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Community Answers

  1. Do you think it's potentially almost plug n play? (with the 09 harness and PCM)
  2. Cameron, BTW, thanks much for replying to this thread. I was actually hoping you'd jump in.
  3. Sounds like a no-go. His next question was about a 2009 and later GMT900 engine and 6 speed. Is that a more friendly swap?
  4. My brother bought my 2008 Vmax and has run it up to about 300,000+ miles. The AFM lifters have about done in the 6.0L engine. Just wondering if a later LS and 6 or 8 speed trans would interface with the truck, if the donor vehicle engine/trans harness and PCM was used?
  5. Seems like it's fairly common. My 99 1/2 GMC 2500 6.0L was losing coolant extremely slowly, but never dripped a drop. I figured it was a leaky head gasket, since I'd read it was a problem with LS engines of the time. After I had sold it to a friend, he discovered a pinhole leak that opened when under pressure and evaporated as it sprayed/dripped on part of the radiator itself. I believe it was in the plastic end tanks. Take a good look around the tanks with a flashlight, looking for dried coolant residue.
  6. My question may have been answered. Yesterday, I saw all 4 positions with dashed lines displayed. Hope it's not the transceiver module. If I lay a TPMS sensor on top of the tire and use my activation tool, what would the dash screen read, if anything?
  7. Looks like a sound system is in the future?
  8. You have a drain plug? I had to install my own.
  9. I was just going to use my HiLift like breaking down a tire on the trail for my Jeep. Then snap off the stem, pull out the old sensor and replace with a new stem and sensor. If I were doing all of them, I'd just take it in to a shop.
  10. I believe the OEM sensors don't need programming. But you have to follow your manual on how to learn the tire position, or use a generic "activation" tool. As mentioned, you should be able to set it on top of the tire (if the sensor in that tire is dead) and activate the sensor.
  11. So, I got a warning light on the dashboard for tire pressure. Scrolled to the TPMS page and saw --- on the front left. I've rolled the dice on these and re-used them for at least a couple sets of tires. No surprise I got a dead one after these tires have been on for a few years. So, I decided to roll the dice with some Schrader brand preprogrammed sensors from Rock Auto @ $21 ea. I ordered 4. I'm tempted to just change out the one, myself in the driveway. Opinions?
  12. The PF-63E is a cheap filter. I would use a Wix XP or Fram Ultra Or Grumpy Bear's recommendations above.
  13. I wasn't sure where to post this, but this seems the appropriate forum. I bought AMP Research power retractable steps for my 2014 GMC within the first year of ownership. I believe they were in the neighborhood of $1500 installed. I think they have been pretty good, but have developed intermittent fail to retract and extend issues in the past few years. I've cleaned and oiled them, etc. Not really my gripe. I expect a complicated mechanism to have issues after years of service. So, I contacted AMP Research in May of this year (2022) asking if there was any service or overhaul available for these. I got a response that stated "Your request (964891) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff." That was May 13, 2022. From the way this is going, I'm guessing they don't really have a product support organization or process. Probably just a part time duty of an employee. I really like their products, but I need to know if they make a serviceable product or I should just move on from these fairly expensive steps to something else. So, this morning I replied to the email and asked again if they were serviceable or should just be replaced. Waiting...
  14. I put Kings and 305-60r18 tires on my 14 at about 2000 miles. Now at 94,000 miles. Just had it apart to do all new steering ends (inner and outer tierod ends), balljoints. The outer and inner tierod ends were still good. The upper balljoints (Moog K9262 for Cognito A arms) were still tight after having been replaced about 15,000 miles ago. So, I just replaced the lower A-arms with new bushings and balljoints and put in new Moog unitized hubs. My Kings are set at the ride height that King sets them. It was about 1 3/4" or so above OE.
  15. I'm not aware of any third party transceivers. I believe the onstar function is contained in Vehicle Communications Interface Module (VCIM). I had a 2008 that I wanted to install a 2009 VCIM to get bluetooth. I found out the VCIM is a restricted part. That is, you have to provide a VIN to get the module and they required me to turn in the old one. It's been quite a few years ago, but I think the VCIM had to get the VIN programmed into it so it could be identified in an emergency. A parts counter clerk at a dealer figured out how to game the system and got me the VCIM. I found this forum discussion about doing this in an Acadia. https://www.acadiaforum.net/threads/early-model-year-acadia-onstar-upgrade.36621/
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