guns (1911s) with that stuff and that caused me to favor more rounded HP bullets as opposed to the truncated shape of the Sierra.
  2. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    If it didn't have badges, I would have guessed it was a Toyota.
  3. Tint Question

    Old thread from the near dead.... I made an appointment for 3m Crystalline on the front sides and full windshield. California now allows 70% front sides and full windshield 90% with a doctor's authorization. That's what I'm getting. I haven't had skin cancer, but I have plenty of sun spots and have had some scabby areas on my left temple. No more procrastinating on the UV protection. Don't care about dark. I have enough trouble seeing at night.
  4. Since the earlier trucks were brought into this discussion...my 99 1/2 GMT800 2500 went about 110k before the left front bearing slowly failed. I sold my 2008 1500 to my brother with 140k and it was fine. My 2014 1500 has 65k and no signs of bearing problems. IMO, ball and roller bearing failures of any kind are difficult to diagnose most of the time. Especially a sealed bearing. But a sealed bearing has only a finite amount of grease it uses and sooner or later that grease gets to a point where its lubricating ability is below what is necessary, no matter how good the bearing is made. The quality and quantity of grease has as much to do with the bearing longetivity as the bearing itself, IMO. The other thing I noted on my trucks was that I could not hear a bearing in the early to mid stages of failure with off-road tires, since the noise frequency is similar. The bearing had to be pretty loose before I could tell. And my experience with the GMT800 was that it took place over more than several thousand miles.
  5. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    I have been using a super large set of channel lock pliers. So I never noticed the problem. Looks like I have to buy some 10255xp filters. I may be able to use the 57045 filters in my SS Camaro.
  6. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    I have a few 57045xp filters in my garage. Anyone see a downside to continuing to use them?
  7. I went with a clear bra film of about the same coverage area as those shown, maybe a bit more. It also covers the painted grill and bumper. I've been pleased with it after 60k.
  8. 14 no heated seats

    If the lights work, check for power at the connector under the seat. If there's power, it's likely the heater itself. I can't recall the last time I used my heaters, being in socal. But I do get to colder climates occasionally during the year. I'm going to find out if my heaters work soon.
  9. No better forum pastime than helping someone spend money.
  10. Possible, but likely incredibly complex and expensive. Probably a complete engine/trans package with ECM/TCM out of a 10 speed truck would be the most direct path. Not sure what a 10 speed would cost new. The 8 speed is about $4k new online, without TCM, harness, etc.. A new truck would be more economically viable.
  11. Can a Sierra1500 be towed

    Drive it or ship it, IMO.
  12. Doug, Both of those mods increase noise in the cab. Performance increase is teeny-tiny for the $2100 price. As I get older, I like quieter cabs. Just my preference.
  13. After having it sit in the rafters of my garage for a couple seasons, I finally got my Foxwing mounted on the truck. Should keep me out of the sun and rain.
  14. I've had the GM skidplates in my garage since the became available. I've procrastinated installing them until today. Pretty simple install. Had to open one hole a bit bigger to align better. Threaded holes had been open to the elements for a couple years too. Had to run the bolts in with wrench to clean the rust out of the threads. Getting ready for a bird hunt for a few weeks up in Idaho. Thought it was time to install the plates I had.
  15. 3.0l duramax Numbers leaked

    I see any additional new engine as a welcome thing. These forums are filled with years of posts wishing for a small diesel for maximum fuel economy. When it looks like we're about to get one, the whining starts about some thing or another. It's true, we aren't at the point in technology that we can have a small diesel in a 6000lb truck gets 30 mpg, turn in a E.T. slip of 12.0 secs/115 mph, and can make a "half ton" pickup tow 10,000 lbs up a 100% grade at 80 mph. That'd be cool, not that I need to tow 10,000 lbs up a 100% grade at 80 mph or get a 6000 lb truck going 115 mph, but it would be a cool truck. If I want to go 12.0/115 mph, I would get in a new muscle car. If I wanted to tow 10,000 lbs, I would not use a "half ton" pickup nor muscle car. Maybe we'll someday we'll see a "hybrid" or really an automotive version of a Electromotive Diesel. Probably happen in a big rig, if it happened. That might get a half ton to 10,000 lbs tow with a relatively low E.T. too.

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